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					     Exam       :    HP HP0-920

     Title      :     HP Storage Data Protector
                      6.0 Fundamentals for UNIX

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1. Which utility can be used to reconfigure SAN configured libraries?
A. uma
B. devbra
C. sanconf
D. omniupload
Answer: C
2. What could cause an export of a tape within a library to fail?
A. if all drives are busy
B. if the mailslot is full
C. if the robotics is busy
D. if the media is protected
Answer: D
3. Which tool can be used to retrieve debug and log files from various client systems?
A. omnidlc
B. get_info
C. omnicellinfo
D. omnihealthcheck
Answer: A
4. Which command can be used to check if the inet service is up and running on a member of the Data
Protector cell?
A. arp -a
B. omnistat
C. omnisv -status
D. telnet <hostname> 5555
Answer: D
5. What is the default Data Protector behavior if you have multiple hard links to the same file?
A. Links are not backed up.
B. The file is backed up only once.
C. Each hard link is backed up as a file.
D. The links are converted to soft links and backed up.
Answer: B
6. After installation, which Data Protector components must be installed manually regardless of the Cell
Manager platform? (Select two.)
A. NetWare Agents
B. Windows 2000 Agents

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C. Installation Servers
D. Application Agents
E. Solaris Agents
Answer: AC
7. When performing a manual configuration using the command line, you can create a new logical device
by defining it in a temporary file in the devices directory. How is the Media Management database updated
with this information?
A. automatically when the device schedule is invoked
B. with the omnidownload command
C. with the omniupload command
D. with the omniupdate command
Answer: C
8. You have just installed an HP-UX client manually and successfully imported the client into your HP-UX
Cell Manager. Which file contains the information about the client (agents and versions)?
A. /etc/opt/omni/cell/clients
B. /etc/opt/omni/cell/cell_info
C. /etc/opt/omni/cell/cell_clients
D. /etc/opt/omni/cell/agents
Answer: B
9. Which license type is usually included with the Data Protector CD?
A. Evaluation 30 days
B. Instant On 60 days
C. Evaluation 120 days
D. Permanent
Answer: B
10. What is a prerequisite for the Data Protector Web Reporting functionality?
A. The Web Reporting license must be in installed.
B. The omniweb process must be configured and running.
C. A Web server must be configured and running on the Cell server.
D. Web Reporting must be separately installed on the Cell server.
Answer: C
11. How can you change from tape drive licensing to capacity based licensing?
A. Select the virtual tape library option.
B. Set the appropriate value in the omnirc file.
C. Configure the global options file accordingly.

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D. Disk based storage is automatically detected.
Answer: A
12. Which Data Protector command is used to format a tape?
A. omniformat
B. omnifmt
C. omniminit
D. omniinit
Answer: C
13. What free pool configuration is supported in Data Protector?
A. Every media pool can have its own Free Pool.
B. You can configure one free pool per physical library.
C. Multiple free pools are only supported for file libraries.
D. You can setup one free pool per file writer on file libraries.
Answer: A
14. Which operating systems support One Button Disaster Recovery? (Select two.)
A. Solaris 9
B. HP-UX 11.0
C. Windows NT
D. HP-UX 11.11
E. Windows 2000
Answer: CE
15. What happens if the backup chain is broken and you start a restore?
A. The restore aborts.
B. A warning message displays.
C. Only the full backup is restored.
D. It is not possible to browse the restore GUI.
Answer: B
16. Which media vaulting support functions are implemented in Data Protector? (Select two.)
A. vault space monitoring and reporting
B. display of the physical media locations
C. in-order delivery of vaulting-ready media
D. setup of data and catalog protection policies
E. ejection locking of non-vaulting-ready media
Answer: BD
17. What needs to be selected when configuring a Virtual Full Backup?

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A. NDMP file media format for the tape devices
B. NDMP file media format for the file library device
C. distributed file media format for the tape devices
D. distributed file media format for the file library device
Answer: D
18. What is the minimum number of obsolete filenames that must exist on a Data Protector client to initiate
purging from the internal database?
A. 100,000
B. 200,000
C. 500,000
D. 1,000,000
Answer: D
19. When configuring a file library, a directory structure is created that acts like cartridge slots in a tape
library. What are the files called?
A. file slots
B. file depots
C. file directories
D. file repositories
Answer: B
20. Which Data Protector disaster recovery options are supported for an HP-UX client? (Select two.)
A. Manual Disaster Recovery
B. Automated System Recovery
C. Disk Delivery Disaster Recovery
D. Assisted Manual Disaster Recovery
E. Enhanced Automated Disaster Recovery
Answer: AC

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