EFI_Laserfiche_Connector by usmanjee123


									                   Laserfiche Connector
Installation & Configuration
The Laserfiche connector for EFI SendMe requires version 3.0 build 257 or higher. Before the connector is
installed, the Laserfiche client needs to be installed on the SendMe unit. Install Laserfiche on the D: drive
in order to be sure of enough disk space on the SendMe Unit. The administrator must then connect to each
Laserfiche repository to be exposed in the SendMe

The Laserfiche connector is accessed by pressing the
Laserfiche button on the Main tab. First, the user
must choose a Laserfiche repository from the list
provided. The connector then tries to automatically
log into the repository using the SendMe user name
and password. If this fails, the user is prompted to
manually log in to Laserfiche.

On the Send tab, the user may select a template, volume and folder from the list of available choices. If a
template is selected, users must press the Next button to enter the metadata associated with the selected
Template. The user also may choose to rename the file before submitting it. Finally, the Send button will
complete the document submission.


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