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									           Description Of Menu Items
Jamaican Patties (Beef or Chicken) Crispy, flaky
Jamaican pastry with a savory beef or chicken filling

Jerk Chicken Wings Marinated with jerk seasonings
and slow roasted, served with a tangy jerk dipping sauce

Buffalo Chicken Wings Crisply fried and tossed in a
buffalo sauce, served with a blue cheese dipping sauce

Codfish Fritters Lightly fried cod fish pancakes, served
with a creamy spicy dipping sauce

"Appleton" Fish Bites Delicious Appleton rum-dipped,
crispy fried fish strips, served with a creamy spicy
dipping sauce
                                                            RJJ&T Catering
Roti Our Trinidad style flat bread filled

Jerk Chicken Our slow-grilled, jerk-rubbed chicken
smothered with our famous jerk sauce
                                                                Celebrate your next event Island Style!
Brown Stew Chicken Our chicken, slow-cooked to              RJJ&T Catering is a full service caterer specializing in
perfection, in our homemade brown gravy
                                                            events with a Caribbean theme. Whether you are
                                                            planning a small party, a large affair or corporate
Curry Chicken Tender chicken stewed in West Indian
curries                                                     event, RJJ&T Catering is prepared to provide you with
                                                            an unforgettable Island-style experience. Our
Jerk Pork Our slow-grilled jerk-rubbed pork tenderloin      catering team will work with you to provide superior
sliced and smothered with our famous jerk sauce
                                                            cuisine, professional service and make sure it is all
                                                            handled to perfection with our attention to detail.
Curry Goat Tender goat meat stewed in West Indian

Oxtail with Buttered Beans Braised oxtails in a
delicious brown gravy until it almost falls off the bone

Seafood can be fried, roasted, grilled, steamed, fried or
simmered in your choice of our tasty jerk, escovietch,
brown stew, curry or garlic sauce

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       Real Jamaican Jerk An’ Ting Restaurant
                  500 Hamilton Street
                  Somerset, NJ 08873
Serving Real Jamaican Food In Real Jamaican Style
Large Order/Off-premise Catering Menu                              Entrees
Use this menu when you need large quantities for                   Jerk Chicken                          $60.00 / $120.00
delivery or pick-up. This menu works perfect for                   Curry Chicken                         $55.00 / $110.00
office parties, family gatherings, etc.
                                                                   Brown Stew Chicken                    $55.00 / $110.00

Full Service/Off-premise Catering Menu                             Jerk Pork                             $75.00 / $145.00
                                                                   Curry Goat                            $75.00 / $145.00
Use this menu when you need full service catering or
planning that memorable event. This menu is perfect                Stew Beef                             $75.00 / $145.00
for corporate gatherings, birthdays, weddings, etc.
                                                                   Oxtails with Buttered Beans           $85.00 / $175.00
At an additional cost, we provide chafing dishes,
salad bowls, serving utensils, tablecloths, floral
arrangements, disposable utensils, chefs, wait staff,
as well as serving trays, cocktail napkins, and                    Seafood
garnishes for passed hors d’ oeuvres.                              Red Snapper                           Market Price

Trays come in small and large sizes. The small tray                Fried Whiting                         $65.00 / $145.00
will typically serve 12-15 people and the large tray               King Fish                             $75.00 / $165.00
will serve 25-30 people.
                                                                   Tilapia                               $80.00 / $165.00
                                                                   Peppered Shrimp                       $80.00 / $165.00
                                                                   Shrimp (Jerk, Curry or Garlic Sauce) $90.00 (Small)
Cocktail Patties (Beef and Chicken)    $9.75 Doz.
Cocktail Patties (Vegetarian)          $8.95 Doz.
                                                                   Side Dishes
Jerk or Buffalo Wings                  $60.00 / $90.00
                                                                   Rice & Peas                           $25.00 / $45.00
Cod Fish Fritters                      $55.00 / $110.00
                                                                   White Rice                            $15.00 / $25.00
Appleton Fish Bites                    $75.00 / $145.00
                                                                   Steamed Vegetables                    $25.00 / $50.00
Tossed Salad                           $15.00 / $25.00
                                                                   Macaroni & Cheese                     $25.00 / $45.00
Roti                                   $3.50 each
                                                                   Potato Salad                          $25.00 / $45.00
                                                                   Festival                              $25.00 / $50.00
Sandwiches / Wraps                     $6.00 each
                                                                   Fried Ripe Plantain                   $35.00 / $65.00
Fish Sandwich
Crispy fried whiting American cheese with savory spices with
lettuce, tomato, and spicy mayo                                    Desserts
Jerk Chicken (Pulled or Grilled Chicken) Sandwich                  Bread Pudding                         $35.00 / $70.00

Our jerk chicken with pepper jack cheese on a toasted sandwich     Sweet Potato Pudding                  $45.00 / $90.00
roll with lettuce, tomato, peppers and spicy mayo                  Rum Cake                              $65.00
Jerk Pork Sandwich                                                 Pineapple Upside Down Cake            $35.00
Our jerk pork with pepper jack cheese on a toasted sandwich roll   Carrot Cake                           $35.00
with lettuce, tomato, peppers and spicy mayo

Turkey Avocado Sandwich
Seasoned turkey, pepper jack cheese, avocado roll with shredded
lettuce, and spicy mayo                                            Catering Size Comes in One Gallon Bottles:
Tuna Salad Sandwich                                                Carrot Juice (with lime juice & ginger)
Our homemade tuna salad with American cheese, lettuce,             Carrot Juice (with milk)
tomato, and spicy mayo
                                                                   Pineapple Juice
Grilled Vegetarian Sandwich
                                                                   Fruit Punch
Seasonal vegetables, pepper jack cheese and jerk flavored

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