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									                                            HILO YACHT CLUB
                                                                January 2010
                                       77 Laehala Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720 Phone: 969-6663 Fax: 969-1282
                                           Email:       Website:

Board of Trustees

Next Meeting; 5:00 PM           A MESSAGE FROM OUR GENERAL
Thursday, January 28th.                  MANAGER
Commodore                     Aloha Members,
Dan Belcher                            We are very excited about all the changes planned for
                              2010. The most dramatic change will be the renovation of the
Vice Commodore
                              clubhouse. We will begin with a new roof and exterior painting
Harold Ohata
                              followed by new glass and hardware for all the windows, inte-
                              rior painting and new carpeting.
Rear Commodore
                                       Menu changes will include the Early Bird, Ocean Lanai, Banquet, Pupu and
Dennis Simonis
                              Dinner menus. The Ocean Lanai menu will not be offered in the months of January &
Secretary                     February. The regular Dinner menu will be offered on Thursday and Friday nights while
Suzanne McKinney              we work on the new Ocean Lanai menu. Look for the reopening of the Ocean Lanai on
                              Thursdays and Fridays in March.
Treasurer                              Please attend the Annual General Membership Meeting on the 26 th of January.
Steve Handy                   All members should attend as the Board of Trustees will recap 2009 and give us a
                              glimpse of what to expect in 2010. For all committee volunteers, please call in your res-
Trustees                      ervation for the Mahalo Dinner following the AGM meeting.
Tony Badenoch                          On the social scene, Lobster night returns in January. February 7 th is the date of
Brian DeLima                  a very exciting Super Bowl event. The `Ohana Committee has planned another “Movie
Chris Leonard                 Night” on the Lanai in February followed by a very romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner.
Robert Osborn                          As we wrap up 2009, I would like to recognize the HYC Committees and our
Hugh Willocks                 Board of Trustees for an amazingly productive year. The 2009 Annual Report of the
Karyl Franks                  Standing Committees will be made available at the AGM meeting and on our web site.
Alan Kusunoki                 Please refer to this report for the list of completed projects. I would also like to thank
Rob Zimmerman                 2009 Commodore Dan Belcher and welcome our 2010 Commodore Harold Ohata.
                              Mahalo & have a great month and year,
                              Spencer Oliver

    Club Contacts

General Manager
Spencer Oliver
Ph: 969-6663

Ph: 969-6663
Jacen Friess

Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 8:30a.m. - 4:00p.m.
Closed Holidays
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                                               SOCIAL EVENTS
             “Early Bird Specials”                                                 Cribbage for Fun
          Every Tues., Wed., and Sat. $13.95                              2nd Tuesday of Each Month at 11:30am
          Make your reservation for 5:30 PM                                     For more information call
                 & order by 6:00 PM                                         Laurie Connable (808) 854-1199 or
               Try our new selections                                   

             Coming in February                                                 Italian Wine Dinner
                              ***                                     In November, we celebrated the Royal Perth
                   Super Bowl Party                              Yacht Club and enjoyed the foods and wines of Aus-
                                                                      Travel with us on March 13th to our next port of
                 `Ohana Movie Night                              call, Circolo Nautico e della Vela Argentario, in
                                                                 Tuscany, Italy.
               Valentines Day Dinner                                  The many delights of Italian foods and wines will
                                                                 be featured. Save this date! March 13th!

                                                                         HYC ANNUAL
           HYC ANNUAL
                                                                   VOLUNTEER MAHALO DINNER
       GENERAL MEMBERSHIP                                                  Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 6:00 PM
            MEETING                                                            Following the AGM Meeting
        Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 5:00 PM
                                                                  This event is hosted by the club to thank all the com-
 Beginning at 5:00 PM sharp, the Trustees will share              mittee members and others who have donated goods,
  with the membership the accomplishments of the                  services or time to making the HYC a better club.
standing committees for 2009. Plans for 2010 will be              All 2009 committee members, please make your res-
        discussed and new officers installed.                     ervation with Jacen in our business office at 969-
                Everyone is invited!                              6663.

                             Lobster & Seafood Extravaganza!
                                Saturday, January 23, 2010

                      Fresh 1.5 lb Keahole Lobster, Steamed Alaskan King Crab,
                                Fresh Opakapaka and Jumbo Scallops.
                               You will still need to Pre– order the Keahole Lobster.
                                            Here’s what we need to know:
          Member name. Number of Lobsters to be ordered. Time of reservation. Number of people in your party.

Lobster dinner includes soup or house salad with choice of dressing, a 1 1/2 lb. lobster with clarified butter, choice of starch &
 fresh vegetable du jour for $44.95. (Additional lobster is $34.95). How about steak & lobster? Just add $34.95 to the price of
       any steak dinner. Regular dinner menu also available. Prized by local chefs, Kona Cold Lobsters are a real treat!
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        Current                                    ATHLETIC NEWS & EVENTS
5:30 PM Tues. 01/05/10                                          Are You Ready for
Chair - Alan Kusunoki                                                 Some
Phoebe Lambeth, Jim
Kennedy, Ann Roney,                                                Football!!!
Harold Ohata, Josephine                                                      ***
Crawford, Sheryl Rawson.,
Suzanne McKinney, Bill                                   Super Bowl Party
Chen, Brian Delima, Nancy                                    Super Sunday, February 7, 2010
Chen, Linda Kennedy, John
Stevenson, Jan Stevenson
Grounds:                                         Fabulous Buffet, Door Prizes, Decorations
4:00 PM Tues, 01/05/10
Chair - Hugh Willocks,                                  Come in your team colors
Jack Roney, Kees Morks,                                     TVs Everywhere
Peter Hughes, Nick Sakovich,
Tony Badenoch, Robert                                                        ***
Osborn, Janet Cooper, Larry
Black, Mary Willocks, John
Finance:                                                                               HYC Hackers Golf News
4:30 PM Thurs, 01/21/10                       Tennis Clinic
Chair - Steve Handy              Saturday morning clinics for adults of all lev-
Karyl Franks, Dennis              els is fun and great exercise. No reservations      The HYC Hackers will tee up on
Simonis, Hugh Willocks, Dan      required. Clinics run every Saturday morning       Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 9:00am
Belcher, Keith Marrack,          from 9 to 12, weather permitting. Call Alice,           at the Volcano Golf Course
Harold Ohata, Bob Lamson                  as needed, to confirm. 443-8516             Mark your calendar for February
Long Range Planning:                          ***************                           20th and 21st as we travel to
Chair - Dennis Simonis                                                                       Hapuna Golf Course.
Steve Handy, Dan Belcher,                                                                 Email your reservation to
Spencer Oliver                                                                      
4:00 PM Wed, 01/13/10
Chair - Chris Leonard
                                                               MEMBER NEWS
Tennis: Meg Saunders, Alice
Van Leer, Maureen Koehler      Welcome New Members                           Applicants For Membership
Fitness: Thom Randle,
Barbara Green, Jim Isom                                                      Dennis Carvalho
Swim: Jean Sakovich.           Paul Strauss
                                                                             The applicants names are hereby submitted. Any
Membership:                                                                  objection must be made with the
5:30 PM Mon, 01/26/10                                                        secretary within two (2) weeks.
Chair - Rob Zimmerman
Barbara Green, Josephine
Crawford, Alex & Anne
                                        Membership Count                    Change of Status:
Sheftic, Mona Link-Thomas
                                                                            Boone Kauffman           (R to Allied)
O’hana:                                                                     Mike Johnston            (R to NR)
                                Resident             485
Chair - Kaloa Robinson                                                      Larry Heintz             (R to LOA)
Suellen Tanaka, Maureen         Non-Resident          45
Riley, Suzanne McKinney,        Allied                38                    In Memorium:
Sally Marrack, Dian             Honorary              15                                     Elaine Carlsmith
Cummings, Amy Mautz             Total                583                    Resignation:
                                                                            Keith Kunimoto           Richard Helmick
Want to join a committee?                                                   Hioyasu Ando             Alec Keith
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  Other Contacts            January                        HYC EVENT CALENDAR

Kitchen Manager             S un          M on            T ue              W ed              T hu              Fri               Sa t
Jason Morton                                                                                                    1                 2
                                                                                                                New Year’s Day                                                                                                            5:30 Early Bird
                                                                                                                                  Prime Rib Night
Dining Room Manager
John Tong                   3             4               5                 6                 7                 8                 9
                                                          5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird                                                                                           Prime Rib Night   Prime Rib Night

Tennis Instructor           10            11              12                13                14                15                16
Alice Van Leer                                            11:30 Cribbage    6:00 Fitness                                          9:00 Hackers
                                                          5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird
                                                                                                                Prime Rib Night   Prime Rib Night
Swim Instructor
Peggy Guerrero
                            17            18              19                20                21                22                23
808-345-9435                              Martin Luther                                                                           Lobster Night
                                          King Day
                                          Office closed   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird
Jean Sakovich                             Main Dining                                                           Prime Rib Night   Prime Rib Night
                                          Room Closed
                            24/31         25              26                27                28                29                30
Recreational Trainer                                      5:00pm Annual
                                                          GM Meeting
Jim Isom                                                  6:00pm            5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird
                                                                                                                Prime Rib Night   Prime Rib Night
808-936-1040                                              Volunteer

                                                          5:30 Early Bird

Dining Facilities           February
Reservation: 935-8936
Lunch-                           S un     M on            T ue              W ed              T hu              Fri                Sa t
Mon-Fri 11:30 -1:30                       1               2                 3                 4                 5                  6
Tue-Sat 5:30 - 8:30                                       5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird    5:30 Early Bird
Ocean Lanai-                                                                                                    Prime Rib Night    Prime Rib Night
Thu & Fri 4:30 PM           7             8               9                 10                11                12                 13
Snack Bar-                  SUPERBOWL                     11:30 Cribbage    6:00 Fitness                                           Ohana Movie
                            PARTY                                           Orientation                                            Night
Daily 11:30 - 5:30
                                                          5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird    5:30 Early Bird
                                                                                                                Prime Rib Night    Prime Rib Night

                            14            15              16                17                18                19                 20
For Lunch & Dinner          Valentine’s   Presiden’ts                                                                              Lobster Night
                            Day Dinner    Day
 Specials Check the                       Office Closed   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird
                                                                                                                Prime Rib Night
                                                                                                                                   5:30 Early Bird
                                                                                                                                   Prime Rib Night
   HYC Web-Site                           Dining Room
                            21            22              23                24                25                26                 27
Also available on our                                     5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird   5:30 Early Bird    5:30 Early Bird
web-site                                                                                                        Prime Rib Night    Prime Rib Night

3rd Qtr Financial Summary
as of 9/30/09               28
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