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Session 8 - COllege 102: Campus Visit





  To think about taking college trips To think about and know what items to take on college trips

Session Time:
 60 minutes

Materials Needed:
     Campus Visit Checklist Sheet Campus Visit Checklist Assignment Sheet Backpack Post It notes Whiteboard/Chalkboard and markers/chalk

Preparation Required:
To maximize the time, do the following prior to students entering the room: 1. Room Set Up: Open Classroom–Discussion Component 2. A regular classroom setup is fine for open discussion and Pack the Backpack. 3. One of the two classroom setups will work on the net with college search engines

1. Activity: Pack the Backpack 2. Discussion Topic: College Visit 3. Activity: Campus Visit Plan (10 minutes) (15 minutes) (35 minutes)


Activity: Packing the Backpack
Object of game: Score more points than opponent and win prize. You must guess the items you need to take with you to a college campus visit. Each item is worth a certain amount of points according to its importance. Split room into two teams. Have a discussion on local area campus preferences and jot down all of the mentioned campuses on a whiteboard. Put in order of preference and choose top two campuses suggested by teams. Both teams are now playing for the grand prize of visiting their respective campus before the end of the school year. Each team brainstorms the 12 main items that are needed to visit. The teams write the items down in order of importance (Which requires discussion amongst team members). Five minutes of discussion. One representative from each team will write answers on white board and then the real list will be revealed. The team closest to the actual list will win…or do they? The losing team has an opportunity to comeback with three bonus questions based on an overnight stay on the college campus and what four main items would be needed to help make your stay comfortable and secure. Day List: Comfortable shoes Camera Notepad/pen Journal Water List of questions Copy of unofficial transcript Spending money An open mind Campus map Business card/contact information A parent/friend Night List: Toiletries Pillow/blanket Change of clothes Pajamas Radio/iPod/CD player Cell phone Magazine/book

Tally Night List. This is the true winner although you may want to visit both campuses for compare/contrast. There really isn’t a loser in this game. Instant winning gratification could be pizza or candy bag or journals with pens.


Activity: Campus Visit Planning
Coaches facilitate the planning of an actual campus visit by the club. Questions to answer include: Have the mentors brainstorm and record all information obtained in the discussion. • What campus to visit? A. Contact the campus tour and admissions divisions of the college B. Check the official tour schedule of the college When to schedule the visit? A. Confer with contact person from college about the best date and time to visit B. Solidify date C. Get permission slips signed by all proper personnel from your school How to get there? A. Charter a bus through your school or the visiting college or B. Involve parents and use individual transportation What to do, who to visit, etc. on campus? A. Prepare a list (included in session) B. Dress appropriately C. Be sure to be on time to pick up sites, to and from D. Take notes...etc. (Complete list in session)




Explain all ground rules prior to and on the day of the visit so that the safety of everyone is secure. Bring or prepare a lunch for the mentors. Have questions ready for the tour guide.



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