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experimental music
     and film

            AARCL UNG (Providence) is a bunch of folks, origins include Baltimore,                                                                Ernst Karel (Chicago) plays trumpet and analog
            Bologna, Bristol, Bridesburg, Barrington, birth years ranging from 1967                                                               modular electronics. Since abandoning classical
            to 1987. Their name that came in a dream, spelling and all. This is true,                                                             trumpet in early adulthood, he has explored ways
            really.                                                                                                                               of expanding the vocabulary of the trumpet both
            The performers have previously released music on a wide range of                                                                      acoustically and electronically. In addition to his
            labels including, but not limited to: Time-lag, Breathmint, Bowindo, Load,
            Entshuldigen, Music Fellowship, Massdist, Intransitive, Breaking World                                                                work as a performer and composer, he is also
            Records, Sadness is in the Sky, Kraak, Last Visible Dog, etc.                                                                         involved in creating sound installations and works

                                                                                                                                                  for radio.

            http://aarclung.blogspot.com                                                                                                          http://www.soundfield.org/SF04/EK_bio.html

                                                                                                             M u l l e n
                                                                                                             G e o f f
                                                                                      Anna Friz
                              Since 1998, Anna Fritz (Toronto and Montréal)                                                      Geoff Mullen (Providence) The Wire’s new super star, Geoff Mullen,
                              has predominantly created self-reflexive radio                                                      is nothing new to us. Here in Providence he’s a staple at nearly any
                              for broadcast, installation or performance, where                                                  show worth seeing, but instead of developing a solid roster of standards,
                              radio is the source, subject, and medium of the                                                    every night it is something different, he’s trying something new. His
                              work. From the childhood fiction of “the little people                                              second full-length CD shows Mullen working in much the same way he
                              in the radio” to documentary remixes of live                                                       does live, namely, ‘The Air in Pieces’ is a completely different side of
                              political events, she creates dynamic, atmospheric                                                 Mullen than the one we hear on his first CD and the compilation.
                              works equally able to reflect upon public media                                                     ‘The Air in Pieces’ conjures vacant worlds, glaciers and the near frozen
                              culture or to reveal interior landscapes. Anna is a                                                ecosystems underneath them, endless skylines and silence save the
                              free103point9.org transmission artist                                                              sound of your own breath.
                              http://www.kunstradio.at/BIOS/frizbio.html                                                         http://www.lastvisibledog.com/096.htm

            AREA C (Providence) was formed in 2003 by Erik Carlson in order to                                 Skeletons Out (Boston) is earth-shaking rumble, fuzzy warble
            turn sounds created by guitar, organ, percussion, field recordings and                              and unsteady clatter by the duo of Howard Stelzer (of Intransitive
            other analog sources into manipulated but recognizably organic sound                               Recordings, playing cassette tapes) and Jay Sullivan (of We Break
            scapes. Largely based around improvisation and the recording medium                                More Records, on prepared records and amplified turntable). Two

            as compositional tools, AREA C explores both extremes -- severe sonic

                                                                                                               guys who put out records, using records and tape recordings to
            manipulation within computer and/or tape deck, and the live creation of                            make new recordings. Wicked meta.
            both subtle and overloaded rooms of sound in live show settings. titled
            “traffics + discoveries.”

                                                                                                             C h a u v e a u
                                                                                                             S y l v a i n
                                                                                           Eric Leonardson

 Eric Leonardson (Chicago) is a composer, radio artist, sound designer,                                                        Sylvain Chauveau (Paris) has done four albums, melodic compositions
 instrument inventor, and improviser. His work in the field of experimental sound                                               for piano, strings, winds and discreet electronic sounds, with silence as
 began in the mid-80s when he co-founded the Experimental Sound Studio                                                         a musical element in itself. He opened a few times for Sigur Ros (2002,
 and directed one of Chicago’s first internationally broadcast radio art programs.                                              2003), played with Christian Fennesz (Musique Action festival 2004) and
 Since 1995 he has created the sound design for Plasticene, one of Chicago’s                                                   did remixes for some bands. Film director Thomas de
 experimental theater companies. Leonardson’s music is distinguished by the                                                    Thier asked him to compose the original soundtrack
 unique sounds of his self-built instrument, the “Springboard”. In addition to his                                             to his movie “Feathers in my head” (2004). He also
 practice in theater, film, and radio he performs with respected experimental,                                                  did soundtracks for films by Sébastien Betbeder (long
 improvising musicians and sound artists from Chicago and the world.                                                           feature film soon), for choregraphers and for
 Leonardson teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.                                                             performances with writers.
 http://ericleonardson.org/                                                                                                    http://www.sylvainchauveau.net
      4pm: Aarcl Ung
    5pm: Skeletons Out
      6pm: Anna Friz
   7pm: Eric Leonardson
        8pm: Area C
9pm: Sylvain Chauveau with
       Joshua Convey
     10pm: Ernst Karel
    11pm: Geoff Mullen

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