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RedTie is taking the confusion out of web-to-print, and guiding
printers, marketing agencies and in-house teams into the
next generation of printing technology. RedTie’s two software
systems – RedTie Template (RTT) and RedTie Quotation (RTQ)
offer a simple and cost effective solution for companies looking to
expand their portfolio of services to include an online offering.
Their online offering helps companies to find a way to thrive and
evolve even in this most difficult economic climate.                                    “If you want to succeed you should
                                                                                        strike out on new paths, rather than
                                                                                        travel the worn paths of accepted
RTtemplate                                                                              success”.
RedTie Template (RTT) is a user-friendly simple solution for ordering marketing         John D. Rockefeller,
collateral, print materials and merchandise online making the process as                American Industrialist & Philanthropist.
easy as purchasing a book, a CD or a flight. The principle is the same – log-           Founder of The Standard Oil Company,
                                                                                        1839 – 1937.
in, choose your product from a selection of pre-approved, branded templates,
specify the volume required, proceed to payment and track the order until it
arrives. There is the option to personalise each printed piece, which means
marketing messages can be created on a global level but targeted locally.

RedTie Quotation (RTQ) has been created with the more experienced print-
buyer in mind. An instant online quotation tool, incorporating a range of pricing
calculators, RTQ users are able to access instant quotes, submit jobs online
and upload artwork. Customers can also track their orders online, which
means the client relationship becomes about promoting additional services
and securing long-term loyalty rather than creating estimates and checking              • RedTie Template screen shot
on the progress of a job. Customers are far more inclined to place an order
with a company that have responded with an instant quote, rather than wait
the typical 24 - 48 hours.

                            There is an increase in awareness of
                            web-to-print solutions and the technology to
                            transact online already exists, but printers have
                            to make a commitment to adopting it and this
                            is the real challenge.
                                                                                        • RedTie Quotation screen shot

                            Marian Stefani, CEO, RedTie.
How we work and
manage the web
to print process
Is your business ready to take advantage of all the internet
has to offer? RedTie has unparalled experience in building
and managing websites which makes the complicated process
of ordering print and marketing material simple.

In today’s market, best price and quality are taken as given, so those
responsible for ordering print and marketing materials are looking for
something extra to justify their budget spend. Red Tie’s systems are providing       “A business has to be involving, it has
                                                                                     to be fun, and it has to exercise your
the solution, by offering clients:                                                   creative instincts”.

Flexibility - the system can be tailored to each client’s needs                      Sir Richard Branson,
                                                                                     English Industrialist.
Accessibility - anyone can use the system via computer and a log-in                  Founder of the Virgin Group Ltd,
Simplicity - getting started is easy with RedTie’s training and support
Tactics - a strategic choice for securing new business
Efficiency - save time, money and drive profitable business to the press
Response - meet customer’s needs 24/7

Everything happens FASTER! No traditional printer will be able to match the
quick turnaround times, instant ordering and quotation services, from
submitting a quote to dispatching the finished product.

Plus, we’re not just Red, we’re Green! RedTie is the environmentally friendly
choice – by offering such a flexible and fast service. Companies that use the
RedTie system have found that their clients are ordering smaller quantities,
more frequently, on-demand, therefore eradicating large mountains of unused
printed material, gathering dust.

       No matter what your product is, you are ultimately in the education
       business... Your customers need to be constantly educated about
       the many advantages of doing business with you, trained to use
       your products more effectively and taught how to make never
       ending improvements in their lives.

       Robert G. Allen.
       Co-author of The One Minute Millionaire.
Printers these days have to sell
much more than just ink on paper.
With print volumes in decline, print service providers must re-
assess their business models and respond to the pressure to lower
costs, follow brand and reduce carbon footprint, as well as provide an online
service 24/7. New technology needs to be adopted to ensure marketing                   “We must become the change we
messages become more focused and personalised to the individual.                       want to see”.

                                                                                       Mahatma Gandhi,
“In today’s competitive print market, best price                                       Indian Philosopher.
                                                                                       Internationally esteemed for his
and quality are taken as a given, so what is going to                                  doctrine of non-violent protest,
                                                                                       1869 – 1948.
create a USP for your business, help improve profitability
and capture new opportunities?”
Revenue growth will be dependent upon new sources of business from higher
margin, value-added services. With the internet changing buyer’s habits in
all areas, web-to-print plays a critical part in changing the print transaction
process. The industry has been slow to change because the IT investment
required was seen to be too complicated and costly. But now is the time for
the print industry to move into the 21st century and embrace the opportunities
RedTie’s online solutions can bring.

                           We always ask prospective clients if they are
                           confident to buy things in their personal life online
                           and the majority agree that they are. Why, then,
                           should it be any different for print? Every field of
                           business is touched in some way by the internet,
                           and the print industry is no exception.

                           Natalie Pritchard, Sales & Marketing, RedTie.
Changing Times
“We at Brookes are very happy with the RedTie Template system
and would recommend it to anyone. We needed to channel our
resources where they would best create opportunity for the future.
In the past, printing companies have been sustained by large, bulk orders
however those days have clearly gone. We needed a way to provide clients
                                                                                          “A wise man will make more
with more of an ‘on-demand’ service. RedTie’s Template tool was the perfect               opportunities than he finds”.
                                                                                          Francis Bacon,
Pam Green, Brookes Printers.                                                              English Lawyer and Philosopher,
                                                                                          1561 -1626.

New Opportunities
“The key was to build a strategy whereby web-to-print creates a real point
of difference, to define a niche sector in the market and truly understanding
that sector’s needs. Once we achieved this, we found that we were left with
a genuine USP to take to our target market and this set us apart within the
printing services industry. By partnering with RedTie, we’ve been able to
build an integrated suite of tools that have added real, tangible value to our
business portfolio.”

Graham Reed, Global Print Strategies.

Simple, Effective Solutions
“Personalised collateral, fine-tuned to its audience is very much the future.
Variable-data documents facilitated by web-to-print solutions are effective
marketing tools, while on-demand marketing material reduces costs. Many
print on-demand solutions that exist today have become too complex - people
don’t have the time or need for such software. Our marketing and sales teams
require a simple and quick solution and this is where RedTie has got it right
- the software is intuitive, pragmatic and meets all of our internal requirements.”

Francois Martin, HP Graphic Arts, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

in the Media
Star Product: RedTie Quotation and Template
Printing World, 28th December 2007

“Software firm RedTie is targeting its recently launched online template
and quoting systems at small and medium sized firms trying to beat the
squeeze on time and software costs.”

Product of the Week: RedTie RTT                                                      “It is not the strongest of the species
Print Week, 24th January 2008, Barney Cox                                            that survives, nor the most intelligent
                                                                                     that survives. It is the one that is the
“...RedTie supplies commercial printers with a product that takes away many          most adaptable to change.”
of their headaches...With many more customers wanting to join those already
signed up, RedTie’s home-grown approach is proving popular with those who            Charles Darwin, English Naturalist &
want a service that has been developed from a printer’s point of view.”              Author of The Theory of Evolution by
                                                                                     Natural Selection.
                                                                                     1809 – 1882.
Digital: Tie web to work and growth is automatic
Printing World, 13th may 2008, Steven Kiernan

“Exploiting RedTie to its fullest means cutting at least seven stages from the
(workflow) process...which means less margin for error, while also freeing
up staff to bring in more money or push out more work.”

News: Printers not yet seeing web to print benefits, 16th October 2008, Simon Nias

“RedTie has launched a new support package as well as a Managed Service
and is spearheading a drive to educate printers on how to successfully sell
web to print to their customers.”

Profile: RedTie
Print Media Management, March 2009

“With 10 years of digital print experience, RedTie provides a welcome dose
of practical knowhow to an often theoretical software development process.”

Profile: RedTie flag is raised
The Print Business, September 2009, Gareth Ward

“Two features distinguish the (RedTie) offering, first that it had no heritage
from professional graphic design or pre-press workflow and second that its
aim was to capture information about the customer as well as the job file.
Everything else followed from this beginning. The other feature of RedTie that
was set from the outset is its independence.”

Make RedTie
your partner...
...for simple, effective web to print solutions.

is committed to developing and maintaining simple,
user-friendly solutions for ordering print and related products
online. Building best practice software to the highest
specification and leading the way with innovation, the
company intends to set a standard for web-to-product
online ordering, enabling businesses and individuals alike
to take advantage of this modern method of transacting.

For more information about RedTie Quotation, RedTie Template or to discuss your requirements, contact the RedTie team on:

+44(0)1604 234456               
17-21 College Street, Northampton, NN1 2QP

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