Checklist for Trading Card by qov12652


									                         Checklist for Trading Card

Place a check in the blank before each item to show that it is complete.
Once your trading card is finished, print it and submit the checklist and the
trading card to your teacher.

1. _______ An image of the invention is located on the left side of the
           trading card.

2. _______ Your name is shown below the picture of the invention.

3. _______ The name of the invention is on the top of the right side of the
           trading card.

4. _______ On the right side of the trading card, you have given the
           invention, the year it was invented, the person who invented it,
           and why the invention is an important part of your life.

5. _______ Your card has been proofread, edited, and revised for
           capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

6. ______ Your findings about the invention have been written in
          paragraph form.

7. ______ The final product is neat, attractive, and creative.

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