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The Ultimate Personal Development System

      Em-Power Therapy takes a                           I then started to experiment, combining the
    Quantum Leap in its Development                      electromagnetic clicks with various harmonic
                                                         tones and Em-Power Commands. The results
                                                         were amazing, especially with people who
                Every few years Em-Power                 were wearing the Em-Power Disc. It was as if
                Therapy takes a quantum leap             the disc was amplifying the positive messages
                in its development. This year            behind the words. Using specific harmonic
                there has been an Em-Power               tones, I was able to create a kind of musical
                Revolution! - an entirely new            trigger that tells your Higher Self to
                concept using the power of               spontaneous heal you.
                                                         By combining the unique properties of these
  Many years ago I accidentally discovered that          sound frequencies with current Em-Power
  my     vo ice  generated       an    unusual           Therapy technology, you can now activate the
  electromagnetic frequency when I was                   entire Em-Power Therapy process in less than
  conducting a self-healing session, or giving a         six minutes per day.
                                                                    Em-Power Therapy
  Depending on my mood and the needs of the
  people in the room this electromagnetic
                                                                     goes Holographic
  frequency would vary in intensity and duration.        It has long been my goal to take Em-Power
  At the time I couldn’t understand what was             Therapy to the masses. After two years
  happening.                                             experimenting with holograms, I have finally
                                                         come up with a way to bring Em-Power
  In 2002, I launched a new 'Positive Health'            Therapy to a wider audience. 'Unlock Your
  range of Self-help audio programs, designed            Inner Power' is a new book that introduces
  for people with specific issues. After spending        Em-Power Therapy, in very simple terms, and
  many hours editing out the electromagnetic             incorporates a free holographic trial version of
  clicks from my recordings, I realised that there       the Em-Power Disc. This easy to read manual
  seemed to be a correlation between the                 comes with an instructional CD that talks you
  electromagnetic clicks and the words being             through the entire process.
                                                         Now, using the holographic trial version of the
  A sound engineer commented that the clicks             Em-Power Disc, a person can get a taste of
  seemed to be more like that of a dolphin than a        what it's like to communicate with their Higher
  person. Although he was initially sceptical            Self for a fraction of the cost of regular
  about self-healing, this was proof that                membership.
  something unexplainable was going on.
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                                     FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE

  Unlock Your Inner Power                 P2             Em-Power Training                       P8
  New Instruction Manual Part Two         P3             Positive Therapy Free CD Offer          P9
  Upgrade Your Em-Power Disc              P4             New Audio Programs                      P 10
  'Forgiveness' And Letting Go            P5             Charts/New Developments                 P 11
  Members Stories                         P 6/7          Application Forms                       P 12
                 U N LO C K YO U R I N N E R P OW E R

                                     'Unlock Your Inner Power' is the next level in the
                                     development of Em-Power Therapy. This book includes an
                                     Instructional CD that talks you through the process and a
                                     free holographic trial version of the Em-Power Disc.

                                     We have added a Ninth command to the Powering Up
                                     "Give me what I need and analyse every
                                     command I hear and instantaneously act on
                                     any command that could help me on any
                                     level, continuously now and forever starting

                                     We all know that you need to talk to your Higher Self
                                     in a very specific way. Your Higher Self will only act
                                     on a command that is for your highest good and it will
                                     ignore any inappropriate instruction. By saying this
                                     command we are asking our Higher Self to
                                     continuously analyse any positive instruction it hears
                                     and act on it for a person’s highest good.

     By adding this command to the Powering Up sequence, it is now possible for you to
merely listen to a correctly worded command and your Higher Self will automatically make
the necessary positive changes.

     Unlock Your Inner Power contains a five day Personal Transformation Program. Each
day's commands are read out-loud and all you have to do is listen. Before each command
you will hear a special harmonic tone and as you listen to the tone your Higher Self will
automatically associate the tone with the command. After five days you will have heard
five distinctive harmonic tones. In the future to activate this five day program all you will
have to do is listen to a unique tonal sequence. We have also created a special harmonic
tone that allows you to Power Up your system.

    To make the process even more powerful, each day we are going to anchor the
command sequences to a specific point on your body. For example, to Power Up your
system, all you have to do is press a point on your right shoulder. After five days you will
have six anchors, including your Powering Up anchor which will enable you to activate the
complete five day program by simply triggering your anchors.

     For those of us who respond well to symbols, this five day program has its very own
Em-Power Wheel. Each day you will be asked to look at a specific symbol. After five days
each symbol will have been fully integrated into your system, so that all you will do in the
future is look at each symbol on your Em-Power Wheel to activate the program. So instead
of saying longwinded commands each day, you will activate your anchors by looking at
your Em-Power Wheel, listening to a short harmonic tonal sequence or by pressing
specific points around the body. Now the entire Em-Power Therapy process takes less
than six minutes each day.

     'Unlock Your Inner Power' will be available in book stores and replaces manual one.
'Instruction Manual Part Two' uses the same techniques but takes the process to
another level.

             I N S T R U C T I O N M A N U A L PA R T T W O

                                       Following on from Manual One, 'Unlock Your Inner Power,'
                                       Instruction Manual Part Two takes the process one step
                                       further and includes a Personal Transformation Program
                                       designed to deal with seven key areas of a person’s life.

                                       Day Six - Health & Well-being:
                                       Designed to resolve any kind of physical problem.
                                       Day Seven - Magical Relationships:
                                       For any kind of emotional issue.
                                       Day Eight - Successful Careers:
                                       Designed to enhance your business or career prospects.
                                       Day Nine - Developing Your Learning skills:
                                       Designed to enhance your memory and ability to learn.
                                       Day Ten - Get Rid Of Bad Habits:
                                       Designed to help with dependency or behavioural issues.
                                       Day Eleven - Spiritual Development:
                                       Develop your spiritual side.
                                       Day Twelve - Parenting:
                                       Designed to help you cope with the pressures of being a
                                       good parent, or if you have issues with your own parents.

This Personal Transformation System is more advanced than the one in 'Unlock Your Inner Power',
because we have incorporated a special belief change program.

This manual also includes:-

A Guide to Unblocking Your Energy System
Occasionally the flow of energy around the body is interrupted. This can slowdown or even stop our
body's natural self-healing processes. This section teaches you how to remove the blockage and
restore the body's ability to heal itself.

The Problem Shrinker System
This incredible new system uses Neuro Re-sequencing techniques to remove negative thought
processes and replace them with positive ones. It only takes a few minutes to get rid of any bad
feelings associated with past experiences.

An Instructional CD
As with manual one, a CD talks you through the Personal Transformation System. All you need to do
is follow the step-by step instructions. To make it easier to work with, each A4 manual is spirally
bound and has a comprehensive contents page.

       M E M B E R S H I P U P G R A D E O F F E R / I N F O R M AT I O N

       Members Only Upgrade Offer                                  Online Information
                                                       Download information directly from our
Em-Power Therapy is an ever-evolving personal
                                                       website using pdf files.
development system. Once you have used the
system for a while we ask you to complete an
aftercare questionnaire.                               Most Popular Downloads:

This information enables us to constantly update       Free Book Offer:
and enhance our programs. We appreciate your           www.freebooks-online.com/ktg.pdf
help and wish you to benefit from these new
developments.                                          Latest Em-Power Newsletter:
If you have a previous version of the Em-Power
Therapy System and wish to update your                 Em-Power Support Groups:
literature, you can upgrade your current Em-           www.freebooks-online.com/epsg.pdf
Power Kit and receive the new system, which
includes:                                              Two Day Training Courses For Beginners.
  Manual One - Unlock Your Inner Power'
                                                       How to become an Em-Power Therapy
Instructional CD 1                                     Practitioner:
Em-Power Wheel                                         www.freebooks-online.com/etp.pdf
Usual Price:£25.00 plus P&P
                                                       Em-Power Therapy Association Code Of
         Instruction Manual Part Two                   Practice:
Instructional CD 2
Energy Focusing Device                                 How to Join the Em-Power Therapy
Usual Price:£40.00 plus P&P                            Association:
              Special Offer Price
                                                       Em-Power Pet Disc information:
A special members price of £40.00 plus P&P             www.freebooks-online.com/epd.pdf
P&P UK (£6.00) EU (£10.00) Other (£15.00)
                                                       Em-Power A4 Laminated Charts:
Only one set of manuals per member                     www.freebooks-online.com/charts.pdf

                How to Order                           Self-help Audio Programs for specific issues:
Complete the enclosed order form or call the
office on: 44 (0) 161 280 3777                         Em-Power Books with instructional CD's:
Please note: Holographic disc is not included in       Em-Power Therapy latest Products
this upgrade offer. Cat:MK001                          Catalogue
   The Em-Power Newsletter Goes Online                 Relaxation Music & Nature Sounds
From 2006 onwards, this newsletter will only be        www.freebooks-online.com/rmc.pdf
available online. You can download the latest
newsletter by going to: www.freebooks-                 Gift Ideas Catalogue:
online.com/lepn.pdf                                    www.freebooks-online.com/gic.pdf


Forgiveness is said to be the key to letting go of the past and moving towards a more fulfilling
future. This program is designed make you forgive yourself and other people who have had a
negative impact on your life. To activate this program say the following commands every day
for the next 28 days.

♦ Give me what I need and make me believe and accept that I have the ability and awareness
    I need in order to forgive continuously now and forever starting now.
♦ Give me what I need and make me believe and accept that the act of forgiveness will
    strengthen and empower me on all levels continuously now and forever starting now.
♦ Give me what I need and make me believe and accept that everyone could have an
    ultimate, positive intention regardless of their actions at maximum speed continuously
    now and forever starting now.
♦ Give me what I need and make me believe and accept that everyone does the best they can
    with the knowledge, understanding, awareness and resources available to them at any
    given time and that we are all capable of making positive changes to our thoughts,
    attitudes, behaviour and actions for our highest good at maximum speed and maximum
    intensity continuously now and forever starting now.
♦ Give me what I need and completely remove and release all blockages on every level within
    my entire being that may be preventing me from forgiving myself and others and do not
    allow me to feel or experience any negatively perceived or actual negative symptoms,
    feelings or experiences throughout this entire process and make me feel happy, calm, safe
    and secure at the best speed and intensity for me starting now.
♦ Give me what I need and when I have accepted that I have the ability to forgive make me
    forgive myself for anything in my past that I am ashamed or guilty about at maximum
    speed continuously now and forever starting now.
♦ Give me what I need and completely remove and release all actual or perceived
    unnecessary and inappropriate hurt, guilt, shame, anger and resentment from every level
    of my entire being, emotionally, physically and spiritually and karmically and do not allow
    me to feel or experience any negatively perceived or actual negative symptoms or
    experiences and make me feel calm, confident, safe and secure throughout this entire
    process at the best speed for me starting now
♦ Give me what I need and scan and analyse my entire being and completely remove any
    self-limiting beliefs that may be preventing me from forgiving others and myself and
    completely replace these beliefs with self-empowering beliefs for my highest good at
    maximum speed and maximum intensity continuously now and forever starting now.
♦ Give me what I need and when I have accepted that I have the ability to forgive make me
    forgive others for anything they may have done to trigger or initiate a negative state at
    maximum speed continuously now and forever starting now.
♦ Give me what I need and if there is anything else that my Higher self can do to make me
    forgive myself and others, do whatever is necessary on an ongoing basis to enhance the
    previous command sequences and achieve this goal at the best speed for me continuously
    now and forever starting now.
♦ Give me what I need and make me accept, trust and love myself and others at maximum
    speed and maximum intensity continuously now and forever starting now.

                                   MEMBER’S STORIES

       Never Lean On Your Barbecue!                          healed. No Blisters, no Infection, not even any
                                                             red skin, just brand new smooth white skin.
Amanda was an acquaintance from my
meditation group. She arrived one Wednesday                  Amanda took her jumper off and showed her
evening not looking her usual perky self. Two                now healed arm to everyone in the room. They
days previously she had fallen on her lighted                were all amazed and so was I.
barbecue at home and burnt her arm quite
badly. The burn covered an area from just below              The next day I rang Coby and told him all that
the top of her arm to about 3 inches above the               had happened, expecting him to be amazed too,
elbow. The wound had now become infected                     but he just said, “Oh right,” and asked me “did
and despite powerful pain killing tablets from the           she sleep?”
hospital she was still in a great deal of pain.
                                                             “Yes” I replied. She slept for two days.”
I did not know her very well but I thought, “what
the heck, the disc might be able to help!"                   “That’s the burns program then, it slows down all
                                                             the unnecessary functions in the body by making
So I said to her, “ this might sound a bit odd but           you sleep and then the Higher Self directs all of
would you let me see if I can help you with the              the body’s available healing resources to the
pain." She was ready to try anything if it might             burn. You must have activated it when you gave
help. I told her to say the only command that I              the command."
could think of; at this time the whole disc thing
was very new to me. I powered her up using the               “What burns program, I didn’t know that there
symbols and told her to say the following after              was one.”
                                                             “Well you do now!” he said…….
 “Give me what I need, remove the symptoms
and correct the root cause of the pain in the                      Em-Power Your Rugby Career
burn in my left arm, at maximum speed and
maximum intensity starting Now.”                             Michael is a nineteen year old rugby player. He
                                                             had been given the opportunity of a lifetime to go
Before the command was given I asked Amanda                  to New Zealand and play Rugby. Unfortunately
to rate the pain on a scale of 1 to 10. The pain             whilst there, he developed a problem with his
was 8-9 out of 10. After 5 mins, the pain had                upper thoracic spine and after extensive
reduced to about 7 and by the end of the                     investigations and tests he came home to the
meditation the pain was at about 5, which she                U.K. where he was also seen by a number of
found much more bearable.                                    specialists.

At this time I only had one disc was not able to             After only one session using the Disc his
lend her one but I assumed that the command                  problems had all been corrected and the root
would help for a few hours…                                  cause of his problem identified and dealt with.

When I saw Amanda the following week she told                This letter was sent by his Mum.
me that: after the meditation she went home and
was incredibly tired, in fact she slept almost               Dear Gail,
continuously for the next two days, only getting             Many thanks for Michael’s treatment, it’s like a
out of bed to eat a little and to go to the toilet. On       miracle cure! He has not had such relief for 6
day three she woke up and her arm was itching                months.
like mad under the dressing. Because of the
infection the District Nurse was coming to see               Thank you so much…… Jo
her that day to change the dressing. When the
Nurse took the bandages off they were both
amazed to find that the wound had completely

                                 MEMBERS STORIES

    Beryl's had some positive results!                   one eye all of my life. My Higher Self has said
                                                         that it can be improved by more than 60%,
Dear Coby,                                               Whatever happens, I know it will be for my
                                                         highest good, and I shall work with the
I shall try to keep this message brief, whilst           programme until advised to stop.
conveying the gratitude and amazement I have
experienced since discovering Em-Power                   I have not even touched on the amazing
therapy. No need to go into how I came to                differences Em-Power has made for me on an
acquire my disc - suffice it to say that I was           emotional level - suffice it to say that I grow
spiritually led to this path.                            more confident and happy with each passing
                                                         day. As I read the second Manual, there are so
My feet had troubled me for several years and I          many things I would like to pursue I just don't
had arrived at the stage where a round of golf           seem to have enough hours in the day!
caused me unbelievable agony - so much so
that I knew I would have to stop playing. After          At some stage I would value a discussion with a
working with the disc for two weeks there was a          member of your team, to obtain advice on which
dramatic improvement and now - some six                  of the many sequences available would be most
weeks on - my feet are unrecognisable. My                beneficial for me.
Reflexologist says it is as if I have acquired a
new pair of feet! Not quite perfect yet, but every       In the meantime, you have my unqualified
day sees a further improvement and I shall               admiration and sincere gratitude.
persevere for the rest of my life!
                                                         Many, thanks!
Despite visiting the gym twice a week, my legs           Beryl J.
were painful when I tried to 'squat' or kneel
down, and this also badly affected my balance.
Again, they have dramatically improved and I                Good news for Hay Fever sufferers!
can now bend, squat, kneel, or balance on one
leg, to order, without any pain or stiffness!            I suffered from hay fever for 22 years and every
                                                         year I had to decide whether to suffer the
I had also begun to stoop forward slightly - I am        symptoms of hay fever or take the anti-
now ramrod straight again, and proud of it!              histamine pills. The pills always won, although I
                                                         felt like a zombie taking them and summer
My eyes are the biggest miracle of all! I have           passed in a haze, with me looking out at it from
been 80% blind in my right eye since the age of          behind closed windows. I tried alternative
two, one disadvantage being that the right eye           therapies and herbal medication and was even
glided to the right hand side, so that when              considering injections, even though I really didn’t
looking at another person, either across a table         want to have them.
or on the other side of a room, they were always
under the impression that I was looking behind           I started using the disc and working through the
them. I had four operations as a child, aimed at         section on getting to know the other aspects of
straightening the eye, but was told that they had        yourself and without trying the symptoms
done all that was possible. I obtained your              lessened greatly. I cut down to half a pill and
Eyesight Programme and, low and behold, after            was getting no symptoms. Then I asked if I
repeating the command sequences for the first            could stop the pills completely and got a yes. I
time my eye began to move gently towards the             did stop, no symptoms at all. I could go for walks
centre and back again, as if it was being tugged         again and now I fling my windows open and
from the inside corner. The next day I repeated          inhale deeply. It means so much to me and now
the sequences and at the end of the session my           I can enjoy summer again.
eye was straight - it hasn't moved out since! My
friends are all totally amazed and I still cannot        Kate F
believe it - it is quite wonderful. The vision has       Worcs.
improved, but I assume this will be a slow
process because I have adjusted to having only

                        EM-POWER THERAPY TRAINING
Em-Power People care about others. Their primary goal is to develop their own true potential and yet have a
desire to show others how they can achieve their potential too. Whether you're considering a new career,
expanding an existing complementary health practice or interested in enhancing your personal development,
our aim is to encourage and train people who wish to take Em-Power Therapy to the next level.

After the success of our very first Em-Power Practitioner Training course we are pleased to announce that as
from January 2005, the Em-Power Therapy Association will be conducting the following Em-Power Therapy

                             Introductory Two Day Beginners Courses
Take the next step in your personal development and join Coby Zvikler on a voyage of self-discovery where
you will learn to unlock your inner power and positively transform your life on every level.

Learn how you can activate your Em-Power Disc's self-diagnostic system. Feel your body spontaneously move
all by itself and show you where your problems are. Identify the cause of a specific problem and learn how to
correct it. Become aware of the energy that emanates from all living things and learn how you can use this
energy to release blockages in the body.

You will learn all this and much, much more……

Course costs: £190.00 Tea, coffee and biscuits provided during breaks.

                                      Practitioner Training Course
Introduction                                                  • Empower your clients to take more responsibility
The successful completion of this course will certify           and control of their lives, thereby helping them
you as an Em-Power Practitioner. You will be a well             resolve their own issues.
rounded professional, qualified in Em-Power Therapy           • Have a comprehensive knowledge of techniques
as well as having a general knowledge of other                  to help your clients on every level - emotional,
complementary therapies such as NLP,                            physical and spiritual.
Hypnotherapy and other healing techniques.                    • Every Em-Power Therapy Practitioner must
                                                                adhere to the Code of Ethics for Em-Power
Pre-requisites                                                  Therapy.
•     You are an existing member of the Em-Power
      Research Project.                                       Includes a Free pre-course pack:
•     You have already successfully completed the             • NLP training set of 3 CD's and literature
      Em-Power Therapy 2-day beginners course.
                                                              • 1 free year's web-site listing
What will I learn?                                            • Set of 12 Positive Therapy audio programs
During the training course, you will learn the concepts
and methodologies of Em-Power therapy, You will               On the course you will receive:
see techniques demonstrated, be able to practice
them yourself and receive personal coaching to                • Practitioner manual
enable you to learn more successfully. The course             • Therapy charts
will also include some study assignments, during the
course, to assist you in the training process.                Following an initial probationary period of 12 weeks,
                                                              during which you will work with clients, you will
Putting your New Skills to Work                               receive a Practitioner Level One Certificate.
• By talking with the client and assessing their
  needs an Em-Power Practitioner is able to show
  the client how they can achieve the best results            This 12 day course costs £1800.00 less a 12%
  using Em-Power Therapy.                                     discount for early bookings i.e. £1584.00
• Use the amazing analysis and diagnostic
  techniques of Em-Power therapy to help the client           A non refundable deposit of £484.00 will be required
  identify causes of issues and problems (we do not           three months prior to the commencement of the
  profess to give a medical diagnosis).                       course.
• Teach the client how to construct the most
  appropriate affirmations (command sequences) in
  order to help them with their problem or issue.

                   EM-POWER AUDIO PROGRAMS

 Em-Power Subliminal Audio Programs                         List Of Subliminal Programs
Em-Power Subliminal CD's are exclusively
                                                     Lose Weight -                     EP001
designed to work with the Em-Power Disc/
                                                     Stop Smoking -                    EP002
Holographic trial version. Simply hold your disc
                                                     Relieve Stress and Anxiety -      EP003
in your right hand while you listen to the CD and
                                                     Learn to Relax -                  EP004
the entire process happens spontaneously.
                                                     Be More Positive -                EP005
                                                     Build Self Confidence -           EP006
Em-Power Subliminal CD's work by combining
                                                     Overcoming Phobias -              EP007
uplifting music and or nature sounds with
                                                     Improve Your Memory -             EP008
imperceptible background command sequences
                                                     Deep Sleep -                      EP009
and positive affirmations. Encoded within these
                                                     Interview Confidence              EP010
recordings are unique, harmonic and
                                                     Stress Free Exams -               EP011
electromagnetic frequencies that interact with
                                                     Carefree Flying -                 EP012
your Em-Power Disc and allow the process to
                                                     Overcoming Shyness -              EP013
happen spontaneously.
                                                     Anger Management -                EP014
                                                     Low Self-esteem -                 EP015
CD's can be purchased without holographic disc
                                                     Positive Relationships -          EP016
for £12.95, with holographic disc, £20.95. Both
                                                     Feel The Fear and Let it Go -     EP017
inc. P&P in the UK. For non UK orders, please
                                                     Meditation & Self-Healing -       EP018
add £1 per CD.
                                                     Spiritual Development -           EP019


Em-Power Therapy incorporates the most effective techniques from several disciplines, including
Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

Practitioners in Em-Power Therapy learn the basics of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, Neuro
Re-sequencing as well as many others. If you join our team of Em-Power Practitioners, you will
receive a set of 3 CD's covering the basics of NLP as part of your pre-course work.

The techniques contained within NLP, outlined on these CDs can be used to evoke far-reaching
changes on both a personal and professional level, enabling you to:

♦   Advance your career and make more money
♦   Increase motivation and energy
♦   Create your desired self image
♦   Attract the right person for you
♦   Effectively manage both personal and business relationships

This recorded conversation between Dr Jim Marr and Coby Zvikler will provide you with the
background knowledge regarding the basic principles of NLP covered in the Practitioner Level
training programs of the internationally known National Federation of Neurolinguistic Psychology
(NFNLP). Should you wish to become a Practitioner of Em-Power Therapy, and/or NLP, you will find
these CD's a valuable asset and an investment in your future.

If you intend to join our Em-Power Therapy Practitioner course in 2005, you will receive this 3 CD set
FREE as part of your pre-course pack. However, if you are interested in NLP and would like to
purchase this set separately, it costs £65.95 inc. P&P (UK). Non-UK members, please add £5.00
P&P. Mail Order Ref. TR001


    Em-Power Quick Start Mini Charts                      List Of Quick Start Mini Charts
These are simple A6 laminated charts which are    Geopathic/Electromagnetic                   MC001
designed to work spontaneously. We have had       Self-Reiki                                  MC002
tremendous success with the Geopathic/            Feng Shui                                   MC003
Electromagnetic Stress chart. Self-Reiki and
Feng Shui Basics are also available.              All the above charts are £12 inc P&P UK. Non
                                                  UK orders, add £1.00 per chart to cover P&P

      Em-Power Quick Start Charts                          List Of A3 Quick Start Charts
Em-Power Quick Start Charts allow you to          DESCRIPTION                                    Ref No:
activate the Em-Power Therapy Process without     General Health & Wellbeing            QS001
the need for command sequences simply by          Quick Start Weight Stabilisation      QS002
looking at, or swiping, symbols.                  Quick Start Stop Smoking              QS003
                                                  Quick Start Headaches and Migraine    QS004
Quick Start General Health & Well-being -         Optimum Health Programme One          QS005
This highly recommended, A3 laminated Chart,      Wheel of Spirituality (Colour)        QS006
activates most of the basic processes in Em-      Problem Shrinker Chart (Colour)       QS007
Power Therapy, without the need to give
                                                  All the above charts are £12 inc P&P UK. Non
command sequences. Symbols allow you to:
                                                  UK orders, add £2.00 per chart to cover P&P
Auto Power Up, Correction, Rebalance,
Cleanse, Exercise, Remove Pain, Remove
Blockages, Rebalance Emotional, Spiritual                Double Sided Quick Start Charts
Healing, Dance Mode, Auto Stop, Absent            Quick Start Unblocking Body System             QS008
Healing.                                          (double sided chart with spiritual wheel)
                                                  Help Strengthen Your Eyesight                  QS009

                                                  Cost £16.00 inc P&P UK. Non UK orders add
                                                  £2.00 per chart to cover P&P

                                                                 A4 Quick Start Charts
                                                  Absent Healing Chart                           QS010
                                                  Cost £7.00 inc P&P UK. Non UK orders, add
                                                  £1.00 per chart to cover P&P

                 New Em-Power Therapy Programs Under Development
Over the next 18 months Coby will be working on a range of new programs which will include an
instructional CD, covering subjects such as:-
Overcoming Your Fear Of The Dentist               Overcoming Your Fear Of Driving
High Speed Learning                               Boosting Your Self Esteem
Overcoming Shyness                                Overcoming Your Phobia
Overcoming Grief                                  Weight Loss
Anger Management
As these programs become available, we will update our web site: www.freebooks-online.com

              C O U R S E DAT E S / P R O D U C T S / O R D E R F O R M

       Two Day                                      Practitioner Course                      Practitioner Course                   Practitioner Course
   Beginners Course                                    Module One                               Module Two                            Module Three

  8th/9th January 2005                              21st/22nd/23rd/24th                            4th/5th/6th/7th                  18th/19th/20th/21st
                                                       January 2005                                February 2005                      February 2005
    Total cost: £190.00                                  Total discounted cost for bookings received on or before 1st October 2004 £1584.00.
 Payable before: 01/11/2004                                 A non refundable deposit of £484.00 is required on or before 1st October 2004.
                                                     To qualify for the full discount, final payment must be made on or before 30th November 2004.

  Beginners Course                                   Practitioner Course Level One Course Enclosed Deposit Of £484.00

                                                    Practitioner Course Level One Course Enclosed Balance Of £1100.00

NAME:                                                                                                   DELIVERY ADDRESS IF DIFFERENT

ADDRESS:                                                                                           NAME:

                                          POSTCODE:                                                                             POSTCODE:
DAYTIME TEL:                                                                                       DAYTIME TEL:
                                                           Please return all application forms to:
                                                  ZVIKLER HEALING RESEARCH (UK) LTD
                                              PO BOX 90, PRESTWICH, MANCHESTER, M45 6ZH
                                                OR CALL OUR UK OFFICE ON: 0161 280 3777

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                                      A4 Quick Start Charts

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Please charge my credit/debit card        Please make all cheques/postal orders payable to: Zvikler Healing Research (UK) Ltd   _______________
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                                                                                                                                     Non-UK Orders
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                                                                                                                                    CD's £1.00 each
Postcode card is registered at :___________________________________                         House Number: ______________          A3 Charts £2.00 each
                                                                                                                                  A4 & A6 Charts £1.00
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                                                                                                                                Please see charges for P&P
 Last 3 digits from cards security pin (visa and Master Card) located on the back of the card:                                   on membership upgrades

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