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A simple curve does not cross itself, except that if you draw it with a pencil, the starting
and stopping points may be the same.

A closed curve can be traced using the same starting and stopping points, without
retracing any part of the curve.

A polygon is a 2-dimensional simple closed figure with sides that are line segments. A
point where two sides of a polygon meet is a vertex of the polygon. (The plural of vertex
is vertices.)

Convex curves are simple, closed, and have no indentations. More precisely, the
segment connecting any two points in the interior of the curve is wholly contained in the
interior of the curve.

Concave curves are simple, closed, and not convex; that is, they have an indentation.

Polygons are classified according to the number of sides they have.

Polygon        Number                                    Examples
Triangle       3

Quadrilateral 4

Pentagon       5

Hexagon        6

Heptagon       7

Octagon        8
Nonagon       9

Decagon       10

Dodecagon     12

Polygons with more than 10 sides are not usually given special names. A polygon with
11 sides is described as an 11-gon, a polygon with 14 sides as a 14-gon, and so on.
Each of the polygons below is a 17-gon.

When people talk about a general polygon -- one where you don't know the exact
number of sides -- they often refer to it as an n-gon.

The diagonal of a polygon is a line segment connecting non-consecutive vertices of
the polygon.

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