2008 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

SECTION:    Administration

GOAL:       Create a course of action for the fire department that will facilitate
            planning and help operational effectiveness.

Action Plan

  1. Create goals and objectives utilizing a planning process
        a. Started January 2008
        b. Seek input from members on fire department and personal goals

  2. Evaluate goals and objectives quarterly.

  3. Continue to support an effective means of maintaining information
     collected and used by the fire department
         a. Continue to utilize Fire Programs Software
         b. Start Medical reporting feature in Fire programs
         c. Provide quarterly Daily reporting data collection reports to all

  4. Explore GIS Technology and applications for the fire department.
        a. Response Time Modeling
        b. Mapping – Incident / hydrant locations
        c. Analysis and Planning – Standards of Cover
        d. Pre-Incident Planning

  5. Continue to up-date and create new Standard Operating Guidelines.
       a. On-going updates as needed.
       b. Evaluate the need for additional SOG’s through training and
           incident responses.

  6. Continue to work with area fire departments to promote regional
     cooperation and collaboration.
        a. Continued representation at County Fire Chief’s meetings
        b. Continue to offer training services to area fire departments
        c. Continue to maintain a presence and provide input at local, regional
           and state decision making forums.

           2008 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

7. Continue to enhance relationships with neighboring jurisdictions and
      a. Continue to network with the Dekalb Safe School Committee
      b. Continue to network with the LEPC
      c. Continue to network within District 3 to promote cohesiveness with
         all agencies.
      d. Dekalb County Triad / Safe Kids

8. Demonstrate sound fiscal management
     a. Operate within the approved budget
     b. Explore alternate means of funding (i.e. grants)

9. Continue Promotion of Wellness/Fitness to all members
     a. Exercise equipment purchased as needed
     b. Continue to encourage and provide physical fitness programs
         through the department’s personal trainers, fitness “handbook”,
         personal programs and monitoring.
     c. Continue annual in-depth medical physical examinations

10. Continue preventive maintenance on apparatus and equipment

11. Maintain existing buildings and grounds
       a. Evaluate buildings and grounds
       b. Explore and identify future needs.

12. Maintain in-house repairs through Maintenance Supervisor’s position.

13. Continue to meet NIMS requirements / compliance
      a. Utilization of NIMS prescribed ICS during all incident response
      b. Training requirements; to include all levels as needed
      c. Exercises incorporating NIMS
      d. Complete Tier 1and Tier 2 metrics as required for 2008
      e. NIMCAST / NIMSCAST updates as required

              2008 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

SECTION:    Communications

GOAL:       Improve internal and external organizational effectiveness through
            enhanced communications.

Action Plan

  1. Enhance internal communications with all members.
        a. Continued use of department e-mail system.
        b. Continued use of department calendar system.
        c. Continued Weekly Chief Staff Meetings.
        d. Continued Monthly Officer Meetings.
        e. Establish quarterly meeting with all Volunteer Firefighters
        f. Up-dated messages using the nightly pager test.

  2. Review Goals and Objectives with all members
       a. 2008 Goals and Objectives posted by e-mail
       b. 2008 Goals and Objectives review to all members at meeting

  3. Explore a communications model using different levels and/or urgency

  4. Continue support of a County wide Central Dispatch system.

              2008 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

SECTION:    Operations - Training

GOAL:       Continue to provide safe and diverse training opportunities that
            focus on individual, departmental and community needs.
Action Plan

  1. Complete Training Tower

  2. Complete all Career Firefighter EMT Training

  3. Provide Training requirements to meet ISO recommendations
        a. Conduct 8 (3-hours) drills, per year
        b. Conduct 4 (3-hour) multi-company drills, per year
        c. Conduct 2 (3-hour) night drills, per year
        d. Officer Training – 2 days (6-hours) per year
        e. Driver/Operator training – 4 (3 hour) sessions per year
        f. New driver/operator – 40 hours classes

  4 Provide on-going training for department members
        a. Weekly training sessions
        b. Continue to provide State Certified classes
        c. On-line training classes – FEMA / NFA

  5. Provide on-going “specialized” training for department members
        a. Hazardous Material Team training
        b. Continue Technical Rescue Certifications per NPFA 1670 and
           IDHS Training Program for all members

  6. Continue to promote higher level education to all members.
       a. Continue to promote Ivy Tech Community College- Associate’s
           Degree program
       b. Continue to encourage participation in outside classes
       c. Send additional members to: TEEX – NFA - Anisten

  7. Continue expansion of the training center.
       a. Up-date - complete Confined Space area
       b. Add additional training props

  8. Continue to provide District 3 training for area departments.
       a. Mandatory Program
       b. Basic Firefighter


c. Firefighter 1 – Firefighter 2
d. Instructor I – II/III
e. Fire Officer I – I/II

              2008 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

SECTION:    Operations – Emergency Response

GOAL:       Continue to provide safe and effective emergency response while
            protecting the lives and property of our community.

Action Plan

  1. Explore / provide new equipment technology and advancements.
        a. New protective clothing up-dates
        b. Purchase 5-7 new sets of bunker gear
        c. Up-date equipment as needed

  2. Enhance fire ground operations and safety
        a. Enhance on-scene accountability
        b. Continue to refine the ICS / NIMS positions
        c. Enhance on-scene rehab using Support Firefighters
        d. Enhance on-scene Staging

  3. Provide Rapid Intervention Crews – RIC at all working fires

  4. Provide a more visible “Safety Officer” at all incidents

  5. Research Fire based EMS service

  6. Purchase New Engine (22)

              2008 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

SECTION:   Public Education – Public Appearances

GOAL:      Promote the effectiveness of Fire and Life Safety Education

Action Plan

   1. Continue presentation of current Public Education Programs to schools.
       a. Up-date current class outlines as needed
       b. Continue relationship with school administrators

   2. Continue to utilize the Internet website to provide fire safety information.
       a. Provide new department information
       b. Consumer safety product information
       c. Up-coming events

   3. Continue to provide informational presentations at various public events.
       a. Dekalb County Fair
       b. Industrial / Business Safety Days
       c. Continue involvement in community events – Neighborhood Block

   4. Increase utilization of local media (radio, TV, newspaper).
        a. Public Service Announcements

   5. Continue Smoke Alarm Program

   6. Continue Carbon Monoxide program

   7. Up-grade the “Survive Alive” house with new features
       a. Add simulated flame(s) to living room

   8. Train all Firefighters in effective public education program delivery

   9. Introduce new “Hazard House” program to upper level elementary
      school students.

   10. Provide Fire Department Color Guard with additional training

   11. Continue Color Guard appearances at local events

                2008 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

SECTION:      Fire Prevention / Inspection / Investigation / Safety

GOAL:         Provide the community and businesses with a proactive approach
              to identifying fire and life safety hazards through education and

Action Plan
  1. Inspect commercial occupancies annually.
        a. Continue and improve inspection program
        b. Provide a more educational process than an enforcement process.
        c. Continue to up-date building and occupant information

  2. Continue plan review on all new commercial occupancies and existing re-

  3. Continue relationship with City Building Department and others.
       a. Continue to conduct inspections with building officials
       b. Continue input at Routing Meetings
       c. Continue input at Address Committee meetings

  4. Continue Knox Box Program
       a. Continue up-dates to current Knox Boxes
       b. Continue maintenance program for Knox Boxes
       c. Strive to add Knox Boxes to businesses as needed

  5. Continue participation on Cities Safety Committee
       a. Submit safety reports to all members

  6. Continue participation in Fire Investigators Association of Indiana

  7     Fire Department Safety Committee
           a. Expand the role of the Safety Committee
           b. More visible Incident Safety Officer(s) at training sessions, and
              emergency incidents
           c. Complete fire department Safety SOG
           d. Complete and publish accidents reports to all members
           e. Complete OSHA Safety audit of both stations
           f. Create a culture within the fire department to address safety issues,
              not as enforcement but as improvements
           g. Review all accidents / injuries to determine needed changes in fire
              department operations.


h. Review, revise, and up-date Near Miss Program
i. Continue Quantitative fit test for SCBA masks for all members
j. Utilize Safety Committee recommendations when
   review/purchasing new equipment.

              2008 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

SECTION:    Public Relations / Customer Service

GOAL:       Develop a positive public perception about the fire department, its
            members, its programs, and its services.

Action Plan

  1. Continue utilization of press releases

  2. Provide service that exceeds Customer Expectations
        a. Review ISO rating
        b. Explore fire department accreditation through the Commission on
           Fire Accreditation International (CFAI)

  3. Continue to utilize the Internet website to provide information about the
        a. Keep current information available
        b. Keep photographs updated

  4. Maintain informational sign at Station 2

  5. Continue our utilization of various media outlets
       a. Radio
       b. Newspaper

              2008 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

SECTION:     Firefighter Recruitment / Retention

GOAL:       Recruit, Retain, and provide a recognition program for firefighters


  1. Continue to receive Volunteer Firefighters applications as needed

  2. Continue to explore opportunities to involve families into fire department

  3. Continue to explore a Firefighter Explorer Program

  4. Continue to promote Pride and Ownership within the department


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