DECEMBER 2009

                                          PCAS NEWSLETTER
                                                     T HE M ONTHLY P UBLICATION OF THE
                                                 P ACIFIC C OAST A RCHAEOLOGICAL S OCIETY

Volume 48 Number 12                                                                                   ISSN 0270-6776

   DECEMBER PCAS SPEAKER                                     PCAS MEETINGS CALENDAR
            Dr. Claude Warren                                        HOLIDAY POTLUCK DINNER
                                                                          December 10 - 6 pm
           Strands of Life:
                                                                Lecture: 7:30 pm (free and open to the public)
 Holocene Lakes in the Mojave Desert
                                                           Speaker:        Dr. Claude Warren
    Until recently the received wisdom was that the
playas of the Mojave Desert have been playas since         Topic:          Strands of Life: Holocene Lakes in
the Pleistocene - that all the lakes form rarely and are                   the Mojave Desert
gone in year or two. In 1989 this changed when ge-
ologists took a core from Silver playa in the Mojave       Location:       The Duck Club
River sink, and found that since the end of the Pleisto-                   5 Riparian View (south of Michelson)
cene (10,000 years ago) there have been at least four                      Irvine
different lake stands in the basin of Silver Playa. One
of these persisted for about 100 years. We have ob-        Directions Exit the 405 at Jamboree and go south.
tained more evidence for a number of ancient lakes in                      Turn left onto Michelson and then right
Cronese basin (also in the Mojave sink) that lasted                        on Riparian View. The Duck Club is on
more that 12 years, based on the size of Anodonta                          the right after the water facility.
shells they contained.
                                                           The Irvine Ranch Water District neither supports nor endorses the
    Thus we have a series of dates for 7 lakes forming         causes or activities of organizations that use the District’s
in the Mojave Sink (Silver and Cronese playas). We              meeting rooms which are made available for public use.
have very little direct evidence that lakes existed in
other basins simultaneously. If perennial lakes were                   NO BOARD MEETING
available in other playa basins, people would have                        THIS MONTH!
been attracted to them. Any prehistoric sites present
should therefore be the same age as the ancient lakes
in the same basin.                                                         INSIDE THIS ISSUE
The hypothesis that prehistoric sites in other playa        2      November Speaker Notes
basins date to the same times as the 7 dated Holocene       2      December Speaker Biography
lakes in the Mojave Sink is supported by preliminary        3      Rock Art Conference
evidence. Evidence for the chronological correlation
                                                            3      Speaker Calendar
of 18 sites located in 7 different playa lake basins
with the dates for the 7 Holocene lakes in the Mojave       4      Holiday Dinner Info and Directions
Sink will be presented.                                     5      September Board Meeting Summary
                                                            5      Renewals
Con’t on page 2
                                                            6      Dig This – Exhibits, Lectures, and more
The Holiday Potluck Dinner replaces Dinner                  7      Code of Ethics
with the Speaker this month. Please see page 4.             7      Quarterly Update
    December 2009                                     PCAS Newsletter                                    Vol. 48 No. 12

    Pulling Together the Past: An Introduction to
    the Pimu Catalina Island Archaeology Project

    Most prior work on the Channel Islands has been
    from the point of view of the mainland. New work is
    attempting to understand the island point of view. In
    particular, the work seeks to understand the socioeco-
    nomic relationship between the island and mainland,
    describe the characteristics and directionality of
    trade, and understand the intensity of production, esp.
    of steatite. In addition goals include creating accu-
    rate mapping, defining characteristic types of sites
    and variability and investigating the time depth in
    comparison with other islands. The oldest known           November speaker Dr. Wendy G. Teeter with PCAS Pro-
    date from Catalina is 7,000 yrs before present. Dates     gram Chair Joe Hodulik.
    as old as 10,000 are known from other islands in the
    chain.                                                               December Speaker Biography
        Catalina has multiple stakeholders including the           Claude N. Warren is a Distinguished Professor
    Catalina Conservancy, the Catalina Island Museum,          Emeritus University of Nevada, Las Vegas and contin-
    the local Native American population and others.           ues to be active in research and publication. Warren
    UCLA’s team works with all on an inclusive basis.          received his Ph.D in Anthropology from UCLA in
    Work began following the 2007 fire on the island. A        1964. He taught at the university level for 35 years at
    short summer survey (16% of burn area) revealed 20         institutions including University of California Los An-
    new sites. One of the main factors that allowed so         geles, Idaho State University, Pocatello, University of
    much coverage in a brief period was use of a special-      California Santa Barbara, and University of Nevada at
    ized GPS device called IKE borrowed from the Army          Las Vegas.
    Corp of Engineers archaeologist, Tad Britt. This unit
    contains GPS with point and shoot capability and a            His honors include Barrick Distinguished Scholar,
    camera. It also has drop down menus that allow             University of Nevada, Distinguished Lecturer, South-
    standardization of data collection.                        west Anthropological Assoc., Lifetime Achievement
                                                               Award, Society for California Archaeology, and Re-
    Returning in the summer of 2008, the team investi-         gents' Outstanding Faculty Member, University of Ne-
    gated the vicinity of a historic hunting lodge called      vada.
    Eagle’s Nest. The team found a cameo dating to
    early 1900s, many bullets and butchered bone. Addi-            Dr. Warren’s publications include over 100 titles
    tional survey around the island revealed donut stones,     ranging from papers on early Mormon sites in Nevada
    steatite bowls and beads.                                  to Early Man site on the San Diego coast and in the
                                                               California deserts, and from artifact description to
    Returning in the summer of 2009, the team surveyed         theoretical models. He has conducted archaeological
    and mapped to update site records and investigated         field research in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and
    tourism-impacted sites. They also began work with          Nevada and California. He has also investigated the
    the Conservancy on a number of private collections         history of archaeological research in many museums
    in their possession.                                       and libraries, from the Museum of Man in San Diego
                                                               to the British Library in London.
    Future summers will locate and document new sites,
    update previously recorded sites, work with the Con-
    servancy on cultural resources management issues,             His major research interests are Early man and Ar-
    bring in a specialist to look at landforms and conduct     chaic Cultures of the San Diego Coast and the Mojave
    a project to gather samples with data to attempt stea-     Desert, Ecological approaches to archaeology and the-
    tite sourcing using laser ablation and other methods.      ory of culture change, intellectual history of archae-
                                                               ology and excavation techniques.
December 2009                                   PCAS Newsletter                                   Vol. 48 No. 12

            ROCK ART 2009
   San Diego Museum of Man’s 34th Annual Rock
Art Symposium on November 7th was well attended
by PCAS members.
    Presentations covered a wide range of subjects
and locales and were all very interesting. Interna-
tional reports included Jeff LaFave’s Overview of
the Rock Art of the Tassili n’Ajjer, Algeria, Domi-
nique Rissolo’s study of cave rock art of the Yuca-
tan Peninsula, and a lunchtime video presentation by
Frank Moller on the rock art of Namibia. Steven J.
Waller discussed an acoustic study confirming an
association between rock art locations and potential
for echoes. David Lubman expanded on this con-          PCAS table at the Museum of Man’s Annual Rock Art
cept reporting on a study indicating European Paleo-    Symposium, November 7.
lithic caves have more paintings in caves with
greater resonance.                                      De Genarro, Scott Findlay, Megan Galway, Steve
                                                        O’Neil, and Kathleen Shada.
    Closer to home, Steve Freers continued his
study of the human hand in rock art, this year de-              Our thanks to Ken Hedges for making the
scribing how the hand was often used as a paint         table available, and we look forward to doing it again
brush and showing examples of ‘dabbing,’                next year.
‘streaking,’ and ‘stamping’ that he’s identified. Amy
Gilreath reported on a new National Conservation
Area, south of Las Vegas, created to protect the rock       PCAS SPEAKER CALENDAR
art concentrations of Sloan Canyon. Jon Harman,
who developed the DStretch photo enhancement             January 14, 2010
software, presented examples of the Great Mural          Dr. Matthew Des Lauriers
sites in Campo Monte, Baja, and Mavis and John           Rediscovering Huamalgua: The Island of Fogs
Greer brought us cave paintings from the Smith
River valley in central Montana. Nicholas and Bon-       February 11, 2010
nie Clapp reported on a very interesting rock align-
                                                         Alexander (Sandy) Rogers
ment in the Badlands of Anza Borrego that they be-
lieve reflects a similar iconography to Kumeyaay
                                                         Dating the Coso Petroglyphs
sand paintings. Ken Hedges discussed shield motifs
associated with the Yuman and Late Prehistoric           March 11, 2010
Patayan of southern Arizona, northern Baja, and          Dr. Gary Stickel
southern California.                                     Ice Age Man in Malibu? The Clovis Culture
    The PCAS information and Quarterly sales table       Discovery at Farpoint
was well attended as usual. Bob Brace did his usual
excellent job of selecting volumes that would be of      April 8, 2010
most interest to the attendees. We offered a             Dr. Nancy Desautels-Wiley
‘Symposium Special’ on the 40-year index – selling
                                                         Bolsa Chica (Part 1)
it for half-price – hoping to stimulate sales among
those who come to the table looking for a particular
report, but can’t remember who wrote it or when it       May 13, 2010
was published. Bob has an amazing knack for find-        Dr. Nancy Desautels-Wiley
ing the correct issue, but even he isn’t always suc-     Bolsa Chica (Part 2)
cessful. Members in attendance at the table were
Bob and Rene Brace, Linda Christison, Dorothy
    December 2009                                   PCAS Newsletter                                    Vol. 48 No. 12

                                                     Join us!
          DECEMBER 10TH AT THE

         1st Annual Potluck (no additional cost)
         This year’s dinner speaker is Claude Warren:
         Strands of Life: Holocene Lakes in the Mojave Desert

    The Duck Club at 5 Riparian View, Irvine, Ca 92612      Directions:
       Driving south on the 405, exit on Jamboree and turn right. Turn left on Michelson, the first signal. Stay on
    Michelson. At the 3rd signal turn right onto Riparian View. Pass the IRWD water treatment plant. Follow signs to
    Audubon House and the Duck Club.
       Driving north on the 405, exit on Culver and turn left. At the second signal, which is Michelson, turn right.
    Continue on Michelson to the third signal, Riparian View, turn left toward the IRWD treatment plant and follow
    signs to The Duck Club. [Thomas Guide to Orange County, page 859 J-7]

December 2009                                    PCAS Newsletter                                   Vol. 48 No. 12

 NOVEMBER BOARD MEETING                                         2010 MEMBERSHIP/
        SUMMARY                                               SUBSCRIPTION RENEWALS
    Secretary Rene Brace called the meeting to order        It’s that time of year again. PCAS memberships
at 7:10 pm at the Old Courthouse, Santa Ana, Cali-       and subscriptions expire at the end of the calendar
fornia. Board members present: Rene Brace, Gail          year and renewals for 2010 will become due on
Cochlin, Megan Galway, Mark Roeder, and Tony             January 1st.
Sawyer. Members present: Bob Brace, Scott
                                                            Membership renewal notices for 2010 will be
Findlay, Hank Koerper, and Kathleen Shada.
                                                         mailed, as usual, at the end of December but you can
   The October 2009 minutes and the treasurer’s          help us save on mailing costs by renewing your
report were approved.                                    membership now. Use the membership form in this
                                                         newsletter, or print one from our website,
    The Board unanimously agreed to contact the
                                                         www.pcas.org, and mail your check before the holi-
NAHC and to begin the process to return culturally
                                                         day rush begins. Remember that membership dues
sensitive material from the PCAS ORA-145 (Dobkin
                                                         paid before December 31st may be deductible for the
site) collection. The collection has been inventoried.
                                                         2009 tax year.
Board members are continuing to work with the Na-
tive American Heritage Commission (NAHC) and                 We have been asked many times to provide dis-
tribal representatives to find reburial locations.       counted membership for students, and the Board has
                                                         recently approved the creation of a Student Associ-
    Joe Hodulik will pick up the key and open the
                                                         ate class of membership. The annual cost will be $10
Duck Club at 4 pm on December 10 for the Holiday
                                                         and will not include voting rights or the PCAS Quar-
Potluck Dinner. Bob and Rene Brace, Scott
                                                         terly subscription. Newsletters will be sent by email.
Findlay, Megan Galway, and Hank Koerper will
                                                         Applications under this category should be accom-
set up. Everyone was asked to bring holiday decora-
                                                         panied by a copy of your student ID card.
tions. The Board agreed to purchase supplies and wa-
ter and will provide coffee and cider.                      The USPS has again increased postage costs, and
                                                         we continue to encourage our members to receive
    At the November Election meeting Scott
                                                         their newsletters by email. We email in printable
Findlay, Jane Gothold, and Kathleen Shada were
                                                         PDF format, as opposed to the non-printable version
elected as Directors to 3-year terms beginning in
                                                         posted to the website. If you’ve not yet accepted this
January. There were no nominations from the floor,
                                                         option, please give it some consideration. Check the
and the election was by voice vote. PCAS thanks
                                                         box on your renewal form or send an email to
Megan Galway for printing the ballots, signing in
members, and verifying the quorum and Bob Brace
for creating tallying sheets in case there had been          We’re looking forward to an active and fun 2010,
more than three nominees.                                beginning with the AIA Archaeology Fair in Janu-
                                                         ary. We’ve continued to develop our outreach skills
    PCAS will take part in the AIA Archaeology Fair
                                                         at Garfield Academy and Smithsonian Day at the
at the Ocean Institute, Dana Point, January 9-10, 10
                                                         Old Courthouse Museum and look forward to offer-
am-3 pm. Cuator Mark Roeder reported that the
                                                         ing it at new venues. A dedicated group continues to
Fullerton Museum has returned borrowed material.
                                                         inventory our collections at the Red Car building,
The museum also gave PCAS the labels that had been
                                                         and the Quarterly publication schedule has been ac-
used for the display. Dr. Nancy Desautels-Wiley has
                                                         celerated to a point where we can envision actually
been scheduled for April and May and will speak on
                                                         being up to date. All of these activities require vol-
Bolsa Chica. No speaker has yet been scheduled for
                                                         unteer participation, and it always excites us to see
June. Editor Hank Koerper reported that Beth and
                                                         new faces. If you are already a member please con-
Chris Padon will have a double issue completed in
                                                         sider joining us in our efforts, and if you know
the near future. It will be published out of order as
                                                         someone who is not a member but might enjoy our
Volume 43, Numbers 1&2. Joe Hodulik’s Donation-
                                                         company, invite them to a meeting!
Award activity brought in $82 for the Scholarship
fund at the November meeting!
   The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.
                                                         RENEW YOUR PCAS MEMBERSHIP
                                                                   USE FORM ON PAGE 7
    December 2009                                    PCAS Newsletter                                     Vol. 48 No. 12

                                     DIG THIS...

                         Lectures                             (Classes, Meeting, and Events continued)
                                                              Rock Art Classes: Cutting Edge Research on San
    Leadership, Resistance and Survival of Southern           Diego-Riverside Rock Art, by Dr. Greg Erickson, pre-
    California Indians, by Dr. Richard Hanks, a lecture       sented by the San Diego Archaeological Center and
    of the Coachella Valley Archaeological Society. Ca-       the Kumeyaay Ipai Interpretive. Part 1: Kumeyaay-
    thedral City Community Center, December 1, 6:30           Ipai Interpretive Center, Poway, January 14, 7-9 pm;
    pm. Free. Information: www.cvarch.org.                    Part 2: San Diego Archaeological Center, April 10, 11
                                                              am-1 pm. Fee: $40 both lectures ($25 members); $25
          Classes, Meetings, and Events                       for individual class ($15 members). Information and
                                                              registration: www.sandiegoarchaeology.org/PDF/
                                                              email Rock art class 11-18.pdf.
    Interpreting Amarna, the Reign of the Heretic
    Pharaoh Akhenaten, full day American Research
                                                              The Art and Science of Flintknapping, by Jeanne
    Center in Egypt (Orange County Chapter) seminar by
                                                              Day Binning, Ph.D. Zzyzx Desert Studies Center, Feb-
    Drs. Donald and Susan Redford (University of Penn-        ruary, 19-21, 2010. Fee $325 includes lodging and
    sylvania). Bowers Museum, December 5, 9:30 am-            meals. Information: http://biology.fullerton.edu/dsc/.
    3:45 pm. Fee includes lunch: $50; ARCE members            Registration through UC Riverside Extension:
    $45; students $35. Information: www.bowers.org.           www.extension.ucr.edu/schedule/index.html.
    Registration form:
    www.arceoc.org/Redford.pdf.                               The 2010 Society for California Archaeology Annual
                                                              Meeting will be held at the Riverside Convention Cen-
    Rabbit Skin Blankets, by Lorene Sisquoc, curator of       ter March 17-20, 2010. Information:
    the Sherman Indian Museum will lead an introduc-          www.scahome.org.
    tory course on making a rabbit skin blanket. A class
    of the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum. December            The 2010 Society of American Archaeology Annual
    19, 10:30 am-4pm. Fee $25; members free. Informa-         Meeting will be held in St. Louis, Missouri, April 14-
    tion: 760-778-1079 or www.accmuseum.org.                  18, 2010. Information: www.saa.org.

    Earth Pigments and Paint of the Southern Califor-                               Websites
    nia Indians, by Paul Campbell. Western Center for
    Archaeology and Paleontology, Hemet, December             Visit www.pcas.org for all the latest PCAS news.
    17, 7 pm. Fee: $8; students $5; members free. Infor-
    mation: www.westerncentermuseum.org or 951-791-           San Diego County Archaeological Society:
    0033.                                                     www.sandiegoarchaeologicalsociety.com.

    The 111th Archaeological Institute of America An-         Coachella Valley Archaeological Society:
    nual Meeting will be held January 6-9, 2010, at the       www.cvarch.org.
    Anaheim Marriott Hotel and at the Hilton Anaheim
    Hotel. Fee: $155-$205 (discounts for members,
    spouses). One day registration available. Information:    Editor’s Note: Please check time and place of listing
    www.archaeological.org.                                   prior to the event.

    Archaeology Fair, a part of the AIA Annual Meeting
    programming. Ocean Institute, Dana Point, January 9       Please send your announcement submissions to
    -10, 2010, 10 am-3pm. Fee: $6.50; $4.50 children          newsletter@pcas.org. We are interested in re-
    (free for AIA and OI members). Information:
                                                              ceiving information for all categories included
                                                              in Dig This.
December 2009                                        PCAS Newsletter                                          Vol. 48 No. 12

                                    PCAS CODE OF ETHICS
  The Pacific Coast Archaeological Society (PCAS) is a non-profit group of professional and avocational people dedi-
 cated to proper management of our cultural resources, public education, and the protection and preservation of ar-
 chaeological materials and collections.
 The following principles have been adopted by the PCAS:
 1. Professional methods and forms will be used on all archaeological field surveys, excavations, and laboratory
 2. A complete record of field and laboratory work will be filed with the PCAS Curator and stored at a facility
    approved by the Society’s Board of Directors.
 3. No archaeological materials will be removed without proper permits, landowner permission, and a field research
 4. Unless otherwise legally stipulated before activity commences, all materials collected will be deposited for
    further research with the Curator at a facility approved by the Society's Board of Directors.
 5. All generated reports will be the property of the Society and distributed as deemed appropriate.
 6. All Society field activities will be performed only under the direction of a qualified field archaeologist (Principal
    Investigator) and the supervision of field or site directors.
 7. The above principles will be observed on both Society approved projects and projects performed under the
    direction of an authorized institution or organization.
 8. The Society and its members will strive to educate the public of the importance and proper management of our
    non-renewable cultural resources and to discourage the collection and commercial exploitation of archaeological
 9. PCAS members shall not benefit from the acquisition, purchase, sale, or trade of archaeological artifacts,
    materials, or specimens.
 10. All members shall adhere to City, County, State, and Federal antiquities laws.

                                    PCAS QUARTERLY UPDATE
    PCAS Quarterly Production Editors Beth and                 Terminal Pleistocene – Early Holocene Occupations on the
Chris Padon, with Guest Editor Russell L. Kalden-              Eastern Shoreline of China Lake, California, by Mark A.
berg, will soon publish Volume 43, Numbers 1&2.                Giambastiani and Thomas Bullard
Present plans are for this double issue to be published        Sherlock Holmes Had Nothing on Us: Collections Related to
out of sequence; Volume 42, Number 4 will be                   the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station, California and
printed soon thereafter.                                       Its Environs, by Russell L. Kaldenberg
Although titles may change, the following is a pre-            A Preliminary Report of a Rock Feature Complex at the
liminary list of articles:                                     Searles Lake Site (CA-SBR-12134/H), Western Mojave
                                                               Desert, San Bernardino County, California, by Kish D. La
Introduction to the Archaeology of China Lake, by Russell      Pierre
L. Kaldenberg                                                  A Trout in the Milk: Circumstantial Evidence for Disputed
A Protohistoric House in the Argus Range, China Lake           Tenancy at Seep Spring, Northern Mojave Desert,
Naval Air Weapons Station, by Mark W. Allen                    by Michael R. Walsh

Three Archaeological Landscapes of the Mojave B Range,         Living on the Edge: Late Prehistoric Foragers on the South
China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station: Pilot Knob, In-          Range, by Helen Wells and Clarus J. Backes, Jr.
dian Spring, and North Eagle Crags, by Mark W. Allen           The Coso Petroglyph Chronology, by David S. Whitley and
Rose Spring Point Chronology and Numic Population              Ronald I. Dorn
Movements in Eastern California, by Alan P. Garfinkel

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