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The Parent Newsletter of Incarnate Word Academy
                                                                                            January 2010

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The new semester for each class level has varying significance. For the seniors, this is the final hurrah.
There are some in the class of 2010 who wish they could take all of their papers and use them as origami.
Others are savoring every moment of their high school experiences. The juniors are very anxious to be-
come the leaders of the school. The sophomores have made tremendous strides in academia and managing
their time. The freshmen are confident and ready for the challenges of what will come next year.

The alums who have come back to visit, and there have been many, have told stories of how well they
were prepared and have indicated aspects of IWA that they miss. They want to share with faculty, staff and
students the benefits of what they enjoyed while they were at IWA and what their challenges are now.

The veterans at IWA, teachers and staff, have heard and seen the transition with all class levels and the
alums. As I reflect on these transitions, two thoughts are in the forefront about the journey of our entire

First, Incarnate Word Academy educates as Jesus did. We nurture. We are passionate. We love what we do.
There are days when 500 women can be a challenge, but there are more days when we aspire to lead as
Mother Teresa did. She declared, “Give people not only your care but also your heart.” When I think about
our faculty and staff, I believe that we do give our hearts to your daughters. I believe that the alums give
testimonials that indicate this.

Secondly, our mission is to instill core values that are implemented later in our students’ lives. Henry David
Thoreau believed, “What I began by reading, I must finish by acting.” We also assume that our students,
our graduates will go out into the world and spread the “Word” by their actions.

Thank you for letting your daughters transition with us. We are a stepping stone to their successes. We are
heartfelt to have shared this journey with you.


Randy Berzon-Mikolas Ph.D.

                                FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE:
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy New Year!

January, the beginning of a new year, is the perfect time to reflect upon our mission statement. Our mis-
sion statement states our fundamental purpose. It answers the question as to why IWA exists.

The mission of Incarnate Word Academy is to challenge young women of faith to achieve their God-given
potential as academically successful Women of the Word, following the example of Jesus, the Incarnate
Word, by promoting human dignity, thereby empowering themselves and others to make a positive impact
on our world.

At the December Board of Trustees meeting, a vision statement was written and approved. The vision
statement is the framework for our strategic planning. It articulates our passion and sets our direction in
planning for the future.

Incarnate Word Academy is an outstanding Catholic college preparatory high school providing a foundation
to empower women to be successful now and forever.

January seems to be a month of New Year resolutions and promises that we have made to ourselves. It
is known as the month of new beginnings. January allows each of us the opportunity to set new goals
and to move forward in a new direction. This would be the perfect time to sit down with your daughter
and discuss her plans for 2nd semester. What does your daughter need to do for this to be a successful
semester for her? Does she need any type of assistance from you? Beginning the semester with a plan in
place will only benefit your daughter. I think the following quote emphasizes the importance of beginning
with a plan in place.
                        “The beginning is the most important part of the work” – Plato

Sometimes getting back into the school routine after the holidays can be challenging. With this in mind, I
have listed some important information for you:
• Students will return to school on Tuesday, January 5th.
• On Wednesday, January 6th, students will follow the 1st Wednesday of the month schedule.
• School will not be in session on Monday, January 18th in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
• Mission Week will be the week of January 25th. This a week of student sponsored fundraising activities.
The monies raised will be donated to the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word in Zambia.
• Registration forms for the 2010-2011 school year will be distributed to the students on January 22nd.
• Registration forms with the accompanying deposit will be due back to school on February 5th. A parent
signature is required on the registration form.

I hope you and your family have a blessed New Year!

Best wishes,

Mary T. Maguire M.A. Ed.

                                    from the finance office

REGISTRATION FOR THE 2010-2011 SCHOOL                  2010-2011 school year will be sent to all families
YEAR WILL TAKE PLACE IN FEBRUARY, 2010.                who are receiving aid for the current school year
ALL ENROLLMENT FORMS AND THE $350 TU-                  during the first week of February. An announcement
ITION DEPOSIT WILL BE DUE FEBRUARY 5,                  will be made to the students when the forms are
2010. THIS DEADLINE HAS BEEN MOVED UP                  available in the Finance Office for any other family
FROM APRIL.                                            who wishes to apply or you may call/email our of-
                                                       fice and we will be happy to send you one. Student
TUITION REMINDER: If you have chosen quar-             Aid Forms will be available to incoming freshman
terly or semiannual payment options, statements        families on March 6th, Placement Test day. Our
are not sent out. Regions Bank mailed to you the       Student Aid Forms are being processed again this
appropriate coupons last summer. Second semes-         year by Private School Aid Service. The completed
ter quarterly payments are due in January and April    Student Aid Form, a check for $21 made payable
and the semiannual payment is due in January. If       to Private School Aid Service, and all required doc-
you have chosen the monthly payment plan, your         umentation must be mailed to Private School Aid
final payment is due in April. If you have any ques-   Service by March 12, 2010. If you have more than
tions regarding your tuition account, please do not    one student at Incarnate Word Academy or any
hesitate to contact the Finance Office, at extension   other school that uses Private School Aid Service to
185.                                                   process their Student Aid Forms, you only need to
                                                       submit one form and one $21 fee.
STUDENT AID FORMS: Student Aid Forms for the
                                     by: geri pitti
Congratulations to senior, Grace Barnett, in being selected to receive the Archbishop May Service Award
for this school year. The members of the Theology Department and Campus Ministry always have a difficult
task in selecting the winner. The applicants should be commended for their wonderful spirit of commit-
ment and service to others in need. Grace will participate in a Day of Recognition on March 4, and will be
honored at a reception at Busch Center at St. Louis University on April 20, 2010. Grace has volunteered at
several sites. She has volunteered for three consecutive years at Vacation Bible School at St. Ferdinand’s
Parish, has organized the collection of Easter baskets for the children at Whole Kids Outreach, has worked
many hours working with the children at Youth in Need, and has served as one of the team members of the
REAP Team for the past two years. Here is an excerpt from Grace’s reflection statement on service: “All of
these service acts have made me a better person. God has called me to serve others in small ways, not
necessarily changing the world, but changing people who in turn can change the world. Service is truly an
act of love which I am so fortunate to be able to participate. I am called to be a servant to those around
me, and this in itself is a blessing for me.”

Thank you to all who helped to make our Christmas Drive so successful. The people from St. Augustine
Wellston Center (Senior Class), Whole Kids Outreach (Junior Class), Our Little Haven (Sophomore Class),
and St. Louis Crisis Nursery (Freshman Class) were very appreciative of all the gift donations. It is so won-
derful to see the love outpouring from our IWA community to those in need. May God continue to bless
everyone for being so generous and compassionate towards others. You truly live the mission of IWA by
following the example of Jesus Christ in giving. THANK YOU!

     Thank you for all the toys and clothes collected for the children during our Christmas Drive.

Throughout the month of January, the Church celebrates National Vocation Awareness Week, January 10-
16, which begins with the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord. At Baptism we are all called to become saints.
This year’s theme “Baptized in the Spirit” reminds us to go forth in courage to proclaim to all the Good News
of Jesus Christ. God calls us all to live our faith and seek out our vocation to become a deacon, priest, religious
sister, married or single person. We are all called to love and serve Him and one another. As we continue to
walk in the light of Christ and to serve our Lord with our whole heart, mind and soul, may we be “Baptized in
the Spirit” of love and forgiveness. We pray that our girls at IWA listen to the delicate movements and whispers
of the Lord in their lives and are open to God’s call for them to choose the right vocation. There will be a special
Mass for Vocations at the Cathedral Basilica on Sunday, January 24th, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. Everyone is welcome
to attend and join Archbishop Carlson for this special celebration. Please continue to pray for vocations. You
can find out more information on vocations at

Forty-one girls from IWA’s Pro-Life Club will be joining students from twenty-seven other schools in the St.
Louis area to attend the “Life Really Matters Pilgrimage” to Washington, D. C. from January 20 – Janu-
ary 24, 2010. I will accompany the girls, along with four parent chaperones. We will celebrate a liturgy at the
Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows before we leave on our bus ride to Washington, D.C. While at the hotel in D.C.,
we will participate in several sessions led by the Life Really Matters’ Prayer Ministry Team. We will participate
in liturgies on Friday morning and Saturday afternoon. We will march to the Supreme Court Building together
as part of the Life Really Matters Group on Friday, January 22. During the day on Saturday we will do some
sightseeing of the points of interest in Washington, D.C., and then will return to St. Louis on Sunday. Please
keep us in your prayers for a safe journey. May we always cherish LIFE in all of its forms, and thank God each
day for the precious gift of LIFE!

On Saturday, January 23, 2010, we will honor 12 of IWA’s Alumnae as well as the 1995 Basketball State Cham-
pions and Mr. Jim Johnson, our Red Knight Champion at the Hall of Fame Celebration. You are most welcome
to join us for the Liturgy at 4:30 p.m. in the Theater. Monsignor Jim Telthorst will be the celebrant.

During the week of January 24 – January 27, 2010 we will celebrate Catholic Schools’ Week. This year’s
national theme is “Catholic Schools – Dividends for Life.” The faith that our school inspires each day helps
brighten lives in a meaningful way, and encourages the girls to make a positive difference in the world. Thank
you for all of your continued support to Catholic education and for all that you do for IWA! During this week
we will honor our students and faculty/staff as they continue to be a part of Catholic education, and as they
keep Jesus, the Incarnate Word, alive in their hearts, words and actions at IWA. We will also celebrate Liturgy
together as a school community on Wednesday, January 27, and Father Tim Bannes from Holy Infant Parish
will be our celebrant, and Matthew Baute will be part of our music ministry. Prayer for Catholic Schools:
Dear Lord, continue to bless our Catholic Schools. Help them to continue to be a source of wisdom and to learn
about Your love for us. May all who enter their classrooms be filled with the gift of Your Holy Spirit and come
to know You in a more meaningful way. May Catholic education grow so that Your good news can be taught to
students around the world. Amen.

SERVICE OPPORTUNITY – St. Vincent’s is looking for volunteers. The after school program at St. Vin-
cent’s has about 15 students this year, all from low economic and minority. The program is meant to give the
children a place to go after school and help them with reading and math. They meet two days a week for tutoring-
Tuesdays and Thursdays, and on Wednesdays they go on field trips. So St. Vincent’s is looking for some IWA
girls who could help once a month on Wednesdays to help with the field trips. Also, if anyone is interested in
tutoring, they are looking for help with some younger children (K-2) that could use some help in reading. Please
contact me in the Campus Ministry Office if you are interested in volunteering at this site.

Juniors are reminded that their Junior Service Site forms are due no later than Friday, February 19, 2010.
They should be contacting their selected agencies where they would like to perform their two weeks of service
in May, making appointments to meet with the supervisors, and should then return the completed service site
forms to my office ASAP.

All of the girls at IWA are encouraged to continue working on their community service hours. Seniors must
turn in their service cards by March 12. Service cards for Sophomores are due by April 16, and service cards
for Freshmen are due by April 23.

We are called to be an evangelizing school. An evangelizing Catholic School is one that celebrates God’s
action and presence in the lives of people through the Sacraments and through prayer. We are called to deepen
our school community’s understanding and appreciation for the sacramental life of the Catholic Church. For
it is through the sacraments, especially the Sacrament of Eucharist, that we encounter in a most profound and
grace-filled way the Person of Jesus Christ. Let us continue to be transformed by Jesus, the Incarnate Word, as
we strive to follow his example in our words and actions.

Sr. Eileen and I would like to invite anyone who may be interested in learning more about our Catholic faith and/
or Catholic traditions to request a copy of the “Bridges Program” booklet that we compiled a few years ago.
Please call 314-725-5850 at ext. 152 if you would like a copy of the booklet or if you just would like to get some
clarification of a religious practice that we do here at Incarnate Word Academy. You are most welcome to share
your ideas/traditions with us too.

Meditation: Prayer for the New Year
Give us the kindness to hear with compassion, to offer support, loving comfort, and care. Give us the courage to
do what is needed, the wisdom to choose what is right and fair. Give us the vision to see what is possible. Give
us the faith that will help pave the way for a present that is hopeful, a future that is peaceful. Give us a heart to
bring joy to each day. Amen.

Have a Blessed and Happy New Year. You are all special Treasures!!

From our Parent Network of Catholic High Schools:            REPORT CARDS …
                                                              ...Please remember to save your daughter’s re-
 There will be 5:00 pm mass held at Villa Duchesne           port card when it is mailed out in January. We have
 on Saturday, Jan. 30th for all parents and teens.           many parents request a copy for “good student”
 Archbishop Carlson will be the celebrant and all are        insurance discounts, and we do not have duplicates
 invited to attend. Further information follows in           of report cards. Thank you.
 this in this newsletter.


As we begin this tenth year of the New Millennium,          We offer this “New Millennium Psalm” by Fr. Edward
we thank God for all that has been and say “Yes”            Hays:
for all that will be. While both of these responses         God of no time, O Timeless One, open wide our
include both joys and sorrows, we are blessed with          hearts to perceive each minute as a new millen-
faith to believe that God is ALWAYS present with            nium, a point of time that begins a calendar of new
us.                                                         birth beginnings and dates the death endings of the
At our December meeting of the Mission Commit-
tee we discussed the nominations submitted and              Awaken us, O God, to how each day is the dawn of
selected as December “Mission Models”: Mrs. Angie           a new millennium for some plant, creature, planet
Kohnen, teacher, Mary Blair (9), Ali Brassel (10);          or star in your ever-expanding universe, billions of
Kelsey Etter (11), and Molly Noble (12). These              years old yet ever-youthening, whose cosmic cal-
awardees were announced and recognized after our            endar began time.
all school Mass Dec. 8, the feast of Mary’s Immacu-
late Conception. We thanked them for their good             O Divine One, you who are before time, may we
example of living the mission of Jesus.                     who live on this planet of countless calendars cre-
                                                            atively celebrate a new millennium of our calendar
As we start planning for coming events such as Mis-         and so learn to welcome with joyful wonder each
sion Week, Catholic Schools’ Week, and Incarnate            new millennium moment of Life.
Word Day we will keep you informed and we always
welcome your ideas.                                         Praised be the Incarnate Word! Forever! Amen.

                                                         * HOMEROOM GIFTS: This section of the AUC-
             FATHER/DAUGHTER                             TION has encompassed such items as Outdoor Liv-
                                                         ing Items (Patio furniture, sheds, grills, etc) and
                FEBRUARY 5, 2010                         Back-To-School sets (TVs, DVD players, dorm re-
            St. Louis Airport Marriott                   frigerators, etc.).

Dads, don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy the an-       All underclasswomen are asked to bring in a mini-
nual Father/Daughter Dinner Dance! For fifty-nine        mum donation of $25 in order for us to purchase
years, this special tradition has been a highlight for   these items and display them at the AUCTION.
the IWA community.                                       There will be a homeroom representative that will
                                                         collect each classroom’s donations and each home-
It is an evening of great food, great fun and great      room with 100% participation will receive a Special
dancing! Reception begins at 6:30 p.m. with dinner       Breakfast.
following at 7:15 p.m.You should have already re-
ceived your invitations in the mail.                     * SENIOR CLASS GIFTS: Past items donated from
                                                         the Senior Class have been items that are usually
Tickets are $55.00 per person and will be sold dur-      offered in our Oral Auction section. Such items have
ing lunch mods from January 11th-15th. Tickets           been tickets to the Ellen DeGeneres Show and the
purchased after the 15th will cost $60.00 per per-       Cardinal Cruise, etc. All seniors are asked to bring
son. No tickets will be sold after January 20th.         in a minimum donation of $25, and if the senior
                                                         class raises $2,000 towards the Senior Gift, each
McCarty Photography will be available to snap            senior will get the day of Prom off school!
formal pictures of this special IWA tradition.
                                                         * PARISH GIFTS: There are various ways that the
Senior Dads: Traditionally, the fathers of seniors       donations from our parish families have been uti-
wear a tuxedo to this special event. If you choose       lized in the past. The monies collected have helped
to go 'black tie', IWA has a special partnership with    underwrite larger gifts such as Grandparents’ Day
Stallone's Formal Wear. Just mention to their            Reception, a Nintendo Wii and accessories, MIZZOU
sales staff that you are with IWA and they will give     football game and Tailgate Package, etc. Each fam-
you a discount on your rental or sale and make a         ily is asked to donate a minimum of $25 and will be
matching donation to IWA. Stallone's can also            recognized in the Springfest Auction Catalog which
compliment your daughters' dress with a colorful         is distributed to everyone on AUCTION night.
vest and tie as an accessory for your special night.
This offer is available at all of their locations: La-   * MOTHER/DAUGHTER AND FATHER/DAUGH-
due, Florissant, Maryland Heights, Sunset Hills or       TER invitations: The monies donated from these
St. Peters. Additional information was sent home         two special events help underwrite the AUCTION’S
with seniors before Christmas break.                     dinner and the bar. If you missed the opportunity
                                                         to contribute at these events, you may still sup-
                                                         port these campaigns. Each donor is listed in the
         Springfest Auction 2010                         Springfest Auction Catalog.
             A Starry, Starry Knight
                                                         If you have any questions, please contact Colleen
             Mark your calendar for                      McLaughlin at or at
                March 20, 2010                           314-725-5850 ext. 237

          More details to follow in future
            Parent Word Newsletters                                   Ad Campaign for 2010
                                                         The ENTIRE SCHOOL will participate in the Ad
                                                         Campaign for the 2010 Springfest Auction.
          Auction Campaigns for 2010                     Each student is asked to bring in at least two $25
The following are the campus campaigns that the          ads for the Auction Book. Make sure YOUR (stu-
Springfest Auction Steering Committee undertakes         dent’s) name is on the Donor Form in the top right
for various venues of the Auction. These are the         hand corner.
areas that are directly funded by the student body
and their families.                                                  School Goal: 500 ADS!!
                                                         This campaign requires the girls to WORK TO-
GETHER. They will receive March 26th OFF School,          have registered at Target for some items that we
IF AND ONLY IF they complete their goal! Each of          think will be great additions to our Auction!
you knows SOMEONE who will be HAPPY to sponsor           Check out http://www.iwacademy.
an AD in our Auction Book!                               org/?page=Auction10 for all 2010 Springfest Auc-
            All it a simple ask.                 tion information!

                      Ideas:                             If you have any questions, please contact Colleen
             Your job or parents’ jobs                   McLaughlin at or at
                Doctors/Dentists                         725-5850, ext. 237.
             Tanning/Hair/Nail Salons
            Dance/Gymnastic Studios
                Senior Send-Offs
                 Places you shop
                   Sports teams
         Thank you-s to friends and family
                       Clubs                                         Mass and Blessing
                                                                  Of Parents of Teenagers
Please bring ads to Colleen McLaughlin in the Ad-
vancement Office or email them directly to cm-                                         Celebrated by Archbishop Carlson
                                                                    Saturday, January 30, 2010
                                                                             5:00 p.m.
            We need everyone’s help!                                  Villa Duchesne Chapel
In order for our Auction to be a success, we need              801 South Spoede Road, St. Louis, MO
everyone’s help! In addition to class gifts/ad sales,
we need everyone’s help in getting fantastic items
donated for the auction. Many students and par-              The Parent Network of Catholic High Schools
ents work at great restaurants or other places of            in Saint Louis (
employment and have a better chance of receiving             is hosting its 2nd Annual Mass & Blessing of
a donation if they ask for a gift than if one of the         Parents of Teenagers on January 30, 2010.
committee members calls and asks for a donation.
Students also solicit family and friends to get un-          Please join us for this opportunity to pray
derwriters, ads, and even vacation rental donations!         together, for our children, our families, and
Please encourage your daughter to ask for dona-              our schools. Families are welcome. This
tions; if every student participates, our goal will be       mass will fulfill the Sunday obligation. This
easily met. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and you might be         is a very special, intimate Mass for all fam-
surprised at how quickly people say “yes!”                   ily members, and will be celebrated by our
                                                             new leader, Saint Louis Archbishop Carlson.
                                                             We will have a brief reception after the Mass
The decorations committee is looking for volun-              immediately adjacent to the Chapel at Villa
teers to help make the fabulous decorations! If you          Duchesne.
would like to help, please contact Colleen McLaugh-
lin at or (314) 725-               Directions to Villa Duchesne: From 270, head
5850 ext. 237.                                               east on 40/64 and exit at Spoede Road. Turn
                                                             left onto Spoede Road (heading north.) At
                                                             first stoplight, Conway Road, turn left, Villa
  Graduate? Alum? Birthday? Anniversary?                     Duchesne is immediately on the right. The
                                                             Chapel is in the Main Villa building at the end
An ad greeting in the Auction Book will be a keep-           of the driveway.
sake for years to come and will let everyone know
how you feel about that special person! See the
back of an Auction donor form for information about
ad sizes and prices.

Please also take a look at our wish list and maybe
pick up an item or two to donate to the auction.
Don’t know WHAT to donated, head to Target! We
                     incarnate word academy 2010 auction wish list

If you can help obtain these brand new and exciting items, please contact Colleen McLaughlin 725-5850,
The date for this year’s auction is March 20, 2010! All profits are directly given back to IWA for school
improvements. If you are interested in donating, please contact Colleen McLaughlin at (314) 725-5850,
ext. 237 or via email at

               Sports                          Transportation                  Travel & Vacations
•    CARDS, RAMS, BLUES,             •   Tune-ups for one year          •   Use of Vacation Properties
     MIZZOU                          •   10 speed or dirt bike          •   Time Shares
•    Tickets to any athletic event   •   Limo and driver for special    •   Plane tickets
•    Motor home to sports event          occasion                       •   Frequent Flyer Miles
     with driver                     •   100 gallons of gasoline        •   Week/end at a resort or hotel
•    Tailgate Party                  •   Go Cart                        •   Cruise on a riverboat
•    PGA Tickets                     •   See Doo/Wave Runner            •   Weekend at tennis or golf
•    Golf Packages at local          •   Sail Boat                          ranch
     country clubs                   •   Golf Cart                      •   Weekend at Dude Ranch
•    Golf or tennis weekends         •   Snowmobile                     •   Space Camp
•    Baseball weekend in Chicago     •   Use of a boat (with or         •   Round-trip air transportation
•    Notre Dame Football                 without crew)                  •   Canoe Trip
     weekend, etc                    •   Day of fishing including       •   Cruise
•    Super Bowl Tickets                  skipper, gear, food, and       •   Pebble Beach Golf Trip
•    NHL playoff tickets                 beverages                      •   Napa Valley Trip
•    Indy 500 tickets                •   Ride in private aircraft       •   Oprah/Ellen Tickets
•    Kentucky Derby tickets          •   Ride in a hot air balloon      •   European Vacation
•    Autographed memorabilia         •   Airline tickets to anywhere    •   Grand Canyon/Yellowstone
•    Kansas City Chiefs tickets      •   Use of a van for a week            Package
•    Hunting or Fishing Trips        •   Train trip
                                     •   Scooters/Vespa/Segway                        Animals
          Food & Drinks                                                 •   Puppies-purebreds
•    Underwrite dinner at auction         Fun & Entertainment           •   Greyhounds
•    Underwrite bar at auction       •   Any type of theme party or     •   Horseback ridding lessons,
•    Dinner in a premier                 scavenger hunt                     trail rides
     restaurant                      •   Concert Tickets                •   Rodeo Tickets
•    Basket of Gourmet Wines         •   FOX Tickets                    •   Circus Tickets
•    Soup or Dessert of the          •   Muny Tickets                   •   Zoo Membership
     month                           •   Other Theater Tickets
•    Dinner or wine tasting for a    •   Disney Tickets                               Other
     group in your home              •   Other Amusement Park           •   Jewelry
•    Cooking Classes                     Tickets                        •   Art/Photography
                                     •   Movie Theater Tickets          •   Home and holiday
    Games/Sports Equipment           •   Pool and/or Patio Equipment        decorations
•    Pin Ball Machine                •   Barbeque Grills
•    Juke Box
•    Slot Machine                                 Services
•    Air Hockey Table                •   Decorating
•    Foosball Table                  •   Lighting
•    Pool Table                      •   Painting
•    Shuffle Board Table             •   Catering
                                     •   Landscaping
                                     •   Computer/IT
                                     •   Pool Cleaning
                                     •   Fitness/Personal Trainer
                                     •   CPA
                                     •   Photography
                                        COUNSELORS’ CORNER

Happy New Year! We hope that 2010 will bring you much joy and happiness. We are looking forward to
starting our guidance classes with the sophomores and meeting with juniors on an individual basis to dis-
cuss college plans.

Upcoming Events and College Representative Visits:
January 1 – SENIORS - FAFSA forms may now be submitted. (See below for more info)
January 5 – ACT Registration Deadline (regular fee) for February 6th test
January 15 – ACT Late Registration Deadline (late fee) for February 6th test
January 23 – SAT
February 6 – ACT

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid): Applications may be completed on or after Janu-
ary 1, 2010. FAFSA forms are available at your local library, or you can visit to
file online. We recommend completing the application online because it is received and processed faster,
plus online help is always available. Federal applications must be submitted by June 30, 2010, but we
ENCOURAGE you to submit by early February. Here are a few helpful hints to keep in mind while filling
out the FAFSA:

-Some schools have limited funds that are awarded on a “first-come, first-served” basis, so you should fill
out your tax forms and the FAFSA as early as possible.
-If you are unable to fill out your tax form, you should estimate amounts as accurately as possible and fill
out the FAFSA accordingly; correcting the information once the tax forms are complete.
-Advantages to filing online: detailed help screens to assist you, online communication with customer ser-
vice representative, errors are detected immediately, access to Expected Family Contribution estimate, and
much more.
-In order to sign the application via the internet, a pin number is requested. Please note that both the
student and a parent need to apply for a pin number in order to sign and submit the application electroni-
-A useful tool in preparing to complete the online application is the Pre-Application Worksheet. This work-
sheet and the actual online application can be found at
-Even if you do not think your daughter will qualify for financial aid, you can still benefit by filing the FAFSA,
as many colleges use this information in distributing their own grant money and scholarships.
-Please LIST all colleges your daughter is interested in on the FAFSA form.


There are still a handful of students who have not yet turned in any college applications. Your applications
must be submitted by the end of January.

JUNIORS: You should be thinking about the ACT and signing up for either the February 6th or April 10th
administration. The easiest way to sign up is online at or you can pick up a registra-
tion packet in the Counseling Office. Juniors SHOULD take the ACT at least twice before the start of senior
year. There is also an ACT offered on June 12th.

FREE PRACTICE ACT: Kaplan Test Prep is offering a free practice ACT for Incarnate Word Academy
students on Saturday, January 9th. This would be a great opportunity for students to learn exactly what
to expect on test day. They will get a complete analysis of their results and learn exclusive strategies to
improve scores. We highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity. The test will be offered at
the St. Louis Kaplan Center, 8448 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63124. Testing will begin at 9 a.m. Limited
seats available…sign up today at or call 1.800.KAP. TEST.
ACT PREP SESSION: We will have an ACT Prep Session on March 22nd and 23rd offered by the ZAPS
Learning Company. It will be offered immediately following school (3:15-5:45). More information about
registration and cost will be mailed home to you at the beginning of February.

STANDARDIZED TESTS: Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors have received their standardized test re-
sults. Please look over the results with your daughter. The following links are great resources for more
PSAT: or

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

ALL PARENTS: Please remember to visit and take advantage of the College Corner on EDLINE. You can
find information regarding college searches, scholarships, testing, college timelines and much more.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions:
Mrs. Sumpter, ext. 117, (A-K)
Mrs. Bradford, ext. 120, (L-Z)
Donna Gruss, ext. 107, (secretary)