BID PROPOSAL
Proposal TxDOT CSJ No. 0823COLMN

Project Description: In general, the Aviation Construction work consists of: Reconstruction of
apron area, striping of apron area, drainage improvements, and other miscellaneous items at the
Coleman Municipal Airport.

Proposal by: Name of Bidder:___________________________________________________




Hereinafter called Bidder, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of
Texas doing business as_________________________________________________________

To the Texas Department of Transportation hereinafter called the Agent.


Pursuant to the foregoing Instructions to Bidders, the undersigned bidder having examined the
plans and specifications with related documents and the site of the proposed work, and being
familiar with all the conditions surrounding the construction of the project hereby proposes to
furnish all necessary superintendence labor, machinery, equipment, tools, materials, and supplies
to complete all the work upon which is bid in accordance with the contract documents, within the
time set forth and at the prices stated below.

                                         BASE BID
ITEM PAY        ESTIMATED DESCRIPTION                                 UNIT          TOTAL
NO. ITEM        QTY / UNIT Written & Numeric Price                    PRICE         PRICE
1   SS-140-2.1       1 LS    Mobilization as specified for
                             __________________________ Dollars
                             and ________________________ Cents
                             per lump sum.                      $ ___________ $ ___________

2   P-152-4.1    1,100   CY Perform unclassified excavation as
                            specified for _______________________
                            __________________________ Dollars
                            and ________________________ Cents
                            per cubic yard.                     $ ___________ $ ___________

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ITEM PAY         ESTIMATED DESCRIPTION                                 UNIT          TOTAL
NO. ITEM         QTY / UNIT Written & Numeric Price                    PRICE         PRICE
3    P-155-8.1    4,800   SY Furnish and install lime-treated subgrade
                             as specified for ____________________
                             __________________________ Dollars
                             and ________________________ Cents
                             per square yard.                         $ ___________ $ ___________

4    P-155-8.2       60 TON Furnish and install lime as specified for
                            __________________________ Dollars
                            and ________________________ Cents
                            per ton.                                  $ ___________ $ ___________

5    P-156-5.7      100   LF Furnish and install temporary sediment
                             control fence as specified for _________
                             __________________________ Dollars
                             and ________________________ Cents
                             per linear foot.                        $ ___________ $ ___________

6    TxDOT           800 CY Furnish and install crushed aggregate base course,
     Item 247               Type A, Grade 1, as specified for ____________
                            __________________________ Dollars
                            and ________________________ Cents
                            per cubic yard.                          $ ___________ $ ___________

7    TxDOT          520 TON Furnish and install dense-graded hot-mix asphalt
     Item 341               (QC/QA), Type D, as specified for ____________
                            __________________________ Dollars
                            and ________________________ Cents
                            per ton.                                $ ___________ $ ___________

8    P-602-5.1      900 GAL Furnish and install bituminous prime coat
                            as specified for ____________________
                            __________________________ Dollars
                            and ________________________ Cents
                            per gallon.                             $ ___________ $ ___________

9    P-620-5.2      610   SF Furnish and install taxiway painting, yellow,
                             with Type I reflective media, as specified for
                             __________________________ Dollars
                             and ________________________ Cents
                             per square foot.                          $ ___________ $ ___________

10   D-752-5.1        2   EA Install concrete headwall extension as specified
                             for ______________________________
                             __________________________ Dollars
                             and ________________________ Cents
                             per each.                                $ ___________ $ ___________

                                             TOTAL BASE BID:               $_________________
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It is understood the quantities of work to be done at unit prices are approximate and are intended
for bidding purposes only. Amounts are to be shown in both words and figures. In case of
discrepancy the amount shown in words shall govern.
Bidders understand the Agent reserves the right to reject any irregular proposal and the right to
waive technicalities if such waiver is in the best interest of the Owner or Agent and conforms to
State and local laws and ordinances pertaining to the letting of construction contracts. The
bidder agrees this bid shall be honored and may not be withdrawn for a period of 60 calendar
days for the Base Bid after the scheduled closing time for receiving bids.

Upon receipt of the written "Notice of Award", the bidder will execute the formal contract
agreement within 14 days and deliver a surety bond or bonds as required under the contract
documents. The bid security attached, two percent (2%) of the total bid price(s) stated in the
proposal, in the sum of $                                            , is to become the property of
the Agent in the event the contract is not executed as set forth in the contract documents as
liquidated damages for the delay and additional expense caused thereby.

Bidder hereby agrees to commence work under this contract on or before a date to be specified in
a written “Notice to Proceed” and to fully complete the Base Bid, if funded, within 60 calendar
days. The Bidder further agrees to pay as liquidated damages the sum of $500.00 for each
consecutive calendar day to complete the work beyond the allotted time or as extended by an
approved Change Order or Supplemental Agreement.

_________________________________________ ___________________________________
Signature                                              Title

_________________________________________ ___________________________________
Printed Name                                           Phone

_________________________________________ ___________________________________
Mailing Address                                  City, State, Zip Code

The undersigned Bidder certifies that he has acknowledged the addendum(s) to the contract as
indicated below.

Addendum No. ________________ dated ________________________

Addendum No. ________________ dated ________________________

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Pre-Qualification Acknowledgment and Signature:
The undersigned Bidder certifies they are a prequalified bidder with the Texas Department of
Transportation (TxDOT) and is on the current TxDOT “Bidder’s List” as indicated below:

_______     Full Prequalification with a bidding capacity of $____________________

_______     Bidder’s Questionnaire with a bidding capacity of $__________________

The undersigned Bidder is not a pre-qualified TxDOT bidder and has enclosed the bidder’s
qualifications per General Provision 20-02, Prequalification of Bidders.

_______     I have enclosed pre-qualification statements.

_________________________________________ ___________________________________
Signature                                              Title

_________________________________________ ___________________________________
Mailing Address                                  City, State, Zip Code

Note: The bidder may also submit an electronically printed proposal. The proposal must have
pay items in the same order and with the exact information as on this proposal form. If
submitting an electronically printed proposal, please submit qualification/signature page. The
bidder is responsible for incorrect information and will be considered non-responsive if pay
items are incorrect.

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