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Homeopathy to relieve Hayfever Symptoms


Homeopathy to relieve Hayfever Symptoms

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									June 07 Tunbridge Wells         26/5/07      13:45    Page 18

                    Hayfever Remedies
     Could seawater be the                                                       Cleanaer -
     treatment for hayfever?                                                     No Smells, No
     Hayfever is an international health problem. An
                                                                                 Sneezing, No Allergies
     estimated 12 million Brits are affected each year and                       Aerstream Technology has produced
     two out of every five children develop hayfever by                          the scientific appliance cleanaer. It
     the time they’re six. Furthermore, following the work                       cleans the air, removing stale smells,
     of many researchers, the WHO (World Health                                  whilst also helping with allergic
     Organisation) considers it a major risk factor for asthma.                  reactions. Suitable for the home or
                                                                                 office, this new technology significantly
     As always with allergies, reducing the contact with
                                                                                 reduces unwanted particles such as
     allergens is the first measure to apply. So, could you
                                                                                 dust mite and cat allergen, clearing
     avoid the misery of hayfever by keeping your nose
                                                                                 the air by up to 86 per cent. This is
     clean and allergen free by using a sea water nasal spray?
                                                                                 done by dispersing electrostatically-
     Hayfever is brought on by an allergic reaction to                           charged droplets of liquid that bind
     pollen, which, breathed in via the nose causes irritation                   to the unwanted articles, dragging
     leading to the usual symptoms of watery eyes, sneezing                      them to the ground and removing
     fits and a blocked or streaming nose.                                       them from the air. This small, com-
     Sterimar nasal spray is made from pure, sterilised                          pact design allows it to be easily
     sea water and is recommended by GP’s and ENTs                               moved around the house or office.
     globally. It’s clinically proven effective in reducing                      RRP £29.99
     the quantity of irritants in the nasal mucosa, which              
     build up and can cause a hayfever reaction. Entirely
     natural, it’s suitable for the whole family and can be
     used as often as you feel necessary.
                                                                  MyairZone’ is the world’s first
     STÉRIMAR is CE marked and costs only £5.99 and               re-chargeable       personal
     is available in Boots, Lloyds and independent                ioniser that can be worn.
                                                                  Originally designed
     Homeopathy to relieve                                        to provide travellers
                                                                  and      commuters
     Hayfever Symptoms                                            with an ioniser that
                                                                  would          afford
     Homeopathic remedies that can be very helpful in             protection from
     relieving hayfever symptoms.                                 infection in crowded
     Helios Hay Fever Combination 30c                             confined             spaces,
     This remedy is made by combining the three top               MyAirZone has been shown
     remedies used to alleviate the most common hay               to offer quick relief from hayfever
     fever symptoms of Allium Cepa, Sabadilla and                 symptoms!         Hayfever sufferers who wear
     Euphrasia.                                                   MyAirAzone will be amazed to find their symptoms
                                                                  disappear within 10 minutes. Ionisers work by
     Mixed Pollens and Grasses 30c - a remedy
                                                                  replacing the depleted ions which charge particles
     made from many varieties of pollens which can be
                                                                  like dust, pollen and pollutants in the air and cause
     used on its own or often enhances the action of the
                                                                  them to settle. Research has also established a
     combination Hayfever remedy.
                                                                  clear link between the level of ions in the air and the
     For a more permanent cure a consultation with a              amount of ‘free’ histamine in the blood-stream. As
     homeopathic practitioner is recommended.                     the negative ion level increases, so the histamine
     Information supplied by Helios Homeopathic                   level decreases, reducing the body’s reaction to the
     Pharmacy 01892 537254 Helios Clinic 01892 557690             allergen.

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