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					                Reconnect With Long Lost Friends through Facebook

Facebook is an online community that has become quite the rage all over the world. You
have to admit that you feel like your day is not complete if you have not logged in to your
Facebook account. Nowadays, almost everybody has a Facebook account. Because of
this, you can reconnect with old friends that you have lost contact with. You can find old
classmates, officemates or friends from the old neighborhood. You never have to lose
friends just because you haven’t talked to them in a long time. With just a simple search,
you can find friends that you haven’t been in contact with for a long time. You can also
browse through your friends’ friend list to see if you have common friends.

This online community also allows us to keep up with what is going on in our friends’
lives through the status updates. You get to know who’s dating who and who’s married or
not. You even get to know who’s depressed and who’s happy through their status.
Through Facebook, you get a daily update on the lives of your friends. Even if you do not
get to talk to your friends that often, you still know what is going on with their lives
through this online community.

A busy schedule is not a problem with this online community because if you have not
logged in for quite a while, all your updates are saved. Once you log in, you will not miss
anything because all your updates are still there. You just browse through them and catch
up on what you have missed while you were slaving away at the office.

Facebook also has a free chat where you can chat with your friends who are online.
Through its free chat, you can catch up on the latest gossip or just chat with an old
friend. You can chat while you browse through your Facebook updates.

If you are living far from you family then you can get over your homesickness by looking
at the photos that your family has posted on their Facebook account. Seeing their smiling
faces will definitely take away some of your loneliness. It is always nice to look at
pictures of friends and family and reminisce. You can also chat with your family if one
of them happens to be online.

Facebook is an online community that has become part of our lives. It has become our
link to our friends no matter how far they are from us. Keeping in touch with our friends
has become a lot easier through Facebook.

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Description: Find old and lost freinds with Facebook, and also discover how Facebook has changed the way we meet new people