2/7/2009                       BETHEL CHAPEL SONGS                                     1 of 7
KEY TITLE                                             COMMENTS
D/C ALMIGHTY GOD                                      nib; TAG: Won't You hold me in the
                                                      hollow of Your hands; (4v)
 C   AMAZING GRACE                                    p57; TAG: I was blind, but now I see; (4v
                                                      - or 5)
 C   AMEN                                             nib; TAG: Amen... amen... amen!
 C   AN OLD ACCOUNT SETTLED                           p176; TAG: And the old account was
                                                      settled long ago; (4v)
D/C ARE YOU WASHED IN THE BLOOD                       p177; TAG: Are you washed in the blood
                                                      of the Lamb?; (4v)
 C   AT THE CROSS                                     p264; TAG: And now I am happy all the
                                                      day; (5v)
 C   AWAY IN A MANGER                                 nib; TAG: The little Lord Jesus... asleep
                                                      on the hay; (3v-no chorus)
 C   BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC                      not in grn hymnal; TAG: His truth is
                                                      marching on!; (4v); Peppy march
 C   BEAUTIFUL STAR OF BETHLEHEM                      not in grn hymnal; TAG: Beautiful star of
                                                      Bethlehem_ shine on [3/4 time]; (3v)
 C   BECAUSE HE LIVES                                 nib; TAG: And life is worth the living just
                                                      because He lives; (3v)
 D   BLESS THAT WONDERFUL NAME                        nib; TAG: There is no other name I
                                                      know; (4v)
 D   CAMPING IN CANAAN'S LAND                         nib; TAG: I'm camping, I'm camping, in
                                                      Canaan's happy land; (3v)
D/C CAN'T NOBODY                                      nib; TAG: (D)He's_ (A)my_
                                                      (D)Friend(G,D); (5v-bridge-v1 rep)
G    COME AND DINE                                    not in grn hymnal; TAG: To the hungry
                                                      calleth now, come and dine; (3v)
 C   COME BLESS THE LORD                              nib; TAG: And bless the Lord_ And bless
                                                      the Lord; (chorus)
 C   CRYING HOLY                                      (nib); TAG: (Banjo do enitire verse intro) -
                                                      OR- (Piano short intro w/ bass); (2v)

 C   DANIEL PRAYED                                    nib; O Daniel prayed... every morning,
                                                      noon and night; (3v)
 C   DO LORD                                          nib; TAG: Look a way beyond the blue;
 C   DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR?                         nib; TAG: With a voice as big as the
                                                      sea; (v4-4choruses)
?    EVERYBODY WILL BE HAPPY OVER THERE               p180; TAG: Everybody Will Be Happy
                                                      Over There
 C   FIRE SHUT UP IN MY BONES                         nib; TAG: (Piano into) Holy Ghost fire
                                                      shut up in my bones!; (3v)
 C   FROM THE RISING OF THE SUN                       nib; TAG: The name of the Lord is to be
                                                      praised!; (chorus)
 C   GETTING READY TO LEAVE THIS WORLD                p116; TAG: I'm getting ready to leave
                                                      this world; (3v)
 C GLORY TO HIS NAME                                  p113; TAG: Glory To His Name; (4v)
C/A GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN                        nib; TAG: That Jesus Christ is born!;
 ?   GOD BLESS AMERICA                                nib; TAG: Stand beside her, and guide
                                                      her, thru the night with a light from
                                                      above; (single verse/chorus)
 C   GOD IS GOOD                                      nib; TAG: (C)He's not good just once in
                                                      a while(C7)_ (G)He's good all the
 2/7/2009                       BETHEL CHAPEL SONGS                                     2 of 7
KEY TITLE                                             COMMENTS
 C GOD ON THE MOUNTAIN                                nib; TAG: The God of the day is still God
                                                      in the night; (2v-tag)
C    GOD PUT A RAINBOW IN THE CLOUD                   p245; TAG: God put a rainbow in the
                                                      cloud; (5v)
C    GOD REST YE MERRY GENTLEMEN                      nib; TAG: O tidings of comfort and joy,
                                                      comfort and joy... O tidings of comfort
                                                      and joy; (v1,2,3,6,7) A Capella
C    GOD'S NOT DEAD                                   nib; TAG: I feel Him all over me!; (3v)
C    GREAT AND MIGHTY                                 nib; TAG: Great and mighty is the Lord
                                                      our God; Great and mighty is He;
C/A GREATER IS HE (THAT IS IN ME)                     TAG: Greater is He that is in me... Than
                                                      he that is in the world
C    HAD IT NOT BEEN                                  nib; TAG: And (C)forever my (G)soul
                                                      would be (C)lost; (2v)
D    HALLELUJAH                                       a cappella (Start Chord "D")
D    HALLELUJAH WE SHALL RISE                         p272; TAG: We shall rise, (Hallelujah!)
                                                      We shall rise!; (4v)
C    HARK THE HERALD ANGELS SING                      p408; TAG: none; a cappella; 2v-no
C    HAVE THINE OWN WAY LORD                          p375; TAG: While I am waiting, yielded
                                                      and still; (4v, no chorus)
C    HAVE YOU GOT IT?                                 nib; TAG: Have you got it like the Bible
                                                      says?; (Chorus-3v-Chorus-2v)
C    HE ABIDES                                        p184; TAG: For the Comforter abides
                                                      with me; (4v)
D    HE SET ME FREE                                   p235; TAG: Glory to God, He set me
                                                      free; (3v)
 A   HE TOUCHED ME                                    nib; TAG: And now I am no longer the
                                                      same; (2v)
C    HEAVENLY FATHER                                  nib; TAG: Heavenly Father, I appreciate
                                                      you; (3v)
D    HEAVEN'S JUBILEE                                 p110; TAG: When we meet our blessed
                                                      Savior in_ the_ skies; (3v)
A    HOSANNA                                          TAG: (D)Blessed be the (A)rock of my
                                                      sal- (E)vation (A)
D    HOW GREAT THOU ART                               nib; TAG: How great Thou Art! How
                                                      great Thou art!; (v1,3,4)
D    I AM BLESSED                                     nib; TAG: I am blessed... I am blessed;
C    I CAN'T FEEL AT HOME IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE       p394; TAG: And I can't feel at home in
                                                      this world anymore; (4v)
C    I FEEL LIKE TRAVELING ON                         p133. TAG: And I feel like traveling on;
D    I FEEL THE RAIN                                  nib; TAG: The Holy Ghost rain keeps
                                                      falling down on me; (chorus)
 A   I HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW JESUS                   nib; TAG: No turning back! No turning
                                                      back!; (chorus-2v)
C    I KEEP FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM                  nib; TAG: I keep falling in love with Him,
                                                      over and over and over and over again;
C    I KNOW MY LORD'S GONNA LEAD ME OUT               nib; TAG: And I know my Lord's gonna
                                                      lead me out of this pilgrim land; (3v)
C    I MAY BE LEAVING IN THE MORNING                  nib; TAG: I will trade this old cross for a
                                                      crown; (2v, tag)
 2/7/2009                       BETHEL CHAPEL SONGS                                      3 of 7
KEY TITLE                                             COMMENTS
 A I NEED NO MANSION HERE BELOW                       nib; TAG: Ever played_ upon the harps_
                                                      of Gloryland
 F   I NEVER SHALL FORGET THE DAY                     p130; TAG: I sing and, (F)shout it for
                                                      He's (C)everything to (F)me; (3v)
 D   I SAW THE LIGHT                                  nib; TAG: Praise the Lord I saw the light;
D/C I SHALL NOT BE MOVED                              p339; TAG: I shall not be moved; (4v)
 C I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT MY LORD                  p6; TAG: I mean to know more than I
                                                      know now; (3v)
 A   I WOULDN'T TAKE NOTHING FOR MY JOURNEY NOW       nib; TAG: If I could, still I wouldn't take
                                                      nothin' for my journey now; (2v)
 C   I'D LIKE TO TALK IT OVER WITH HIM                p42; TAG: I'd like to talk it over with Him;
 C   I'LL FLY AWAY                                    p333; TAG: I'll... fly away
 D   I'LL HAVE A NEW LIFE                             p134; TAG: I'll have a new body, praise
                                                      the Lord, I'll have a new life; (3v)
 D   I'M GONNA SING IT                                nib; TAG: I'm gonna (D)sing it, shout it,
                                                      (E)tell it every-(A)where I (D)go; (chorus)

 C   I'M LIVING IN CANAAN NOW                         p287; TAG: I'm living in Canaan now;
 C   I'M ON MY WAY TO CANAAN'S LAND                   nib; TAG: I'm on my way, praise the
                                                      Lord, I'm on my way; (4v)
 C   I'M ON THE BATTLEFIELD                           p268; TAG: Now I'm on the battlefield for
                                                      my Lord; (3v)
 C   I'M SO GLAD I'M HERE                             nib; TAG: I'm so glad I'm here in Jesus'
                                                      name; (4v)
 D   IN THAT CITY WHERE THE LAMB IS THE LIGHT         nib; TAG: In that city where the lamb is
                                                      the light; (5v)
 D   IN THE GARDEN                                    nib; TAG: (C)And the (C)joy we (E)share
                                                      as we (F)tarry there_ / None (C)other
                                                      has (G)ever (C)known; (3v)
 C   IN THE GREAT TRIUMPHANT MORNING                  p262; TAG: And shall have the marriage
                                                      supper, in the skies; (4v)
 D   ISN'T HE WONDERFUL                               nib; TAG: Isn't He wonderful...
                                                      Wonderful; (chorus)
 E   IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL                          nib; TAG: It is well... It is well... with my
                                                      soul; (3v); capo 4th fret, C-pos
C    I'VE BEEN CHANGED                                nib; TAG: In my heart, Oh yes I've been
                                                      changed; (3v-tag)
 A   I'VE BEEN TO CALVARY                             nib; TAG: Just to know that the Savior is
                                                      mine (2v)
C/D I'VE GOT A FEELING                                (nib); TAG: Be alright, be alright, be
                                                      alright!; (4v)
Am JEHOVAH JIREH                                      (nib); TAG: And His grace is sufficient
                                                      for me; (chorus)
 C   JESUS HOLD MY HAND                               p52; TAG: Precious Jesus hold my
                                                      hand; (3v)
 D   JESUS SAVIOR PILOT ME                            p53; TAG: (G)Jesus (D)Savior (A)pilot
                                                      (D)me; (3v-no chorus)
 A   JOY TO THE WORLD                                 P408; TAG: Joy to the world, the Lord is
                                                      come! Let earth receive her King; (4v-
                                                      no chorus)
 C   JUST A LITTLE TALK WITH JESUS                    p92; TAG: And just a little talk with
                                                      Jesus makes it right; (3v)
 2/7/2009                       BETHEL CHAPEL SONGS                                   4 of 7
KEY TITLE                                             COMMENTS
 A JUST AS I AM                                       p81; TAG: O Lamb of God, I come... I
                                                      come; (3v-no chorus)
 D   JUST OVER IN THE GLORYLAND                       p248; TAG: Just over in the gloryland;
 C   KEEP ON THE FIRING LINE                          p212; TAG: Just keep on the firing line;
 C   KNEEL AT THE CROSS                               p165; TAG: Jesus will meet you there;
 ?   LIFE'S RAILWAY TO HEAVEN                         Which Book?; TAG: Where the angels
                                                      wait to join us, In Thy praise forever
D/C LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE                       nib; TAG: [Come on everybody,] look
                                                      what the Lord has done!; (1v-chorus2x)
D/C LOOKING FOR A CITY                                p18; TAG: Come O Holy Spirit all our
                                                      hopes renew; (3v)
 C   LORD I'M COMING HOME                             p153 (v 1,2,3,6); TAG: Lord, I'm coming
                                                      home; (4v)
 G   MANSION OVER THE HILLTOP                         nib; TAG: But walk on streets that are
                                                      purest gold!; (3v)
 D   MEDLEY 1 (LOOKING FOR A CITY)                    TAG: And glory to God He set me free;
                                                      (5 stanzas, song: 3v)
D    MEDLEY 2 (GOD'S NOT DEAD)                        nib; TAG: Well I feel Him all over me
D    MEDLEY 3 (HE SET ME FREE)                        various; TAG: And glory to God He set
                                                      me free; (6 stanzas)
 A   MORE THAN ANYTHING                               nib; TAG: More than anything in my life
                                                      I've got to make it; (2v)
C/D NOW LET US PRAISE HIM                             nib; TAG: Praise Him when the sun goes
                                                      down; (3v); (Key=C 8/3/08)
 D   O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL                           p388; provide start chord - a cappella;
C    OH HOW I LOVE JESUS                              nib?; not in mediasht; TAG: Because He
                                                      first loved me; (chorus?)
 D   OH I WANT TO SEE HIM                             p279; TAG: Cares all passed, home at
                                                      last, ever to rejoice; (4v)
 A   OH SATAN YOUR KINGDOM MUST COME DOWN             nib; TAG: Oh satan your kingdom must
                                                      come down; (3v)
 G   OH WHAT'S THAT I HEAR                            nib; TAG: Soon the Eastern skies will
                                                      part, and I'll see His face; (2v)
A/D PASS ME NOT                                       p373; TAG: Do not pass me by; (4v)
 D PEACE LIKE A RIVER                                 nib; TAG: I've got love like an ocean, in
                                                      my soul; (4v, no chorus)
 D   POWER DOWN IN MY SOUL                            nib; TAG: I want that hand clapping
                                                      power down in my soul; (7v-no chorus
 C   PRAYER BELLS OF HEAVEN                           p276; TAG: Ring on and on for God will
                                                      answer your prayer; (4v)
 C   PURPLE ROBE                                      nib; TAG: His raiment was a scarlet
                                                      purple robe; (3v)
 D   REDEEMED                                         p277; TAG: I have been redeemed (I've
                                                      been redeemed); (3v)
 A   SANCTUARY                                        nib; TAG: Sanctuary, for you; (chorus)
 D   SEND DOWN THE RAIN                               nib; TAG: Send down the latter rain; (4v)

C/A SEND THE LIGHT                                    p281; TAG: Send the Light, send the
                                                      Light; (4v)
 2/7/2009                        BETHEL CHAPEL SONGS                                      5 of 7
KEY TITLE                                              COMMENTS
 C SHELTERED IN THE ARMS OF GOD                        nib; TAG: And I'm (G)sheltered in the
                                                       arms of (C)God (F,C); (2v, tag)
G/F SILENT NIGHT                                       p366; TAG: Sleep in heavenly peace;
 C   SINCE JESUS CAME INTO MY HEART                    p269; TAG: Since Jesus_ came into_
                                                       my heart; (5v)
 C   SO MUCH TO THANK HIM FOR                          nib; TAG: I've got so much (so much) to
                                                       thank Him for; (2v)
 C   SOFTLY AND TENDERLY                               p385; TAG: (C)Earnestly, tenderly,
                                                       (F)Jesus is (C)calling, Calling, (G)O
                                                       sinner, come (C)home; (4v)
 C   SOMEBODY TOUCHED ME                               nib; TAG: Must've have been the hand
                                                       of the Lord; (4v)
 C   SOMETHING ABOUT THAT NAME                         nib; TAG: (C)There's just (F)something_
                                                       (G)about_ that (C)name; (chorus)

 C   SOMETHING GOOD IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN                 nib; TAG: And brother it could be this
                                                       very day; (chorus)
 C   SOON AND VERY SOON                                nib; TAG: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! We're
                                                       going to see the King; [Intro difficult...
                                                       Bass intro using G-C transistion - 4 bts];
 C   STAND BY ME                                       p149; TAG: Stand by me O' lord, stand
                                                       by me; (5v)
C    STEP INTO THE WATER                               nib; TAG: Come join angels singing
                                                       praises to the lamb of God; (2v)
C/A SURELY THE PRESENCE                                nib; TAG: Surely_ the presence_ of the
                                                       Lord_ is in this place; (chorus)
A    SWING LOW SWEET CHARIOT                           nib; (Start Chord "A"; Slow a cappella
                                                       tag intro; piano kicks in fast pace)
 A   THE HEALING WATERS                                p309; TAG: Where the healing waters
                                                       flow; (5v)
 C   THE LILY OF THE VALLEY                            p285; TAG: He's the fairest of ten
                                                       thousand to my soul; (3v - 3 choruses)
G    THE MEETING IN THE AIR                            p10; TAG: At that meeting in the air; (3v)

C    THE OLD RUGGED CROSS                              p305; TAG: And exchange it someday
                                                       for a crown; (4v)
F/G THE ROYAL TELEPHONE                                p304; TAG: We may talk to Jesus thru
                                                       this royal telephone
 C   THE UNCLOUDED DAY                                 p401; TAG: O they tell me of an
                                                       unclouded day; (4v)
 D   THERE IS POWER IN THE BLOOD                       p390; TAG: In the precious blood of the
                                                       lamb; (4v)
A    THIS IS THE DAY                                   TAG: This is the day that the Lord_ has_
 C   THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE                         p342; TAG: Let it shine, let it shine, let it
                                                       shine; (4v)
Bm THOU O LORD                                         Capo 2nd; INTRO: Bm, F (hold), G, Bm;
 C   VICTORY IN JESUS                                  p120; TAG: [He plunged me to victory]
                                                       ... beneath the cleansing flood; (3v)
 C   VICTORY VICTORY SHALL BE MINE                     nib; TAG: Victory, victory shall be mine;
 2/7/2009                      BETHEL CHAPEL SONGS                                    6 of 7
KEY TITLE                                            COMMENTS
 C WALK RIGHT OUT OF THIS VALLEY                     nib; TAG: I'm gonna walk right out of this
                                                     valley with my Lord; (2v)
 C   WE HAVE COME INTO HIS HOUSE                     nib; TAG: Worship Him, Jesus Christ the
                                                     Lord; (3v - no chorus)
 D   WE'VE GOT THE POWER                             nib; TAG: We've got the power in the
                                                     name of the Lord; (2v)
 C   WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE (IN JESUS)                p341; TAG: Take it to the Lord in prayer;
                                                     (3v - no chorus)
G/D WHAT A GATHERING THAT WILL BE                    p299; TAG: What a gathering of the
                                                     faithful that will be; (3v)
 A   WHAT A MIGHTY GOD (WE SERVE)                    nib; TAG: What a mighty God we serve;
                                                     (5v - no chorus)
 D   WHEN GOD DIPS HIS LOVE IN MY HEART              p138; TAG: When God dips His love in
                                                     my heart; (3v)
G/D WHEN HE REACHED DOWN HIS HAND FOR ME             nib; TAG: When he reached down his
                                                     hand for me; (4v)
 G   WHEN I SEE THE BLOOD                            p378; TAG: I will pass, I will pass over
                                                     you; (4v)
 C   WHEN I WALK UP THE STREETS OF GOLD              nib; TAG: When I walk up the streets of
                                                     gold; (4v)
 C   WHEN THE REDEEMED                               p319; TAG: When the redeemed are
                                                     gathering in; (4v)
 C   WHEN THE ROLL IS CALLED UP YONDER               p240; TAG: When the roll is called up
                                                     yonder I'll be there; (3v)
 C   WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN                  red hymnal p158; TAG: Oh when the
                                                     saints_ go_ marching in; (5v)
 G   WHEN WE ALL GET TO HEAVEN                       p393; TAG: We will sing and shout the
                                                     victory; (4v)
 C   WHERE COULD I GO?                               p345; TAG: Where could I go but to the
                                                     Lord?; (3v)
 C   WITHOUT HIM                                     nib; TAG: Without Him, how lost I would
                                                     be; (2v)
 D   YOU'VE GOTTA MOVE                               nib; TAG: When the Lord gets ready,
                                                     you gotta move; (5v)

 C   DEEP                                            TAG: And it's (F7)deep down (G7)in my
 A   FEELING FINE (LIBERTY SINGERS)                  TAG: And (E)now I'm feeling mighty
 ?   GOD IS GOD                                      TAG: And Jesus is His name
 A   GOD'S WONDERFUL PEOPLE                          POS: D... C G Em D D7
 A   HAPPINESS                                       TAG: I've got happiness all the time...?
 C   HE IS LORD                                      nib; TAG: That Je_ sus Christ_ is Lord;
 C   HOLD TO GOD'S UNCHANGING HAND                   p358
 D   I BOWED ON MY KNEES AND CRIED HOLY              nib; TAG: Glory to the Son of God; (3v)
 D   I'LL LIVE IN GLORY                              p202; TAG:
 C   LEAVE IT THERE                                  p164; TAG: Take your burden to the
                                                     Lord and leave it there
 2/7/2009                         BETHEL CHAPEL SONGS                                   7 of 7
KEY   TITLE                                             COMMENTS
 D    LIFT ME UP ABOVE THE SHADOWS                      p100; Lift me up...?
 Ab   OH THE BLOOD OF JESUS                             (a cappella?)
 C    READY IN GLORY                                    TAG: They're getting (F)ready in (C)glory
                                                        to (G)crown Him (C)king
C     SMILE AWHILE                                      TAG:
C     STANDING SOMEWHERE IN THE SHADOWS                 TAG: And you'll (G)know Him by the
                                                        nail prints in His (C)hand
C     SWEETER GETS THE JOURNERY                         TAG: Oh sweeter gets the journey every
D     THE OLD TIME RELIGION                             p351; TAG: Gimme that old time
                                                        religion_ , It's good enough for me
C     WON'T IT BE WONDERFUL THERE                       p358; TAG: Won't it be wonderful there

      ** BOLD key = Not Printed

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