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  HIV / AIDS Symposium
  London: 1st December 2007

                                                                                Join us at this one-day Symposium in
                                                                                London for a fascinating insight into the role
                                                                                of homeopathy in treating HIV/AIDS.

                                                                                Our three expert speakers from a variety of
                                                                                backgrounds will present their experiences in
                                                                                the field followed by ample opportunity for
                                                                                participants’ questions and discussion during
                                                                                our ‘panel’ session at the end of the day.

                                                                                Jonathan Stallick, well known for his
                                                                                pioneering work with patients with HIV/AIDS
                                                                                and his book AIDS: The Homeopathic
                                                                                Challenge, will set the context for the day.
                                                                                Hilary Fairclough will tell us about the Maun
                                                                                Homeopathy Project in Botswana which she
                                                                                jointly founded in 2002. This innovative
                                                                                project offers free homeopathy outreach
                                                                                clinics in an area where over 35% of the
                                                                                people are infected with HIV or AIDS, one of
                                                                                the highest rates in the world. Harry van der
                                                                                Zee will introduce us to a completely
                                                                                different and controversial treatment for
                                                                                AIDS in Africa using a new set of healing
                                                                                remedies created by Peter Chappell.

                                                                                We anticipate that this thought-provoking
                                                                                day will generate much lively debate and
                                                                                discussion and invite all participants to
                                                                                contribute their questions to the panel for
                                                                                the final session.

   Jonathan Stallick

                       Jonathan Stallick was one of the pioneers of homeopathic treatment of HIV/AIDS at a time when
                       there was widespread fear and ignorance of the disease both in society at large and within
                       homeopathic circles. He worked for some 5 years at two of London's major centres for sufferers of
                       the disease and despite the ever present challenges and threat of 'burn-out' he helped many
                       people. However, his prescribing at that time was unconventional and drew criticism and praise in
                       equal measure from homeopathic colleagues. Later, his book, 'AIDS: The Homeopathic Challenge'
                       led to demand for his lecturing around the world. At this symposium Jonathan will talk about his
                       fascinating experiences, set the context for the day and hopefully provide inspiration for those still
                       on the road of discovery.
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  Harry van der Zee:                                              Hilary Fairclough:
  PC1 - Resonance for HIV/AIDS                                    The Maun Homeopathy Project, Botswana

                        In searching for an effective remedy                             Hilary Fairclough is joint founder and
                        for treating the AIDS-epidemic in                                director of the Maun Homeopathy
                        Africa, the UK-homeopath Peter                                   Project, a charity registered in the UK
                        Chappell discovered a method to                                  which runs outreach clinics in Maun,
                        design remedies fitting the totality of                          Botswana for people living with HIV
                        a disease. These remedies are now                                and AIDS and/or traumatised by
                        known as PC-remedies. His remedy                                 rape. The clinics have been run on a
                        for HIV/AIDS has been used in Africa                             permanent basis since October 2005
                        since 2002. In 2004 and 2006 Harry                               by a rolling programme of volunteer
                        van der Zee travelled to Africa to                               homeopaths from the UK. The
  evaluate this treatment for himself and concluded that the      project works in partnership with local agencies and
  results were impressive. He observed that in just a few days    receives referrals from the Maun General Hospital, local
  or weeks patients become symptom free and able to return        health clinics and through word of mouth. The
  to their jobs and schools or to look after their children       homeopaths treat 50-60 clients a week using a system of
  again. Harry believes that using the PC1 remedy, the AIDS-      prescribing called the “triad method” which addresses the
  epidemic can be called to a halt, and that homeopaths are       chronic, acute and miasmatic pathology of the cases. The
  the ones that can do it.                                        results have been impressive and the project is now
                                                                  integrated into the fabric of healthcare and support
  In 2007, Harry joined with Peter Chappell and Corrie            services in this traumatised community where over 35% of
  Hiwat to found the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation            the population are HIV+, one of the highest rates in the
  to promote the development of healing through                   world. Botswana was the first country in Africa to provide
  resonance. Treating AIDS in Africa is at present its main       free anti-retroviral drugs and the homeopaths work in a
  target, but since the potential is there the ARHF will also     complementary way with this conventional medical
  focus on the treatment of other epidemic, infectious and        approach to HIV and AIDS.
  chronic diseases.
                                                                  In her presentation Hilary will talk about the background to
  Harry van der Zee is a homeopathic doctor who has               treating people with HIV and AIDS in Maun and will explain
  practised in the Netherlands for twenty years. He has           the “triad method” using cases to illustrate the approach.
  taught at different schools in the Netherlands and in many
  European countries as well as the USA and Japan.                Hilary trained in homeopathy at the London College of
  He is well known in the UK as the editor of Homoeopathic        Classical Homeopathy qualifying in 1995. She worked as a
  Links. He has investigated the importance of the birth          nurse for ten years before training to be a homeopath. This
  experience in homeopathic case-taking and published two         experience included community nursing, palliative care
  books on the subject. Most recently Harry has been              and lecturing. Her experience as a homeopath includes
  involved in projects in Africa to enhance the homeopathic       setting up two NHS homeopathy clinics and facilitating on
  treatment of AIDS and has edited and published Peter            supervision courses run by The Society of Homeopaths.
  Chappell's book 'The Second Simillimum'.                        She practises in both London and Penzance.

   The one day AIDS symposium will take place
        on Saturday 1st December 2007
      Roots & Shoots, Kennington, London
                Cost £55 including lunch
                    normal discounts apply

          To book call The Society office on
                     0845 450 6611
                            or visit
          for a downloadable booking form

                The Society of Homeopaths, 11 Brookfield, Duncan Close, Moulton Park, Northampton NN3 6WL
                         Tel: 0845 450 6611

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