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					•    El Shaddai (God Almighty, God all sufficient, the God of           The Covenant Name of Yahweh and the encouragement and
    sufficient love and comfort, your authority, the strength giver)    power of the Character Names invoked by your mouth and heart.
•   Yahweh - Hosing – ( our Maker, God our covenant Creator,
    praising His name gives us victory over our foes, God kind of       When the great God of love wanted to reveal Himself to His people,
    DNA given to mankind)                                               He not only manifested Himself to the prophets and people in power
•   Yahweh - Jireh (our God will provide, to see or to foresee as a     and glory by His mighty acts; He revealed Himself through His name.
    prophet, always adequate always provides when the time              God's covenant character names are a promise of what He will be to
    comes, our God who always appears or will be seen by you)           us, and the things that He will do for us. The invocation of the
                                                                        covenant name of God by faithful believers has brought into operation
•   Yahweh – M’Kaddesh – (our Go our Sanctifier, one who
                                                                        the gifts of the Set-Apart Spirit; for this is included in His covenant
    makes whole, setting you apart as He is Set-Apart)
                                                                        relationship with His people. The name of Yahshua includes all that is
•   Yahweh - Nissi (our God our banner and conqueror, the God
                                                                        revealed in the covenant Name of Yahweh, and it has been given to the
    that is your rallying point of your battlefield and means of your
                                                                        children of God as an instrument of His power and love. To realize
    victory, the one who fights for you, to glisten and be lifted up
                                                                        fully all that is conveyed to us in the name of Yahshua, we need to
    as a banner of love over you)
                                                                        consider the character names linked with His personal Covenant name
•   Yahweh - Ra-ah (our God my shepherd, the one who causes
                                                                        "Yahweh" and “Yahshua the Anointed Messiyah”.
    you to lay down in green pastures, without wants every need
    met, plenty of food and water, one who finds the lost and
                                                                        The name "Yahshua," is from the Greek "Iesous," which is derived
    brings them back, caregiver, loves you as you are)
                                                                        from the Hebrew "Yahshua," the shortened form of the Hebrew
•   Yahweh - Rapha (our God who heals everything spiritual,             "Yahushua," the name "Joshua;" all of which mean, "Yahweh is
    emotional and physical.) Every level of man’s being)                Salvation," or "salvation of Yahweh." Our God was named
•   Yahweh - Sabaoth (our God of hosts, the commander of the            "Yahushua,” because He was going to "save His people from their
    angelic host, the armies of God, there are more angelic host        sins. The Name, which is above every name, at which every knee shall
    with us than the armies of our enemy’s)                             bow in heaven and earth, is said to be the Name of "Yahweh," in this
•   Yahweh - Shalom (our God our peace, peace that is whole,            Scripture it is speaking of Yahshua and the authority of His Name
    finished, fulfilled, perfected and well, welfare of his people)     "Yahshua". The Divine covenant name "Yahweh" that was given to
•   Yahweh - Shammah (our God is ever present, our God is               Israel has been given back to us in the name of Yahshua, with all its
    there, the promised future realm of His presence)                   power and authority. These character names reveal to us what is
•   Yahweh - Tsidkenu (our God our righteousness, the means of          included in the name of Yahshua.
    your righteousness, Messiyah atonement justifies us, balanced,
    full weight, justice, right, righteous, declared innocent)
                                                                        God commanded Aaron to use Yahweh’s Name to bless and protect
                                                                        the Israelites. The blessing in Num. 6:22-27 placed a hedge of
protective Divine thorns about the people of God, the same kind of      invoking the name of Yahshua to cause supernatural change in the
hedge that protected Job; Job 1:9-10; it turned God's face towards      heavenly and earthly realms.
them in blessing. Yahshua manifested the sacred Name to His             Invoking the Name of. Yahweh over yourself and others is for blessing,
disciples, and kept them in the Name, and declared the Name to them     defense and protection and are legal instruments of power when
that Divine love might become part and parcel of their being forever.   spoken by faith and conveys the supernatural provision of each name.

"Yahweh," spoken out not only in praise saying "HalleluYah," but also   Yahweh is my Creator and The Light Maker, Yahweh is my Peace,
as a name to be called upon for our defense and provision, and as an    Yahweh is my revelation and redemption, Yahweh is my provider,
instrument of power in invocation. The Divine name conveys even         Yahweh is my inexhaustible resource, Yahweh is my sufficiency and
more than God's eternal nature and immutability, "He who was, and is,   my strength, Yahweh I praise in word and deed, Yahweh has set me
and is to come." Nor is God just "The Almighty," "Ho Pantocrator,"      apart as He is Set-Apart, Yahweh is the healer of my being, Yahweh is
Through Yahshua, the relationship has become a personal family          my righteousness, Yahweh is always present with me, Yahweh is my
matter, we are now the sons and daughters of Yahweh. Our Father is,     rock and the foundation of my life, Yahweh is my fortress and my
"The Mighty One I Am," and He will be to us what His covenant name      deliverer, Yahweh is my shield and my salvation and the one who
character say He is "Yahweh," "The existing One," "The Eternal one,"    delivers me from violence and His banner over me and my family is
conveying to us ALL HIS NAME IS, through the covenant blood of          LOVE, Yahweh is my refuge and a high tower that I shall run to for
Yahshua and the name of Yahshua. The Great I Am, the Eternal, the       safety, Yahweh is the one who fights for me and is my sure victory,
Self Existent One, He who has always been, and always will be, is our   Yahweh is my promised future, Yahweh has Chosen me and
Father. Ps.90: 2. "From everlasting to everlasting He is our God."      Yahweh’s Favor is upon me, Yahweh is my declared Innocence by the
Yahshua said in Jn.8: 58, "Truly, truly, I say unto you, Before         blood of the Lamb and the FINAL AUTHORITY FOREVER.
Abraham was, I Am;"
                                                                           •   Yahweh - Elohim (I AM THAT I AM, Self-existent God of
The name of “Yahshua”, (Emmanuel KJV which means Yahweh’s                      revelation and redemption, strong one, sovereignty, creative
Salvation is with us.) The dead Sea Scrolls says HE or and they are            work, mighty work for his people in relationship, the God who
with mankind, The Hebrew is Plural meaning Father, Son and Set-                identifies with his people made in his image, the God, God as
Apart Spirit are the same, just different roles. Yahshua is the only           Creator, preserver, transcendent, mighty and strong, this name
name transliterateable from Yahweh, meaning Yahweh is Salvation.               manifests his plurality as (THE ONLY ONE)
                                                                           •   El Elyon (the most high, supreme in love and power, he reigns
The result of continual prayer, intercession and communion with                in perfect justice over all in sovereignty and supremacy)
Yahweh in Yahshua’s name, is sustainable authority that has been           •   El Olam (everlasting God, the one who is unchangeable in
given to “you the Ekklesia” “the set apart body of the Messiyah” for           person and character and inexhaustible in resources)