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									                                               First Edition          The Newsletter of
                                                                    First Lutheran Church
                                                                      February 2010
                                                                   Issue Number: 70     Issued: Monthly

    310 E. Washington Street
    P.O. Box 322
    Stoughton, WI 53589
                                                SOUPer Bowl Sunday, February 7
    Phone: (608) 873-7761
    Fax: (608) 873-5174                         On Super Bowl game day, FLC will
    Email:                host a Souper Bowl of its own! To
    Website:               “play”, please bring canned goods
                                                and place in the marked containers
    In This Issue                               to score a “giving to others”
    Worship in February ...........2            touchdown.
    From the Pastor .................3
    Council Update...................3                             The “winners”
    Praying ...............................3                       will be the many
    Sharing & Caring ................4                             families served
    Group news ........................4                           by the
    Small Groups .....................5                            Stoughton Food
    Fellowship Ministries ..........5           Pantry. If everyone who worships
                                                brings a can of soup, we could            It’s “Soups” the Robot! He
    Lenten Schedule ................6
                                                provide over 400 cans to help feed        hopes you will participate in
    Baby Baskets .....................6                                                      Souper Bowl Sunday!!
                                                those in need!
    Children’s Education ..........7
    Church of the Month ...........7
    Youth & Family Ministries ...8
                                               4K Registration, Monday, February 8!
                                                                               Parents with 4-year-old youth
                                                                               are invited to sign up for FLC’s
                                                                               new 4K program on Monday,
                                                                               February 8 at Sandhill School.
                                                                               Wrap-around child care will also
                                                                               be offered.

                                                                               Please talk with Pastor Sara or
                                                                               Church Council member Kathy
                                                                               Hanneman for more information.

                                                                                      It’s going to be grrrrreat!

                                           A Faith-filled February!
                                                                    Sunday, February 7
                                                                 Souper Bowl Sunday
                                                                  Council Installation
                                                        We celebrate Altar Rail Holy Communion
                                                                        8:30 - Senior Choir
                                                               10:00 - Faith Alive and Agape Bells

                                                  Sunday, February 14
                                                 Transfiguration Sunday
                                            8:30 - Senior Choir and Alleluia Bells
                                                      10:00 - Faith Alive

                       Wednesday, February 17
                         Lent begins* with a
                      Lenten Supper at 5:30 and
                  Ash Wednesday Service at 7:00 pm
                                   Imposition of Ashes
                                    Holy Communion
                               Senior Choir offers anthem

                                                   Sunday, February 21
                                    We celebrate Intinction Holy Communion
                                                8:30 - Senior Choir and First Kids
                                                10:00 - Faith Alive and First Kids
                                                  4:00 pm - Chili & Game Night

                                                               Sunday, February 28
                                                           “Hands Free” Video Projection
                                                                      8:30 - Senior Choir
                                                             10:00 - Faith Alive and Alleluia Bells

                                *See Page 6 for Ash Wednesday and Lenten Schedule

    First Lutheran Staff          Name                   Email Address

    Senior Pastor                Bill Lehman   
    Associate Pastor             Sara Peterson Ehrets
    Visitation Pastor            Richard Halom 
    Spiritual Growth Director    Liz Nelson    
    Children’s Ed Director       Jenny Gustafson
    Office Manager               Holly Freund  
    Office Assistant             Erin Kelly-Ramberg
    Music Coordinator            Mark Everson  
    Bookkeeper                   Cindy Lehr    
    2 | First Edition · First Lutheran Church
     From the Pastor                                                February Council News
     One of the blessings of serving a church                       At its meeting, the Church Council…
     with the demographics of FLC is that our                          Heard a presentation from organist Mark
     staff often experience a lot of variety in our                     Everson to replace the pipe organ
     ministries.                                                        blower. The Council approved the
                                                                        request. The cost is around $8,000 and
     For example, at the time of this writing, we are only three
                                                                        will be paid through extra We Still Love
     Sundays into the new year. We have already had four
                                                                        Our Church Appeal gifts.
     funerals, two baptisms and one birth. By the end of
                                                                       Learned that the church ended the year on
     January, we will have had a wedding and at least one
                                                                        a positive note in
     more baptism, too.
                                                                        both General Fund
     A couple of Sundays ago, two families told me they were            giving and Appeal
     expecting another little one. Every week, we pastors talk          offerings.
     about and pray for those who are dying.                            However, it is
                                                                        anticipated that
     Sunday school kids and confirmation youth keep Jenny,              2010 will be a bit
     Liz and Pastor Sara hopping. All three also work to                tighter. As a
     provide intergenerational events in which everyone can             result, the Council asks that all members
     participate. The homebound and hospitalized keep                   do everything they can to keep current on
     Pastor Halom on the road. I am often on the phone or in            their promises during this year.
     my office with those who need counseling/pastoral care.           Expressed appreciation for outgoing
                                                                        Council members Jeremy Eppler, Dan
     Karen directs the youth in Agape Bells.
                                                                        Kolberg, Wayne Kiefer and Gary Weum
     Mary and Jill direct adults in the Alleluia
                                                                        for their excellent contributions during their
     Bells and Senior Choir, respectively. Mark
     not only accompanies our regular worship
                                                                       Received a report that the
     services, but also plays for funerals and
                                                                        Finance Committee would
                                                                        like to sponsor another
     Holly manages the office and all of FLC’s records from             Spring Carnival as a part
     cradle to grave. Erin coordinates the volunteer schedules          of the group’s Charitable Gift
     of adults and youth. Cindy takes care of our offerings,            Initiative efforts. Members of
     whether they come in the forms of checks, cash or coin             the Fellowship Committee will assist in
     boxes filled by children. Our custodians set up and take           staffing the event on March 21.
     down tables regularly to serve people of all ages.                Learned that the pastors had begun
                                                                        making contacts within the congregation to
     FLC is a big church with all kinds of people at various            initiate the Praying Through The Church
     stages of life. We are blessed by all, from the energy of          program. The initial results have been
     the young to the wisdom of those in their twilight years.          very encouraging. (See below)
     See you in worship on Sundays and Wednesdays during               Discussed the potential impact of a 4K matter what your age!                                    and wrap-around child care program at
                                                                        FLC. 4K registrations will take place on
                                             Pastor Bill Lehman         February 8.

    Praying Through The Church Has Begun
    Our pastors have begun the process of contacting every FLC household to hear their stories
    and receive prayer requests. Their goal is to talk directly with an adult in each home. So, they
    may leave messages when they call, but they will continue to telephone until they make a
    personal connection.
    It has been a rewarding experience as they not only have been able to offer individualized prayers for FLC
    families, they have also heard how our members are living out their faith in their daily lives. What a blessing!
    There are around 600 households who call FLC home...and all of them will be contacted by the end of the
    year. So, don’t be surprised if you get a call from one of the pastors!!
                                                                                                    February 2010 | 3
    Sharing and Caring
     Congratulations to . . .                          Known to have been hospitalized . . .
       Nathan Minor and Angie Sobocinski, on             Hildur Amble
         the birth of their daughter, Aleeya Joy         John Aslakson
       Brittani Kvalheim, on the birth of her son,       Inga Flower
         Keegan William Virnig                           Joan Grefsheim
       William and Jennifer Clark, on the baptism        Carroll Hawkinson
         of their daughter, Brenna Renee                 Ursula Johnson
       Jennifer Rigdon, on the baptism of her            Matt Johnson
         son, Joseph James.                              Ann Juve
       Elizabet (Wright) and Erik Jorgensen, on          Margaret Kvalheim
         their marriage                                  Gail Stiklestad
                                                         Lee Waag
                                                         Barbara Zander
     Special Prayers for . . .
       Juanita Gorden, mother of Daryl Gorden
       John Hartman, uncle of Jerry Leikness
                                                       Our Sympathy to the families of . . .
                                                         Chester “Chet” Johnson
       Mikel Kind, submitted by Stephanie Kind
                                                         Alvin Ramsden
       Mike Oldenkamp, submitted by Christine
                                                         Delores Osland
                                                         Helen Peterson
       Arthur “Art” Pundt
                                                         Georgene Quam
       Emilee Purcell
                                                         Lorin Stelzer, brother of Ken Stelzer and
       Brianna Wesley
                                                           uncle of Mark Everson

    Groups at First Lutheran
                                                                            Circle News
     Come and join this group of industrious women and
                                                                          Tuesday, February 9
     create quilts that are then donated to many
     organizations serving those in need. This group is               Circle 3 meets at church at
     looking for additional hands. NO experience necessary.            9:00 am. Service project:
     Can’t sew? No problem! There are many jobs that                 dusting. Lunch at Marsala’s at
     need to be done besides running a sewing machine.              11:30 am. Diane Lynch, hostess.
     Quilting continues until Easter. They work each                    Phoebe Circle will meet at
     Monday from 8:30 am until noon.                                   7:00 pm at Audrey Jandrey’s .
                                                                           Circle 17 will meet at
     Knitting and Crocheting                                               Culver’s at 1:00 pm.
     The January meeting will be on
     Tuesday, February 23 at 6:30
     pm in the FLC library. Bring
     projects to work on and share
     time together.
                                                              Notice the colorful covers?
                                                             Liturgical Publications (the newsletter printing
     Banner Committee                                    company) offered a sample run using full color on the
                                                          front and back covers. The advertisers on page 9
     The committee will meet in the library on             make it possible to send out this quality product.
     Monday, February 1 at 6:30 pm. Contact
                                                         Please remember to support them with your business
     Lou Ann Ellingson at 873-8816 for information.
                                                         and mention you saw their ad in the FLC Newsletter!!

    4 | First Edition · First Lutheran Church
    Small Group and Fellowship Ministries
    Chili & Game Night                                         Joseph and the Amazing
    Sunday, February 21 in FLC Fellowship Hall                 Technicolor Dreamcoat
    4:00 pm - 7:00 pm                                          Fireside Theater, Fort Atkinson
    Come join in the fun at a favorite                         Saturday, April 17, 2010
    FLC event! Bring games from                                                      From the creators of Evita and
    home or a deck of cards. Sign up                                                 Jesus Christ Superstar comes one
    to bring chili, fixins’, sides or a                                              of the most popular musicals in the
    dessert to share. There is                                                       last 50 years. This telling of the
    guaranteed to be lots of laughs                                                  biblical story of Joseph and his
    and a great time for all!                                                        brothers is filled with great music,
                                                                                     costumes, laughter, joy and heart.
    Movie Night Featuring “Up”                                 Utilizing many different styles of music from pop/rock
    Sunday, March 14 in FLC Fellowship Hall                    to country to musical comedy this sparkling show
    5:00 - 7:30 pm                                             follows young Joseph as he faces adversity and
                                                               triumphs through his dreams and his strong,
                    Kids, wear your jammies and bring a        unwavering faith. Depart from FLC at 10:30 am, lunch
                    favorite stuffed animal or blanket -       at 11:00 am, show at 1:30 pm. Transportation will be
                    adults, dress comfy and watch the          available.
                    movie “Up”, a story about an 8-year-       There are still tickets available for this great show!
                    old boy who ends up as a stowaway          Tickets are $63.95, which includes the scrumptious
                    with a 78-year-old man as he embarks       meal and the show. Bring extra money for shopping
                    on the adventure of a lifetime!            in the Fireside Shops if you like.
    This is a great movie for all ages! Pizza, soda,
    popcorn and treats will be provided - a freewill           Mother-Daughter Banquet
    offering will be collected.
                                                               Planning Meeting
                                                               Monday, February 15 at 6:30 pm
    Lenten Supper Helpers                                      Bring your creative ideas and
    FLC is known for its yummy                                 help plan a wonderful
    Lenten suppers! Sign up in the                             afternoon for mothers and
    Information Center to help with                            daughters. Come prepared to
    preparing and serving a Lenten                             set a date (for later this
    Supper. This is a great way to                             spring), share ideas for a
    get to know new people and                                 speaker/entertainment,
    share your gifts with others.                              decorations and refreshments.
    See menu and dates on page 6.                              The possibilities are endless!

     Book Club News
     Selah (Daytime) Group                                                      Evening Group
     Meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month                                      Meets on the 2nd Monday of the month
     in the FLC library at 12:30 pm                                             in the FLC library at 6:30 pm
     February - The Worst of Hard Times by                                      February - Little Women by Louisa May
      Timothy Egan                                                                Alcott
     March - The Guernsey Literary and Potato                                   March - Rooftops of Tehran by
       Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer                                         Mahbod Seraji
       and Annie Barrows                          Join a discussion group any   April - The Help by Kathryn Stockett
     April - The Hotel on the Corner of            time! Contact Liz Nelson
                                                         with questions!
      Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford
                                                                                                        February 2010 | 5
    The Lenten Journey Begins
    Ash Wednesday, February 17, begins our Lenten season with the Imposition of Ashes and Holy
    Communion. Each Wednesday night in Lent starts with supper at 5:30 pm and worship at 7:00 pm.
    Similar to past years, we will worship using the beautiful Holden Evening Prayer Service on Wednesdays
    throughout Lent. The Pastors will offer sermons related to favorite Lenten hymns.

    Date           Menu                          Leaders/Servers       Music Groups        Sermon ~ Lenten Hymn
    Feb 17       Pulled Pork Sandwiches          Marie Christensen     Senior Choir        LBW #99 ~ O Lord
                 Chips, Veggies, Dip                                                        Throughout These 40 Day
                 Dessert                                                                   Luke 10:8-17

    Feb 24       Chicken Tenders                 Marie Christensen     Alleluia Bells      LBW #107 ~ Beneath The
                 Oven Fries, Salad                                                           Cross of Jesus
                 Dessert                                                                   Isaiah 32:1-8

    Mar 3        Breakfast for Supper            Ann Olson             Special Music       LBW #97 ~ Christ The Life
                                                 Sue Deneen                                 Of All The Living
                                                                                           1 Corinthians 15:20-26

    Mar 10       Homemade Soup                   Karin Campbell        First Kids          WOV #660 ~ I Want Jesus
                 Bread, Salad                                                               To Walk With Me
                 Dessert                                                                   Matthew 28:16-20

    Mar 17       Lasagna                         Diane Fossum          Agape Bells         LBW #92 ~ Were You There
                 Salad, Garlic Bread                                                       Matthew 27: 45-56

    Mar 24       Taco Bar with Fixin’s           Amy Stepp             Faith Alive         LBW #104 ~ In The Cross
                 Fruit Salad                                                                Of Christ I Glory
                                                                                           Ephesians 2:11-18

    This is an opportunity for folks of all ages to serve and also connect with others! Duties
    involve some light food preparation, serving the meal and smiling! Arrive in Fellowship
    Hall at 4:45 pm. The meals are served from 5:30 to 6:45 pm.
    Confirmation students in 7th and 8th Grade Confirmation are asked to help serve a
    Lenten Supper with their Small Group (see schedule above). 9th Graders have the option
    to sign up on the Youth Bulletin Board to serve on any Wednesday as a service project.
    Adults may sign up in the Information Center or contact Liz Nelson.

    Baby Baskets - Sign up to help today!
                                     Each month our congregation puts together Baby Baskets for Dane County Human
                                     Services to give to mothers in need. At Christmas our congregation brought many
                                     wonderful items that can be put in the baskets. Volunteers are needed to sort
                                     through these items and also to put baskets together throughout the year. If you
                                     are willing to help sort, call or e-mail Pastor Sara. If you are willing to take 1 to
                                     1-1/2 hours to put together 10 baby baskets during one month this year, please
                                     sign up in the Information Center. This Is a great project to do with elementary age
                                     kids to help teach them about sharing gifts with others.
    6 | First Edition · First Lutheran Church
    Children’s Education
    Valentine’s Day - Sunday School Combined Event
    Sunday, February 14 during Sunday School
    Love, Love, Love - that’s what it’s all about! The Sunday School children will hear about
    the many different ways God loves us. They will make valentines of all different kinds
    and work on projects to share their love with others. If you would like to help with crafts
    or food for this event please contact Children’s Education Director Jenny Gustafson.

    Share your Prayers
    Families are invited to share their mealtime or bedtime prayers for a booklet to be used
    by Sunday school families. Please e-mail your family’s favorite prayers to Jenny
    Gustafson. Here is a sample of a prayer submitted last year:
           Bedtime Prayer – submitted by the Daniel, Lisa, Cade, Luke, & Claire Spilde
                   “Dear God thank you for this day,
                   thank you for keeping me safe,
                   please help me to fall asleep soon,
                   I love you, in Jesus name, Amen”.

    Little Blessings Family Fun
    Sunday, March 21, 4:00 pm, Easter Egg Hunt
    Families with children ages 0 - 3 are invited to attend all Little Blessings activities. Older siblings are always
    welcome too! These events are tailored for our congregation’s littlest lambs. This is a great opportunity to
    get to know other families and share the joys and challenges of raising children. Contact Jenny Gustafson
    with questions.
    The next activity is an Easter Egg Hunt, with storytelling and other fun activities, on Sunday, March 21 from
    4:00 to 5:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall. Sign up in the Information Center or contact Jenny Gustafson.

    Skaalen Home “Church of the Month” in February
    FLC is the Church of the month for Skaalen Home during the month of February. There are many
    opportunities to serve including:

       Wednesday, February 3 at 1:30 pm - assist with the Holy Communion Service. Please
        arrive at Skaalen by 1:15 pm to help residents to the Chapel.
       Thursday, February 11 at 1:30 pm - help serve ice cream in the Friendship Room.
       Wednesday, February 17 at 10:30 am - assist with the Ash Wednesday Service.
        If you could, please arrive at Skaalen by 10:15 am to help residents to the Chapel.
        Perhaps you would like to share a musical gift during this service.
       Tuesday, February 23 at 11:00 am - join the Out-To-Lunch Bunch group as they
        visit an area restaurant for lunch.
       Friday, February 26 at 2:00 pm - assist with the monthly Partnership Program. The “Church of the
        month” provides a 15 to 20 minute program, refreshments and a setup/serving crew of 4 to 6 people.
       Wednesdays in February at 1:30 pm - assist with Bingo in the Friendship Room.
       Sunday mornings in February at 10:30 am - assist with the worship service held in the Chapel.

                        If you are willing to help with one or more of these activities,
                      please sign up in the Information Center or contact Pastor Sara.                February 2010 | 7
    Youth and Family Ministries

        Important Date Reminder:                       Senior High Youth News!
                    Confirmation Camp:                                      FLY Senior High Discussion Group
                                                                            Wednesday, February 17, 5:30 pm
                    June 20 through 25.
                                                                            Meet for supper and faith-filled
            Registrations and deposit are due                               conversation. Let Pastor Sara know if
                  Monday, February 1.                                       you can make it!
      Please turn yours in if you haven’t already
          done so - if you have, thank you!                                 Luther College
             Scholarships are available.                                    Nordic Choir Concert
             Please contact Pastor Sara                                     Sunday, February 21
                for more information.                                       Sign up now to enjoy a great concert
                                                                            and dinner! The concert is at Bethel
        7th or 8th graders who would like to go                             Lutheran Church at 4:00 p.m. The
         with other 7th and 8th graders need to                             group will meet at church at 3:00 pm
        get the registration forms in SOON so a
                                                                            and go out to eat following the concert.
             spot is reserved with the group.                               Tickets are $10 for students and $15
                                                                            for adults.
    Summer Musical Camp
    Save the Date!                                     7th Grade Confirmation Sexuality Retreat
    Plans are in the works to have another great       Saturday, February 6, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
    week of music, crafts, food and fun times          Mark your calendars to save the date! Parents and
    together here at FLC. Mark your calendars:         students will spend the day together discussing how your
     August 9 - 13 - music camp                       faith impacts decisions you will face in the future. There will
     August 14 - evening performance                  be large and small group discussions and games.
     August 15 - morning performances             Please talk with Pastor Sara if you have questions or would
                                                   like to see the material ahead of time. Pastor Lehman,
    Watch for future announcements about the title Pastor Sara and Liz Nelson will lead the retreat. A morning
    what exciting musical will be performed!       snack and lunch will be provided.
    There will be many parts/solos available.
    Watch for more information about auditions in
    future newsletters! Hope to see you there!     Youth Rummage Sale
                                                       April 2010

    God Sightings - Where have                         If one of your New Year’s
                                                       resolutions is to clean out the attic,
    you seen God at work lately?                       garage, basement or your closets,
    God was at work with the                           this is the thing for you! The annual
    Confirmation Youth the week                        Youth Rummage Sale is scheduled
    after the earthquake in Haiti.                     for April 2010. (Some might need
    Before class they were spending                    that much time…)
    time in conversation about how                     This event is a huge fundraiser for the youth. You can feel
    youth their age could help those                   good for two reasons: getting organized and donating your
    in Haiti in need. They came up                     stuff to the youth!
    with many practical ideas! They were also
                                                       While your treasures can’t be stored at the church until a
    able to relate it to how helping people in Haiti
                                                       few weeks before the sale, please box them up and mark
    helps them to obey the 7th and 9th
                                                       them “FLC Youth Rummage Sale” and watch for future
    commandments by helping and serving
                                                       announcements as to when donations will be accepted.
    8 | First Edition · First Lutheran Church
    First Edition
    The Newsletter of First Lutheran Church
    310 E. Washington Street
    P.O. Box 322
    Stoughton, WI 53589
    Phone: (608) 873-7761
    Fax: (608) 873-5174

    FEBRUARY 2010


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