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					National HERC Newsletter                                                                           Winter 2010

Letter from the National HERC Director
2010 HERC Marks HERCs 10 Year Anniversary

         “First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”-Epictetus

                      Dear HERC Members,

                      In just a few months, on May 18, 2010 to be exact, the HERC organization will reach a major
                      organizational milestone, its 10 year anniversary.

                        I recently took a trip down memory lane and read over our first invitation letter and agenda,
                        and one thing is very clear; HERC has stayed true to its original mission during the past 10
                        years. Like the above quote illustrates, we founding HERC members invested considerable
                        time deciding what we would be and then doing what we had to do to get there. Many of
you joined our effort along the way and as a result, HERC continues to be the only organization devoted to helping
campuses to advance the efforts of member institutions to recruit and retain outstanding and diverse faculty and
staff and to assist dual career couples.

As we look ahead to the next ten years we have many opportunities for continued organizational growth that will
contribute to our mission and bring even more value to HERC members, including: growing new HERC regions in
the U.S. and abroad; increasing our visibility as a resource for the higher education community; finding new ways
to help dual-career couples; staying on the cutting-edge of job board technology; providing more content-rich
professional development opportunities for members through regional and national meetings and webinars;
continuing to partner with likeminded organizations and companies for mutual benefit; and continuing our
commitment to faculty and staff diversity through outreach, partnerships, conferences, and the HERC websites.

In recognition of the past ten years of accomplishments and to the next ten years of opportunity I wish to offer my
thanks to you, our members, who keep our organization vital, meaningful, and relevant.


                                                               Nancy Aebersold
                                                               National HERC Director
HERC Website News

Increasing Diversity on HERC Websites Named a Strategic Priority

                           At the most recent Advisory Board meeting in La Jolla, CA in October 2009, the Board
                           determined that highlighting diversity and finding more ways to welcome jobseekers of
                           all backgrounds on the HERC websites is a primary goal for HERC in 2010. The regional
                           HERCs are invited to submit feedback and suggestions on this matter to
                  The National HERC website subcommittee will review the
                           suggestions and website and make HERC-wide recommendations for improving

HERC Resume/CV Database Launched

The HERC resume/CV database went live in October 2009. We worked with HERC member institutions, the
California Universities Consortium, and JobTarget to design a custom resume/CV database for higher education
employers. This is a very exciting development for HERC and we hope it is of significant value to members. While
still in its pilot phase, the resume/CV database currently has over 800 candidates. The database is available at no
charge to HERC members or jobseekers.

HERC Advertising and Marketing News

The National HERC continues to advertise on behalf of
all regions to enhance HERC brand recognition and
encourage more jobseekers to utilize the regional and
National HERC websites.

Through the Corporate Partnership Program, the
National HERC has secured $19,325 of in-kind
advertising, significantly increasing our annual
advertising budget. HERC has recently partnered with
three new diversity organizations and is launching a
new print and online advertising campaign with Latinos
in Higher Ed, Hispanic Outlook in Education Magazine,
and INSIGHT Into Diversity (formerly the Affirmative
Action Register).

To the right is the print ad placed with Diverse: Issues in
Higher Education, a Trustee-level corporate partner.

2009-10 Advertising Report
Publication/Website                                           Ad Type                  # of Ads
Latinos in Higher Ed                                          Online                   1 year rotating banner
Hispanic Outlook in Education Magazine                        Print/Online             2 print ads, online TBD
INSIGHT Into Diversity                                        Print                    2 print ads, online TBD
Google Adwords                                                Online                   Daily (ongoing)
Diverse: Issues in Higher Education                           Print/Online             4 (Oct. – Feb.)
Inside Higher Ed                                              Online                   Daily (Oct.)
Facebook                                                      Online                   Daily (ongoing)
National Society of Hispanic MBA’s Conference Booklet         Print                    Oct.

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HERC Fast Facts

There are 11 regional HERCs representing 19 U.S. states with 464 member institutions. Combined, the
HERC sites have 104,000 registered jobseekers (a 12% increase since last quarter) and

1,150,000 average monthly visitors (a 5% increase since last quarter). On any given day, there are
approximately 5,000 faculty jobs and 7,000 staff jobs posted on the regional HERC websites.

Regional HERC Growth on the Horizon

There are currently 11 HERC regions representing 19 U.S.
states in all. There are 13 additional HERC regions considering
HERC development representing an additional 16 states.

This map indicates the current HERC regions, to-be-formed
regions, and regions considering HERC development.

The economy has delayed some regions’ ability to move
forward as quickly as initially anticipated, however interest
remains very strong. North/Central Texas, for example, is
seriously considering HERC formation in 2009-10.

HERCs Build Linkedin Presence

The National and regional HERCs are using the social/professional networking
website Linkedin for communication and outreach. You too can utilize Linkedin
for building your own professional network, reaching out to jobseekers, and
helping build a strong institutional brand.

The National HERC Director uses her Linkedin profile to connect with existing HERC members, potential HERC
members, and jobseekers. She is finding that growing her professional network of colleagues and joining several
interest-specific Linkedin groups has allowed her to easily send new regions information about joining or forming
HERCs and let jobseekers know about the HERC websites by posting free announcements on group job boards.
Also, she invites HERC members to connect with her. Please visit: and
click “Add Nancy to Your Network.”

The next step will be to launch a National HERC Linkedin group which all HERC members and regional and National
HERC directors will be invited to join. This will be an excellent way for HERC members across HERC regions and
“friends of HERC” to network, share resources, give advice, and post best practices.

A few regional HERCs have already established Linkedin Groups for their HERC regions. I encourage you to consider
joining these groups, particularly if you are a member from that region. Here are the HERCs with group pages:
     • Greater Chicago HERC
     • Mid-Atlantic HERC
     • New England HERC

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    •    Upper Midwest HERC

To find and join those groups, go to the search box in your Linkedin profile (top right) and select “Groups.” Type
“HERC” into the search box. Your search results will be list of all HERCs with Linkedin groups. To join, click “Join this

National HERC Conference Attendance News

The following is a list of conferences the National HERC has or will attend on behalf of all HERCs to increase our
outreach and visibility in the higher education community.

 Conference                                                          Dates
 The National Society for Hispanic MBA’s                             October 8-10, 2009
 The CUPA-HR National Conference                                     October 19 – 21, 2009
 The PhD Project                                                     November 18-20, 2009
 The Modern Language Association                                     December 27-30, 2009
 The American Association for the Advancement of Science             February 18-22, 2010
 The American Council on Education                                   March 6-9, 2010
 The National Council for Higher Education                           March 26-28, 2010
 The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities               September 18-20, 2010
 The CUPA-HR National Conference                                     September 20-22, 2010

National HERC Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 Advisory Board Meetings

                        The fall 2009 National HERC Advisory Board Meeting was held in La Jolla, California on
                                    rd       th
                        October 23 and 24 . In addition to regular business matters, the Board participated in a
                        strategic planning session and identified three high priority goals for the next 6 months:

                             •   Developing a pricing structure for micro-HERCs (HERCs with under 10 members);
                             •   Evaluating National HERC staffing and making recommendations for increasing
                             •   Finding ways to increase HERC’s commitment to diversity on the regional and
                                 national websites.

National HERC corporate partner, JobElephant, hosted a Board dinner that was greatly appreciated by those who
attended and helped keep our meeting costs low.
The third annual Spring 2010 National HERC Advisory Board meeting will be held in Washington D.C. on April 8
and 9 . Some items to be addressed are: increasing and diversifying revenues; discussing the future enhancements
of our job board technology; and setting priorities for the succeeding 6 months. Many thanks to Inside Higher Ed
for planning to host a cocktail party at their D.C. headquarters and Diverse: Issues in Higher Education for hosting a

National HERC Creates a “Micro-HERC Category”

At the fall 2009 Advisory Board meeting the Board voted to develop a new structure and pricing model for micro
HERCs which can now be developed in areas with a lower density of campuses than some of the existing HERC

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regions. The Board wants those regions to be able to afford to start a HERC with fewer campuses and has
approved a micro-HERC category of regional HERCs. A micro-HERC will have fewer than 10 campuses as members.
Instead of contributing $35K in year one, $30K in year two, and $25K in subsequent years in National HERC
affiliation dues, micro-HERCs will pay annual dues based on the tiered pricing structure below:

 Micro HERC Pricing – No. of campus members          Cost
 3 campuses                                          $7,500
 4 campuses                                          $9,500
 5 campuses                                          $11,500
 6 campuses                                          $13,500
 7 campuses                                          $15,500
 8 campuses                                          $17,500
 9 campuses                                          $19,500
 10 campuses or more                                 $25,000

Micro-HERCs will enjoy all the same benefits, resources, and support as other HERCs. The only difference will be
that micro-HERCs will have only one seat on the National HERC Advisory Board whereas regular HERCs have two

National HERC Creates New Pricing Structure for New HERCs

                    The National HERC Advisory Board also approved reducing the affiliation dues for new HERCs in
                    the first two years of operation. Previously new HERCs contributed $35K in year one, $30K in
                    year two. Now new HERCs will pay a flat fee of $25K in year one, year two, and in subsequent
                    years (a $15K savings during the first two years). The Advisory Board felt that these reduced
                    costs can help new HERCs to get started more quickly. The new fee structure also recognizes
                    that in year one and year two of HERC formation regions typically have fewer members;
                    reducing this fixed cost will enable new HERC regions to offer affordable membership dues.

Partnership Program Update

Our friends in the corporate community continue to be very supportive of HERC’s mission and interested in finding
mutually beneficial ways of supporting one another’s goals and objectives. To date, the program has raised
$27,150 in financial contributions and $29,190 in in-kind contributions, significantly exceeding the National HERC’s
financial goal for 2010 of $18,000. Please visit to review all partners in greater detail as well as
their HERC member offerings and discounts.

New Partners

                              Hispanic Outlook Magazine - has been a source for higher education news for 20
years. H/O is published biweekly in print and online, with bonus circulation to conferences and conventions. Each
issue brings forth the significance of communication in academic circles, and the importance of the positive
teaching and learning experience. All HERC members will receive a 15% discount on print ads, 1/4 pg. or larger
placed directly with their sales office. All print ads include an online posting for 6 weeks at no extra charge.

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                              INSIGHT Into Diversity (formerly Affirmative Action Register) - is a national diversity
and inclusion magazine and website. Launched 35 years ago, INSIGHT Into Diversity now has one million readers
monthly. With extensive career opportunity listings, INSIGHT Into Diversity continues to successfully connect
employers to qualified individuals regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, gender
identity or expression, or sexual orientation. HERC members will receive a 10% discount on advertisements.

                - is a job board matching Latino professionals with career
opportunities at colleges and universities. The site serves the higher education marketplace by providing a simple
and cost effective way for employers to recruit diverse candidates. The company’s partnerships with national
Latino-serving organizations provide clients access to an extensive network of Latino professionals across the
United States and Puerto Rico. As a news source, their subscribers are informed about special topics and events
related to Latinos and the higher education community.

                             LinkedIn – is an interconnected network of experienced professionals from around
                             the world. As of Jan 1, 2010, LinkedIn had more than 53 million registered users,
                             spanning more than 200 countries, and is growing at a rate of 1 member every
second. HERC members can use LinkedIn to conduct detailed searches for active and passive candidates. HERC
members that are new users of LinkedIn’s Talent Advantage receive an exclusive 5% discount off the first purchase
of any LinkedIn product. This offer is available until June 30, 2010.

                       Renaissance Strategic Solutions (RSS) - helps organizations increase the effectiveness of
their human capital strategies and programs. They focus primarily on providing innovative and leading-edge
solutions, but can help with tactical challenges as well. RSS is the founder and sponsor of Social Media in
Organizations (SMinOrgs), a professional community that provides information and guidance about the intra-
organizational implications of social media. Developing this community and meeting the needs of practitioners
with respect social media is currently RSS's primary focus.

News from Our Trustee Level Partners

Inside Higher Ed turns five. Inside Higher Ed published its first daily news edition in January of 2005. Early
stories covered the emerging federal push for accountability in higher ed, college sports controversies, financial aid
shenanigans, culture wars and academic freedom….and the job market. In the five years since, as our readership
has grown to more than 600,000 each month, we’ve continued to publish news, opinion and advice crucial to
those pursuing careers in higher education. In 2009 we expanded our commitment to service in the recruiting
sphere by becoming one of the National HERC’s founding Corporate Partners – a collaboration we’re deeply
gratified by and excited about growing. Looking forward, we have terrific plans for 2010. Our resume bank has
been growing rapidly, and is scheduled for a major makeover. New Career Advice columns, including special
content for recruiters, is in the offing. And this spring, we’ll be conducting a “listening tour” to learn about higher
ed recruiters’ wants and needs – the groundwork for exciting new services. Watch your e-mail for a lunch

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Monster launches a Resource Center. The new Resource Center (RC) centralizes Monster’s insight,
training, and research in one place. The RC is divided into four sections – Recruiting and Hiring Advice, Workforce
Management, Market Intelligence and Monster Training. Today’s Features promote the freshest content from
across the RC. The four sections include:
     • Recruiting and Hiring Advice – Attracting and acquiring candidates, screening, company branding and
          workforce planning
     • Workforce Management – Managing employees, benefits, retention, knowledge management
     • Market Intelligence – Content from Monster Research (MEI, payroll, occupational reports)
     • Monster Training – Product training, tours & job aids. Security Center for Fraud team information.
Search field appears on all pages within the RC and searches all pages within the entire RC.

Jobelephant Introduces has been helping HERC members place help
wanted ads for nearly a decade. One of the most common questions members have is “where should I advertise?”
Determining which websites and publications to use was often educated guesswork, based on experience and
backed up by volunteered data from applicant questionnaires. None the less, we always felt it was important to
get a source of scientific, reliable data that could be backed up with hard numbers. Now, there is the ability to
track the performance of any particular ad, whether it is print or online, and to know how well advertising dollars
are being spent - through By collecting data across thousands of recruitment ads, Jobelephant can
support media recommendations with certainty - which ads are working, and which aren’t. This is just another
part of the recruitment advertising agency services provides hundreds of college and university
clients. For more information, contact John Rocha, (800) 311-0563 or email:

JobTarget’s OneClick Now Live in All HERC Regions. JobTarget, a source for recruitment advertising
management and distribution, has teamed up with HERC to offer an easy to use one-click job posting solution,
which enables you to post your jobs to any site on the Internet including your contract sites – right from HERC. A
portion of the dollars you spend on your ads will be returned to your regional HERC to help offset your costs in
these turbulent economic times. In addition JobTarget is rolling out some very exciting new features available in
OneClick this coming year:
     • New Statistics and Metrics system
     • Print advertising support now available through JobTarget’s OneClick
     • Through OneClick, Inside Higher Ed and Diverse Magazine have teamed up to offer an outstanding
         recruitment advertising opportunity. 30-day job notice at the standard price and receive Premium Posting
For additional information contact Marcus Jones: or 888-575-9675 ext. 349

President Level Partners

Dean Level Partners

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National HERC Webinars: Timely and Relevant Information and Ideas

The National HERC is working with its partners to create a robust, ongoing webinar series featuring timely
information and ideas to HERC members on many faculty and staff recruitment and retention topics. You will
receive periodic emails from your regional HERC Director about these opportunities.

Winter/Spring Webinar offering (1 hour):

Title: The Jobseeker of Today
Presenters: Valerie Sutton, Director of Career Services, Harvard University
Laura Malisheski, Assistant Director for PHD Advising, Office of Career Services, Harvard University
Presenter’s Website:
Date: April 20, 2009

Look for future webinar opportunities from the National HERC in email announcements from your regional HERC

National HERC Non-Profit Partnership News

Developing strong partnerships with non-profit organizations in higher education and related fields is very
important to HERC. Non-profit partners support our mission by informing their own members and constituents
about HERC. The National HERC is pleased to announce the following partnerships with organizations in this sector.

Regional HERCs Collaborate on Webinar Series for Members

The HERCs of Greater Chicago, Metro New York & Southern Connecticut, Michigan, and
New Jersey/Eastern Pennsylvania & Delaware are collaborating on a series of webinars
on topics of compliance, career transition programs, and immigration as they apply to
higher education.

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The first two webinars in the series, “The Higher Ed Federal Government Contractor: A Potpourri of Best Practices”
presented by David McAllister, Esq. Partner, Reed Smith, LLP and “Managing Employee Downsizing: Ways to Assist
Impacted Employers Facing Career Transition While Preserving the Institutions Reputation and Continuing to be an
Employer of Choice” presented by Paula Goodman, Director of Recruitment and Career Advisement at Columbia
University’s Human Resources Department and W. Jean Tennyson, Diversity Recruitment Coordinator and HR
Consultant, UHR at the University of Michigan, were held on November 4, 2009 and December 3, 2009
respectively. Both were well attended and very well received. The next webinar in the series will be “ Immigration
Issues in Hiring” with Cheryl Lenz-Calvo, Esq. Partner, Kempster, Keller & Lenz-Calvo and Tamara Felden, director
of the department of International Affairs at the University of Chicago. The Webinar is scheduled for January 26,
2:30 EST/1:30 CST. Participation is free for their regional HERC member institutions. The four HERCs are also
planning a webinar for jobseekers.

Greater Chicago HERC News

The Greater Chicago (GC) HERC is pleased to announce its newest
members: Adler Planetarium, Kendall College, National-Louis
University, Oakton Community College, Rush University and Rush
University Medical Center. To reflect its membership, the GC HERC Board
has voted to change the name from the Greater Chicago HERC to the
Greater Chicago Midwest HERC.

                       CK “Tina” Gunsalus, author of “The College
                       Administrator’s Survival Guide,” was the speaker at
                       the GC HERC conference held at the University of
                       Illinois at Chicago on November 13 . Tina is
                       professor of Medicine and Business at the
                       University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
                       and Special Counsel. offered
                       conference attendees an additional 15% above the HERC discount. The topic of the GC
                       HERC May conference will be “Best Practices in Diversity Recruitment and Retention.”

The GC HERC is currently featuring members’ innovative programs on its homepage. Check out Benedictine
University’s faculty mentoring program and UIUC’s, “Inclusive Illinois,” an initiative about the importance of
respecting differences.

Metro New York & Southern Connecticut HERC News

The Metro New York & Southern Connecticut HERC held its fall 2009 membership meeting on November 6, 2009.
Guest speaker Michael Stoner, president and partner of mStoner, discussed how a website can be a more effective
diversity recruitment destination. Members were asked to think about how well their institution’s website
provides the resources and answers the questions of a prospective employee; what message does their site
communicate about their institution’s commitment to diversity; and how their site can be an effective tool in their
institution’s efforts to recruit and retain a qualified and diverse faculty and staff and help dual career couples. At
the meeting, members took the perspective of an employee while visiting other institutional sites and spent time
brainstorming ways in which the MNYSC HERC’s website could be an even more effective tool for member
institutions. The meeting was hosted by Columbia University and drew over 40 attendees.

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Michigan HERC News

Speakers at Fall Meeting Offer Strategies for Effective Diversity Advertising

The theme for the Michigan HERC (MI-HERC) fall membership meeting was “Effective Diversity Recruitment
Advertising.” Michael Ang, Founder and CEO of Job Elephant advertising agency, focused on how to determine
which diversity publications and websites are worth your advertising dollars. He demonstrated how to research
circulation and comparative website traffic to ensure maximize reach, and the tools to track results from every
print and online ad in order to refine future advertising decisions.

Ralph Newell, V-P of Operations & Advertising at Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, presented preliminary results
of research conducted with registered jobseekers on his website aimed at understanding what diverse candidates
are really looking for in a job – and why they choose one employer over another. MI-HERC members were offered
a 10% discount on advertising in both the print and online versions of Diverse and a free subscription to the online

Mid-Atlantic HERC News

Washington and Lee University Receives $200,000 Grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Washington and Lee University, a Mid-Atlantic HERC founding member institution, was awarded a $200,000
accelerator grant as part of the Alfred P. Sloan Awards for Faculty Career Flexibility. W&L was one of only eight
institutions chosen from among 287 arts and sciences colleges from around the country eligible to compete for the
grants, which recognize the winners for their leadership and
accomplishments in implementing groundbreaking policies and
practices supporting career flexibility for tenured and tenure-
track faculty. Receipt of this grant will help Washington and Lee
meet the goals of the President’s Work-Life Initiative.

Photo (From left to right) Amy Barnes, June Aprille, Kathleen
Christensen (from the Sloan Foundation), and Hank Dobin. Photo
courtesy of Lisa Helfert for ACE.

Regional Outreach Initiatives

The Mid-Atlantic HERC continues to expand its presence throughout the region by attending meetings and
conferences. In an effort to increase diversity of its membership the Mid-Atlantic HERC exhibited at the University
System of Maryland Women’s Forum Conference and presented a HERC information session at the Maryland
Association of Community Colleges meeting, and at a meeting of the Council of Independent Colleges of Virginia.

New England HERC News

The New England HERC (NE HERC) interim director, Elva Caballero, has returned home to Texas and her last day
with the NE HERC was December 31st. Please join NE HERC in thanking Elva for her service and in wishing her the
best for her future endeavors.

NE HERC began the search for a permanent director immediately and the position is posted on the NE HERC
website. There is a rich pool of talent within the HERC community and NE HERC welcomes member
recommendations for candidates. Please contact Elizabeth Ancarana, Assistant Dean for Faculty Development at
Harvard at

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In the interim, former NE HERC Director Jackie Hogan has agreed to manage the NE HERC on a part-time basis until
a new Director is hired.

New Jersey/Eastern Pennsylvania/Delaware HERC News

The New Jersey/ Eastern Pennsylvania/Delaware HERC is sending posters, postcards and bookmarks to
approximately 150 veterans’ groups and 80 organizations for people with disabilities in their tri-state region to
encourage these under-represented groups to use their HERC website.

Northern California HERC News

The Northern California HERC (Nor Cal HERC) welcomes back Chico State
University, San Francisco State University, Chabot-Las Positas Community
College District and San Francisco Art Institute.

The fall 2009 gathering at Stanford University featured John Rocha of
JobElephant (JE), a HERC Corporate Partner. John first introduced JE to
NorCal at San Jose State in July 2006 and since then recruitment
advertising has changed to more online and social networking
opportunities. Thanks to John and JE for bringing valuable resources and
connections to members.

10 Year Anniversary Celebration
           th                                th
On May 18 2010 NorCal is planning its 10 anniversary celebration as the first HERC region! NorCal was started in
2000 by institutions in Northern California to collaborate on finding dual-career couples job opportunities, enhance
employment outreach, increase diversity, and share recruitment and retention best practices. There are now 11
HERC regions, over 400 member institutions, with over 12,000 faculty, staff and dual career opportunities, making
HERC the country’s largest higher education job board.

Saint Louis Regional HERC News

                The Saint Louis Regional (STLR) HERC welcomed two new member institutions this fall. Southwestern
                Illinois College is a two-year community college based in Belleville, Illinois. Its three main campuses
                and more than twenty off campus teaching sites served 16,500 students during fall 2009.

Maryville University, founded in 1872, is a four-year, private university in west Saint
Louis County with a combined undergraduate and graduate student body of 3,400.
 More than 15,000 Maryville alumni work and live in the Saint Louis region.

STLR HERC’s fall meeting was held at University of Missouri-Saint Louis. John Miller of Performance Solutions
Group discussed engaging new faculty and staff in the life of your institution. Brian Dempsey and Jill Adams of
SuiteCommute outlined developing a telecommuting program and assessing its effectiveness for your organization.
The next STLR HERC meeting will be at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.

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Southern California HERC

The Southern California HERC members meeting on November 9 at Antioch University in Los Angeles, CA featured
trends in staffing, a preview of virtual interview technology and utilizing search engines for recruiting. The next So
Cal members’ meeting will be held in the Inland Empire in spring 2010.

Southern California HERC newest member, Santa Monica Community College, joined December
2009. Santa Monica College is a two-year community college accredited by the Western
Association of Schools and Colleges is a thriving campus with approximately 30,000 students
and offerings in more than 80 fields of study.

In January 2010, the Southern California HERC advisory board welcomed its newest member, Susan Winton,
Employment Services Manager from Chapman University in Orange County, California. The Southern California
HERC advisory board provides the Southern California Directors with advice and consultation in matters related to
Southern California HERC governance, mission and future direction.

Upper Midwest HERC News

Membership Meetings
UMW HERC’s fall membership meeting was held November 4 at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Courtney Hunt,
Principal, Renaissance Strategic Solutions, and adjunct faculty member, provided an analysis of UMW’s and
member institutions’ current social media initiatives and Web sites. The Advisory Board will host a retreat in
January to further clarify UMW’s social media goals. UMW’s 2010 spring/summer membership meeting will occur
in early June and its topic will be diversity recruiting.


                          UMW HERC represented HERC at the annual conference of the National Society of
                          Hispanic MBAs, October 8-10, in Minneapolis. Over 8,000 Hispanic academic and
                          business professionals attended the event.

UMW HERC materials will also be available at the Multicultural Forum on Workplace
Diversity in March.

                                Human Resource Professionals of Minnesota, a SHRM
                                affiliate, featured an article on UMW HERC in its January Update newsletter.

Upstate New York HERC News

After 3 years of outstanding service, the founding Upstate New York (UNY) HERC Director, Camille Donabella, has
stepped down from her role. The UNY HERC has moved from its institutional home at Syracuse University to the
Tides Center. Please join the UNY HERC in thanking Camille and Syracuse University for their dedication to and
support of HERC. Until the UNY HERC appoints a new Director, Jackie Hogan is managing the UNY HERC.

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The National HERC Would Like to Hear from You

The National HERC is looking for more ways to serve the regional HERCs and their member institutions. If you have
ideas, suggestions, feedback, or would just like to chat about HERC, please contact National HERC Director, Nancy
Aebersold at or 831.336.4406.

Newsletter by Nancy Aebersold, National HERC Director with select contributions from regional HERC Directors
Special thanks Laurel Sgan, the St. Louis Regional HERC Director at Washington University in St. Louis, for providing editorial assistance

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