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Jorge Emanuel Reis Cajazeira Degree on Mechanical Engineering and by qov12652


									Jorge Emanuel Reis Cajazeira

Degree on Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration.
MBA on Strategy.
MSC on Business Administration with thesis on Sustainability.

Senior Executive Officer for Strategic Affairs at Suzano Pulp and Paper (major paper/pulp
manufacturing in Brazil).

Chairman of the CEMPRE - Brazilian Association for Recycling.
Member of the Board of ABNT.
Member of the Board of the ONU/Global Compact in Brazil.
Chairman of the Innovation and Knowledge Management Committee of the Brazilian
Foundation for the National Quality Award.

Coordinator of TC 207/SC1 Brazilian mirror since 1985.
Coordinator of TC 176/SC2 Brazilian mirror since 2003.
Participation in all Plenary Meetings of the TC 207 since 1995 (Oslo)
Project Leader for CSR standards in Brazil.
Senior Member of Brazilian National Quality Award.

Awards received by Suzano Pulp and Paper under Cajazeira´s leadership:

2000 - ONU - Millennium Environmental Business Award
2001 - Brazilian National Quality Award
2003 - Social Responsibility Model - EXAME Magazine
2004 - 10 TOP Innovation Companies in Brazil
2004 - The Best 100 Places to Work in Brazil~

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