New Online Course in CMOS Analogue Circuit Design Available by she20208


									                                                                                          January 2008


                                 Press Release
   New Online Course in CMOS Analogue Circuit Design Available
                           from iSLI
The Institute for System Level Integration (iSLI) based in Livingston, Scotland has developed a new
distance learning course on CMOS Analogue Circuit Design. The course was created in conjunction
with Professor Philip Allen of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, who is regarded as one of
the leading international authorities on analogue circuit design.

Although this is the first time this course has been put into an electronic format, Professor Allen has
been delivering his world-renowned five-day course in CMOS/BiCMOS Analogue Design at iSLI for
several years. Now a wider audience can be reached thanks to the conversion of his high-quality
teaching material into a web-friendly format. Access to the course is gained via the internet using a
MOODLE (VLE) interface - an online education environment that provides virtual classrooms. Tony
Harker, CEO at iSLI commented that „this resource eliminates the need for travel and gives the
student freedom in what to study and how fast.‟

The course content has been divided into 40 segments that deal with various topics including
technology, modeling, subcircuits, amplifiers, high performance circuits, comparators, D/A and A/D
converters. The length of the broadcast is 38 hours. Most segments are followed by a multiple choice
quiz which gives the student real time feedback in regard to mastery of the topics. Professor Allen

        Understanding how to accomplish the design of analogue integrated circuits is a crucial step
        in designing successful circuits. The tendency to use the computer for design of analogue
        circuits is very risky, especially for those who are not experienced. This course presents an in
        depth examination of the elements of design and the influence and interaction with
        technology.    It is focused on helping to understand how circuits work and how the
        performance of these circuits can be modified to achieve certain results

The course is designed for a wide audience with a background in electronics including electronic
design companies, project and line managers and design engineers. For more information go to


Editors’ notes:
                                                                                               January 2008

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Founded in 1998, iSLI (the Institute for System Level Integration) provides postgraduate education,
professional training and research in system level integration incorporating cross over technologies
such as hardware, embedded software, MNT/MEMS.

A collaboration of the computing science, informatics and electronic engineering departments of the
universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Heriot-Watt and Strathclyde, and Scottish Enterprise, the Institute
is the first centre of excellence in system level integration to be established worldwide. Its aim is to
support the development of electronics systems design worldwide and to encourage the exploration of
new technologies through research.

iSLI‟s operations are underpinned by funding from Scottish Enterprise, UK Central Research and HE
funding agencies, and substantial sponsorship funding, including “expert in-kind support” from
companies in the microelectronics industry.

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