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					     Sunday 18th        First Sunday after Trinity
                        8.00am Holy Communion (CW)                                               LETTER FROM CANON CHRIS ANDREWS AT
                        9.30am Parish Communion                                                  ST WULFRAM’S
                        11.15am Family Service
                        3.00pm Holy Baptism                                                      Growing a stronger church
                        6.00pm Confirmation by the Bishop of Grantham at St Anne’s
                                 Church                                                          “But I only read the lesson in church” said the lady to whom I was speaking.
                        6.30pm Said Evening Prayer
                                                                                                 Why “only”? I thought. What a joy it is when a person reads the Bible at a service with
     Mon 19th           7.30pm Worship Committee meets at the Rectory                            understanding and in a voice we can hear and enjoy listening to. It can be one of the
     Tues 20th          7.00pm Compline                                                          memorable moments of a service and it is a great ministry to us all. Hundreds of
                        7.30pm Julian Prayer meeting in the Crypt Chapel                         people in the Grantham churches, like this lady, take part in worship and do countless
     Thurs 22nd         11.00am Holy Communion (BCP)                                             tasks in the parish which are part of the total work, witness and ministry of the church.
     Sat 24th           10.00am -3.00pm ‘Spring Clean’ in church                                 Every single person is an important member of the body of Christ here.
                        4.30pm Celebrity Recital—James Taylor (Montréal, Quebec,
                        Canada)                                                                   In the parishes of Grantham we want all these people to have a chance to see how all
                                                                                                 the different things we do together are connected and are important as part of the
     Sunday 25th        Second Sunday after Trinity                                              work of the church.
                        8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)
                        9.30am Parish Communion                                                   So from the autumn the parishes of Grantham Deanery (like most deaneries in the
                        12.00 noon Barbecue for children, young people and families of           diocese) will be putting on a course which is designed to help and support you as a
                                 the congregation and the URC at the Rectory                     worshipper in church and in whatever activity you are involved: lesson reading, brass
                        6.30pm Sung Evensong                                                     cleaning, saying prayers for the sick, being on a committee, calling to see a
                                                                                                 housebound neighbour, baking for a parish event, serving on the PCC, whatever it is.
     Mon 26th           7.30pm Fabric Committee meet in the Church Hall                          The course will be a basic foundation course about Christian faith today and how our
     Tues 27th          10.30am The Friends of St Wulfram’s visit Papplewick Pumping             faith affects our daily lives.
                        6.00pm Ordination Rehearsal in church                                     Full details will be published soon, as we hope to start the course in the autumn. The
                        7.00pm Compline cancelled                                                course will be locally based in Grantham and easy to get to. The leadership will be
     Thurs 29th         Peter and Paul Apostles                                                  from local churches and the course can be tailored to local needs. Canon Francis
                        11.00am Holy Communion (BCP)                                             Gordon-Kerr and Brian Stagg are doing the groundwork.
     Fri 30th           9.15am National School’s Holy Communion Service
                                                                                                 The content of the course will give those who complete it an accreditation in basic
     Reminder for your diairies: St Wulfram’s Flower Festival 14th-16th July                     parish ministry by the Diocese of Lincoln. It will also open the way to more specialised
                         Preview on Thursday 13th July at 7.30pm                                 modules of learning and to training for Reader or other ministries if the person so
           +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                               wishes.
       Every Saturday morning the Clergy hold their Office Hour in the Parish Office in Church
                       from 9.30am-10.30am. No appointment necessary.
                             St Wulfram’s Summer Opening Times
                                                                                                 We hope that you and many people will want to join in and help to make us a stronger
             The Church is open for visitors from Monday to Saturday from to 4pm            body of people in our Christian faith and more confident in the grasp of our tasks and
            The Coffee Shop will be open Weds, Thurs, Fri and Sat from 10am to 4pm               why we perform them.
                                                                                                 With my prayers,
                                                                                                 Christopher Andrews                                                              1
                                                                                CALENDAR ST WULFRAM’S
                                                                                      JUNE 2006
                   CHURCH REGISTERS FOR APRIL 2006
                 ST JOHN THE EVANGELIST MANTHORPE           Thurs 1st     11.00am Holy Communion (BCP)
                                                            Sat 3rd       11.30am Saturday Morning Music —David Baxter Organist
    BAPTISMS                                                                      Holy Trinity Coventry
    9th April       Emily Elizabeth Geeson
    23rd April      Amber Louise Hoyes                      Sunday 4th    Pentecost Sunday (Mayor’s Sunday)
                                                                          8.00am Holy Communion (CW)
    WEDDINGS                                                              9.30am Parish Communion with the new Mayor of Grantham,
    None                                                                           Cllr John Wilkes
                                                                          4.30pm Churches Together AGM at Baptist Church, Wharf Road
    FUNERALS                                                              6.00pm Churches Together Pentecost Praise, Baptist Church,
    10th April      Stanley Desmond Hartley Moore                                  Wharf Road
                                                                          6.30pm No Evensong at St Wulfram’s Church
                                                            Tues 6th      2.15pm Mothers’ Union service in church followed by talk by
                             ST WULFRAM                                            Joan Holdham “Indian Experiences”
                                                                          7.00pm Holy Communion (CW)
    BAPTISMS                                                Thurs 8th     11.00am Holy Communion (BCP)
    2nd April       Calum John Morton                                     2.45pm Julian Prayer Meeting in the Church Hall
    2nd April       Chloe Joan Russell                                    4.00pm Castlegate Churches meet at St Wulfram’s Church Hall
    30th April      Florence Emily Moncur                                         in the committee room
                                                                          7.45pm PCC Meeting in the Church Hall
    WEDDINGS                                                Sat 10th      10.30am Baptism Preparation Meeting in church
    None                                                                  1.00pm Wedding of Adam Yafai and Zoë Gibson
                                                                          3.00pm Wedding of Leon Flarry and Cassandra Boylan
    5th April       Joy Champkins           54              Sunday 11th   Trinity Sunday
    12th April      Gordon Stuart Woolley 67                              8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)
    13th April      Mavis Elsie Chamberlain 74                            9.30am Morning Praise
                                                                          11.00am Holy Communion for the deaf
                                                                          6.30pm Choral Evensong

                                                            Mon 12th      2.30pm Service for Wholeness and Healing in the Lady Chapel
                                                            Tues 13th     7.00pm Compline
                                                            Thurs 15th    Day of Thanksgiving for Holy Communion (Corpus Christi)
                                                                          11.00am Holy Communion (BCP)
                                                            Sat 17th      11.30am Saturday Morning Music —Tettenhall College Junior Choir
                                                                                   with Ian Wass (Organist) Tettenhall Wolverhampton
                                                                          7.00pm Wings Appeal Band Concert with the Royal Air Force
                                                                                   Waddington Band

2                                                                                                                                     15
                                JUNE 2006
                                                                                       The following people were elected at the AGM on April 27th 2006:
     Sunday 4th       Pentecost (Whit Sunday)
                      8.30am Holy Communion                                            Churchwardens:                      David Brown
                      10.30am Parish Communion—All Age Worship                                                             June Bennett
                      6.00pm Evensong
                      7.15pm Taizé Prayer                                              Assistant Churchwardens:            Lynda Basford
                                                                                                                           Alan Green
     Weds 7th         10.00am Holy Communion BCP                                                                           Janice Webb
     Sunday 11th      Trinity Sunday                                                                                       Val York
                      8.30am Holy Communion
                      10.30am Parish Communion—The Archdeacon of Lincoln               Deanery Synod Representatives (1 year to serve)
                      12.15pm Holy Baptism—Amy Lauren Taylor                                  Lynda Basford           David Lawrence                  Brian Stagg
                      6.00pm Evensong
                                                                                       PCC Members—3 years to serve:
     Wed 14th         10.00am Holy Communion BCP                                             Courtney Finn           Ursula Brown                     Janice Webb
     Sunday 18th      1st Sunday after Trinity
                      8.30am Holy Communion                                            PCC Members—2 years to serve:
                      10.30am Parish Communion                                               Angela Browne           David Lawrence                   Val York
                      No Evensong Today                                                      Ian Stewart
                      6.30pm Confirmation at St Anne’s Church
                                                                                       PCC Members—1 year to serve:
     Weds 21st        10.00am Holy Communion BCP                                             Alec Hughes            Alan Green                        Harry Green
                      2.00pm Prayers and Bears Service
     Sat 24th         7.30pm Organ Concert in Church—Geoff Winter                      The Clergy are also members of the PCC, and two of our readers, Dr Brian Stagg
     Sunday 25th      2nd Sunday after Trinity                                         and Sue Stagg also serve on the PCC.
                      8.30am Holy Communion
                      10.30am Parish Communion                                         The Treasurer is Ian Mihill, and Lynda Basford is secretary to the PCC.
                      6.00pm Evensong
                                                                                       Ursula Brown, Janice Webb and Ian Stewart are the Churches Together
     Weds 28th        10.00am Holy Communion BCP                                       Representatives.
                      7.30pm CREW Meeting (Vicarage)
                                                                                       The retiring Churchwarden, David Green, was given the title Warden Emeritus in
         Morning Prayer is said at 8.30am on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,        recognition of his willingness to share his wide experience and to help out when
                   why not try to come along and join us occasionally.                 needed.
      The Vicar will be in Church every Saturday morning from 9.30am to 10.30am
                                                                                       Our thanks and prayers are with all those who will serve the Church through the
     for his weekly ‘Surgery’ for booking weddings or baptisms, or just a chat, etc.
                                                                                       coming year.
      Do look at our Parish Website –

                                                                      GRANTHAM DEANERY BARBECUE TO MEET THE BISHOP
                                                                      This event took place on Wednesday
South Lincolnshire Blind Society (Formerly Kesteven Blind             17th May on a very wet, but otherwise
Society)                                                              extremely pleasant evening. Some 50
                                                                      or 60 people gathered at the Village
If you or someone you know suffers from a problem with sight,         Hall at Wyville and enjoyed a meal of
whom can you go to for advice? South Lincolnshire Blind Scoiety       Hotdogs, Burgers and scrumptious
is a local registered charity that aims to provide reassurance,       puddings, and afterwards listened
information and support in any way that will enable a visually        attentively to Bishop Tim Ellis, the new
impaired person to continue to lead an independent life.              Bishop of Grantham as he explained
                                                                      his background and his hopes for the future of the church in
However, the Society could not continue to offer its range of         Lincolnshire, particularly in the Southern part. He then answered
services without the invaluable support of its volunteer team. An     some questions about his thoughts on work with young people, had
appeal is made for volunteers to help in the following ways:          there been any surprises as he toured the deaneries, and would he
befriending visually impaired people in their homes; supporting       be involved in working to help the Grantham Hospital. The evening
eye clinic staff at local hospitals; help at social clubs run for     was most pleasant and prompted calls for a similar Deanery event
visually impaired people; and assisting with fundraising.             in the future. Thanks go to all who worked so hard to make it a
Basic visual impairment training is offered to all volunteers, and
travel and parking expenses are paid to home visitors and eye
clinic support volunteers. If you feel you would be able to help in                  JUNE QUIZ                              MAY QUIZ ANSWERS
any way, please contact Tamsin Lane, Voluntary Services Co-
ordinator on 01476 592775 to find out more.                           1. Which ocean is the largest?                1.    Scenes of Crime Officer/Police
                                                                      2. Who was the first wife of Henry VIII?      2.    A
                                                                      3. Who painted Matchstick Men?                3.    4 couples
                                                                      4. How many furlongs are there in a mile?     4.    12
                                                                      5. What was the name of Oberon’s wife in      5.    Nike
TRAIDCRAFT IN BANGLADESH                                              ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’?                  6.    Salvation Army
                                                                      6. In the ‘Tin-Tin’ stories, what was the     7.    Daughters of Odin who collected
Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. Traidcraft   name of the dog?                                    dead heroes and took them to
orders about £100,00 worth of jute goods from Juteworks each          7. How would you write 1768 in Roman                Valhalla
year. This provides many jobs. The Traidcraft catalogue offers        numerals?                                     8.    Richard Whiteley
some interesting and inexpensive artefacts from Bangladesh. Ask       8. What is the botanical name for ‘Bleeding   9.    Steptoe & Son
me for a catalogue and look at pages 54 and 55 and you may find       Heart’?                                       10.   A frog
something you can use.     I am going to order the herb planter       9. What is the standard classification of     11.   Walker’s Stadium
and the Recycle Bag Holder (mine is looking a little jaded).          books called?                                 12.   212° F
                                                                      10. Who play at the Walker Stadium?           13.   Elvers
Erica South                                                           11. How many sides does a decagon have?       14.   Edinburgh Castle
                                                                      12. How many colours are in a rainbow?        15.   Empire Day
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++       13. What is the capital of Paraguay?
                                                                      14. Which wedding anniversary is called the
When praying don’t give God instructions—just report for duty.        15. Who wrote ‘A Tale of Two Cities’?
Seen in Mancroft, Norwich Magazine

4                                                                                                                                                           13
                           A SCHOOL OF THE LORD’S SERVICE                                                CURATE TO CANON—THE NEW ARCHDEACON OF LANCASTER
     So wrote Saint Benedict a thousand            this man.” The world and its peoples            Curate, Priest, Canon Residentiary,            the sanctuary at the East End. A great
     years ago in his Rule, and there can be       desperately needs healing. The very             Diocesan Director of Education for             cavalcade of clergy in a wonderful display
     no better description of the purpose of       fabric of the globe is under threat, and its    Blackburn,       Diocesan         Secretary,   of copes and cassocks entered the Nave of
     the Church today. The whole                   people divided. In personal lives too           Archdeacon. These are the bare bones of        the Cathedral. There were diocesan and
     organisation exists simply to carry on the    there is much need for a healing ministry       the vocation of Peter James Ballard who in     visiting clergy, The Prolocutor of the
     work of Christ in the world. We who are       bringing strength and hope.                     the space of 19 years has risen from curate    Province of York, Canons Emeritus, Lay
                                                                                                   at Saint Wulfram’s Church under the            Canons, Honorary Canons, the Archdeacon
     called up as Christians are His team. The     This work to which we are called must of
                                                                                                   Rectorship of the Revd. Robert Riess, to       of Blackburn, the Bishop of Burnley, The
     Church is our training ground, but you do     course be applied to ourselves. That is         the Archdeacon of Lancaster.                   Cathedral Wardens, The Registrar, The
     not win matches on training grounds.          the purpose of training, making us fit for                                                     Bishop’s Chaplain, The Bishop of Blackburn
     A School                                      the task ahead. This benefits us as             His collation and installation as Archdeacon   who was surrounded by the Dean and
     Schools do not need buildings. There are      individuals, but let us not lose sight of the   of Lancaster was carried out by the Lord       Residentiary Canons all in grand
     many places where the village school is       purpose. And inevitably, as we go out           Bishop of Blackburn, the Rt. Revd. Nicholas    progression in the cathedral. They were
     under a tree, but perhaps they do not         into the world in the service of Jesus we       Reade, in a beautiful service at the equally   accompanied by four vergers and a choir of
     have to put up with our climate. A            shall suffer injury, but fear not. We have      beautiful Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin   fifty. The congregation sang with such
     building is certainly a convenience, but      the equivalent of Rooney’s pneumatic            at Blackburn on Sunday 30th April 2006. A      gusto for the first hymn, ‘O for a thousand
     not an absolute essential. Saint Paul         boot. We need a good physio department          much enlarged parish church which              tongues to sing’ that it sounded like 5000.
                                                                                                   became the Cathedral Church when the
     often refers to “the church that is in your   in each church.                                 Diocese of Blackburn was formed in 1926. Peter took his oaths of office and allegiance
     house”. A school is not a place in the        There is one aspect of our ministry which                                                     and was presented with his mandate by the
     sense of a building but of a group            we must do together, again, not for             I had driven up during the morning from bishop and then installed into his stall in the
     gathered for a purpose, in this case to be    ourselves but for the world. When Jesus         Grantham in glorious sunshine and arrived Sanctuary by the Dean of Blackburn. The
     trained.                                      said “Do this in remembrance of Me” He          in the early afternoon. It was good to see choir sang “Zadok the Priest“ by Handel
     Of the Lord’s Service                         instructed us, using a word which means         the familiar face of David French and his before Peter Ballard gave a typical sermon
     It sounds odd to say so, but we do not go     far more that just call to mind, to recall,     wife approaching the cathedral precinct to in which he asked for a more positive
     to church to worship God! Part of our         make real and apply to our day, the             “get our bearings”. They were also approach to our faith.
     training should be to remember the            sacrifice once offered on the cross and         attending the service.
     presence of God everywhere and always.        now recalled before the Eternal Throne.                                                       The blessing given, the new cathedral
                                                                                                   Another bonus was the kind way in which organ played a great voluntary as the
     You do not need the company of others,        How this works is beyond our                    the bell ringers at the Cathedral allowed me procession formed up and led the way to
     less still a building for what must be a      understanding, but it releases power            to ring on their 10 bells before they started the crypt of the cathedral.      Wine and
     basic element in being a servant of God.      working in the world. When we receive           a quarter peal in honour of the new nibbles followed.
     You do need the company of others to          the bread and wine we are firstly sharing       Archdeacon. On entering the Cathedral I
     train for and to do the work which we         in the sacrifice — see the OT in many           was met by Peter in his Canon’s cassock, A memorable time was spent with the
     have to do.                                   places — but the power is released into         all edged in red, and was greeted very people of the Diocese of Blackburn as they
     What is that work? It can be summed up        us to go out.                                   warmly and invited to sit with the family in welcomed their new Archdeacon. It was
     in one word — healing. Salvation means        All this has of course implications for         the reserved seats.                           good to see Helen, Peter’s wife with the two
     applying a salve, something which heals.      church organisation. A team needs                                                             daughters, Rachel and Hannah. We wish
     Doctor Luke, himself used to salves,          qualified coaches. Can we, as we look to         We were all welcomed by the Dean and Peter well in his new office of Archdeacon
                                                                                                   the mighty service began. I say mighty of Lancaster and look forward to his further
     records the healing of the man at the         the future, ensure that people are
                                                                                                   because the Bishop had still not begun his rise up the ladder of ecclesiastical fame.
     Beautiful Gate and Saint Peter’s              available for that can be a difficult           processional way from the North transept
     comment: “the Name of Jesus, by               ministry.                                       when the Crucifer approached the Altar in Brian Buttery
     awakening faith, has given strength to                                   Canon Bob Baily

12                                                                                                                                                                                              5
    18th JUNE           AT MANTHORPE
    Two     members       of   our      Many of you will know by now
    congregation, Helen Waterhouse      that there are going to be some
    and Tracy Morris, are being         minor changes made to the
    confirmed on this day at St         arrangement of the furniture in
    Anne’s Church at 6.30pm.            St John’s church building,
    Please make a note in your diary    agreed by the PCC and under
    to come along and support them      the auspices of an Archdeacon’s
    in this important step in the       Temporary Licence. The fronts of
    journey of faith.                   the pews in the Chancel and the
                                        Vicar’s Stall are being removed
    ORGAN CONCERT—                      for an experimental period (of
                                        15 months) during which time
                                        we will be able to look at
    We are delighted once again to
                                        different ways of using our
    welcome Geoff Winter to the
                                        church building, particularly with
    Organ at Manthorpe when he
    will provide an evening of organ    our work among young people.
    music. This will be followed by a   This is not the only reason and I
                                        have elaborated on this in some
    buffet supper in a marquee in
                                        length in an insert for the people
    the Church Car Park.
                                        of the parish of Manthorpe. If
                                        you do not have a copy of this
                                        article and would like one,
    SERVICE FOR TODDLERS AND            please contact the Vicar on
    THEIR PARENTS                       567047.
    These services are now held on
    a monthly basis and below you       Magazine Cover Sponsorship
    will find a list of the dates for   As you will have seen over the
    this year. The service only lasts   months, this Magazine cover has
    about 20 minutes and we             been sponsored by a number of
    regularly have some 15 to 20
                                        different people for all sorts of
    people attending, made up
                                        events or anniversaries. If you
    50/50 of children and their
    parents. The next event is on       have a special date coming up,
    21st June at 2.00pm. After          why not let every one know? It
    the little service we all join      only costs £25, call the Vicar
    together in sharing tea, squash     (567047) to book your space.
    and cakes. The remaining dates      September, November and
    are (Wednesdays at 2.00pm) as       December are still available, so
    follows: 19th July, 20th Sept,      book now and be sure of getting
    18th Oct, and 22nd Nov.             your name in print!!
6                                                                      11
                                                                                                                             JUNE 2006
         Furniture Restoration                                                                                   CLERGY OF THE GRANTHAM PARISHES
           French Polishing
                                                                                           St Anne New Somerby & St John the Evangelist, Spitalgate
         Hand-Made Furniture                        4 Hire                                                          Reverend Fred Long (591372)
                                                                                           St John the Evangelist, Manthorpe
                                                       For all your                                                Reverend John Bruce (567047)
         For a free no obligation quotation
                  please contact:                       domestic                           Church of the Epiphany, Earlesfield
                C J Green                             and gardening
                                                                                                                Reverend Stanley Rowland (572380)
                                                                                           Church of the Ascension, Harrowby & St John the Baptist, Londonthorpe
                  10 Main Street
                       Harby                              needs                                               Reverend Christopher Boland (564781)
                 Melton Mowbray                                                            St Wulfram
                  Leicestershire                      Colin Wood                                            Rector: Canon Christopher Andrews (563710)
             Telephone: 01949 860687                                                                       Asst Curate: Reverend June Rowland (572380)
                                                Telephone: 01476 565117
               Mobile: 07989 697041
                                                  Mobile: 07961 139525                            ***************************************************************************************

     HOLIDAY LETTING CARAVAN                      Red Cross Open Gardens 2006                       PLEASE LOOK AT THE RED CROSS ADVERT ON PAGE 10
          SUTTON-ON-SEA                           2-5pm Entry £2.50 at each event                               It will have new information each month
                                                     All have plants stalls & teas          If you like to visit gardens and plan to do so this year, please contact Janice
     Please contact Mrs Lynne Dolby                                                         Webb (577661) for an opportunity to visit one of the Red Cross Open
              01476 404780                           4th June Grantham House                Gardens free of charge!
                                                11th June Cawthorpe Hall nr Bourne
                                              Also selling produce from 3 acres of roses
                                                                                                     SERVICE OF BAPTISM AND CONFIRMATION
                                                18th June Holywell Hall nr Stamford                                        by
                                                          also Craft Stalls                                   The Bishop of Grantham
                                                                                                             For all the Grantham Parishes
                                                                                                      St Anne’s Church, Harrowby Road Grantham
     P T STEER                                                                                           On SUNDAY 18 JUNE 2006 at 6.00pm
     PAINTER AND                                            TOM SELBY
     DECORATOR                                       Plumbing & Heating Engineer                      Please remember all those to be baptised
                                                                                                          and/or confirmed at this service
                                                                                                               and from St Wulfram’s
                21 THE LEAS                                                                      Adella Clipsham, Jacob Clipsham, Rachel Meredith
                 BARKSTON                         Also Gas installations & servicing
                                                       (CORGI REG 194050)                                 Jessica Noon and Diane Smalley
                                                        115 Harlaxton Road                   We shall welcome them and congratulate them at the Parish
     A Dulux Approved Select Decorator
                                                        Grantham NG31 7AG                                     Communion on June 25th
           PHONE: 01400 250543
          MOBILE: 07860 447435                          Tel (01476) 408972
      E mail:               Mobile 07973 195625                To sponsor the cover of The Magazine for £25, please contact the editors. The
                                                                                           contact details are inside the front cover. Many thanks to all those who have already
                                                                                           agreed to take part.

                                   BACK TO SCHOOL

    “I have so often been driven to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I have
    nowhere else to go.”

    So said Abraham Lincoln—but why must he fall to his knees to pray? Is that the only
    posture possible for prayer to “take”? If so, then the Insurance Company which paid
    me an extra £500 in compensation following a motor accident because I was “a
    Clergyman who could not kneel down,” seemed to be on to something!

    Indeed, once upon a time the injunction “Let us pray,” usually meant people would
    kneel down. Nowadays some will kneel but many (most?) will sit and some will
    stand. The same mixed economy probably applies when it comes to private prayer.

    So how important is posture when we pray? To sit or kneel—or neither is one of
    the sessions at the School of Prayer in the Cathedral on Saturday 10th June,
    beginning at 11.00 a.m. It will be led by Adrian Scott who was part of the team from
    Sheffield which led the very successful Spirituality Course at Edward King House
    last year.

    The other main session will be led by Kate Tristram who is a noted authority on
    Celtic Spirituality, and she will be helping us to pray the Celtic way.

    A mid-day Eucharist will bring together the themes of the day, and participants are
    asked to bring a packed lunch which we can enjoy in the beautiful Cathedral
    Cloisters and grounds where drinks will be provided. This event follows upon the
    Prayer and Spirituality “Taster Day” last summer which was hugely enjoyed by large                                                   BONES
    numbers of people who came especially—and tourists who just happened to drop
    by!                                                                                               WANTED               The membership of any organisation is
                                                                                                                                made up of four sets of bones.
                                                                                                                            There are Wishbones, who spend all
                                                                                               Double knitting wool
    There is no need to book—just turn up, and there will be Coffee from 10.30 a.m. We                                     their time wishing someone else would
    close with Prayers at 3.30 p.m.                                                                                            do all the work; along with the
                                                                                             To be made into items for      Jawbones, who do all the talking but
                                                                                               SAVE THE CHILDREN
    Whatever folk feel about the Da Vinci Code, it has turned our Cathedral into a place                                    very little else. Another group is the
    of post-modern pilgrimage and this day will help to remind us that it is, above all, a                                 Knucklebones—they knock everything
                                                                                             Please contact Irene Goodge   that anybody else tries to do. But most
    place of prayer and praise.                                                                   Tel: 01476 590577         valuable are the Backbones, who get
                                                                                                                             under the load and actually do the
    + John Lincoln                                                                                                                            work.


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