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   (Annual System) and Post-graduate Diploma in Business Management Parts-I & II(PGDBM)
    w.e.f. 17.5.2008.
                       ( THEORY EXAMINTION)
     Time of Examination: 2.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M. (EVENING SESSION)
  Date and Day          Subject and Paper
  MAY,2008                M.B.A Part-I and PGDBM Part-I
  19th, Monday          mba/PGDBM-501: Management Concepts and Organizational Behaviour
  24th, Saturday        mba/PGDBM-502: Quantitative Techniques and Research Methods
  27th, Tuesday         mba/PGDBM-503: Accounting for Management
  31st, Saturday        mba/PGDBM-504: Marketing Management
  3rd, Tuesday          mba/PGDBM-505: Human Resource Management
 7th, Saturday          mba/PGDBM-506: Financial Management

MAY,2008              M.B.A.Part-II and PGDBM Part-II
17th, Saturday      mba/PGDBM-601: Business Environment and Economics
21st, Wednesday     mba/PGDBM-602: Operations & Material Management
26th, Monday        mba/PGDBM-611: Financial Decisions Analysis
                    mba/PGDBM-621: Consumer Behaviour
                    mba/PGDBM-631: Human Resource Development
29th, Thursday      mba/PGDBM-612: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
                    mba/PGDBM-622: Sales and Distribution Management
                    mba/PGDBM-632: Human Resource Planning and Competency
JUNE,2008           mba/PGDBM-613: International Financial Management
2nd, Monday          mba/PGDBM-623: Retailing Management
                    mba/PGDBM-633: Management of Comparative Industrial Relations
5th, Thursday       mba/PGDBM-614: Financial Institutions and Markets
                    mba/PGDBM-624: International Marketing
                    mba/PGDBM-634: Labour Legislation in India
9th, Monday         mba/PGDBM-615: Merchant Banking and Financial Services
                    mba/PGDBM-625: Advertising Management and Communication
                    mba/PGDBM-635: Compensation Management
MAY,2008             M.B.A.Part-III
19th, Monday        mba-701: Total Quality Management
24th, Saturday      mba-702: Enterprise Computing and Information Systems
27th, Tuesday       mba-703: Business Policy and Strategic Management
31st, Saturday      mba-704: International Business Environment
JUNE,2008           mba-711:Project Management
3rd, Tuesday        mba-718: Managing Interpersonal Group Processes
                    mba-721: Marketing Management
                    mba-724: Quantitative Techniques & Research Methods
7th, Saturday       mba-712: Financial Derivatives
                    mba-715: Marketing Research
                    mba-722: Human Resource Management
                    mba-725: Business Environment and Economics

10th, Tuesday            mba-716: Service Marketing
                         mba-719: Managing Changes in Organizations
                         mba-723: Financial Management
NOTES: - On getting a question-paper and before answering it, the candidates should check up and
           ensure that they have been supplied with the correct question-paper. If the question-paper is
            not correct they may ask the Centre Superintendent for the same. Complaints in this regard
            after the examination shall not be entertained.
KURUKSHETRA                                       DR. HUKAM SINGH
15.4.2008                                CONTROLLER OF EXAMINATIONS
    List of Centres for various Post-graduate (Annual/Semester) examinations May/June, 2008
CODE NO.  NAME OF THE CENTRE                                      CODE NO.  NAME OF THE CENTRE
PANCHKULA                                                         KURUKSHETRA
A-161             Kalka, Govt. College                            A-213            Kurukshetra-1, Dronacharya Institute
A-162             Panchkula, Govt. College                                         of Mgt. & Technology
A-163             Goalpura (Barwala) Swami Devi Dyal              A-214            Kurukshetra-2, DN Mahila Mahavidyalaya
                  Institute of Pharmacy                           A-215            Kurukshetra-3, University College Bl-I
AMBALA                                                            A-216            Kurukshetra-4, University College Bl-II
A-164      Ambala City-1, DAV College                             A-217            Kurukshetra-5, University Community
A-165      Ambala City-2, SA Jain College                                          Hall BL-I
A-166      Ambala City-3, Shri Atma Nand                          A-218            Kurukshetra-6, University Community
           Jain Institute of Management & Technology                               Hall BL-II
A-167      Ambala Cantt-1, S.D. College                           A-219            Kurukshetra-7, Directorate of Distance Education
A-168      Ambala Cantt-2, GMN College                            A-220            Kurukshetra-8, Law Dept.
A-169      Ambala Cantt-3, Govt. College                          A-221            Kurukshetra-9, Institute of Law
A-170      Mullana, M.M.Institute of Medical                      A-222            Kurukshetra-10, Commerce Dept.
           Sciences & Research                                    A-223            Kurukshetra-11, Management Dept.
YAMUNA NAGAR                                                      A-224            Kurukshetra-12, Institute of Management
A-171      Yamuna Nagar-1 DAV College for Girls                   A-225            Kurukshetra-13, Tourism Dept.
A-172      Yamuna Nagar-2, GN Khalsa College Bl-I                 A-226            Kurukshetra-14, Social Work Dept.
A-173      Yamuna Nagar-3, GN Khalsa College Bl-II                A-227            Kurukshetra-15, Computer Science &
A-174      Yamuna Nagar-4, MLN College                                             Applications
A-175      Yamuna Nagar-5, TR Chadha Institute                    A-228            Kurukshetra-16, Education Dept.
           of Management & Technology                             A-229            Kurukshetra-17, Philosophy Dept.
A-176      Jagadhri-1 M.A.Mahavidyalya                            A-230            Kurukshetra-18, A.I.H. Cul &Arch.Dept.
A-177      Jagadhri-2, M.A.Institute of Mgt.&Tech.                A-231            Kurukshetra-19, Sanskrit Dept.
A-178      Radaur, SJPM Institute of Mgt. & Tech.                 A-232            Kurukshetra-20, Sociology Dept.
KARNAL                                                            A-233            Kurukshetra-21, Library Sc. Dept.
A-179      Karnal-1, Govt.College for Women                       A-234            Kurukshetra-22, Political Sc. Dept.
A-180      Karnal-2, Dyal Singh College                           A-235            Kurukshetra-23, Hindi Dept.
A-181      Karnal-3, Govt. College                                A-236            Kurukshetra-24, History Dept.
A-182      Karnal-4, GN Khalsa College                            A-237            Kurukshetra-25, Punjabi Dept.
A-183      Karnal-5, DAV College                                  .
A-184      Karnal-6, Doon Valley Institute of
           Management Technology                                  A-238            Kurukshetra-26, Economics Dept.
PANIPAT                                                           A-239            Kurukshetra-27, English Dept.
A-185      Panipat-1, I.B.College                                 A-240            Kurukshetra-28, Public Admn. Dept.
A-186      Panipat-2, S.D.College                                 A-241            Kurukshetra-29, Psychology Dept.
A-187      Panipat-3, Arya College                                A-242            Kurukshetra-30, Music & Dance Dept.
A-188      Israna, NC Institute of Computer Sc.                   A-243            Kurukshetra-31, Fine Arts Dept.
A-189      Karhans,Samalkha, Geeta Institute of                   A-244            Kurukshetra-32, Physical Education Dept.
           Management & Technology                                A-245            Kurukshetra-33, Institute of Journalism & Mass
A-190      Karsindhu (Safidon), PDM School of Pharmacy                             Communication
A-191      Safidon, Govt. College                                 A-246            Kurukshetra-34, Inst.of PharmaceuticalSc.
JIND                                                              A-247            Kurukshetra-35, Mathematics Dept
A-192      Jind-1, Govt. College                                  A-248            Kurukshetra-36, Zoology Dept.
A-193      Jind-2, CR Kisan College                               A-249            Kurukshetra-37, Statistics Dept.
A-194      Jind-3, Hindu Kanya Mahavidyalya                       A-250            Kurukshetra-38, Geo-Physics Dept.
A-195      Narwana, KM Govt. College                              A-251            Kurukshetra-39, Geography Dept.
HISAR                                                             A-252            Kurukshetra-40, Physics Dept.
A-196      Hisar-1, FC College for Women                          A-253            Kurukshetra-41, Chemistry Dept.
A-197      Hisar-2 Dayanand College                               A-254            Kurukshetra-42, Institute of Instrumentation
A-198      Hisar-3, Govt. College                                                  Engineering.
A-199      Hisar-4, CRM Jat College                               A-255            Kurukshetra-43, Electronic Science Dept.
FATEHABAD                                                         A-256            Kurukshetra-44, Bio-Chemistry Dept.
A-200      Fatehabad, M.M.College                                 A-257            Kurukshetra-45, Geology Dept.
SIRSA                                                             A-258            Kurukshetra-46, Environmental Sc.Dept.
A-201      Sirsa-1, CMK National Girls College                    A-259            Kurukshetra-47, Botany Dept.
A-202      Sirsa-2, Shah Satnam Ji Girls College                  A-260            Kurukshetra-48, Home Science Dept.
A-203      Sirsa-3, Govt.National College                         A-261            Kurukshetra-49, Bio-technology Dept.
A-204      Sirsa-4, Shah Satnam Ji Boys College                   A-262            Kurukshetra-50, Microbiology Dept.
A-205      Sirsa-5, Lord Shiva College of Phrmacy                 A-263            New Delhi, N.R.Convent School, Nagloi-
                                                                                   Nazafgarh Road
A-206             Sirsa-6, Jan Nayak Ch.Devi Lal College          A-264            Ludhiana, Ram Garhia Girls College
                  of Pharmacy                                                      Miller Ganj
A-207             Sirsa-7, Rajinder Institute of Tech.& Science
A-208             Mandi-Dabwali, Govt.College
A-209             Kaithal-1, IG Mahila Mahavidyalya
A-210             Kaithal-2, RKSD College Bl-I
A-211             Kaithal-3, RKSD College Bl-II
A-212             Kaithal-4, Haryana College of Tech.&Mgt.
Note:    Every Centre is not for all the examinations. Centre of Examinations allowed to a candidate shall be as mentioned in
         his/her Roll Number Slip.
KURUKSHETRA                                                                       DR. HUKAM SINGH
15.4.208                                                                  CONTROLLER OF EXAMINATIONS