Some facts and fiction about coffee by mfrizzi


									                      Some facts and fiction about coffee

Despite the fact that coffee is the world’s second most popular traded good behind oil, there
remains some confusion and debate about its effects on our bodies. In this article we will take a
look at four of the most popular questions surrounding coffee consumption and try to separate
the facts from the fiction.

Does drinking coffee make exercise easier? – Studies have concluded that pre-workout
caffeine consumption provides for a more intense and sustained workout. The influx of caffeine
in the body results in measurable performance gains and, despite the fact that scientists are
unsure exactly why or how this change occurs, it has been proven to be true. Caffeine offers such
advantages that several professional sports disallow the usage of caffeine immediately before or
during competition

Can coffee cure a hangover? - The short answer is, no. Despite the fact that coffee has long
been used as a remedy for a night of excess, it does not offer any true relief from the symptoms
of a hangover. In fact, the caffeine in coffee has a dehydrating effect on the body, and this can
actually cause a more severe and long lasting hangover.

Is coffee a diuretic? – Many people would feel very confident in saying that coffee is a diuretic.
The truth is that coffee does not contain any diuretic properties. If you find yourself running to
the bathroom after a tall cup of coffee, blame it on the consumption of fluids rather than the
coffee beans.

Is coffee beneficial for everyday life? – Numerous studies have shown coffee consumption to
have positive effects on mood, work performance, alertness and overall well-being. Caffeine is
also known to increase reaction times and help stave off drowsiness. Although drinking too
much coffee can have adverse side effects such as increased anxiety, restlessness and
indigestion, most people are able to control their consumption levels and avoid these issues.

This article was written by Mike Frizzi on behalf of Larry’s Beans. He recommends you try
Larry’s Beans coffee if you are interested in organic coffee and/or fair trade coffee.

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