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									   Waxahachie ISD
 Career & Technology

Course Handbook for Area Students
      Automotive Collision
      Repair & Refinishing
                                                        These laboratory-oriented courses
                                                        provide job-specific training for entry
                                                        level employment in the rapidly
                                                        changing automotive after-market care
                                                        field of auto collision repair and
                                                        refinishing. Course curriculums
                                                        include frame and unibody repair;
                                                        sheet metal, fiberglass, and synthetic
                                                        materials repair; welding skills;
                                                        preparation and application of primers
                                                        and paints. Entrepreneurship, safety,
                                                        leadership training, and career
                                                        opportunities awareness are also
                                                        included. These 2 credit courses are
                                                        open to 11&12 graders.

Course #   Course Name         Meeting Times   Room #        Pre-Requisite                 Credits

859        Auto Collision I    8:35 – 11:45   175            none                          2
                               Every Other Day

860        Auto Collision II   8:35 – 11:45    175           Auto Collision I               2
                               Every Other Day
  Automotive Technician
                                                  These laboratory-oriented courses
                                                  offer job-specific training in the use
                                                  of repair manuals, service and repair
                                                  of basic components of an automobile
                                                  fuel systems, engine, emission
                                                  control, power trains, chassis,
                                                  electrical systems, brakes, heating,
                                                  and           air         conditioning.
                                                  Entrepreneurship, safety, leadership,
                                                  and career opportunities are also
                                                  included.       The auto technician
                                                  program is accredited by the National
                                                  Automotive Technicians Education
                                                  Foundation (NATEF) and is approved
                                                  by       the     Automotive      Youth
                                                  Educational       Systems      (AYES)
                                                  initiative. Student completers will be
                                                  qualified to be employed as an entry-
                                                  level service technician, or to pursue
                                                  post-secondary             educational
                                                  opportunities       in      automotive
Course #   Course Name   Meeting Times   Room #       Pre-Requisite                  Credits

853    Auto Tech I-2C    8:35 – 11:45   179           none                           2
                         Every Other Day

873    Auto Tech I-3C    8:35 – 11:45    178          none                           3
                         Every Day

870    Auto Tech II      8:35 – 11:45    178          Auto Tech I                    3
                         Every Day

872    Auto Tech III     8:35 – 11:45    178          Teacher Approval               3
       AYES Cert.        Every Day
                                    These laboratory-oriented courses provide students with
                                    job specific training for entry-level employment in the
                                    field of Cosmetology. The course includes subject
                                    matters such as sterilization and sanitation, shampooing,
                                    hair and scalp treatments, haircutting, hairstyling,
                                    permanent waving, hair coloring and hair lightening,
                                    manicuring and artificial nail application, safety,
                                    leadership and career opportunities as well as
                                    entrepreneurship. Students must clock the final 500
                                    clock hours to meet the state board guidelines as well as
                                    taking the licensing exam in Austin prior to the end of
                                    the school year in order to receive course credit.
                                    Placement into the Cosmetology 2 program is based
                                    solely on the instructors’ recommendation using the
                                    following criteria: attendance, human relation skills, test
                                    scores, practical lab scores and overall manipulative
                                    ability. The cost for the state board kit is a minimum of
                                    $250.00 with half of the balance being due at the end of
                                    the Junior year, remaining balance is due on the first day
                                    of school their Senior year. Other costs are $35.00 book
                                    and lab fees as well as a health certificate provided by the
                                    instructors to be completed by a physician during the
                                    summer of the Junior and Senior year.
Course #    Course Name     Meeting Times   Room #         Pre-Requisite       Credits

865        Cosmetology I    8:35 – 11:45      191          none                   3
                            Every Day

866        Cosmetology II   8:35 – 11:45      191          Cosmetology I          3
                            Every Day
            Welding & Metal
                                             These laboratory-oriented courses
                                             offer job specific training for entry
                                             level employment in welding careers.
                                             The     courses    include    blueprint
                                             reading, cutting and welding with
                                             oxyfuel, shielded metal arc, gas
                                             tungsten arc, and gas metal arc
                                             processes, entrepreneurship, safety, lea
                                             dership, and career opportunities.
                                             Second year instruction is designed to
                                             enhance job-specific training for
                                             employment in welding careers.

Course #   Course Name   Meeting Times     Room #      Pre-Requisite             Credits

855        Welding I     8:35 – 11:45        176              none                  2
                         Every Other Day

856        Welding II    8:35 – 11:45       176            Welding I               2
                         Every Other Day
             Building Trades
                                                   These are laboratory-oriented courses
                                                   which provide entry level employment
                                                   in various building careers. Specific
                                                   areas of study will include the
                                                   following: carpentry, bricklaying,
                                                   cabinet making, painting, plumbing,
                                                   and electrical wiring. Also included is
                                                   a     study     of    entrepreneurship,
                                                   leadership, and career opportunities.
                                                   Second year instruction is designed to
                                                   enhance job-specific training for
                                                   employment in construction related
                                                   careers     As usual students will
                                                   construct a house on site as part of the
                                                   curriculum this school year.

Course #   Course Name          Meeting Times     Room #    Pre-Requisite    Credits

851        Building Trades I    8:35 – 11:45        203     none                2
                                Every Other Day

852        Building Trades II   8:35 – 11:45        203     Build Trades I      2
                                Every Other Day
              HEALTH SCIENCE
                                                 These courses are recommended for students who
                                                 have a special interest to enter the health care
                                                 profession after graduation. The courses include
                                                 development and application of skills in the
                                                 classroom and clinical settings relating to a group
                                                 of health occupations. The student will observe
                                                 and/or give assistance to professional health care
                                                 personnel in a clinical environment. The courses
                                                 provide the opportunity, through observation and
                                                 supervised professional assistance, to view
                                                 interdepartmental functions of selected hospital
                                                 departments. A specified amount of the student’s
                                                 school day will be spent on location at local
                                                 medical nursing, pediatrics, pharmacy, physical
                                                 therapy, radiology, respiratory therapy, and
                                                 surgical nursing facilities. The courses prepare the
                                                 students for employment or advanced standing at
                                                 the post-secondary level.

Course #   Course Name            Meeting Times     Room #           Pre-Requisite                      Credits

836        Health Sc Tech II      8:35 – 10:05         192           Biology I                          2
                                  Every Day

837        Health Sc Tech III     12:35 –2:05         192            Health Sc Tech I                   2
                                  Every Day

Entry Criteria:
  1. Course: Biology 1
  2. A grade of 85 or above in previous regular mathematics and science courses or 80 or above in advanced
      placement mathematics and science courses
  3. Good prior attendance and minimal disciplinary infractions
           Technology Education
      •    Engineering Graphics, a course in basic computer systems used in drafting and
           design. Hardware and software operations will include: booting, displays, files,
           commands, defaults, input-output devices, disks, printers, plotters, precision utilities
           and data bases. A technical course in engineering geometry, detail and assembly
           drawings and reproduction drawings.
      •    Architectural Graphics, a second year course in AUTOCAD applications of applied
           geometry, orthographic projections, dimensioning, pictorial drawings, sectional views
           and working drawings. Students will focus on designing and planning residential and
           commercial construction systems. Activities focus on the development of original
           working drawings, presentation drawings, and model building.
      •    Computer Multimedia and Animation Technology, a technical course which
           develops advanced knowledge and skills in the use of computers for multimedia
           presentations and digital animation. Course introduces students to 3 – D modeling and
           rendering techniques and resources. This hands-on course allows students to create,
           edit and render characters, vehicles, scenes and objects and to design and produce
           multimedia presentations that use images, video, and audio resources to deliver a

Course #    Course Name            Meeting Times     Room #   Pre-Requisite                Credits

830       Engineering Graphics     8:35 – 10:05        181    none                         1
                                   Every Other Day

831       Architectural Graphics   TBA                 181    Engineering Graphics         1
                                   Every Other Day

721       Comp. Mult. Media        8:35 – 10:05        178    none                         1
          Technology               Every Other Day
            Computer Technology &
           Basic Computer Technology A+ Certification , A+ is an industry-standard
           certification course that is required for anyone desiring to work in the area of computer
           repair or technical support. Topics covered in this course will include basic PC
           architecture, peripheral devices, MS_DOS, Windows 3.x and 9x operating systems,
           basic trouble shooting and repair.
  •        Networking Essentials - N+ Certification , N+ is an Industry Standard Certification
           Course for anyone desiring to work in the area of Computer Networking.
  •        Telecommunications and Networking/Business Support Systems (Cisco
           Academy) These 2 courses will constitute the first 2 credits and first 8 college
           hours towards the 16 hour program in becoming a Cisco Certified Network
           Associate (CCNA). All students in this course must be dual enrolled in the
           Navarro College Cisco Program and pay all fees associated with those 2
           college courses. Basic Telephony, the local and long distance voice
           Communications; Data Communications; Satellite Communications; Local Area
           Networks (LANs); Wide Area Networks (WANs); Internet and IntraNet; and
           finally, Closed Circuit Television. The coverage will be focused on basic design
           and utilization specifications. Both hardware and software requirements and
           concerns will be discussed

Course #    Course Name         Meeting Times      Room #      Pre-Requisite                 Credits

715    Comp. Tech “A+”          8:35 – 10:05         190       none                          1
                                Every Other Day

714    Networking “N+”          10:05 to 11:45       190       A+ Certification              1
                                Every Other Day

712    Telecommunications I     7:05 to 8:35         190      A+ Certification recommended   1
       (Cisco 1)                                Every Day FALL Semester

713    Business Support Systems 7:05 to :35          190      Telecommunications I           1
       (Cisco 2)                                Every Day SPRING Semester


Programs of cooperative
                                 Description: The following
part-time training shall be
                                 classes are cooperative part-
designed       to     provide
                                 time training courses that
classroom instruction and
                                 focus on advanced and in-
on-the-job         supervised
                                 depth study of concepts and
training       and       work
                                 skills in various systems
experience for high school
                                 and administrative
students preparing to enter
                                 procedures that enable a
employment in occupational
                                 worker to manage or
classifications related to the
                                 function in the workplace.
specific program choice. A
                                 These courses enhance
student must be a minimum
                                 technology skills and oral
age of 16 to enroll in any
                                 and written language skills
cooperative program. All         relating to effective
applicants     must      have
maintained good prior
                                 emphasizes planning and
attendance       and     have
                                 organizing work,
accumulated          minimal
                                 establishing priorities,
disciplinary      infractions
                                 records and information
before acceptance into a
                                 management, and operation
cooperative program.
                                 of equipment. The student
                                 will meet a one-block class
                                 for individualized
                                 instruction directly related
                                 to her/his job and will be a
                                 salaried employee in a local
                                 business for at least 15
                                 hours per week.
              EOD = Every Other Day

Course             Course             Credit         Time                        Prerequisites

 900         Ag Science Career          3      8:35 to 10:05 EOD                     None
              Preparation 1**

 901         Ag Science Career          3      8:35 to 10:05 EOD               Ag Science Career
            Career Preparation 2                                                 Preparation 1

 904     Family & Consumer Science      3      8:35 to 10:05 EOD                     None
           Career Preparation 1**

 905     Family & Consumer Science      3      8:35 to 10:05 EOD     Home Economics Career Preparation 1
           Career Preparation 2

 906      Trade & Industrial Career     3         7:05 to 8:25                       None
              Preparation 1**                        EOD

 907      Trade & Industrial Career     3                            Trade & Industrial Career Preparation 1
                                                  7:05 to 8:25
                Preparation 2

 908     Marketing Education Career     3      8:35 to 10:05 EOD                     None
              Preparation 1**

 909     Marketing Education Career     3      8:35 to 10:05 EOD    Marketing Education Career Preparation 1
               Preparation 2

 910     Business Education Career      3      10:35 to 11:45 EOD                    None
              Preparation 1**

 911     Business Education Career      3      10:35 to 11:45 EOD   Business Education Career Preparation 1
               Preparation 2
                          ENROLLMENT FORM
Personal Data                                                         Home School __________________

Name: ____________________, __________________                        Counselor ____________________
                          Last                     First
2002-2003 Grade Level (Circle One) 9 10 11 12
Date of Birth ______/_______/_______
Address _______________________________ City __________________ Zip _____________
Legal Guardian _________________________________________________________________
Home Phone ______________________                     Guardian Work Phone _______________________
Emergency Contact ____________________________                      _______________________________
                                     Name                                     Number

                                     Course Selection
                              Please check appropriate box(s):
Auto Technician                               Technology Education
   0853 Auto Technician I-2C                     0830 Engineering Graphics
   0873 Auto Technician I-3C                     0831 Architectural Graphics
   0870 Auto Technician II                       0721 Comp. Mult. Media Technology
   0872 Auto Technician AYES                     0715 Basic Computer Tech-A+ Cert
                                                 0714 Networking N+
Auto Collision Repair                            0712 Telecommunications (Cisco 1) FALL
   0859 Auto Collision Repair I                  0713 Telecommunications II (Cisco 2)SPRING
   0860Auto Collision Repair II
Building Trades                                  0855 Welding I
   0851 Building Trades I                        0856 Welding II
   0852 Building Trades II
                                              Career Preparation
Cosmetology                                      0900 Ag Science Career Preparation I
   0865 Cosmetology I                            0901 Ag Science Career Preparation II
   0866 Cosmetology II                           0904 FCS Career Preparation I
                                                 0905 FCS Career preparation II
Health Science Technology                        0906 Trade & Industrial Career Prep I
   0836 Health Science Technology II             0907 Trade & Industrial Career Prep II
   0837 Health Science Technology III            0908 Marketing Ed Career Prep I
                                                 0909 Marketing Ed Career Prep II
                                                 0910 Business Education Career Prep I
                                                 0911 Business Education Career Prep II

For additional choices please see the Waxahachie High School Handbook. List courses below.

__________________________________                          ____________________________________

Approved By:   ______________________                       ____________________________________
               Principal/Counselor          Date            Parent/Guardian                   Date
        Waxahachie ISD
 Career & Technology Center
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  972.923.4600 ext. 518    discriminate on the basis of
                           sex, handicap, race, color,
• Gary Rowland,            national origin or age in the
  Career Placement         educational        programs         or
  Coordinator              activities which it operates, as     required by Title IX, Section
                           504, Title VI; and the Age
  972.923.4600 ext. 519    Discrimination Act, and the
• Donna Shepherd,          Americans with Disabilities Act
  Special Populations      (ADA).            The       district’s
  Coordinator              nondiscrimination              policy    extends to admission or
                           access       to     treatment       or
  972.923.4600 ext. 185    employment in its programs
• Lynn Shoemaker, Office   and      activities     within     its
  Manager                  jurisdiction.     For information
                           about      student      rights      or   grievance procedures, contact
  972.923.4600 ext. 516    the Title IX Administrator, Mike
                           Turner,                     Section
                           504/Administrator,        at      411
                           Gibson Street, Waxahachie,
                           Texas 75165.

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