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					Using Microsoft Word

Inserting Photos, Resizing
     and Adding Text.
   Designed By Sinead Sanders
           July 2005
    Inserting Photos into
•    Before Inserting any images, you need to open Microsoft
     word. You can do this two ways.

•    Either, by double clicking on the icon on the desktop.

•    Or, going to the start menu, hovering the mouse over ‘all
     programs’, where another menu will appear allowing you
     to click and open Microsoft word.

    Start Menu
                             When you first
                             open Word, there
                             will be a blank
                             document ready
                             for you to work

To insert your picture,
the first thing you need
to do is select the
‘insert’ drop down
menu. Then hover you
mouse over ‘picture..’.
Then click on ‘From

                           A new window should
                           appear in the ‘My
                           Pictures’ section. If
                           your Pictures aren't
                           here, you can go to a
                           different area using
                           the icon situated on
                           the side.
Once you have found
the picture or Photo
your want, click on it
to highlight it. Click on
the ‘insert button’ to
insert the picture onto
the page.

If your ‘insert picture’ window doesn't
look like this use the ‘view’ icon to
change the way your pictures are
displayed in the window. The easiest
view is ‘thumbnails’. In older versions of
windows, you might not have this option.

                            The picture or photo you have chosen
                            to insert will appear in the document.
                            Now you can re-size it and place it
                            where you want.

               First select the image by
               clicking on it once, a
               box should appear
               around it. If you right
               click and select ‘format
               picture’ on the image a
               new window will
               appear, which allows
               you to format the
               picture’.                                         3
                                If you click on the ‘layout’ box at
                                the top of the window, you can
                                edit the way your image appears
                                with text. Choosing ‘Behind Text’
                                will mean you can move your
                                picture easily with your mouse. If
                                you have any text on the page it
                                will not be moved by the picture.

                                Make sure that your picture is not
                                on behind any text. If there are
                                words over your picture just click
                                on the picture to highlight it and
                                move it by clicking in the middle
                                of it, holding the left mouse
                                button down and moving the
You can also decide where
you want your image to
be placed, if you want it in
the centre, to the right or
left. If you want to be able
to position the picture
yourself, select ‘other’.

                               When you have
                               formatted your
                               picture click on ‘ok’.

  Resizing your Image
Now you can resize your image to the
size you want. Firstly you can use the
two headed arrow which appears when
you hover your mouse over the corners
of the frame. When you are re-sizing
your picture, only use the corner points,
not the side points. When you are re-
sizing hold the ‘shift’ button down. This
will keep the proportions of the picture
the same.

                 Cropping                      Not these points.

   This basically means cutting off any parts of the picture
   you don’t want. To start this process you need select
   the image again by clicking on it. Before you crop your
   image you need to make sure you have the correct
   toolbar. You need to be able to see the ‘picture’ tool
   bar. If you can’t, select the ‘view’ drop down menu.

                                  Then hover the
                                  mouse over ‘toolbars’
                                  and make sure there is
                                  a tick next to
                                  ‘picture’. If there
                                  isn't, click to add a

 A toolbar looking like this should appear:

   This is the crop tool:

 When you click this icon the points around the
 frame of your box will change

Now using your mouse, you
can cut your picture down
as much as you like just by
moving these points as if
you are just resizing your
image.                         Don’t worry if you think
                               you have cut too much
                               off, you can just move
                               the points back out
                               again and the rest of
                               your picture will still be

Once you have cropped, resized and placed your picture
where you want, you can now add some text to you
    Adding Text to your
 Before you add text to your page, check you have the
 ‘Drawing’ toolbar. You can do this in the same way you did
 to see if you had the ‘picture’ toolbar.

Make sure there
is a tick next to

 You should be able to see a tool bar that looks like this:

   This is the text box icon you will use to add text to
   your page.

                               Click on the text box icon,
                               and draw a text box, where
                               you want to type, by holding
                               your left mouse button down
                               and drawing the text box by
                               moving the mouse.

                             Now you can type the text you
                             want straight into this box.

                                    You can then change the
                                    way your text appears,
                                    such as the font, colour,
                                    size and position. You
                                    can do this by using the
                                    drop down menus which
                                    are shown here.

You can also use the
‘format’ drop down menu,
click on ‘font’. This will
give you the same options
in a new window. When
you have changed your
font style and colour just
click on ‘ok’.                                                  8
 Once you have changed resized, cropped, positioned,
 added text and changed the appearance of your text,
 your page is finished.

Now you can make as many pages as you want with
different pictures and photos.

  Troubleshooting and
    Single left mouse clicks select something.
    Double left mouse clicks activate something.
    Right mouse clicks will give you a menu depending on
    the image or text selected at the time.
    Hover the mouse in the middle of your picture or text
    box and hold down the left mouse button. Now move
    the mouse to move your picture or text box.

                                     How do I put a clip art
                                   image in, not a photo?
                                   Instead of selecting ‘from
                                   file’ when you hover
                                   your mouse over
                                   ‘picture’ on the ‘insert’
                                   drop down menu, select

  How do I change my Page
from Portrait to Landscape?
Go to file and select ‘page set-
up’ a new window will appear
where you can change the
orientation of your page.

  How do I change my page style so it’s a
different size?
In the ‘Page Setup’ window, click on ‘paper’
at the top of the window, then select the
‘paper size’ drop down menu. Click on the
paper size you want, for instance A5, and
then click ‘ok’.
 What is the ‘copy and past’ process?
 First you have to copy the image. You do this by selecting it,
 then right clicking so a menu appears. Select ‘copy’. Then click
 away from the image, right click again and select paste. Your
 image will then copy and you can then place it where you want

  I want to carry out a task, but I don’t know how to begin?
The most easiest way to find out how to carry out a task, is to
look through the menus. All the tasks you are able to carry out
will be under the drop down menus.


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