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Charlotte's Web
Scavenger Hunt

Alice I. Krug


An Internet Scavenger Hunt for Third Grade Topic: Charlotte's Web by E.B.White
Standards met: Tennessee Comprehensive Guide for Grade Three in Language Arts,
specifically in Reading Comprehension

1. In what year was Charlotte's Web by author E.B.White a Newbery Honor Book?
Newbery Award Winners

2. Name the special place in Brooklin's Friend Memorial Library that is dedicated to
E.B.White and his wife Katherine.
Friend Memorial Library

3.What makes a "jumping spider" different from most others spiders in how it catches its

4. True or False. Spiders are insects. Explain your answer.
The Need to Know

5. About how many different kinds of spiders are there?

6. How do spiders eat the insects they have caught?
McKinley Elementary School

7. Why don't spiders get caught in their own webs?
Beakman's World

8. Who first introduced (brought) the pig into America?
Encarta Online

9. Name another book and its author in which the pig arrives at a farm and doesn't want
to end up as a "bacon breakfast" or a "pork chop dinner."
Carol Hurst's Children Literature Site
10. Fern kept Wilbur as a pet, playing with him and dressing him and so on. Do
potbellied pigs really make good pets? Explain your answer.


1. 1953

2. Circle of Friends Garden

3. A jumping spider actually hunts its prey by using its good eyesight, instead of catching
its prey in a sticky web like most other spiders.

4. False. Spiders are different and strange animals that belong to their own special
families called arachnids.

5. 35,000

6. Spiders cannot chew their meal so they secrete a substance that dissolves their captured
prey to a point where they can ingest the liquid remains.

7. The tiny little tips of a spider's legs are oily. This is what keeps the spider from getting
trapped in their own sticky silk web.

8. Christopher Columbus and the early Spanish explorers

9. Babe the Gallant Pig by Dick King-Smith

10. Some of the bad things about having a potbellied pig for a pet would be that they are
always after food and are smart enough to get it almost any way they can, they can learn
to scream and do so when they want something or are angry, they can be overly sensitive
and demanding, they need a lot of discipline and monitoring.