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									Congratulations! Your instructor requires WileyPLUS— Here’s what you need to know:
WileyPLUS is the complete online teaching and learning solution that will help you reach your full potential and experience academic success that will last a lifetime. In a recent survey of over 5,000 students who used WileyPLUS in their classes last year, 81% said it increased their understanding of the material, and 89% said they would recommend it again to their instructor.

Tools to help you succeed in WileyPLUS:
Read, Study, & Practice: • This area of your WileyPLUS course contains a complete online version of your textbook, plus other chapter-specific resources to help you learn, including animations, simulations, tutorials, and other activities. • Get Help—and Instant Feedback on your Assignments: • You will get immediate feedback and scoring on any assignment you complete. Furthermore, some of the questions will contain links to useful assistance such as hints, solutions, or the relevant section of the online book. You will access your assignments in the “Assignment” tab. Track your Own Progress: • Any work that you submitted will be recorded in a personal gradebook, allowing you to track your progress and grades. You will access the information in the “Gradebook” tab.

It’s Easy to Get Started with WileyPLUS. Find all the help you need—all in one place: www.wileyplus.com/experience
• You will need to buy a registration code to access WileyPLUS—but it’s your choice to buy it with—or without the printed text: o Buy the new, printed text in the bookstore and a WileyPLUS access code will be included at no additional cost. o If you prefer to use the online version of your text contained in WileyPLUS—you can buy WileyPLUS access only and save 60% off the price of your new, printed text! www.wiley.com/college/buywileyplus


Once you purchase your WileyPLUS registration code, you will need to register for WileyPLUS. Your instructor will provide you with the URL for your class. Please write it down here and bookmark it so that you have it for future reference: http://edugen.wiley.com/edugen/class/cls__________________________

Once you register for WileyPLUS, you can access all of your live courses in one place: www.wileyplus.com • Bookmark the WileyPLUS 1st Day of Class website: www.wileyplus.com/studentfdoc. This site provides you with everything you need to help get you get registered and get started using WileyPLUS, including a video, tutorials you can see and hear, flyers you can print out, and more! Help is only a click away. Student Technical Support is available on our website at http://hesupport.wiley.com/wileyplus. Here you will be able to search through FAQ’s, submit a tech support request online, or connect with one of our specialists via live chat.


Here’s what other students are saying about their WileyPLUS experience:
“It was like having a teacher help me with my homework.” Heidi Hursen, University of Pittsburgh “WileyPLUS helped me to take a logical approach to answering a problem once the feedback steered me in the right direction.” Steven DuBose, Georgia Perimeter College---Clarkston “WileyPLUS is an amazing tool; I just wish it was available for all my classes!” Filiz Muharrem, Ohio State University

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