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									                                                                   Volume 1 Issue 2

Volume 1 Issue 2                                                                     January/February 2010

                                                       From the Lodge Co-Chiefs
           Calendar of Events
                                                       My Brothers,

 January, 2010                                         Nisha Kittan is off to a great start. I am proud of every
 9     Winter Banquet      Collinsville American       youth and adult that has spent time working with the
                           Legion Hall                 lodge to insure its success. In order for our lodge to do
 16 Klondike               Camp Warren Levis           great things though, we need more active members.
 21 LEC Meeting, 7:00 p.m. Klucker Hall, Shiloh        Even if you are just cleaning up the kitchen at a fellow-
 22-24 Dance & Ceremony Weekend                        ship or planning a Camp Service Weekend, you are
                           Camp Vandeventer            becoming active. I ask every new arrowmen, and even
                                                       the older arrowmen to get involved. Ask your chapter
                                                       chief what you can do to become an active member in
 February, 2010
                                                       the Order of the Arrow. You could also try visiting a Lodge
 18    LEC Meeting, 7:00 p.m. Klucker Hall, Shiloh
                                                       Executive Committee Meeting or going to the Spring
 19    Articles Due for Newsletter
                                                       Fellowship at Camp Joy on April 16-18, 2010.

 March, 2010                                           Please visit our lodge website: http://www.nisha-
 18    LEC Meeting, 7:00 p.m. Klucker Hall, Shiloh This is a very useful resource if you want to
 27    Elangomat Training     Camp Joy                 catch up on what the lodge is doing. Each chapter along
                                                       with every committee has its own page to post its reports
 April, 2010                                           from past meetings along with what they are doing over
 15      LEC Meeting, 7:00 p.m. Klucker Hall, Shiloh   the next few months. You will also find links to National
 16-18   Spring Fellowship      Camp Joy               and Regional websites and a calendar of all of Nisha
 23      Articles Due for Newsletter                   Kittan upcoming events. I look forward to meeting more
 23-25   NLS Training           Beaumont Scout         arrowmen throughout the next year, and working with you
                                Ranch                  all in making Nisha Kittan one of the best lodges in the
                                                       Great Central Region.
 May, 2010
 1-2 Brotherhood Day       Camp Sunnen                 Yours in Brotherhood,
 20 LEC Meeting, 7:00 p.m. Klucker Hall, Shiloh        David Rutledge
                                                       Lodge Co-Chief 2009-2010

     Not sure what Chapter you belong to?              Brothers,

                                                       Season’s Greetings!
      Contact the Lewis & Clark Council
         to find out and get involved!                 With the start of the New Year, the activities of our lodge
                                                       start with the Winter Banquet on January 9.
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From the Lodge Co-Chiefs continued from last page           From the Vice-Chief
I do hope to see as many people there as possible. In
addition to great fellowship with our lodge brothers, the
                                                            of Program
                                                            Happy holidays to all my brothers of the OA.
premiere edition of Nisha Kittan’s lodge flap will be
available. We will also be recognizing our Founder’s        As we enter the New Year we all should focus on the
Award recipients at the Winter Banquet.                     upcoming activities. In April we have the spring fellowship
                                                            at Camp Joy and we should be in the planning phase for
2010 is the 100th anniversary year of Boy Scouts. The       it. Dont forget to make contact with those arrow men who
eyes of many more people will be looking at the Boy         are eligible for brotherhood. We really need to encourage
Scouts during this special anniversary year. It is very     them to seal their membership in the Order. Also, we are
important that we show pride in Boy Scouts and the Order    working on our extended Elangomat program.
of the Arrow during this time. We especially need to live
the Scout Oath and Law this year. Let’s make our Lodge      Yours in Service,
and Council proud of us.
                                                            Blaine Milton, Vice- Chief of Program
I want to wish everyone and their families a very Happy
New Year for 2010 and a great year of Scouting and
                                                             Lodge Co-Secretaries
In Service
Adam Chapman, Lodge Co-Chief                                 Brothers,

                                                             The LEC has been having meetings every month at
                                                             Klucker Hall in Shiloh. If it is possible to attend please
                                                             do. If you go, you know what is going on in the lodge.
                                                             The new Nisha Kittan Lodge is great but, it is only
From the Vice-Chief                                          great if people are active.
                                                             If you are wearing a sash or an Order of the Arrow
of Administration                                            patch on you class “A”, you need to make sure your
Brothers,                                                    dues are up to date. Dues are a necessary part of
                                                             being an OA member.
Merry Christmas! I hope you are having an excellent          I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.
winter break or vacation period. We’ve gotten a lot of
things done since this new lodge has been started. We’ve     Yours is Service,
gotten new committees and new chapters founded.              Andy Horner, Lodge Co-Secretary
We’ve also had many people volunteer for positions.
Some of these aspiring individuals are Matthew Tremble,      I hope everybody had a good holiday season. I am
Kyle Teschendorf, Craig Ford, Alex Reinneck, Ethan           happy to see that many have been showing up for the
Bazzell, Ben Scanlan, Philip Anderson, Kyle Bechard,         LEC. Even if you don’t hold a position on the LEC, it is
Andy McKinney, Nick Eckert, Jon Polley and Michael           good to show up and take what is said back to your
Cooke.                                                       chapters. I have to remind those on committees that I
                                                             really need all your reports BEFORE the LEC
I would also like to inform you that the Winter Banquet      ( We also have many committees
will be occurring January 9th and that the Founder’s         that need youth to take charge. Step up, trust me you’ll
Award will be given out. I also think that we should look    have fun and get to know more people in the lodge.
forward to future lodge events.                              Our lodge can be greater still if we can fill these
                                                             positions. Another reminder comes that it is time to pay
Yours in Scouting,                                           dues. This small fee must be paid. You can do this at
Benjamin Schmitt, Co-Vice-Chief Administration               the winter banquet. Also available is the pre-ordering
                                                             of our new lodge flaps. Forms are at the council office.
                                                             Lets make this a great year with our new lodge. Go to
                                                             all the lodge events you can and be active in your
                                                             chapters. Well I’ll see the ones who are going at the                                      winter banquet.

                                                             Yours in Service,
                                                             Matt Hooten, Lodge Co-Secretary
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Lodge Treasurer                                               On January 22-24,1010, The first Ceremonies & Dance
                                                              Team Seminar will take place at Camp Vandeventer in
Brothers,                                                     Waterloo IL. The seminar will include a closer look at
                                                              Indian crafts such as making Porky Roaches’, Rattles,
My name is Chase Meeks, and I am your treasurer for           Beadwork, etc, as well as taking a closer look at the
Nisha-Kittan Lodge. I became involved in the OA when I        ceremonies we preform, and have information on how to
moved here from New Jersey. I am an Eagle Scout in            start your own team. Also included will be Dance Team
Lewis and Clark Council. I’ve served on camp staff for        instruction and a pamphlet for you to take home. For
two years, and worked with unit elections for about three     further information contact Pirate Mike at H) 618-774-
years. In 2006 I attended National Leadership Seminar         2819 or C) 618-799-9202.
training. Then in 2009 I attended NOAC with Taleka
Lodge and thats when I decided I wanted to run for the
Treasurer’s Office in the new lodge. Im looking forward to    Justin L. Deterding, Chairman, CDTS
a great year working with you, and hope to see you all at
Winter Banquet. Be sure to sign up early. We only have
room for 480 reservations, and no walk-ins.                   Elangomats
Yours in Service,                                             The Spring Fellowship is fast approaching and Nisha
                                                              Kittan needs Arrowmen to volunteer to become
Chase Meeks, Lodge Treasurer                                  elangomats. Being an Elangomat is a great service and
                                                              surprisingly fun. If you are interested, please contact me
                                                              via e-mail ( or on my cell (618-541-
                                                              3085). There is recognition and awards for Elangomats
                                                              this year.
Brotherhood Conversion
To All Ordeal Members:                                        For those Arrowmen who have already committed to
                                                              being an Elangomat, or are interested in becoming one,
You were chosen by your fellow scouts to become a             there will be a training session at Camp Joy, serving as
member of the Order of the Arrow, and now you can             practice for the events on the Spring Fellowship. The
choose to become a Brotherhood member. What is                training session is set for March 27. Please make every
Brotherhood? As an Ordeal member, Brotherhood is the          attempt to be there.
next step in the Order of the Arrow. It is your chance to
seal your membership once and for all. To seal your           Bobby Shull, Elangomat Chairman
membership, you must reaffirm your belief in the purpose
of the OA. Be helpful in your scout troop and in your
everyday life and live the Scout Oath and Law, and after
10 months of being an Ordeal member, you will have the        Unit Elections
great opportunity to seal your membership in                  Hello Nisha Kittan Lodge!
                                                              Our committee needs to know if all chapters have made
In Brotherhood,                                               their Unit Elections Committee. If they have, we would
Kyle Teschendorf                                              like for you to send information like phone number, email,
                                                              and/or street address. This is so we can make sure who
                                                              is going to what elections, so everything will go smoother.

Awards, Ceremonies & Dance                                    We also would like to tell you that, unfortunately, our plan
                                                              to have unit election training did not work out. Instead of
Team News                                                     training, we are working on an information packet so that
                                                              each committee can get what they need. This all will be
                                                              posted on the Nisha Kittan website.
With the first winter banquet of the new lodge approach-
ing next month (January 9, 2010) all of the awards for
                                                              If you have any questions, please contact:
this event are in line. Since we are a new lodge awards
                                                              Nathan Kunz [H] (618)-224-2699 [C] (618)-570-4293
at this years winter banquet will be given with respect to
                                                              Email: OR Charles Rager
individ-ual’s service to their former lodge. Along with the
                                                              [H] (618)-744-1396 [W] (618)-256-6771 [C] (618)-334
time and dedication of the consolidation committee
                                                              4922, Email:
members also being recognized. Awards have been
brought forth from the traditions of both lodges as we will
                                                              Thank you,
continue to recognize service to “our higher purpose.”
                                                              Nathan Kunz, Unit Elections Chair
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Fundraising                                                     Also, we plan to do a day of service this Spring in addition
The Fundraiser committee will be having TWO Pancake             to one in the Fall. If you have any ideas for a day of
Breakfasts this year. One will be held at the Knights of        service, please bring them to our next chapter meeting.
Columbus Hall in Maryville and the other location is still
being determined. This is our main fundraising event for        For those Ordeal members who have not sealed their
the lodge. We need each of you to help make this a              Brotherhood membership yet, please plan on being at the
successful event. More information will be coming in the        Spring fellowship April 16-18. Our goal is to get all
future issues of this newsletter.                               registered Ordeal members converted to Brotherhood.
                                                                More information to come.
The Trading Post will be at every lodge function. This
your opportunity to purchase lodge and OA merchandise.          Lastly, don’t forget to register for the winter banquet if you
At the upcoming Winter Banquet, you will still be able to       have not signed up yet.
purchase the final Taleka and Kishkakon items that are
available.                                                      Happy Holidays from the Miliwakay chapter!

Are you looking for our new Nisha Kittan flap? It will be       Ryan Schaffer, Chapter Chief Miliwakay Chapter
available at the Winter Banquet with a limit of 5 per
person unless you have pre-ordered in advance. The cost
is $3.00 each.

The lodge has decided to offer you an opportunity to pre-
order Nisha Kittan hoodies. Order forms will be available
                                                                Eechipookwia Chapter News
at the Winter Banquet and will be on the web site soon.
All orders must be taken to the council office. The cost for    Greetings,
the hoodies will be: Medium to XL $18; XXL to 4XL $20.
                                                                Eechipookwia Chapter has been fairly busy these last few
We must have a minimum of 50 hoodies to place the
                                                                weeks. We attended the Haunted Hay Ride at Camp
order.                                                          Warren Levis and it was a blast! We had a great turnout
                                                                and all had a fun time. We performed our first cross-over
Our first Nisha Kittan T-shirts will also be available at the   ceremony this December and it went extremely well.
Winter Banquet. Help us make our first year as Nisha            Congratulations and thanks to the team for preforming
Kittan a success. We need your help by participation in         this great honor. At our meeting we discussed our T-shirt
chapter and lodge events.                                       design contest and decided on that all entries were due
                                                                before the first of the year. We also discussed our
Yours in brotherhood                                            chapter day of service. From what we discussed it
Betty Hoormann                                                  appears it will be some time after summer camp, and
Fundraiser Adviser                                              have tossed around a few ideas. Thanks.

                                                                Nathan Murray, Eechipookwia Chapter Chief

Black Gold Chapter Becomes
                                                                Pontiac Chapter News
I am proud to announce the new name for the late Black          Hello Brothers!
Gold Chapter is now Miliwakay, The Good Land. We
voted it in at a chapter meeting, and it was approved at        I am the Chapter Chief for Pontiac Chapter. We meet on
the LEC. It is also relatively easy to pronounce (not           the first Thursday of every month at the First Baptist
like the snapping turtle). We also had a day of service in      Church in O’Fallon, Il. Please go to the Scout Office to
                                                                see if you are in this Chapter.
November where we picked up trash around Rend Lake.
We had a small Christmas party and gift exchange at the         Anyway, we had our One Day of Service this past
December chapter meeting. I look forward to a great             Thanksgiving at Bishop Cosgrove’s Kitchen. We served
year of 2012 as the proud chapter chief of a growing            1000 meals and donated 33 man-hours of work. We are
chapter.                                                        also planning this year’s Spring Fellowship. Please look
                                                                forward to an exiting Fellowship!
Anyone interested in helping with crossover ceremonies
please contact either myself, Lloyd Reinkensmeier, or           Philip Atkins, Pontiac Chapter Chief
John Straeter.
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                             National Leadership Seminar (NLS)
In the last issue you were told about NLS. This is just a reminder that the seminar is still on as of this writing. The time is
getting close to us having to decide which of our best and brightest Lodge members will be attending! We are looking to
get your name on the list if you have not attended.

So here are a few details. Seminar will be held at Beaumont Scout Ranch. Beaumont is in High Ridge Missouri, Exit 269
(Antire Road) on I 44. The dates for the seminar are April 23-25, 2010. Who should go? If you are holding an elected
office, Lodge or Chapter, Committee Chairs, and Advisers all can attend.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Jim Page at to get on the list. Don’t wait, let’s
show Central Region we are ready to be the Best!

Jim Page, Associate Adviser

        Did You Know The Mission Of The Order Has Changed?
        The mission of the Order of the Arrow is to fulfill its purpose as an integral part
               of the Boy Scouts of America through positive youth leadership
                        under the guidance of selected capable adults.
A mission statement is a brief sentence that defines an            others. As a result, positive youth leadership implies
organization’s core objective, its essence. It answers the         “constructive action” by young people. Like Scouting
question, “Why do we exist?” using clear, concise words.           itself, the Order is designed to benefit youth. Through
The OA’s mission statement is a declaration of our key             youth leadership, members under the age of 21 learn by
beliefs and intentions as a Brotherhood. It affirms a              doing, planning and conducting OA program at Chapter,
commitment to achieve our purpose, our position within             Lodge, Section, Region and National levels. The officers
the BSA, and the youth led – adult supported partnership           and youth committee chairmen lead meetings, run
that is the hallmark of the Order’s success.                       activities and manage OA finances. Only those members
                      ….mission….                                  under the age of 21 may hold office or vote.
The dictionary defines mission as “a sending out or being               ….under the guidance of selected capable
sent out with authority to perform a special service; an                               adults….
errand.” As Arrowman, we are familiar with this concept.           Adults in the Order serve in advisory capacities. Typically,
The legend, described by Meteu in the Ordeal ceremony,             adults serve as advisers to each youth position. An
explains how Chingachgook and Uncas traveled to                    adviser’s role often includes training, counseling, coach-
neighboring villages to warn their nation of an impending          ing and mentoring youth. Not every adult can be chosen
“dire and dreadful danger.” Their trip was a mission. Note         to be an OA adviser. Those appointed usually have note-
that the definition of mission includes the word “authority.”      worthy competencies and an ability to relate well with
A mission is sanctioned and approved. The Order of the             people, especially young people.
Arrow’s authority comes from the organization we serve,
the Boy Scouts of America.                                         The concept of youth led – adult supported partnerships
              ….an integral part of the                            took root during the very first days of the Order. Working
              Boy Scouts of America….                              with their advisers, young members inducted into the
Integral means “necessary for completeness, essential,             Brotherhood in the first ceremonies, in the summer of
whole, complete, made up of parts forming a whole.” The            1915, began accepting leadership roles that fall forming
word is used to point out that the Order is an essential,          committees to maintain membership records, drafting
integrated program within the broader Scouting Program,            Lodge rules and reworking ceremonies.
not a separate entity.
      ….through positive youth leadership….                        With each passing decade, the Order’s commitment to
The word positive is an adjective which means “making a            youth led – adult supported partnerships has grown and
definite contribution; constructive” to further describe the       evolved. Today that partnership is more prominent and
leadership qualities expected of Arrowmen. Leadership              stronger than ever.
is about action, about directing, guiding and supporting
                                                                   Taken from Operation Update 09-10
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                                              Your Obligation
Greetings,                                                     To make all your friends feel that there are something
                                                                 in them;
Have you ever really taken a moment to look and think          To look at the sunny side of everything and make
about the obligation of our order? How often we recite or        your Optimist come true;
read this and never think about what it means. Take your       To think only the best, to work only for the best and to
membership card out and look at the words inscribed on           expect only the best;
the back where you are asked to sign. Here is what I           To be just enthusiastic about the success of others
found:                                                           as you are about your own;
                                                               To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the
I do hereby promise on my honor as a Scout:                      greater achievements of the future;
                                                               To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and
We are pledging to ourselves to withhold the Oath we             every living creature a smile;
have taken as a Scout. Reminding each of us to our duty        To give so much time to the improvement of yourself
to God, Self and Service of others.                              that you have no time to criticize others.
                                                               To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too
That I will always and faithfully observe and                    strong for fear and too happy to permit the
                                                                 presence of trouble.
preserve the traditions of the Order of the Arrow;

Traditions are the opportunity to learn form the past and    And will seek to preserve a cheerful spirit even in
develop new ones for the future.                             the midst of irksome tasks and weighty
Wimachtendienk, Wingolauchsik, Witahemui:
                                                             What is our personal power? Is it where we can utilize our
The endearing words heard from the tribes of the Lenai       limits, guidance and efforts to achieve the goals we
Lennape reminding us of that we are part of this “Brother-   have? These are found by utilizing our training,
hood of Cheerful Service”.                                   leadership training and willingness to continue to serve
                                                             those around us.
I will always regard the ties of Brotherhood in the
Order of the Arrow as lasting;                               To be unselfish in service and devotion to the
                                                             welfare of others.
A bond of friendship, we develop as part of our clans
during the Ordeal, continue through our service to the       As an Arrowman we not only challenge ourselves to
Lodge, Troops and Council. This bond will carry on as we     continue the service in the Lodge, but we are also
grow into our place in society and the communities where     challenged to find ways to support the community around
we live.                                                     us. It is in this that we have developed that willingness to
                                                             serve our Brothers in walks of life.
And will seek to preserve a cheerful spirit even in
the midst of irksome tasks and weighty                       Take a few moments to review your thoughts on our
                                                             obligation. Find ways to challenge yourself with this as a
                                                             guide. Accept the challenges to make a difference in how
                                                             we serve those around us and what we can do for our
Have you ever seen or read the Optimist Creed? It was
                                                             Lodge and Council.
written by Christian Larson and adopted by Optimist
International in 1938 to reflect its goals and ideals. I
                                                             Wishing you the best in the coming 2010 Scouting year.
believe it’s intent is best reflected this statement:
                                                             Lets make the first year of Nisha Kittan one for the record
                                                             books and what we will judge the future of our lodge on!
                     Promise Yourself
  To be so strong that nothing can disturb your piece        Yours in Service,
    of mind;
  To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every         Thomas F. Croxton, Lodge Adviser
    person you meet:                                         Nisha Kittan Lodge
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