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Monthly Sales Report

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The Monthly Sales Report is a template spreadsheet that can be used to calculate monthly and year-to-date sales figures. The user should enter actual and budgeted figures for: the number of units, amount, number of orders, and average order value. The spreadsheet will calculate the amount of difference between the actual and budgeted figures and will also calculate the percent variance. Sales staff and management should use this template to report monthly sales results.

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									Monthly Sales Report
Sales Department:

                                                            Month                              Year-To-Date
                                                                      Variance                            Variance
                                          Actual   Budget           Amt        %   Actual   Budget      Amt        %

                    Units                                             -                                       -
                    Amount                                            -                                       -
                    # of Orders                                       -                                       -
                    Average Order Value                               -                                       -

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