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Topic: Account Request Form                                 Creation Date: 05-18-2003
Audience: Faculty and Staff                                 Last Revision Date: 01-18-2010
Author: Zachary Wincek

Account Request Form
Complete this form if you are requesting either creation, modification, or deletion of a:
      Windows ADMNET domain account
      Windows OPENNET domain account
      Banner account
      Banner UNIX account
      Virtual Private Network (VPN) account
      TouchNet Bill Payment (TBP) account
      TouchNet Payment Gateway (TPG) account
Additionally, complete this form if you need special access to services with one of existing accounts listed. Unlike a
NetID account, which faculty, staff, and currently registered students are automatically issued without a form, these
accounts grant access to additional services. You need to complete this application form if:
      You are a either a faculty or a staff member who runs the Microsoft Windows operating system. A Windows
         ADMNET domain account provides access to Microsoft Windows updates and upgrades, Microsoft Office
         updates and upgrades, Symantec Endpoint Protection updates and upgrades, networked printers, and security
         policies. All new Windows accounts must be part of the Windows ADMNET domain.
      You are a either a faculty or a staff member who runs the Microsoft Windows operating system with a
         Windows OPENNET domain account. New Windows OPENNET domain accounts are no longer being
         created in favor of Windows ADMNET domain accounts. Windows OPENNET domain accounts may either
         have their passwords reset, their accounts migrated to the Windows OPENNET domain, or their accounts
      You are a staff member who needs to access the Banner database. A Banner account provides access to
         Banner forms and that data accessed through the forms.
      You are a staff member who needs command-line access to the Banner database. Special requests for
         command-line access via a Banner UNIX account must be justified by a valid reason.
      You are either a faculty or staff member who needs to grade Scantron tests. A Scantron account provides
         access to all Scantron services.
      You are either a faculty or staff member who needs to access resources from inside the network of Oakland
         University while you are outside the network. A VPN account allows you remotely to connect to your
         computer inside the network and perform actions as though you were in your office.
      You are a staff member who needs to access the administrative functions of the e-Bill service. A TouchNet
         account provides access to either the TBP or the TPG as either an administrator, a supporter, or an operator.
Additional instructions for using these accounts and services can be found on the UTS Web site Complete all applicable sections of the form and either fax it to 1-248-370-4209 or
return this form to the:
                  Operations Service Counter
                  University Technology Services
                  220 Dodge Hall of Engineering
                  Oakland University
                  Rochester, MI 48309-4401

For further help, please email or call (248)370-4357.
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                                          Account Request Form
Applicant Information — (All information below is required for any request to be processed.)
Applicant Name:                                                    Applicant Department:

Applicant E-mail Address:                                          Position Number: (Banner Accounts Only)                              ________________________________________

Applicant Telephone Number:                                        Check One:
                                                                     Oakland University Employee
                                                                     Student Employee
Supervisor Name:                                                     Temporary Employee — NAME OF AGENCY
Supervisor Telephone Number:                                       ________________________________________

Supervisor Signature: (Not required for Password Resets)


Type of Account                                      Type of Request                                        Banner Database
    ADMNET                                               Create New Account                                   PROD
 (deleted if inactive for 10 months)
    OPENNET                                              Modify Existing Account                              BAN7
 (deleted if inactive for 10 months)
    BANNER                                               Password Reset                                       BAN8
 (attach module forms)                                (check type of account and database, if applicable)
    BANNER UNIX (provide reason for request)             Password Unlock
__________________________________                    (BANNER Accounts Only, check database)
    SCANTRON                                             Delete Employee Account
                                                      (check type of account)
    Virtual Private Network (VPN)                        Delete Banner Module
 (VPN, off-campus network access — NOTE: the VPN      (attach list to be deleted)
may not be used to access the campus network from
outside the USA)

    TouchNet Bill Payment (TBP)

    TouchNet Payment Gateway (TPG)

University Technology Services Operations USAGE ONLY:
Banner Username:                              Banner Password:                                 Date:

ADMNET Username:                              ADMNET Password:                                 Date:

OPENNET Username:                             OPENNET Password:                                Date:

TouchNet Username:                            TouchNet Password:                               Date:

              For further help, please email or call (248)370-4357.
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