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					JANUARY                                                                   Thu    28th       Netball - Rose Hill                                                Wed    24th   Netball - St Michael's Tournament
Mon    4th    Staff INSET                                                                   U9 B (H) 3.00pm                                                                  U13 A & B (H) 2.30pm
Tue    5th    Term Begins 8.25am Years 3 to 8                                               Rugby - Hilden Grange                                                            Netball - Kent College
              Term Begins 9.00am Nursery, 8.50am Kindergarten to Year 2                     U9 A & B (H) U8 A & B (A) 2.45pm                                                 U11A & B (A) & U10 A & B (A) 2.30pm
              NO ACTIVITIES THIS WEEK                                     Fri    29th       Charity Breakfast (Build a School in Africa Project) 7.30-8.30am                 Rugby - Hazelwood
Fri    8th    House Assemblies                                            Sat    30th       EXEAT                                                                            1st XV (H), Colts A & B (A), Colts C (H) 2.30pm
                                                                                                                                                               Thu    25th   Year 2 Visit to Hornimans Museum 9am
              ACTIVITIES BEGIN                                            FEBRUARY                                                                                           Netball - Kent College
Mon    11th   Mother and toddler group begins 2.00pm Pre-Prep             Tue    2nd        Staff INSET (NO ACTIVITIES except paid at Prep School)                           U9 A & B, U8 A (A) 2.45pm
Tue    12th   Year 2 Stubbers Meeting for Parents 9.00am                                    Rugby - Hawthorns                                                                Rugby - Hazelwood
Wed    13th   Parents and Friends AGM 8.00pm                                                U9 Tournament 1.30pm                                                             U8 A, B & C (H) 2.30pm
              Hockey - Hawthorns                                          Wed    3rd        Year 5 & 6 Form Reps Meeting 8.40am                                              Rugby - Triangular at Yardley Court
              U13 Boys (A) 2.15pm                                                           Pre-Prep Form Reps Meeting (Prep Library) from 9.00am                            U9 A, B & C (A) 2.30pm
              Rugby - Yardley Court                                                         Netball - Hawthorns Tournament                                                   Year 5 Parents' Evening 4.15 - 6.00pm
              1st XV (A) Colts A & B (H) 2.30pm                                             U11 A (A) 2.30pm                                                   Fri    26th   Year 3 trip to London Imax
Thu    14th   Netball - Rose Hill                                                           Netball - Hazelwood                                                Sat    27th   Football - Parkside
              U8 A & B (H) 3.00pm                                                           U10 A, B & C (H) & U11 B & C (H) 2.30pm                                          U7 (A) 1.30pm
              Rugby - Yardley Court                                                         Hockey - Skipper's Hill                                                          Netball - Cobham Hall Tournament
              U8 A, B & C (H) & U9 A, B & C (A) 2.45pm                                      U13 A & B (H) 2.30pm                                                             U13 A, U11 A (A) 9.30am
Fri    15th   Year 7 and 8 Trip to the National Army Museum, London                         Rugby - Hawthorns
                                                                                            1st XV (H), Colts A-D (A) 2.30pm                                   MARCH
Mon    18th   Swimming Gala - Hazelwood                                   Thu    4th        Father Tooth Commemoration Day                                     Mon   1st     Year 8 Exams
              U13, U11 & U9 (H) 4.30pm                                                      Netball - Derwent Lodge                                                          Nursery to Kg Information Morning 9.00am
Tue    19th   Pre-Prep Coffee Morning 8.45am                                                U9 A & B (H) 2.30pm & U8 A, B & C (A) 2.45pm                       Tue    2nd    Year 8 French Oral Exams
Wed    20th   Hockey - Sevenoaks Prep                                                       Rugby - Rose Hill                                                                Year 3 and 4 Parents' Evening 4.15 - 6.00 pm
              U13 A & B Girls, U13 A & B Boys (A) at Hollybush 2.30pm                       U9 A & B (A), U8 A & B (H) 2.45pm                                                Nursery to Kg Information Morning 9.00am
              Netball - Hilden Grange                                     Fri    5th        Year 2 Benchball Festival 1.40pm                                   Wed    3rd    Netball - Combe Bank
              U10 A & B (H) 2.30pm                                        Sat    6th        Netball St Michael's Tournament                                                  U13 A & B (A) 3.45pm
              Rugby - Hilden Grange                                                         U11 B (H) 9.30am                                                                 Netball - Derwent Lodge
              1st XV (A), Colts A & C (H) B & D (A) 2.30pm                                                                                                                   U10 A, B & C (H) 2.30pm
Thu    21st   Netball - Hilden Grange                                     Mon    8th        Year 4 and 5 CATs this week                                                      Rugby - Sevenoaks Prep
              U8 A & B (A) 2.45pm                                                           Swimming Gala - Somerhill                                                        1st XV (A) 2.30pm
              Netball - Sevenoaks Prep                                                      U13, U11, U9 (A) 5.00pm                                                          Rugby - Yardley Court
              U9 A & B (H) 2.30pm                                         Tue    9th        Headmaster's Concert 4.00pm                                                      Colts A, B & C (A) 2.30pm - (9-aside)
              Rugby - Hazelwood                                           Wed    10th       Year 7 & 8 Form Reps Meeting 8.40am                                Thu    4th    Year 3, 4 & 7 Parents' Evening from 6pm
              U9 A & B (A) 2.30pm                                                           Chinese New Year Workshops Pre-Prep                                              Netball - IAPS
Sat    23rd   Netball - Caterham Tournament                                                 Netball - Hazelwood                                                              U11 A (A) 10.00am
              U10 A (A) 9.30am                                                              U13 A & B (A) 2.30pm                                                             Netball - Sevenoaks Prep
                                                                                            Netball - Hawthorns                                                              U8 A & B (A) 2.45pm
Mon    25th   Swimming Gala - Rose Hill                                                     U10 A & B (A) 2.30pm                                                             Netball - Russell House
              U13, U11, U9 (H) 4.30pm                                                       Netball - St Michael's Tournament                                                U9 A & B (H) 2.30pm
Tue    26th   French Assembly Class 1H & Year 2, 9.00am                                     U11 A (H) 2.30pm                                                                 Year 4 Internal Rugby Tournament (H) 2.30pm
              School Council Meeting 1st Break (Library)                                    Rugby - Caterham                                                   Fri    5th    Netball - IAPS
              Pre-Prep French Theme Day/French Themed Lunch                                 Colts A, B & C (H) 2.30pm                                                        U13 A (A) 10.00am
Wed    27th   Year 3 & 4 Form Reps Meeting 8.40am                         Thu    11th       Parents "How we teach maths" workshop                                            Rugby Tournament- Hawthorns
              French Assembly Class 1W & Reception 9.00am                                   from Early Years to Year 4 at 9.00am                                             U11 7s (A) 1.30pm
              Netball - Hawthorns                                                           Year 7 dress rehearsal 11.20am -1.05pm                             Sat    6th     Rugby Tournament - Solefields
              U13 A & B (A) 2.30pm                                                          Year 7 Plays 7.00pm                                                              U13 (A) 1.00pm (10 aside)
              Netball - Rose Hill                                                           Rugby - New Beacon                                                               Rugby Tournament - Caterham
              U11 A, B & C (A) & U10 A, B & C (H) 2.30pm                                    U9 A, B, & C (H), 2.30pm                                                         U11 (A) 9.30am
              Rugby - Sackville                                                             Year 3 Internal Tag Rugby Tournament 2.30pm
              1st XV (A) 2.30pm                                           Fri    12th       Children's Valentine Disco                                         Mon    8th    Year 5 Future Schools appointments this week
              Rugby - Sutton Valence                                                        Rugby - Sevenoaks school                                                         Year 6 Parents' Evening from 6.00pm
              Colts A, B & D (A) 2.45pm                                                     1st XV (H) 3.00pm                                                  Tue    9th    Jersey Tour Departs
              Rugby - Steep Hill                                                                                                                               Wed    10th   Netball - Skipper's Hill
              Colts C (H), 2.30pm                                                                       HALF TERM                                                            U11B (H) 2.30pm
              Hockey - Priory Prep                                                      Saturday 13th February - Sunday 21st February                                        Rugby - Sevenoaks Prep
              U13 Boys (H) 2.30pm                                                                                                                                            Colts A & B (H), Colts C (A) 2.30pm
Thu    28th   Netball - Hawthorns                                         Tue    23rd       Prep School AEN Parents' Evening                                   Thu    11th   Netball - Junior House Matches
              U8 A, B & C (A) 2.45pm                                                        Year 5 Parents' Evening from 6.00pm                                              U9 & U8 (H) 2.30pm
              Netball - Caterham Tournament                               Wed    24th       Year 8 Exams Wed, Thurs, Fri                                                     Rugby - Sevenoaks Prep
              U9 A (A) 2.00pm                                                               Perform Drama Workshop Pre-Prep 9.00am to 12 noon                                U8 A, B & C (H), U9 A & B (A) 2.30pm
Thu   11th   Reigate St. Mary's - Football Tournament
             U7 A & B (A) 2.00pm
             Parents’ Evening (Kg, R, Year 1 & Year 2) 5.30 - 8.30pm
                                                                                              TERM DATES                               ST. MICHAEL’S SCHOOL
              parents' evening                                                            TRINITY TERM 2010                                   OTFORD
Fri   12th   Reception Cake Sale 9.00am                                           Tuesday, 20th April - Wednesday, 7th July
             Mothering Sunday Concert 9.00am (Year R parents)
Sat   13th   EXEAT
                                                                                                 Half Term
             Old Michaelian annual dinner                                          Saturday, 29th May - Sunday, 6th June
             Jersey Tour returns
             IAPS Finals
                                                                                      MICHAELMAS TERM 2010
Mon   15th   Year 1 Swimming Gala 1.40pm                                      Thursday, 2nd September - Friday, 10th December
Tue   16th   Parents’ Evening (Kg, R, Year 1 & Year 2) 5.30 - 8.30pm                            Half Term
             parents' evening
                                                                               Saturday, 16th October - Sunday, 31st October
             Year 6 Plays dress rehearsal 1.30 - 3.50pm
             Year 6 Plays 7.00pm                                                             LENT TERM 2011
Wed   17th   Governors' Meeting 4.30pm
             Netball - Rose Hill
                                                                                Thursday, 6th January - Thursday, 31st March
             U13 B (A) 2.30pm                                                                    Half Term
             Netball - Derwent Lodge                                           Saturday, 19th February - Sunday, 27th February
             U11 A, B & C (A) 2.30pm
             Netball - Walthamstow Hall Tournament
             U10 A (A) 2.30pm
             Rugby - New Beacon                                                        GENERAL INFORMATION
             1st XV (A), U11A Tournament (A), Colts B & C (H) 2.30pm
             Hockey - Hawthorns
             U13 Boys (H) 2.30pm                                                                School Office
Thu   18th   Year 5 dress rehearsal 11.20 - 12.50pm                                  Opening hours: 8.00am - 5.15pm
             Year 5 plays 7pm
                                                                                       Tel & Fax no: 01959 522137
             Start of Science Week
             Netball - St Michael's Tournament                                      Email: office@stmichaels.kent.sch.uk              CALENDAR & FIXTURE LIST
             U9 A & B (H) 2.30pm
             Rugby - Caterham

Fri   19th
             U9 A & B (A) 2.30pm
             Jeans for Genes Day
                                                                                             The School Shop                                LENT TERM 2010
             Senior Rugby House Matches
                                                                        Opening hours: 8.15am - 9.15am on Monday, Thursday & Friday
             Years 5 & 6 11.30am                                           Opening hours: 3.15pm - 4.15pm on Thursday & Friday
             Years 7 & 8 3.00pm                                            Appointments available during term time opening hours:                 Captains of School:
Sat   20th   Netball - Kent College Tournament
                                                                                       01959 522110 or 07713 404487
             U10 A (A) 9.30am                                                                                                              Ben Smith          Julia Denby-Jones
             Last Mother and Toddler Group at Pre-Prep                                    Second Hand Uniform                                Vice-Captains of School:
             The Astronomy Roadshow Drama Room Rec to Year 6                    Open Monday and Friday 8.15am to 9.30am
             Staff INSET 4pm
Tue   23rd   Swimming Gala Year 2 1.40pm
                                                                          Appointments available for new pupils only: 07771 861223          Joseph Wright Sian Rumsey
             House Music Competition (afternoon)
             Junior Rugby House Matches 2.30pm
                                                                                                                                                      Tallulah Cotterill
Wed   24th   Information Evening for new Nursery parents 7.00-8.00pm
             Headmistress' Concert 2.45pm in the Pre-Prep hall
             Year 7 visit to the Centre of the Cell lunchtime onwards                                                                    Dover:                    Joseph Wright
             Netball - Senior House Matches
             U13, U11 & U10 (H) 2.30pm                                                                                                   Leeds:                    Ben Smith
             End of science week
Thu   25th   END OF TERM                                                                                                                 Rochester:                Fintan Baker-Howard
             Term ends at 12 noon Pre-Prep and
             12.30pm Prep School                                                                                                         Windsor:                  Justin Phillips