2010 WINTER/SPRING
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                                 in solar & renewable energy, alternative fuels, green and natural building, permaculture, homesteading skills
                                 and other sustainable living practices. Over the past 15 years we have inspired over two million visitors to our
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JANUARY                                                   27-28	 PV	201:	Hands-on	PV	
                                                                                          JAN - JUN 2010          15	     Solar	PV	Design	&	Installation	Training	
                                                                 Ukiah                                                    6	Wk	-	Online	
4-8	    PV	200:	PV	Design	&	Installation	Intensive	
        San	Bruno                                         20	     GA	108:	Advanced	Beekeeping	                    15	     SL	100:	Introduction	to	Permaculture	
                                                                  Hopland                                                 Hopland
15	     Solar	PV	Design	&	Installation	Training	
        6	Wk	-	Online	                                    	30-31	 PV	190:	Intro	to	Off-Grid	Systems	              16	     SL	110:	Advanced	Permaculture	
                                                                  Ukiah                                                   Hopland
15-16	 PV	100:	Intro	to	Photovoltaics	
       Ukiah                                                                                                      17-21	 PV	300:	Advanced	PV	Systems	
                                                          APRIL                                                          Ukiah	
18-22	 PV	200:	PV	Design	&	Installation	Intensive	        1-2	    PV	290:	Off-Grid	Systems	for	Professionals	
       Ukiah                                                                                                      22	     GA	105:	Introduction	to	Biointensive	Gardening	
22	     NABCEP	Entry	Level	Test	                          3	      WS	101:	Home	Repair	and	Maintenance	
        Ukiah                                                                                                     22-23	 PV	201:	Hands-on	PV
                                                                  SF	Bay
27	     PV	255:	Fundamentals	of	PV	Sales	                                                                         	       Ukia
                                                          3-4	    PV	100:	Intro	to	Photovoltaics	
        SF	Bay                                                    SF	Bay                                          29-30	 WA	101:	Install	a	Greywater	System	
28	     PV	283:	Effective	PV	Marketing	and	Sales	                                                                        Hopland
                                                          5-9	    PV	200:	PV	Design	&	Installation	Intensive	
        SF	Bay                                                    SF	Bay                                          JUNE
FEBRUARY                                                  9	      NABCEP	Entry	Level	Test	                        5-6	    PV	100:	Intro	to	Photovoltaics	
                                                                  SF	Bay                                                  SF	Bay
1-5	    PV	200:	PV	Design	&	Installation	Intensive	
        SF	Bay                                            11	     GA	107:	Introduction	to	Biodynamic	Gardening	   5-6	    NB	104:	Building	with	Bamboo	
                                                                  Hopland                                                 Hopland
5	      NABCEP	Entry	Level	Test		
        SF	Bay                                            15	     Solar	PV	Design	&	Installation	Training	        7-11	 PV	200:	PV	Design	&	Installation	Intensive	
                                                                  6	Wk	-	Online                                         SF	Bay
12	     PV	115:	Solar	Careers	&	Industry	Opportunities	
        SF	Bay                                            17-18	 PV	100:	Intro	to	Photovoltaics	                  11	     NABCEP	Entry	Level	Test	
                                                                 Ukiah	                                                   SF	Bay
15	     PV	Design	&	Installation	Training	
        6	Wk	-	Online	                                    19-23	 PV	200:	PV	Design	&	Installation	Intensive	      12	     GA	102:	Beekeeping	
                                                                 Ukiah	                                                   Hopland
15-19	 PV	300:	Advanced	PV	Systems	
       Ukiah                                              24-25	 PV	201:	Hands-on	PV	                             15	     Solar	PV	Design	&	Installation	Training	
                                                                 Ukiah                                                    6	Wk	-	Online
22-26	 PV	200:	PV	Design	&	Installation	Intensive	
       Murrieta                                           23	     NABCEP	Entry	Level	Test	                        19-20	 NB	102:	Build	a	Strawbale	House	
                                                                  Ukiah	                                                 Hopland
26	     NABCEP	Entry	Level	Test-Murrieta	
        Murrieta                                          28	     PV	255:	Fundamentals	of	PV	Sales	               21-25	 	NB	200:	Natural	Building	Intensive	
                                                                  SF	Bay                                                 To	be	Announced,
MARCH                                                     29	     PV	283:	Effective	PV	Marketing	and	Sales	       21-25	 PV	200:	PV	Design	&	Installation	Intensive	
1-5	    PV	200:	PV	Design	&	Installation	Intensive	               SF	Bay                                                 Ukiah	
        SF	Bay                                            30	     PV	267:	Economics	&	Finance	for		               25	     NABCEP	Entry	Level	Test	
5	      NABCEP	Entry	Level	Test	                                  Residential	&	Commercial	PV	                            Ukiah
        SF	Bay                                                    SF	Bay
                                                                                                                  26-27	 PV	201:	Hands-on	PV	
6-7	    WA	102:	Rainwater	Harvesting	Systems
                                                          MAY                                                            Ukiah
                                                          1-2	    SL	101:	Introduction	to	Ecological	Design	
10	     BD	101:	How	to	Make	&	Use	Biodiesel	                      Hopland                                         SF	Bay	=	Richmond,	San	Francisco,	San	Jose	or	
        Hopland                                                                                                           	South	San	Francisco
                                                          3-7	    PV	200:	PV	Design	&	Installation	Intensive	
11	     BD	201:	Build	Your	Own	Biodiesel	Processor	               SF	Bay
                                                          7	      NABCEP	Entry	Level	Test	                                       REGISTER TODAY
15	     PV	Design	&	Installation	Training	                        SF	Bay
        6	Wk	-	Online                                                                                                               Visit	our	website	at
                                                          10-14	 PV	200:	PV	Design	&	Installation	Intensive	
15-19	 PV	200:	PV	Design	&	Installation	Intensive	               Murrieta                                                           www.solarliving.org
       Ukiah                                                                                                                       or	call	707-472-2450
                                                          14	     NABCEP	Entry	Level	Test	
19	     NABCEP	Entry	Level	Test	                                  Murrieta
The Solar Living Institute
Since 1992 the Solar Living Institute in Hopland, California has provided quality solar education. Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit was
created from Real Goods, the original pioneering solar company in the U.S. We promote renewable energy and sustainable
living through high quality education and training programs. The Institute provides a wide range of workshops - both at our
Hopland demonstration site and throughout California - on photovoltaics, solar thermal, renewable energy, natural building,
sustainable living, permaculture, organic gardening and more. We offer classes for everyone - homeowners, green career
seekers, passionate sustainability pioneers, industry professionals and folks just hungry to learn. Look inside to see a sampling
of our 2010 workshops, then visit our website for recent listings, thorough course descriptions, profiles of our instructors and
to register for your favorites!

                         A Note From Our Founder
                         Welcome to another season of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living classes. With our launch
                         into online learning this winter, we’re excited to bring accredited Solar Education to an ever widening
                         student base who can now learn without burning even a drop of fossil fuel to travel to our classroom.
                         As solar continues its march into the mainstream, we’re excited to be on the forefront of creating the
                         green workforce to fill the explosion of solar job opportunities that are developing daily.

                             For the Earth,
                                                           Become a Volunteer - Join our Faculty - Become an Intern
                                                               Visit us online at www.solarliving.org for details
                             John Schaeffer
                             Founder and Board Chair

SLI Expands Outreach Through eLearning Options
For nearly twenty years the Solar Living Institute has been a leader in providing quality education and training for careers in
renewable energy. The continued rise in national and global demand for renewable energy makes our mission more important
than ever and is the motivation for our new education initiative to reach out to wider audiences through the world-wide web.
Following the November 2009 launch of our core PV Design & Installation Training, SLI is adding new online courses through-
out 2010. Sign up for our newsletter or check our website for new course announcements.

      Coming this spring, three new ONLINE training courses for solar sales professionals:
        • Solar PV Sales Fundamentals
        • Economics & Finance of Solar PV
        • Marketing and Sales for Solar Business and Sales Professionals

Visit Our Solar Living Center
Our 12-acre demonstration site, open seven days a
week, is powered by the sun and features a 5,000
square foot straw bale building - home to the original
Real Goods green store - with innovative passive solar
design and the creative use of recycled materials. The
Center boasts a wide selection of organic edible and
ornamental plants, as well as interactive displays and
technologies including the world’s first and only solar-
powered carousel. Educational signage and displays
make your visit even more inspirational. You can also
purchase biodiesel produced locally from waste oil.
We welcome you to stop by and enjoy a picnic lunch
by our beautiful ponds. And then we encourage you
to turn that inspiration into action!
        13771 S 101, Hopland, California 95449
Introducing                                                                  Solar & Renewable Energy
SLI Online Programs                                                                             Solar Living Institute is an approved NABCEP
Learn the essentials of renewable energy from the comfort of your                               (North American Board of Certified Energy
home computer.                                                                                  Practitioners) course provider and ISPQ (Institute
                                                                                                of Sustainable Power Quality) certified. We take
  •   Choose between instructor-supported and self-paced tracks
                                                                                                pride in our expert Solar Industry Instructors who
  •   Access discussion forums, webinars, exercises, and assessments
                                                                                                bring current workday practices into the class-
  •   Chat with peers or instructors
                                                                                                rooms. SLI offers the NABCEP Entry Level Exam
  •   Advance your career through social and peer networks
                                                                                                throughout the year providing students an edge
  •   Access and review course materials and resources for 12 months
                                                                                                in the Solar Industry field.
Get the same professional training as our in-person courses while
reducing your carbon footprint by learning at a time and place               NABCEP Entry Level Test
convenient to you.                                                           The Solar Living Institute is an approved provider for the NABCEP
                                                                             entry level exam. Students who have completed a PV 200 Design &
      Check out our website for more details including computer              Installation Intensive course from the Solar Living Institute are eligible
            and internet requirements and a clear DEMO.                      to register and sit for the test.
                  http://www.solarliving.org/online.                         NABCEP Entry Level Test $100
                                                                             1/22 Ukiah, 2/5 SF Bay, 2/26 Murrieta, 3/5 SF Bay, 3/19 Ukiah, 4/9 SF
                                                                             Bay, 4/23 Ukiah, 5/7 SF Bay, 5/14 Murrieta, 6/11 SF Bay, 6/25 Ukiah

                                                                             PV 100: Intro to Photovoltaics
                                                                             Take the first step to familiarize yourself with the concepts of solar
                                                                             electricity. This entry-level course provides the foundation for the in-
                                                                             termediate level of PV training and certification in our five-day PV 200
                                                                             PV Design and Installation intensive course.
                                                                             PV100 $325
                                                                             1/15-16 Ukiah, 4/3-4 SF Bay, 4/17-18 Ukiah, 6/5-6 SF Bay

Online Solar Design & Installation Training
This innovative new course features 14 highly interactive learning
modules designed to help prepare you for the NABCEP entry level
examination. Topics include: Conservation & Efficiency, PV Markets,
Fundamentals of Electricity, Safety, Factors Effecting PV Performance,
Grid-Tied PV Systems, Off-Grid PV Systems, Maintenance and

  Online Solar PV Design & Installation Training $595.00
  This flexible option offers continuous enrollment so that learners can
  start any time and set their own schedule. Access for course review
  is open for a year. Instructor feedback is through email.

  Online Solar PV Design & Installation Training $795.00
  This track offers a recommended 6-week schedule with limited
  enrollment. Instructor support is provided through email, discussion
  boards and webinars, this includes scheduled, real-time chat.
  Online - 1/15, 2/15, 3/15, 4/15, 5/15, 6/15, 7/15

“Wow! this is hands-down the best online course I’ve taken. I really         PV 200: PV Design and Installation Intensive
like the interface, the animation, and the overall look of the course.
It contains a lot of great information. I like the exercises interspersed    If you are looking to find employment in the ever expanding PV
within the lectures and the fact that there is additional information        market, this course provides a great foundation for those who want to
on topics of interest through notes, hyperlinks, and through the             immerse themselves in the concepts and mechanics of solar electricity.
resources link on the home page.”                                            PV200 $950
                              ~ Jasmine Brown, PV Installer and Instructor   1/4-8 San Bruno, 1/18-22 Ukiah, 2/1-5 SF Bay, 2/22-26 Murrieta, 3/1-5
                                                                             SF Bay, 3/15-19 Ukiah, 4/5-9 SF Bay, 4/19-23 Ukiah, 5/3-7 SF Bay,
Send questions to online@solarliving.org or call toll-free 866-423-6475.
                                                                             5/10-14 Murrieta, 6/7-11 SF Bay, 6/21-25 Ukiah
                                                                                 PV 267: Economics & Finance for Residential & Commercial PV
                                                                                 This course is geared towards installers and contractors who have a
                                                                                 general understanding of the solar sales process and goes into deep
                                                                                 detail on how to calculate and provide data to finalize a sale. Students
                                                                                 can expect to have a firm understanding of the components of system
                                                                                 sizing, cost, production, and payback to present a compelling value
                                                                                 proposition to a buyer.
                                                                                 PV 267 $275
                                                                                 4/30 SF Bay
     PV 300: Advanced PV Systems
     This advanced course follows the NABCEP PV Installer Certification Task
     Analysis and is especially useful for people who currently work in the PV   Biofuels
     industry. Prerequisite: PV200.
     PV300 $1050                                                                 BD 101: How To Make & Use Biodiesel
     2/15-19 Ukiah, 5/17-21 Ukiah                                                Everything you need to know to run your vehicle on 100% biodiesel:
                                                                                 brewing the biodiesel, washing, filtering, and testing the fuel.
     PV 201: Hands-on PV                                                         BD101 $150
     Hands-on PV - Practicum Apply knowledge and skills learned in PV 100,       3/10 Hopland
     200, 300 or Online. Gain hands-on practice in safety, using design tools,
     array sizing, installing PV, and balance of system components; working      BD 201: Build Your Own Biodiesel Processor
     with batteries in off-grid systems also covered.                            Learn how to build your own, small-scale processor for thousands less
     PV201 $425                                                                  than buying a commercial unit. First 5 students who sign up have the
     3/27-28 Ukiah, 4/24-25 Ukiah, 5/22-23 Ukiah, 6/26-27 Ukiah                  option of building their own processor in class! Prerequisite: BD 101.
                                                                                 BD201 $150
     PV 190: Intro to Off-Grid Systems
                                                                                 3/11 Hopland
     Are you ready to declare your energy independence by taking an active
     role in installing your own off-grid renewable energy system? This two-
     day course provides an introduction to off-grid solar, wind and hydro-
     electric systems.
     PV190 $395
     3/30-31 Ukiah

     PV 290: Off-Grid Systems for Professionals
     This two-day advanced class in off-grid PV covers the complex world of
     hybrid power systems, which integrate multiple energy sources (solar,
     wind, hydro, and generators) to satisfy the electrical demand of off-grid
     sites. Prerequisite: PV 190
     PV290 $395
     4/1-2 Ukiah

     For Custom Training call 707.472.2456

     PV 115: Solar Careers and Industry Opportunities
     This full-day course is for anyone seeking a new career in the solar
     industry. By the end of the day course participants will have a clearer
     understanding of the options, where they want to be within the industry,
     and how to take the next steps toward that goal.
                                                                                 Green & Natural Building
     PV115 $225                                                                  SL 101: Introduction to Ecological Design
     2/12 SF Bay                                                                 Explore the roots of ecological design and a variety of frameworks
     PV 255: Fundamentals of PV Sales                                            for application in nearly any context. A special emphasis will be
     Improve the quality and accuracy of your sales presentations; inform        placed on considerations for landscape and building design. A
     customers about solar options based on specific site information, and       range of technologies, practical considerations, and examples
     learn the basics for the quality of system design.                          of ecological design applications will be covered.
     PV255 $195                                                                  SL 101 $120
     1/27 SF Bay, 4/28 SF Bay,                                                   5/1-2 Hopland

     PV 283: Effective PV Marketing and Sales                                    NB 102: Build a Strawbale House
     Learn how to craft a successful PV sales process by understanding           Have you ever had the desire to build your own strawbale structure
y.                                                                               from scratch? This popular course will introduce you to the fundamental
     calculations of ‘Return on Investment’, and navigating the complex
     world of solar finance.                                                     concepts and skills needed to get started on your own project.
5                                                                                NB102 $240
     PV283 $195
     1/28 SF Bay, 4/29 SF Bay                                                    6/19-20 Hopland
NB 104: Building with Bamboo                                                SL 100: Introduction to Permaculture
Bamboo is becoming more and more valued as a cheap and renew-               Students will spend time observing and interacting with permaculture
able building material. Learn everything you need to know to get            systems, as well as participating in group exercises that reinforce the
your project underway.                                                      core components of permaculture design. A short design project will
NB104 $160                                                                  help students tie together the taught concepts and practices.
6/5-6 Hopland                                                               SL100 $80
                                                                            5/16 Hopland
NB 200: Natural Building Intensive
This course is designed for both first time builders, as well as profes-    SL 110: Advanced Permaculture
sional builders and contractors who want to delve more into building        In light of the growing environmental and social concerns of the
with natural materials.                                                     world, the time has never been more appropriate for dedicated
NB200 $400
                                                                            revitalization of human communities and natural systems.
6/21-25 To be announced                                                     Permaculture design is a holistic ecological and human process
                            GA 102: Beekeeping                              rooted in environmentally responsible and socially conscious
                            In this introductory course, students will      ethics and principles.
                            learn the basics associated with starting       SL110 $80
                            and managing a sustainable bee hive.            5/16 Hopland
                            The workshop covers basic concepts and          WS 101: Home Repair and Maintenance For Women!
                            terminology associated with beekeeping,         Our popular Do-It-Yourslf series taught by and for women only!
                            as well as the equipment necessary for          Learn how to repair, install or build simple projects in a relaxed
                            keeping a successful hive.                      and supportive environment.
                            GA102 $60
                                                                            WS101 $120
                            6/12 Hopland                                    4/3 SF Bay
GA 108: Advanced Beekeeping                                                 WA 101: Install a Greywater System
In this advanced course, students will build on the basics associated       Residential greywater generated from washing dishes, laundry and
with caring for beehives without antibiotics and other treatments.          bathing is a valuable water resource that can be recyled to irrigate
Apiary management techniques that allow beekeepers to become                plants. Learn how to install a system where you live.
self-sufficient will be explored.                                           WA101 $240
GA108 $80
                                                                            5/29-30 Hopland
3/20 Hopland

GA 105: Introduction to Biointensive Gardening
                                                                            Pricing and scheduling are subject to change without notice,
Interested in learning how you can grow more food than you ever
                                                                            to confirm and register call 707-472-2450
dreamed of in a space smaller than you ever thought possible?
                                                                            or visit www.solarliving.org/workshops.
In this one day workshop, you will learn the basic principles and
 skills associated with biointensive gardening.
GA105 $60
5/22 Hopland

GA 107: Introduction to Biodynamic Gardening
In this one day course, students will learn the basic concepts,
terminology, and practices associated with Biodynamic horticulture
and agriculture. The Biodynamic approach is a method of organic
gardening and farming that has its basis in a spiritual world-view
first crafted by Rudolf Steiner.
GA107 $60
4/11 Hopland

For detailed descriptions of classes,
instructors, venue information
and to register please visit
or call 707-472-2450                                            Buy 3 classes get 15% off
                                                                        Receive 15% off when you register for 3 or more classes.
                                                                                              (NABCEP test excluded)

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