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									                                    Twin Bays Skating Club
                                                       P.O. Box 851
                                               Traverse City, MI 49685-0851
                                                         (231) 947-2267
                                  January 2010 Newsletter
Mission Statement: The purpose of the club is: to provide instruction, practice, and advancement
of the members in all types of figure skating; to encourage and cultivate a spirit of fraternal feeling
among ice skaters; to sponsor, to produce or cooperate in the production of amateur exhibitions,
competitions, and shows; and, generally to do and perform such other acts as may be necessary,
advisable, proper, or incidental in the realization of the objectives and purposes of this organization; and
to carry out the general policies of United States Figure Skating.

 Welcome new Twin Bays Skating Club Members! This newsletter is e-mailed
 monthly as a resource of information to help keep communication alive in the club.

        Calendar of Events:                                               Fundraising:

 January:                                                  Little Ceasar’s Pizza Kits:
 15th ……………………Test Forms Due                               The order forms should be in the office
 24th…………Free Learn to Skate Clinic                        this week!!! Please stop by and pick one
 29&30th…………….…. @ Howe Arena                              up. These are a great buy and very easy
 31st…………………..Ice Show Ads Due                             and fun to cook!!!
 4th…………………….….…….Test Day                                 .Hockey     Calendars:
 13th…………...Ice Show tickets on Sale                       This is a great and easy way for any TBSC
 March:                                                    member to do a little fundraising for their
 12&13th……………….………Ice Show                                 account. These are 15 month calendars and
 15th…………….Spring Schedule Begins                          show “the spirit of Hockey”. They are like a
                                                           Norman Rockwell type calendar –very well
                                                           put together. It has reserved space to keep
               Congrats:                                   track of your favorite hockey team scores and
                                                           ranks!! Any member can fundraise for this.
                                                           Calendars sell for $20.00 with a $10.00
 Congrats to TBSC Northern Lights Open                     profit, 15% to general fund and 85% or
 Juvenile Synchro Team. They placed 3rd                    $8.50 will go back into the skater’s
 out of nine teams at Fraser in the Mid                    account!
 America Synchronized Skating                              If you are interested in selling these calendars
 Championships. Way to go!!                                please contact Courtney Phillips@ (231)499-
          Ice Show 2010                              Basic Skills Corner:

The theme of the ice show this year will be   Do you want to see your basic skills or
The SEA, from the shores to the great         advanced beginner skater perform in the Ice
\deep blue!                                   Show? Heidi met with the basic skills
                                              parents this week and distributed
                                              information about registration for Ice Show
Mark your calendars ahead of time Ice         participation. If you missed that meeting
Show will be March 12 and 13th. Tickets       and/or missed the registration form, please
will be $13.00 for pre-purchased tickets      pick up a registration form from Janna at
and $15.00 at the door.                       the basic skills table or in the TBSC office,
                                              or see Heidi Masse, Director of Basic Skills
Please Contact Lacey Chaput or Mary           or contact Becky Leslie
Roxbury Ice Show Chairs for more              ( The deadline for
information or ideas and inspiration!         Ice Show registration for all basic skills and
                                              advanced beginner skaters is FEB. 8.
*Ice Show tickets go on Sale Feb 13th to
all TBSC Members!
*Ice Show Program Ads are due January
31st. Create an ad for your skater or get
local businesses to place an ad in the                   ICE Auction
2010 Ice Show Program! Please be aware
that if your skater is in the Ice Show and    This year's theme will transform the Centre
the form is not turned in you will receive    Ice into the biggest Kentucky Derby Party
a $100 ad charge fee (this does NOT apply     this town has ever seen. Think big hats,
to basic skills). So, I suggest you start     mint juleps and fun at the races. With the
early! And be creative! *********             new theme, and earlier start time due to the
                                              race, we will need lots of volunteers. If
                                              anyone is interested in earning volunteer
  Cherry Classic Competition:                 hours by working the event, or interested in
                                              joining the planning committee, they can
Cherry Classic is only 5                      contact Brandy Wheeler @ 231.313.6633
months away!!! This is a                      or email her:
great opportunity to                          The Committee meets every other Wed at
fulfill your yearly volunteer hours; join a   the Bayshore at 12:00. January 20th will be
committee! There will be some exciting        the next meeting.
New Changes!! Including Test Track
and other events!!!                            TBSC will be TCFSC:
Please Contact Patty Davies or Mary
Clifton Co-Chairs to Cherry Classic at                            TBSC will become Traverse City
                                              Figure Skating Club!! There will be
                                              an official unveiling of the new name and
                                              logo in February.
            Test Session:
                                                      TBSC COACHING STAFF
Janna Gates our Test Chair has scheduled              Senior/Professional Coaches
the next Test Session!!! To be held on Feb            Cassie Grimm 342-6739
4th (Thursday) from 8 am to 3 pm.                     Ann Manning 933-5396
Test Forms are past due. Seth Chafez will             Heidi Masse 360-0264
                                                      Laurent Masse’ 360-0264
be available for Dance partnering. Sign-up            Stephanie Miller 409-1997
for practice Ice will be available in the             Courtney Phillips 499-7118
office when it gets closer to Feb. If you             Domonique Vizzini (248) 931-0904
have any questions please contact Janna at            Ali Ward 499-6444 or stop by the office
and say hello!                                        Basic Skills Coaches
                                                      Susi Pilath 271-6341
             TBSC BOARD                               Junior Coaches
                                                      Savannah Burke 633-2002
President - Mary VanderKolk
                                                      Patty McManus 883-1550 941-1658
                                                      Josie Trafelet 499-4111
Vice President – Holly Edmondson 929-7348                     Assistant Coaches
Secretary - Colleen Runyon                            Amanda Shoemaker 631-42-30 269-3529                   Allison VanderKolk 645-1658
Club Treasurer - Cathy Shoemaker 275-7741
Synchro Treasurer - Kim Skeels                        Assistant Coaches must be at least 16 yrs old & 922-8147                     may teach private lessons only on basic skills ice
                                                      time at a rate of pay not to exceed $17.50/ hour.
Board members                                         Junior Coaches may teach private lessons on
Lacey Chaput                                          Basic Skills and low freestyle sessions at a rate 267-6121                      of pay not to exceed $25/hour.
Becky Leslie                                          Senior Coaches may teach any skating discipline 933-7242                    (dependent upon their own experience) on any
Ann Manning                                           TBSC session. Senior Coaches determine their 933-5396                    own rates – please check with them individually.
Heidi Masse 392-1054
Blythe Skarshaug 631-1753                 To save money, the TBSC newsletter is e-mailed
If you need a form signed by a Club officer (i.e.,   only. You may also view it at
competition forms, out of club test form, etc.),      To submit information, e-mail to
please see Mary, Holly, Colleen, Cathy, or Kim. or drop off copy in
TBSC Office: 947-2267                                 the newsletter mailbox in the TBSC office.
                                                      Deadline is the 3rd Friday of the month. TBSC
Email:                              reserves the right to alter submissions for space
The Next Board Meeting is Tues, Feb
9th, 5:15 pm at The Flying Bowl.

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