Consent to Assignment of Lease

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									This is an agreement whereby one party assigns or transfers a lease to a new party.
This agreement transfers the original tenant's (the "Assignor") rights and interests in the
leased premises to a new party (the "Assignee"). Some leases require the consent of
the landlord to assign a lease to a third party. This particular document should be used
if the original lease requires landlord consent and if that consent has been obtained by
the parties. This agreement should be used by individuals or entities that wish to assign
a lease to a third party when the original lease requires landlord consent.
                      CONSENT TO ASSIGNMENT OF LEASE
This Consent to Assignment Of Lease (the “Consent”) is made and entered into this
________________ day of __________________, 20__ (the “Effective Date”) by and between
____________________________            (“Landlord”             or           “Lessor”),
_____________________________ [NAME OF CURRENT TENANT] (“Tenant” or
“Assignor”), and __________________________________ [NAME OF PERSON OR

WHEREAS, Tenant (as Lessee and Assignor) and Landlord (as Lessor) have entered into a
certain Lease Agreement dated ___________, 20__ (the “Lease”), with respect to the premises
located                    at:                  ___________________________________
______________________________________________ [PROVIDE SPECIFIC ADDRESS

WHEREAS, Assignee and Tenant/Assignor have entered into a certain Assignment and
Assumption of Lease dated _____________, 20__ (the “Assignment Agreement”) attached
hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit “A;” {Instruction: Attach the assignment of lease to
the end of this Consent}

WHEREAS, Assignor and Assignee have requested Landlord consent to the Assignment
Agreement and the transaction described therein; and

WHEREAS, Landlord has agreed to give such consent upon the terms and conditions contained

NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the covenants and obligations contained
herein, Landlord, Assignor, and Assignee represent and agree to the terms set forth below.


1.      In consideration of the acknowledgments and representations contained in this Consent,
Landlord hereby consents to Assignor’s assignment to Assignee all of Assignor’s right, title, and
interest in the Lease. This Consent shall neither constitute a waiver of the obligation of Assignor
or Assignee to obtain Landlord’s consent to any subsequent assignment, sublease, or other
transfer of premises under the Lease nor shall it constitute a waiver of any existing defaults under
the Lease.

2.     Assignee will fully assume all the obligations and responsibilities of Assignee under the
Lease, from the period of ________________, 20__ [PROVIDE EXACT DATE WHEN
ASSIGNEE WILL ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY] until the end of the term of the Lease.

3.      Nothing in the Assignment Agreement or this Consent shall be deemed or construed to
modify, amend, or affect the provisions of the Lease or Tenant’s obligations thereunder, which
shall continue to apply to the Premises and the occupants of the Premises as if the Assignment

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had not been made. It is expressly understood that Assignee shall remain liable for all tenant
obligations under the Lease, including but not limited to, the obligation to pay Landlord for all
adjustments of rent and other additional charges to be paid and performed by Tenant under the

4.      Nothing in this Consent shall be construed as relieving or releasing Assignor from any of
its obligations under the Lease, and it is expressly understood that Assignor shall remain liable
for all obligations to be paid and performed by Tenant under the Lease, if Assignee fails to
perform them. Notwithstanding anything in the contrary, Assignor and Assignee hereby
acknowledge and agree that both Assignor and Assignee shall be jointly and severally liable for
all such obligations under the Lease.

5.     Assignee acknowledges that the Assignment Agreement is subject to the terms of the
Lease and does not modify either party’s obligations under the Lease. Assignee undertakes to
perform all of the terms under the Lease, as though Assignee were the original tenant.

6.      Assignee shall not further assign the Lease or sublet or transfer the Premises, or any part
thereof, without the prior written consent of Landlord.

7.     Assignor represents and warrants that it has not failed to disclose to Landlord any
information which, if known by Landlord, might provide grounds for Landlord to reasonably
withhold consent to the Assignment of the Lease to Assignee.

8.      This Consent constitutes the entire agreement as between Landlord and Assignor
pertaining to its subject matter and supersedes any prior negotiations, representations,
agreements, and understandings of the parties with respect to such matters, whether written or
oral. The parties acknowledge that they have not relied on any promise, representation, or
warranty, expressed or implied, not contained in this Consent.

9.     The Covenants and obligations set forth in this Consent shall be binding upon the heirs,
executors, successors, legal representatives, administrators, and assigns of the parties.

10.    This Consent may be executed in one or more counterparts each of which shall be
deemed an original copy of the Agreement and all of which, together, shall be considered one
and the same document.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, Landlord, Assignor and Assignee have executed this Consent on the
day and year first above written.

                             [SIGNATURE PAGE TO FOLLOW]

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Landlord:    ______________________________
             Landlord’s signature
      By:    ____________________________________
             Name of Landlord or Authorized Agent

Assignor:    ______________________________
             Assignor’s signature
      By:    ____________________________________
             Name of Assignor or Authorized Agent

Assignee:    ______________________________
             Assignee’s signature
      By:    ____________________________________
             Name of Assignee or Authorized Agent

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