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									Advanced burndown technology for corn, soybeans and edible beans.

CleanStart Plus

From Nufarm

Grower’s Report

A new beginning for row crops, forage crops
and many vegetable and fruit crops.
Getting effective early season weed control has always been           Key advantages:
a challenge in row crops, forage crops and other sensitive
                                                                      1. Significantly faster burndown.
high value crops such as vegetables and fruits.
                                                                             • Faster weed control than glyphosate alone.
Fortunately, there is a new specialty pre-plant burndown
available. One that has been tried and tested across                         • Same-day seeding.
Canada – and has received an overwhelming stamp of
approval from Canadian farmers.                                       2. Superior weed control.

CleanStart® Plus, from Nufarm, is an advanced new                            • CleanStart Plus controls weeds that straight
herbicide solution for your most valuable (and often most                      glyphosate and other specialty burndown
vulnerable) crops. CleanStart Plus’s unique formulation offers                 products do not:
enhanced pre-plant weed control in corn, soybeans, edible                    • Chickweed • Dandelion* • Winter Annuals
beans and a variety of other crops.
                                                                             * Spring germinating plants only.
CleanStart Plus is a non-selective herbicide that combines
glyphosate with carfentrazone, a new Group 14 chemistry.              3. No crop rotation restrictions.

                                                                             • CleanStart Plus has no residual.

                                                                      4. Economically priced.
 Note: This report is for information purposes only, and
 contains descriptions based on grower experience. Please read the
 product label for approved usage and application instructions.

                                                                                                  Breaking with tradition.
CleanStart Plus

    Key weeds controlled by                                     Registered crops (following burndown):
    CleanStart Plus:                                            •   Soybeans                   • Cucurbit Vegetables
    • Dandelion                   •   Lambsquarters             •   Corn                       • Tomatoes
      (spring germinating)        •   Redroot Pigweed           •   Edible Beans               • Peppers
    • Stinkweed                   •   Smartweed                 •   Peas
    • Shepherd’s Purse            •   Tansy Mustard             •   Wheat
    • Velvetleaf                  •   Chickweed                 •   Oats
    • Spreading Atriplex          •   Curled Dock               •   Barley
    • And many other perennials

    • Plus, all weeds controlled by glyphosate.

    Put to the test by Canadian farmers.
    Nufarm Agriculture has built our business by listening to   In response, Nufarm has developed CleanStart® Plus
    farmers. This has allowed us to introduce new products      herbicide as a specialized solution for Canadian farmers.
    designed to fill specific needs that are not being
                                                                This report includes results from field trials conducted by
                                                                growers. We hope you can benefit from their insights.
    Those growing row crops, forage crops and other high
    value crops have expressed frustration at the lack of
    pre-plant burndown options.

        Summary of grower responses
        to CleanStart Plus:
        • 90% of growers rated visual control as Good to
          Excellent (7 days after treatment).
        • 95% indicated that CleanStart Plus is easy to use.
        • 86% said they would be using CleanStart Plus again!

Weeds present at application.                         •   Dandelions (Spring Germinating )   •   Lambsquarters
                                                      •   Chickweed                          •   Sow Thistle
The CleanStart Plus grower trials covered all
                                                      •   Stinkweed                          •   Redroot Pigweed
soil zones. As a result, weed pressure varied
                                                      •   Volunteer Canola                   •   Round Leaf Mallow
dramatically from one trial location to another.
                                                      •   Flixweed                           •   Cinquefoil
Here is a list summarizing the weeds that
                                                      •   Wild Buckwheat                     •   Curled Dock
growers indicated were present at the time of
                                                      •   Mustard                            •   Henbit
                                                      •   Shepherd’s Purse                   •   Volunteer Cereals
                                                      •   Bitter Cress

Grower feedback:
Weed control.
Two hundred of the growers surveyed provided
feedback on visual control of weeds: 7 and
14 Days After Treatment (DAT). The results are
relatively consistent in terms of control after one
week and two. The observations of growers
after 7 days indicate product expectations
were met in terms of early visible control.

Grower satisfaction.
The response to this new product from first time
users was extremely positive. The vast majority
of farmers indicated that they were very satisfied
with the overall control and performance of
CleanStart Plus.

An overwhelming number of growers indicated
they would use CleanStart Plus herbicide again.
Nearly all growers surveyed rated CleanStart
Plus as an easy product to use.
 Faster, more effective control.

The key advantage of CleanStart Plus is faster burndown                    Research shows CleanStart Plus’s advanced burndown
results. Growers commented on CleanStart Plus’s surprisingly               combination of carfentrazone and glyphosate is far more
quick activity... noting visible signs of control appear much              effective than glyphosate alone.
quicker with CleanStart Plus, compared to glyphosate alone.

 Common Lambsquarters                             Dandelion control                                  Fleabane control
100                                              100                                                100

90                                                90                                                 90

80                                                80                                                 80

70                                                70                                                 70

60                                                60                                                 60

50                                                50                                                 50

40                                                40                                                 40

30                                                30                                                 30

20                                                20                                                 20

10                                                10                                                 10

  0                                                0                                                  0
         3 DAT              14-20 DAT                    3 DAT       7-10 DAT   30 DAT                      3 DAT     7-10 DAT    14-20 DAT

Common Chickweed

                                                                Premium burndown

                                                                at an affordable price.

                                                                With CleanStart Plus you get premium
                                                                control at a price comparable to a
30                                                              1.5 L/acre rate of glyphosate.


      3 DAT      7-10 DAT    14-20 DAT

 No residual.                            A large number of growers were impressed by the fact CleanStart Plus has no residual – a
                                         unique advantage. These farmers indicated the lack of residual gives them greater flexibility
                                         to choose which crops can follow in the rotation.

“CleanStart Plus worked really well for us. There’s no                     “What sold producers on CleanStart Plus was the fact
residue on the ground and the crop was really clean.                       we would be able to come back and seed the crop
                                   John Bradish, Grower, Talbotville, ON   directly after tilling.”
                                                                                Randy Martin, Crop Specialist, Sprucedale AgroMart, Sprucedale, ON
“I like the way CleanStart Plus mixes in the tank. It’s
quick and easy. The price point is attractive.”
                                   Eddie Zehetner, Grower, Hensall, ON
Improved weed control.

     CleanStart Plus controls all of the same weeds as glyphosate – but with much faster action.

     Where it stands out is its early control of spring germinating dandelions, chickweed, fleabane and lambsquarters.

Weed                   Grower comments
Chickweed              “Chickweed was very small and CleanStart Plus stopped its growth.”
Dandelion              “Impressed with control of dandelion when I saw "check/miss" in field.” “Only carcasses that were noticeable
                       were dandelion.”
Lambsquarters          “The one thing that impressed me was how quickly it acted on some of the weeds.”
Quackgrass             “Really impressed with quackgrass control 5 days after; at about 7-10 days the quack grass was smoked.”
Shepherd’s Purse       “Pretty good – looked better than straight glyphosate.”
Sow Thistle            “Impressed with the weed control. The weeds were definitely dead.”
Redroot Pigweed        “Worked very well on smaller weeds, field is very clean even now.”

  “Everything died down quicker with CleanStart Plus than a straight glyphosate application. With
  CleanStart Plus the weeds were dead within a week. With Roundup you don’t see anything within
  that time.”                                                                Eddie Zehetner, Grower, Hensall, ON

  “With CleanStart Plus you really had to look to find a weed afterwards. It did what we were hoping.
  There’s no reason we wouldn’t use it again.”
                                                                                                    John Bradish, Grower, Talbotville, ON

  “We were impressed that we didn’t see any escapes of the real big ‘woody’ broadleaves. At harvest we
  looked at the bottom of the canopy. There was very little sign of new weed growth after harvest.”

                                                                      Randy Martin, Crop Specialist, Sprucedale AgroMart, Sprucedale, ON

                      3” rosette

                                                                                 Weed staging: CleanStart Plus is registered to
                                                                                 control spring germinating dandelions with a
                                                                                 rosette that is 3” or less in diameter.
3 key tips to maximizing performance with CleanStart Plus:

 recommendations:                                              CleanStart Plus
  The following application                                    technical
  recommendations are based on the
  experiences of growers, who shared                           information.
  insights on “what worked” and
  “what didn’t.”                                               Ingredients:

                                                               • Carfentrazone (Group 14) • Glyphosate (Group 9)

                                                               Registered incoming crops:
  Ensure thorough coverage.
                                                               • Corn                         • Soybeans
  Spray quality and weed coverage is of utmost importance
  when using CleanStart Plus.                                  • Edible Beans                 • Peas
                                                               • Wheat                        • Barley
  Growers reported the greatest success when CleanStart
                                                               • Oats                         • Other Vegetable Crops
  Plus was applied with small, uniform droplets. Higher
                                                               • Other Fruit Crops
  water volume was also seen to provide better coverage.
                                                               Key weeds controlled:
       1. Increase spray pressure to ensure fine-medium
          spray quality.                                       • Dandelion                    • Chickweed
                                                                 (spring-germinating)         • Winter Annuals
       2. Use the higher recommended water volume
          (18 gallons/acre).                                   • Lambsquarters                • Redroot Pigweed
                                                               • Stinkweed                    • Smartweed
  * For advice on how to maximize spray quality with your
                                                               • Shepherd’s Purse             • Velvetleaf
  equipment consult with your farm supply retailer.

                                                               • Apply as a burndown prior to seeding. Will only
  Apply at or before the                                         control emerged weeds. For optimal control apply
                                                                 to actively growing weeds up to 4” tall or rosettes
  optimum weed stage.
                                                                 up to 3” across.
  The rule of thumb is to spray when the weeds are less
  than 4” tall or have a 3” rosette or less. Refer to the      Rates:
  CleanStart Plus label for details.                           • 30 mL/acre of carfentrazone plus 1.0 L/acre of
                                                                 glyphosate (360 g/L).

                                                               • 1 case treats 20 acres.
  Seed as early as possible.
                                                               Ask your authorized dealer for specific rates for problem
  Growers who were able to get the crop planted
  soon after burndown had great success. Early seeding
  allows sensitive, high value crops to establish themselves   Cropping restrictions:
  – making them more competitive.
                                                               • None. CleanStart Plus carries no residual.
  That said, mind the weather. CleanStart Plus must be
  applied to dry weeds. Do not apply if rain is expected
  within 3 hours following application. Ensure the weeds
  are actively growing. Avoid windy days to reduce drift.
CleanStart Plus Frequently Asked Questions.
Q:   What is carfentrazone?                                     Q:   How can you tell spring germinating
                                                                     dandelions from perennials and winter
A:   Carfentrazone is the key ingredient in CleanStart Plus.
     It is a Group 14 chemical, exclusive to Nufarm in
     Canada. Benefits include fast acting control, same day     A:   There are a few things to look for when scouting your
     seeding and no residual. By combining carfentrazone             field prior to a spring burndown. If field history lists
     with glyphosate, CleanStart Plus provides wide                  dandelions as a recurring problem, this is usually an
     spectrum control of emerged weeds, and is ideally               indication of a perennial dandelion infestation. Dead
     suited to high value crops.                                     leaves around the rosette indicate they are either
                                                                     perennials or winter annuals. If all else fails, dig up a
Q:   Name three things I can do to get the best
                                                                     few dandelions. A thick taproot is a sure sign that it is
     performance from CleanStart Plus.
                                                                     a perennial.
A:   1. Ensure optimum spray quality (fine-medium
                                                                Q:   Does water volume make a difference?
                                                                A:   Growers who applied CleanStart Plus with a water
     2. Follow recommended weed staging;
                                                                     volume of 18 gallons/acre had extremely successful
     3. Spray early/plant early.                                     results. Higher volume ensures more uniform coverage,
                                                                     which positively impacts performance.
Q:   In terms of weed staging, what is the
     optimum time to spray?                                     Q:   Can I tank mix additional glyphosate with
                                                                     CleanStart Plus to get better control of
A:   As a contact herbicide, CleanStart Plus will control
                                                                     quackgrass and dandelion?
     emerged weeds only. For best results, apply while the
     weeds are less than 4” tall. Rosettes should be 3” in      A:   Yes. You can add Credit® Plus or another similarly
     diameter or less. For volunteer canola, CleanStart Plus         formulated glyphosate product to boost control of
     will offer optimum control at the 2 to 3 leaf stage.            quackgrass and dandelion. Please consult label for
                                                                     details or contact your farm supply retailer.
Q:   What is a spring germinating dandelion?

A:   A spring germinating dandelion is a seedling in the
     spring. It has not over wintered and does not have a
     highly established root system. The rosette will be less
     than 3” diameter. (See page 5).
                                       Fully serviced
                                        by Nufarm.
                                    CleanStart Plus is fully backed and
                                  serviced by Nufarm. If a performance
                                    related concern arises, Nufarm will
                                   strive to respond quickly and resolve
                                        any questions to the grower’s

 50 years. 100 countries. 1 priority:
Helping crops and customers prosper.
  Nufarm is not quite as new as you may think. However, after nearly
  10 years operating in Canada, Nufarm has introduced a refreshingly
            new way of thinking that breaks from tradition.
A simple, no-hassle approach of doing business. No rebates. No bundling.
 No programs. Just high-quality, fully-backed products that are efficiently
   manufactured – allowing us to pass greater savings onto customers.
         Did you know? Nufarm is the world’s largest manufacturer of MCPA; the second largest
           manufacturer of bromoxynil and 2,4-D; and the number two supplier of glyphosate.

                        Breaking with tradition.

   For more information on CleanStart Plus speak with your local retailer or contact Nufarm directly.
                   Nufarm Grower Information Line 1-800-868-5444

    Nufarm Agriculture Inc. PO Box 44055 South Centre Postal Outlet, Calgary, Alberta T2J 7C5

                                ALWAYS READ LABELS BEFORE USING.
                          CleanStart® Plus is a registered trademark of Nufarm Agriculture Inc.
                          Credit® Plus is a registered trademark of Nufarm Agriculture Limited.
                              All other products are trademarks of their respective owners.

                                                      March 2008

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