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   1. DIALOG
      Yusuh is a new student in class 10. He would like to interoduce him self to his
      new class mate, Reni

       Yusuf : Hello Lert me introduce my self
               My name is Yusuf
       Reni : Hi, mI am Reni
       Yusuf : Hi Reni, Very pleased to meet you.
       Reni : I am very pleased to mmeet you too

   2. Dewi wants to introduce her friend Heni to Dedeh, her cousin.
      Dewi : Heni this is my cousin, Dedeh
              She lives in Soreang, Bandung
      Dedeh : How do you do?
      Heni : How do you do

   3. Kalimat imperative
      Contoh :
         a. Sit dowmn
         b. Lay down
         c. Open your shirt
         d. Open your T-Shirt
         e. Open your mouth
         f. Fill the bottle
         g. Push the door

   4. Genre Prosedure

    Teacher: Class, I would like to introduce you to a famous doctor in Bandung, “dr.
Wasiun”. He wants to tell you how to measure your lungs capacity.
Dr Was’un        :Well, every body my name is dr. Wasiun. I am a doctor in Hasan Sadikin
Hospital Bandung
Today, I am going to tell you a way of measuring the amount oh air that your lungs hold .
To do this you will need a bath or laundry tub, a piece oh plastic tube, masking type, a
large plastic bottle, a water prooh pen, a measuring jug, water and a friend to help you.
Firstly, fill the bath or laundry or laundry tub to about halful. Next , stick the masking
tape on the side oh the plastic bottle and fill it with the water. Now carefully, turn the
bottle upside down while holding your hand over the opening. Place the bottle
underwater in the tub and hold it in the upside-down position. Ask your fiend to mark on
the masking tape the position oh the water in the bottle. Now. Have the friend push end
of the plastic tube into the neck of the bottle. Place the other end oh the tube in your
Take the deep breath and blow down the tubing. Mark the level oh the water in the bottle
when you stop blowing. Remove the bottle from the tub without letting any more water
enter or leave it.
You are ready now to find out your lung capacity. Turn the plastic bottle up the right
way. Use the measuring jug to fill the bottle back up to the firs mark you made. The
amount of water that you add is approximately equal to the amount oh air in your lungs.

Nama Kelompok I
Pembimbing            : Dra. Hj. Entin S. MA.
Keoordinator          : Dra. Renni Herlina, M.Pd.
Anggota               : Dra. Dedeh Amelia
                        Was’un S.Pd.
                        Dra. Dewi Lengkawati
                        Drs. Yusuf Efendy
                        Dra. Heny Ratmini Hartati