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					           Caravel Hunt Community Newsletter
                                         January 2010
Maintenance Fee

A community meeting is scheduled to be held at the Delaware State Police Troop 2 Building on Route
40, across from the new YMCA, on February 9, 2010, for the ratification of the 2010/2011
Maintenance Fee of $10 and a short financial review. If ratified, the fee will be due by March 31,
2010. We also hope to have updates by State Senator Dori Connor and State Representative Valerie
Longhurst. A copy of the proposed budget ballot is enclosed.

The maintenance fee is only low because a few volunteers are doing all the work. All BOD members
are homeowners in Caravel Hunt. The Treasurer does most of the work since he deals with the bills,
contracts, and maintenance fee checks. The vice-president has been doing the newsletters, updating
the resident list and mailing labels. As acting president I have been dealing with the progress of those
delinquent in their maintenance fees, and helping the treasurer with problems associated with his
responsibilities. Former President Loren Caudill, even though he is no longer a BOD member, does
the web site updates. Three volunteers attend to the entryway landscaping, two of whom used to be
board members. These are the people who have brought down the budget so we can continue to have
our maintenance fee be $10 rather than as high as $100 per year as had been the case in the past.

If you place no value on this, professional people would have to be brought in to run the Corporation in
compliance with the state of Delaware. Watch your maintenance fee go up if we have to resort to
hiring a professional management company. A few volunteers now do these services. This leads to
the following section.

Board of Directors (BOD)

Our By-Laws state the BOD consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and 13 Street
Representatives, each of whom represent approximately 10 households at the BOD meetings. BOD
meetings are held several times yearly, depending on what needs to be discussed, and last about two
hours. If you have an interest in joining the BOD, or would like more information prior to making a
decision, please use the feedback form on our website Remember, BOD
members are volunteers as opposed to paying for outside management. This past year the positions of
President, Secretary and two Street Representatives remained unfilled. Those households without
Street Representatives did not have BOD representation.
Per our bylaws, Letters of Interest for any BOD position, including by incumbents, for the 2010-2011
year should be either postmarked and mailed to Post Office Box 1446, Bear, DE 19701, or emailed via
the feedback form on the website no later than Feb. 1st.

Newsletters by Email

To cut down on mailing and production costs, and join the ‘green’ movement, we intend to send future
newsletters via e-mail. If this is agreeable to you, if we don’t already have it, please provide your e-
mail address when you pay your maintenance fee or send it via the feedback option on our Caravel
Hunt website. If we have your email address but want to receive a hard copy of the newsletter then
please note it on the fee ballot.

Reminders and Miscellaneous

      Safety / Block Watch We have a few openings for volunteers to be members of the Block
       Watch. To be a volunteer requires attending a short class given by New Castle County police,
       and then doing what you normally do when you see a problem - call 573-2800 for non-
       emergency or 911 if it is an emergency. Call Kevin Bender at 834-7112 for information. Our
       community is low crime but not crime free.

      Finance Committee If you wish to be a member of the Finance Committee, which creates the
       budget and the resulting Maintenance Fee, use the feedback form on the website or let us know
       at the Community Meeting. You do not have to be a BOD member to serve on the committee.

      Speeding As we are in colder weather and there occasionally will be snow and ice on the
       streets. If you speed, especially on Rice Drive going around a turn, and slide on the ice or
       snow, you are threatening the safety of occupants of the car, threatening the safety of anyone
       playing in the snow, and the property and people in other cars entering and leaving their
       driveways or driving down the street. If someone gets into an accident and speeding is at fault,
       these Newsletters can show that all homeowners were advised to obey the posted speed limit of
       25 mph.

      When waiting for school buses please do not park your vehicle on the homeowner’s grass.

      Walking the dog Remember to keep your dog on a leash when walking them around the
       development. Not everyone appreciates watching dogs roaming around loose onto other
       peoples’ property.

      Publications For those who cannot find their copies of Caravel Hunt documents, such as the
       Deed Restrictions, they can be found on our web site under ‘Publications’. You can also find
       copies of other documents there, such as the Corporation Bylaws and the Maintenance

      Roof Cleaning         If anyone has had a good experience with a roof cleaning contractor, or
       DIY product, please let us know via the feedback form on the web site. Many of the roofs need
       a cleaning and it would be helpful if we could provide useful information to those who want it.