Handling Difficult Customers and Complaints 18 19 February 2010 by cap19913


									                               Handling Difficult Customers and Complaints
                               18 & 19 February 2010 (Thursday & Friday)
If you are in business, it is your most important duty to see that your
business grow and company prosper as a result. This workshop will
                                                                            Course Detail
impart to you the skills of how to handle difficult customer-situations
confidently and resolve their complaints effectively. If you have the       Thursday & Friday | 18 & 19 February 2010
ability to practice these valuable communication and problem-solving        9.00am – 5.00 pm
skills to handle each and every difficult customers, then you will not
have to fear slow times ahead again.                                        Venue
Who will Benefit                                                            Seminar Room @ German Centre, Level 5
All front-line professionals who have to deal with customers directly or    25 International Business Park
over the phone, support staff who assist front-line personnel directly or
indirectly. Sales personnel who place service as paramount to their         Course Fees
continued success.
Training Objectives                                                         GC Tenant                S$ 480 per pax
                                                                            General Public           S$ 500 per pax
 Know what causes people to be difficult and understand if customers       Group discount           S$ 440 per pax *
  are actually difficult
 Manage your own negative feelings when dealing with difficult             * Group of 2 or more booking at the same time
  customers                                                                   from the same company and billing source.
 Identify personality styles and apply effective strategies in handling
  them                                                                      Price includes course materials & certificate.
 Manage difficult customer-situations more professionally
Training Outline                                                            Coffee/tea break & lunch will be provided on both days.

 Experience positive and negative service encounters and understand        Terms & conditions apply.
  the nature of customer complaints
 Appreciate customers responses and behavioural patterns and dealing       To Register
  with different personality profile
 Reactions of a difficult customer and the process of dealing with them    Please email Ms Ivy Lau at
 Understand the nature of anger and techniques of defusing anger           ivy.lau@germancentre.com.sg or
 Manage complaints skilfully using ‘CLASS ACT’, listening, responding      call us at (65) 6562 8100 for more information.
  skills and handling criticisms, fear, nervousness and embarrassment.
Facilitator Profile
                                                                            Closing date 10 February 2010
Catherine Syn has conducted both public and in-company seminars and
workshops in customer service, teambuilding, time & stress
management, business correspondence, reports & minutes writing,             Handling Difficult Customers and Complaints
managing difficult people-situations, secretarial & office administrative   workshop is brought to you by the German
skills.                                                                     Centre Singapore.
Please contact us for more information on the trainer’s profile
                               Handling Difficult Customers and Complaints
                               18 & 19 February 2010 (Thursday & Friday)

                                                R EGI ST RAT I O N F ORM
Please register me for this workshop-:
Name (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr)                        :

Company Name (if applicable)               :

Address                                    :

Contact Name & Number                      :

Email Address                              :

Fees                                                              Payment Method
                                                                  Please select whichever is applicable
    GC Tenant                                        S$480

                                                                      Cash & Credit Card (Master & Visa only)
    Non-Tenant                                       S$500
                                                                  Kindly come down to German Centre office between
    Group Discount                                   S$440        9:30am to 5:00pm on Mon-Friday prior commencement
                                                                  of class.
Billing Instructions
                                                                      Cheque & no.

    Personal                                                      Cheque payable to German Centre for Industry and Trade
                                                                  Singapore Pte Ltd, and mail it to 25 International Business
                    Registrant signatory                          Park, #05-108 German Centre, Singapore 609916.
     account                                                          Bank Transfer
                                                                  Acct. No            :   01 0089272 8
                    Registrant signatory and
                                                                  Bank                    Standard Chartered Bank
                    company stamp
                                                                                          6 Battery Road, Singapore 049909
                                                                  Swift Code       :      SCBL SG SG
Terms & Conditions
                                                                  Bank/Branch Code :      7144/ 001
1   Group discount is applicable for booking of 2 or more
    participants per registration.                                Bank charges are to be borne by registrants.

2   Registration is strictly binding upon receipt.                Kindly fax your registration form and confirmation of bank
                                                                  transfer slip to Ms Ivy Lau at 6562 8029.
3   No cancellation/ withdrawal is allowed. Full fee will be
    billed accordingly including “No Show.

4   Full payment must be made prior to commencement of

5   A replacement is welcome, if registrant is unable to attend
    the class. An official letter should be submitted prior to
    commencement of class.
                                       TRAINER PROFILE

                       Catherine Syn

Cathrine has conducted both public and in-company seminars and workshops in       customer service,
teambuilding, time & stress management, business correspondence, reports & minutes writing,
managing difficult people-situations, secretarial & office administrative skills.

She has been working closely with individual client companies on the development and design of
training programmes to their specific organisation’s training and developmental needs. An approved
lecturer with the Singapore Ministry of Education, Catherine studied Business in Australia, is a
Corporate Member of the Institute Administrative Management (U.K.) and a WDA ACTA certified
trainer. She has held the positions of Secretary, Executive, Manager, Corporate Trainer and Consultant
for past two decades.

Since 1990, she has been training management professionals, senior executives, secretarial,
administrative, front-line sales, engineering, operations and service staff of both public and private
sectors in Singapore, ASEAN and China.

As an experienced trainer, she has successfully applied service qualities principles and competency
assessments in all her communication courses in the areas of face-to-face communication, customer
service, managing difficult customer-situations using effective communication skills, telephone
techniques and business writing. A versatile and bi-lingual trainer, she relates well to all participants
and has excellent delivery and presentation skills that meet the motivational needs of each participant.

Among the many companies she has provided training for, some of them are:
AIA, SIA, Great Eastern, Durametallic, Philips Singapore, Teck Wah, HDB, CPF, RSAF, MCMD, MOE,
Traffic Police, Ministry of Home Affairs, GSMB, CSIT, Mindef, PSA, Schenker, Keppel Shipyard,
Sanmina-SCI, Geotronics, ABB Industry, ICPAS, NTU, Nanyang Polytechnic, L’oreal, Shiseido,
Cummins Diesel, Komatsu, EM Services, M1, Sankyu, Snap-On Tools, Makino, Alpine Engineering
Services and Coca-Cola In Thailand.

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