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					동종약이 비만치료에도 ?

아래 내용은 웹상에서 발취한 비만치료 동종약물에 대한 광고 입니다. 비만치료에 대한 동종약물 의 효능이 어느 정도인지 저도 잘 알지는 못합니다. 그러나 원리상으로 보면 살을 뺀다기보다 원 래의 체질적 특성에 맞게 몸과 마음을 조화롭게 해줌으로써 비만과 비만관련 심리증상을 해소할 수 있지 않을까 생각합니다. Weight Control to promote weight loss. Specifically formulated to address all 3 main concerns when working to lose weight: enhancing metabolism, curbing hunger, reducing cravings. Weight Control is a combination of basic remedies proven to reduce overeating. Formulated for body types with a tendency for overweight problems. Improve poor digestion and slow metabolism. Includes Calcarea Carb 4C--for the person with a sluggish metabolism, fatigue, excess hunger, soft muscles. Graphites 4C--for the large bone person with a large appetite. Hunger both during meals and in-between meals. Nux Vomica 4C--for the overindulger. Overeats and overdrinks. Loves rich fancy foods. Anacardium orient 4C--for weak digestion. Antimonium crud 4C--for excess hunger even after eating. Iodium 4C, from iodine, for thyroid support, for excess appetite, bulimy, eats too much and too often. Suggested dosage is 1 tablet 3-4 times a day. Same great formula as our Weight Loss 75 pellets, now in a larger 120 tablet s

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