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					            CMOS Analog Circuit Design Online Course
              Presented by Professor Phillip Allen

iSLI and Professor Phillip Allen, Georgia        This course presents an in-depth
Institute of Technology, Atlanta, regarded as    examination of the elements of design and
one of the foremost international authorities    the influence and interaction with
on analog circuit design together have           technology. It is focused on helping to
developed a “Masterclass via Distance            understand how circuits work and how the
Learning” course on CMOS Analog Circuit          performance of these circuits can be
Design.                                          modified to achieve certain results.

Professor Allen has been delivering his world-   The course consists of 40 lectures which
renowned five-day course in CMOS/BiCMOS          totals 38 hours broadcast time that deal
Analog Design at iSLI for several years. Now,    with various segments from:
a new online distance learning version is
available reaching an even wider audience,          Technology
involving the conversion of Professor Allen’s       Modeling
high-quality classroom teaching materials           Subcircuits
into a new, web-friendly format.                    Amplifiers
                                                    High performance circuits
This online course has been designed for a          Comparators
wide audience with a background in                  D/A and A/D Converters.
electronics including:
                                                 Most segments are followed by a multiple
 Electronic design companies with their own     choice quiz giving students real time
  in-house training programmes                   feedback in regard to mastery of the
 Project and line managers who wish to
  gain detailed knowledge of the Analog          Access to the course is gained via the
  design process                                 internet and MOODLE (VLE) interface, an
                                                 online education environment providing
 Design engineers seeking to increase their     virtual classrooms.
  understanding of the key principles,
  concepts and techniques of Analog CMOS

Course Content

This online analog course has been
developed because understanding how to
accomplish the design of analog integrated
circuits is a crucial step in designing
successful circuits. The tendency to use the
computer for design of analog circuits is very
risky, especially for those who are not

            iSLI, Heriot-Watt Research Park, Research Avenue North, Edinburgh, EH14 4AP
    tel: +44 (0)131 510 0670 fax: +44(0)131 449 3141 email:
Using MOODLE, students work                    specification. Also covered are many
independently, at their own pace following     shorthand calculation techniques which allow
course material provided via the internet      a designer to rapidly analyse a design without
allowing them to conveniently accommodate      recourse to simulation. I would
their skill-development needs around           wholeheartedly recommend this course to
employment and personal commitments            any designer wishing to strengthen their
eliminating the need for travel.               analog skill set.”

                                               Course Models

                                               This online course is available via three

                                                   Single user access

                                                   Group access (corporate licenses only)

Course material is modular and access is           Fixed Term/Open Access (corporate
granted for one year starting from the day          licenses only).
of registration.
                                               Registration Fees
Course Tutor
                                                    Single user access—£950 + UK sales
Professor Phillip Allen holds the                    tax (15%) per person
Schlumberger Chair in Microelectronics at
Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta,         5 Mentor Graphics Passbook tokens per
USA. Professor Allen has worked and                  person can be used for single user
consulted with many companies, including             access.
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, General
Motors (Delco), Pacific Missile Range, Texas        Discounts are available for group
Instruments and Lockhead Research                    access and fixed term / open access.
Laboratory.                                          Please contact iSLI for further
Professor Phillip Allen has carried out
research and taught in several universities, NMI members are entitled to a 15% discount.
including the University of California and
Texas A&M University. He is also the author Enquiries
of several major textbooks.
                                             For further information on this online course,
Testimonial                                  please contact Rosanne Holburn on
                                             +44 (0)131 510 0669 or email
Rob Walkington, Dialog Semiconductor K.K,
Japan. “The iSLI CMOS Analog Circuit
Design online course stands out particularly Alternatively you can download the course
in the area of operational amplifiers. The   booking form.
course approach is uniquely effective in
describing a structured method to satisfy
the many diverse requirements of a design

           iSLI, Heriot-Watt Research Park, Research Avenue North, Edinburgh, EH14 4AP
   tel: +44 (0)131 510 0670 fax: +44(0)131 449 3141 email: