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                           BUFFER TECHNOLOGIES
                                  BUTLER CREEK
                                   KNIGHTS MFG.
                       MOUNTING SOLUTIONS PLUS
                        VLTOR WEAPONS SYSTEMS
                                                                               FIREARM ACCESSORIES

                         Equipping You to Master your World
                                                                                WEAPON SIGHTS

                          AmeriGlo is dedicated to developing innovative and effective weapon sights for small arms use.
                          From self-luminous (tritium) sights to serrated competition sights, our products are
                          made to perform. No matter if it’s a duty sidearm, your preferred concealed-carry weapon,
                          or your competition gun, AmeriGlo has outstanding sights available for the most popular guns.
   Recreational shooters, competition shooters, defense-minded citizens, law enforcement and public safety
   officers, and military personnel use our sights worldwide.
   Manufactured here in the USA, Ameriglo sights are designed to withstand daily use for many years and to
   assist you in shooting to the best of your ability.

                                                                    Glock Combat Plain Sights                                    Glock Serrated Front Sights
      Glock Tritium Night Sights                                                                                                 - Easy & Secure screw-on
                                                                   - Fixed flat-black rear sight with
                                                                     special .200” wide rear notch
     - GREEN tritium (12-year glow)                                                                                              - CNC - Machined Steel
                                                                   - Serrated, thin (.115”) front sight
     - Various heights to correct POI                                                                                            - Height and Width Fits Most
                                                                   - Our #1 seller for GSSF                                        Common Uses
      GL-112* All Models Front Sight                               - Fast Acquisition                                            - .090” Wide
      GL113 fits: 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39
      GL-119 fits: 20, 21, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 36                  GT-502 17,19,22,23,24,26,27,34,35, 37,38,39                   GST165, GST215, GST225
                                                                   GT-503 20,21,29,30,31,32,33,36                                GST285, GST315, GST350

                                                                    FN Night Sights                                      Springfield 1911 Night Sights
     HK Night Sights
                                                                    - Bright tritium with white                          -   Serrated front sight w/roll pin hole
     HK-153 USP Full Size green/green                                 outlines                                           -   Made to factory specifications
     HK-251* USP Tactical green/green                                                                                    -   Low-Mount style rear sight
                                                                    - CNC machined steel                                 -   Bright tritium (12-yr)
     HK-157 USP Compact green/green                                 - Made to factory heights
     P2000                                                                                                               CT-161 Springfield 1911 (fixed sights) green/green
     HK-151 P2000 green/green                                       FN-601 FNP 9mm green/green                           CT-162 Springfield 1911 (fixed sights) green/yellow
                                                                    FN-603 FNP .40 green/green

                                                              Springfield Night Sights                           Rifle & Shotgun Night Sights
     Sig Sauer Night Sights
                                                                                                                 AR-250 AR-15/M16 front blade/rear apert. green/green
     - Bright tritium with white                              - Bright tritium with white                        RM-301 870, 1100, 1187 green/green
       outlines                                                 outlines
     - CNC machined steel                                     - Made to factory heights                          AK47 Front
     - Made to factory heights                                                                                   AK-715 Various green
     - Install with Sig tool                                  XD-191 XD models green/green                       AK47 Rear
                                                              XD-193 XD models green/yellow                      AK-961R Chinese (Norinco, PolyTech) 800 meter AKS green
     SG-161 225, 226, 228, 239, 2009 green/green                                                                 AK-981R 7.62 x 39 Models, 1000 meter markings AKM green
     SG-165 220, 229, 245                                                                                        AK-991R 5.45 x 39 Models, 1000 meter markings AK74 green
                                                                                                                 M14/ M1A
Call store for other models and configurations                                                                   MF-615 M14 front tritium night sight                                                                                                    Order by Phone               727-526-5451
                                                                                                                                                        Fax 727-527-6893
                                                         FIREARM ACCESSORIES

                   Equipping You to Master your World

ARMSafe Weapons Security System                          -   Trouble Free and Affordable
is Available For:
                                                         -   Simple Construction
 Colt AR-15/M16       Ruger PC0/PC4                      -   Affordable Price
 HK MP5               Beretta Shotgun 1201FP             -   All Steel Construction,
 HK MP5 SEF           Benelli Super 90                       Brass & Stainless steel lock
 HK G36               M14 Rifle                          -   Requires NO Power -
 HK UMP45             SIG Arms SG 551
                                                             Durable and Trouble Free
 HK 53/93             Remington 870 and 1187
                      Ithaca Model 37                    -   Guaranteed Secure
 HK 51/91
 Ruger Mini 14        Mossberg 500 and 590               -   Easily Mounts on any flat surface
 Ruger PC0/PC4        FN Herstal Police Shotgun          -   Locks may be custom keyed
                                                         -   Provides Quick weapon access

                                                          Patriot Gun Safes
      "The Protector"
         59''x 30''x 27'
                                                        "8-Gun Patriot"
                                                          56''x 14''x 14''             "The Armory"
                                                                                        72''x 42''x 28''

                                                        "The Closet Safe"        "The Collector"
     Other Patriot Safes Available:
                                                          59''x 28''x 20''        59''x 39''x 27''                                                                   Order by Phone         727-526-5451
                                                                                                            Fax 727-527-6893
                                                                     FIREARM ACCESSORIES

                    Equipping You to Master your World
                                                                         MISC. PARTS

                     TangoDown BattleGrip Rail Cover
                     with Pressure Switch
The TangoDown Rail Covers are the new standard in rail covers surpassing any thing
on the market. The ability to lock into any position on the rail and a fool proof locking
mechanism are but two of the features that make this rail panel the one by which all
others will be judged. The ability to accommodate the two types of pressure switches,
currently in use by our military, eliminates the need for Velcro, inner tubes or duct tape.
A non-slip surface is achieved by laser cutting the mould in a unique pattern which
assists the operator in maintaining control of the weapon even under the most
demanding conditions. The 6" rail cover can be cut to custom fit whatever length
you require.

MagCinch™                                                                                                Recoil Buffers

Currently, the MagCinch™ System is available for the AR-15, AR10,
AR20, SR25, M1A, M14, SMG, AK/Valmet/Galil, M1-Carbine, Mini-14,
H&K models 91, MP5, USC, UMP, HK SL8, Styer AUG,
and Most .308 (except FN-FAL).

           AR-15/M16 series                                       TACTICAL LATCH                    Item #AK1: The AK/Valmet Recoil Buffer™
                                                                                                      fits on the recoil spring guide rod of any
                                                      The Tactical Latch is for use with the    Kalashnikov style weapon. This includes AKs,
                                               M16/AR-15, AR-10, and SR-25 series rifles.                   Valmets, Galils, Vepr, and MAK 90s.
                                                 It replaces the charging handle latch and
                                                                                                    Recoil buffers are also available for AR15,
                                                allows easier use of rifle with either hand.            Beretta 92/96, HK G3, Glock models,
                                               A must for Tactical or scoped flat top rifles.                               FN/FAL and others

Magpul™                                     MAGAZINE POUCHES                                       AMBI-CATCH™

                                           Double Pouches:
                                           .223 Rifle Magazine Pouch
                                           Max Size:30 rounds
                                           Holds 4 magazines as
                                           2 Mag Cinch Units.

                                                                                                   Item #AC1
                                          Single Pouches
                                                                                                   The AMBI-CATCH™ is a patented "drop-in"
                                          .223 Rifle Magazine Pouch
                                                                                                   replacement of the original magazine catch
                                          Maximum Magazine Size: 30 rounds
                                                                                                   for M16A2 Rifles, M4 Carbines and other
                                          Holds 2 magazines as 1 Mag Cinch Unit.
                                                                                                   firearms that use an M16 type magazine.                                                                                 Order by Phone          727-526-5451
                                                                                                                              Fax 727-527-6893
                                                                          FIREARM ACCESSORIES

                      Equipping You to Master your World
                                                                           Butler Creek
                                                                           Sizing Charts
                                                                     Flip-Open Scope Covers
                                                                            Size Chart
 Size           Type          Lens                Mfg                Item #      Size           Type         Lens        Mfg             Item #
 1.300         Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE03A    1.54 x 1.34   Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ11
 1.341         Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE01     1.558         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ15
 1.388         Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE03     1.612         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ17
 1.432         Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE05     1.646         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ19
 1.457         Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE07     1.700         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ20
 1.468         Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE09     1.735         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ21
 1.485         Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE09A    1.75 x 1.53   Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ12
 1.516         Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE10     1.760         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ23
 1.550         Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE11     1.800         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ25
 1.570         Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE13     1.820         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ26
 1.605         Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE14     1.840         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ27
 1.66 x 1.45   Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE15     1.890         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ28
 1.660         Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE16     1.919         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ29
 1.675         Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE17     1.960         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ30
 1.70 x 1.42   Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE21     1.998         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ31
 1.700         Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE18     2.043         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ33
 1.730         Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE19     2.100         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ34
 1.775         Flip-Open       Eye             Butler Creek         BCREYE20     2.220         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ39
 1.000         Flip-Open    Objective          Butler Creek         BCROBJ01     2.250         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ40
 1.095         Flip-Open    Objective          Butler Creek         BCROBJ04     2.310         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ43
 1.221         Flip-Open    Objective          Butler Creek         BCROBJ02     2.360         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ44
 1.300         Flip-Open    Objective          Butler Creek         BCROBJ03A    2.410         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ45
 1.340         Flip-Open    Objective          Butler Creek         BCROBJ03     2.430         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ46
 1.387         Flip-Open    Objective          Butler Creek         BCROBJ05     2.461         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ47
 1.429         Flip-Open    Objective          Butler Creek         BCROBJ07     2.515         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ48
 1.485         Flip-Open    Objective          Butler Creek         BCROBJ09     2.575         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ51
 1.500         Flip-Open    Objective          Butler Creek         BCROBJ10     2.600         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ53
 1.530         Flip-Open    Objective          Butler Creek         BCROBJ13     2.640         Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ53A
                                                                                               Flip-Open   Objective   Butler Creek     BCROBJ54

  Blizzard Scope Covers Size Chart                                                       Bikini Scope Covers Size Chart
   Size              Type                 Lens                  Mfg        Item #       Size                  Type       Lens         Item #
1.0 - 1.05     Blizzard Yellow           Either            Butler Creek   BCR70201      Standard Length       Bikini     Cover        BCR19000
1.3 - 1.39     Blizzard Yellow           Either            Butler Creek   BCR70202      Smaller Length        Bikini     Cover        BCR19001
1.4 - 1.49     Blizzard Yellow           Either            Butler Creek   BCR70203
1.5 - 1.59     Blizzard Yellow           Either            Butler Creek   BCR70204
1.6 - 1.69     Blizzard Yellow           Either            Butler Creek   BCR70205
1.7 - 1.79     Blizzard Yellow           Either            Butler Creek   BCR70206
1.8 - 1.89     Blizzard Yellow           Either            Butler Creek   BCR70207
1.9 - 1.99     Blizzard Yellow           Either            Butler Creek   BCR70208
2.0 - 2.10     Blizzard Yellow           Either            Butler Creek   BCR70209
2.3 - 2.40     Blizzard Yellow           Either            Butler Creek   BCR70210
2.43 - 2.50    Blizzard Yellow           Either            Butler Creek   BCR70211

                                                                                                                 Bikini Scope Cover

                                                                Blizzard Scope Cover
       Flip-Open Scope Cover                                                                                      Order by Phone          727-526-5451
                                                                                                                                      Fax 727-527-6893
                                                                     FIREARM ACCESSORIES

                  Equipping You to Master your World
                                                         HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINE
                  Even the most stable, accurate and controllable weapon puts the user at risk when it is out of ammunition.
                  That is why increasing magazine capacity is the single most important step toward increasing
                  effectiveness and personnel survivability.

  In use by military forces and law enforcement agencies worldwide, C-MAG boosts the capacity of
  5.56mm and 9mm weapons to an impressive 100 rounds, while increasing firing stability and
  lowering the weapon's overall profile. NATO APPROVED, C-MAG is the proven high capacity
  magazine that meets and exceeds rigorous military specifications.

                    Part # CCM000                              Part # CHM900                     Part # CHG000                              Part # CHH000

                                                                                                                                              Part # CST000

 The interchangeable feed clip kit allows the C-MAG
 to be adapted to a wide variety of weapons,
 including but not limited to the weapons listed in
 the table below:
 Colt M-16 A1 & A2 Diemaco C7             Royal Ordinance SA80 LSW
 Colt M16 A2 Carbine Diemaco C8           SIG SG550
 Beretta AR70/90                          H&K HK33
 FN Minimi, M249 SAW                      Steyr AUG
 Steyr Aug LSW                            Galil AR                                             Personal Loader                     Speed Loader
                                          FNC                          Carry Pouch
 Beretta AR70-84 LMG                                                                           For loose rounds of ammunition,
 Colt M231 Firing port weapon             Colt LSW                     Part # PCMS14           loads in 5 round increments         For 10-round ammunition
                                                                                               Part # LCMP05                       clips, loads one 10-round
 (Bradley)                                                             More colors available
                                                                                                                                   clip at a time
                                                                                                                                   Part # LCMS10                                                                                Order by Phone                  727-526-5451
                                                                                                                                  Fax 727-527-6893
                                                                                FIREARM ACCESSORIES

                    Equipping You to Master your World
                                                                               Tactical Weapon

                     During the past eleven years GG&G has become one of the world’s acknowledged
                     leaders in the design and manufacture of civilian, law enforcement and military
                     optical mounting systems and tactical weapon accessories.

A2 Back Up         MAD Flip-up                     Front Sight                                                                       Quick Detach Night Vision
                    Rear Sight                                                Tactical Modular
Iron Sights                                        for Dovetail               Front Sight               Accucam Quick Detach         High and Low Mounts
   (BUIS)            (BUIS)
                                                                                                        Aimpoint Cantilever Ring

                                                                          Front and Rear
                                                                                                        Standard                              Cantilever
  Aluminum       Standard                                                   Sling Thing
30mm Sniper Grade Scope RIngs                                                                                      Standard and Cantilever Aimpoint Rings

                                                           Edges are
                                                          deburred for
                                                         shooter safety

                                                                            Quick Detach Slling Thing                              Benelli Tactical
  Receiver End                                                                                                                     Charging Handle
                 Receiver End Plate                                                                        Benelli Sling Adapter
  Plate Sling                                       Agency Sling
                 Sling Adapter for
  Adapter                                             Adapter
                 Fixed Stock

                                                                                                              Offset Tactical
                                                                                                              Flashlight Mount

                                                                                                                        Standard & Cantilever Aimpoint Rings                                                                                                  Order by Phone         727-526-5451
                                                                                                                                               Fax 727-527-6893
                                                                          FIREARM ACCESSORIES

                  Equipping You to Master your World


 Hornady's TAP CQ handgun ammo begins with the
                                                                                    Caliber        Bullet Weight Barrel Velocity              Energy
 proven XTP bullet that offers extreme accuracy and rapid
 expansion for exceptional terminal performance.
                                                                                    9mm            124gr JHP/XTP       4"       1110 fps       339 ft/lb
 Most brass is produced in-house and each powder used is
                                                                                    9mm            147gr JHP/XTP       4"         975 fps      310 ft/lb
 precisely matched to ensure optimal pressure, velocity,
                                                                                    40 S&W         155gr JHP/XTP       4"        1180 fps      479 ft/lb
 lot-to-lot consistency, accuracy and minimal muzzle signature.
                                                                                    40 S&W         180gr JHP/XTP       4"          950 fps     361 ft/lb
 Hornady's TAP CQ line of handgun ammunition is the most
                                                                                    45 acp+P       200gr JHP/XTP       5"        1055 fps      494 ft/lb
 reliable, consistent, and terminally performing ammo
                                                                                    45acp+P        230gr JHP/XTP       5"         950 fps      462 ft/lb
 available to law enforcement professionals

 Hornady .223 TAP loads combine reliable functioning with consistent performance, low muzzle signature and exceptional
 accuracy in the 40, 55 and 60 grain bullets. You get match accuracy in the 75 grain bullet. TAP offers enhanced terminal
 performance, with rapid expansion and bullet fragmentation, and carry a low risk of over-penetration or ricochet because
 of low retained weight and complete bullet fragmentation. An excellent choice for patrol rifle programs and SWAT teams.
                                                        Load     Velocity Total Penetration Retained Weight                 Percent Fragmentation
                                                        40gr TAP 3335 fps      5.13"              0                              100%
                                                        55gr TAP 2910 fps       8"              13.6gr                            75%
                                                        60gr TAP 2818 fps      10"              20.5gr                           66%
                                                        75gr TAP 2616 fps    13.63"             20.8gr                           72%

                                                        Velocity from AR-15 16" barrel, 1 in 9" twist
                                                        10% Ballistic Gelatin placed 30 feet from muzzle
 .223 40gr TAP: intended primarily for situations where limited penetration, extreme fragmentation and reduced ricochet
                potential are desired
 .223 55gr TAP: will begin to fragment in a sheet rock wall but still has significant retained velocity, weight and penetration
 .223 60gr TAP: lightest grain weight recommended for 14.5" barreled rifles with NATO chambers. 10 to 15% greater penetration
                     and slightly more retained weight of 55gr TAP. Heaviest bullet weight acceptable for 1-12" twist weapons.
 .223 75gr TAP: match quality, boat tail hollow point can be used in 14.5" barrel guns with .223 chambers or NATO chambers.
                    Demonstrates rapid expansion and a fragmenting bullet for both precision rifles and carbines.
                    Penetrates glass with minimal deflection due to retained weight and shows minimal breakup on sheet rock.

 Hornady's .308 TAP ammunition was specifically developed for the police marksman. It offers consistent performance delivering
 match grade accuracy. The .308 TAP offers rapid expansion and fragmentation, low muzzle signature, high terminal performance and
 glass penetration with minimal deflection and bullet breakup. Enhanced barrier penetration due to the polymer-tipped bullet.
  Load     Barrel       Velocity Penetration                  Retained Weight       Percent Fragmentation
  168gr TAP 18"         2485fps     17"                            138grs                  18%
  168gr TAP 20"         2456 fps    18"                            105grs                  38%
  168gr TAP 24"         2735 fps    16"                             91grs                  46%

 .308 .110gr TAP- High fragmentation round with rapid expansion. Total penetration is 10" in
  ballistic gelatin and an over 80% fragmentation with a retained weight of about 20 grains.

  Hornady TAP Shotgun Shells give reliable functioning, consistent performance and tighter patterns due to Hornady's patented
  technology. Hornady offers two loadings:- TAP Custom Buckshot offering a reduced recoil (low velocity) designed for pump shotguns
  in a blue case; and TAP Light Mag Buckshot loaded to a higher velocity and pressure to ensure proper functioning in semi-automatic
  police shotguns in a red case.
  Load                             Gauge               Shot Size     Pellet Count       Velocity       Muzzle Energy
  Custom Buckshot                  2.75" 12               00            8               1050 fps          959 ft/lb
  Lt. Mag Buckshot                 2.75" 12               00            8               1350 fps         1633 ft/lb                                                                                          Order by Phone           727-526-5451
                                                                                                                                        Fax 727-527-6893
                                                                              FIREARM ACCESSORIES

                          Equipping You to Master your World               mounts, rails, &

Mil-Spec Hard Anodized lightweight aluminum mounts for 30mm diameter optical and reflex sights.
Their height’s position the optic’s centerline in line with the weapon’s iron sights, so the zero of
“red dot” reflex sight’s like Aimpoint’s MR2 (M68 as shown), can be co-witnessed and adjusted for                             “When your life is on the line,
zero without firing additional ammunition. (The rear sight is then folded down out of view).
                                                                                                                                only the finest will do.”
Allows sight to be repositioned in multiple positions along the top rail to suit individual shooter
needs—either close to the eye, or “Scout” mounted farther forward on the MWS rail forend,
without loss of zero. Standard Mounting hardware is a ½” hex Nut
                                                                              Offset Aimpoint Reflex
Both are available with optional Wing Nut on Special Order.                                                                   “Straight Up” Aimpoint Reflex
                                                                              Mount                                                                  Mount
Off-Set Model:                                “Straight-Up Model:
P/N: 98512                                    P/N: 98053
Aluminum Extrusion                            Aluminum Extrusion
Weight: 4.2 oz.                               3.5 oz.
Ring Diameter.: 30mm                          Ring Dia.: 30mm
Forward Off-Set: 2.25”                                                                                  Part # 98512
                                                                                                                                                        Part # 98053
Optic Centerline Height: 1.57”                Optic centerline Height: 1.57”

98064 M-4 Rifle RAS for 14.5                                                                               98065 Rifle RAS for 20
                                                        KAC forend rail systems have four parallel
                                                        Military Standard 1913 rails. One each above,
                                                        below, and along the sides of the barrel.
                                                        They allow the user to mount a variety of
                                                        useful accessories such as reflex sights,
                                                        lasers, forward pistol grips, flashlights,
                                                        bipods, etc.

                                                                              Quick Attach & Detach:
  M4 / M16 “QD” NT-4 Sound                                                    “QD” Sound Suppressor
        Suppressor Kit
                                                                              Length: 6.6 Inches
                                                                              Diameter: 1.5 Inches
                                                                              Weight: 24 Oz.
                                                                              Sound Level Reduction: 28 dB
                                                                              Base Materials: Stainless Steels
                                                                              Construction: Integral Weldment
                                                                              Surface Finish: Black Moly-Coat Resin
                                                                              Muzzle Compensator is Black Oxide Alloy Steel
                                                                              Kit Part # 96062-1 will modify 1 weapon.
    Part # 96062-1                                                           “QD” Muzzle Compensator & Shim Set Kit is available separately as: Part # 93048 to
(NSN: 1005-01-437-0324)   “QD” Muzzle                Shim Set Kit
                                                                             modify additional weapons to accept the same sound suppressor

H&K MP 5 SD 9mm                                                     H&K MP5 Series 10mm                                  MK-23 .45 Cal.
                                                                    & .40 Cal.

                                                                                                                          Stainless Steel Construction
                                                                                                                          dB Reduction: Wet-38/Dry-28
Stainless Steel Construction                                        Stainless Steel Construction                          Weight: 15.2 oz.
dB Reduction: 34-35                                                 dB Reduction: 28                                      Length: 7.5”
Weight: 21.2 oz.                                                    Weight: 15.4 oz.                                      Diameter: 1.375”
Length: 12”                                                         Length: 7.75”                                         Right Hand Barrel Thread Only
Diameter: 1.375”                                                    Diameter: 1.375”                                      NSN: 1005-01-435-1917
Part #94121                                                         Part #95181-1                                         Part #94368                                                                                                 Order by Phone             727-526-5451
                                                                                                                                                  Fax 727-527-6893
                                                                         FIREARM ACCESSORIES

                Equipping You to Master your World
                                                                               RAILS &

                                                                     Bases available for                 Carrying Handle Mount Original
        Precision Reflex High                                                                            M16A1A2 Scope Mount
    Quality Remington 700 Bases                                      following mfgs...
                                                                                                         4140 Steel Construction
      4140 Steel Construction                                        Remington
                                                                     Build your own
                                                                     (steel base blank)                                                     Part # 2
                                Part # BRP-SSA-010

 G-3/MP-5 NATO                                        A.R.M.S. #15 TRIJICON REFLEX                              Full Picatany
 Universal Top Scope Mount                            THROW LEVER PLATFORM
 4140 Steel Construction

                                                                                                                                             Part # BRP-fpr-la6
                                                                                                                Remington Long & short action also available
                                                                                                                as a Picatiny
                                                         Part # 15
                                                                                                                     Adjustable Mount
                                                     A.R.M.S. has succeeded in developing an                         for PVS14
                                                     ultra low profile mounting platform for the
                                                     Trijicon ® reflex sight. The combination of
                                                     the A.R.M.S.® repeat zero and patented
                                                     throw lever system and the reflex sight
     Part # 1                                        provide the shooter with built in streamline
                                                     appearance, function and superb
                                                     fast action accuracy.                                                     Part # PRI-PVS-14A

      A.R.M.S. #38STD SWAN SLEEVE                                       PRI M16/AR15 Standard Carry
           WITH FLIP UP REAR SIGHT                                                   Handle Mount

                                                                                                                                                       Part # 5
                                      Part # 38STD-556

       A.R.M.S. #38S-EX SWAN SLEEVE(14")                                         Part # SAM-3AH-OLO
       w/ FLIP UP REAR SIGHT                                                                                          ACOG Channel Mount
                                                                                Tactical Ring Rail

                                                      Part # 38 s-ex

                                                                                 Part # 22trr                                          Part # 10
    Standard Length SWAN Sleeve
                       for M16/M4
               Flat Top Receivers
                                                                                                A2 Plus Mod. Mount

                                                                                                    Part # 39
                                                            Part # 38                                                                                        Order by Phone             727-526-5451
                                                                                                                                        Fax 727-527-6893
                                                                        FIREARM ACCESSORIES

                       Equipping You to Master your World

 Precision Reflex Mounting                                   Precision Reflex Mounting
                                                                                                         Precision Reflex Mounting
       1" Extra High Rings                                           1" Standard Rings                   30mm Extra High Rings

                                                               Part # ROP-001-010                          Part# ROP-003-020
  Part# ROP-001-020

Precision Reflex Mounting                                    Precision Reflex Mounting                   Precision Reflex Mounting
  26mm Extra High Rings                                      30mm Standard Rings                         26mm Stantard Rings

  Part # ROP-002-020                                          Part# ROP-003-010                          Part # ROP-002-010

    Precision Reflex Mounting                                                                           A.R.M.S. Aimpoint Comp
      for Aimpoint Comp Sight                               A.R.M.S.® 30mm STANAG Rings
                                                                                                        Throw Lever Scope Ring

                                                                                  Part # 21
                       Part # ROP-004-010
                                                                                                          Part # 22M68

  A.R.M.S.® Throw Lever Rings                                   A.R.M.S.® Ring Inserts                A.R.M.S.®30mm
                                                                           30mm to 1"                 Ultra Low Track
                                                                                                      Mounted Rings

                                                                                                                                 Part #35
                               Part# 22M                                                 Part # 37                                                                                    Order by Phone       727-526-5451
                                                                                                                               Fax 727-527-6893
                                                                  FIREARM ACCESSORIES

                  Equipping You to Master your World
                                                               CLEANING SYSTEMS

 The Otis Technology Breech-to-Muzzle Cleaning System is widely regarded by experts as the most advanced
 gun cleaning system in the world. By cleaning breech to muzzle, dirt and fouling is pulled out the muzzle,
 not pushed back into the action, gumming the trigger or causing malfunctions. all without having to
 disassemble the gun! The principle components of the Otis System are so well built that they have a
 lifetime warranty!

 M-16 Butt Stock                                 9mm Pistol/Sub-gun       Shotgun Cleaning System       Glock
 System - Part # 224-2                            Cleaning System         Part # 410                    Cleaning System
                                                      Part # 645-1                                      Part # 645-g19

 Universal Cleaning                                                                                     Tactical Cleaning
 System - Part # 710                                               OTIS Elite                           System - Part # 750
                                                                Cleaning System
                                                                    Part # 1000

M-4/M-16 SOFT-PAK                                           M4/AR15/M16 Grip Cleaning                   Professional Pistol
KIT - Part # 223-2                                          System - Part # 225                         Cleaning System
                                                                                                        Part # 645

                                                                                  Optics Cleaning
40 MM Cleaning                                         Deluxe Law Enforcement     System - Part # 240
System - Part # 935                                    System - Part # 85211                                    OTIS GERBER
                                                                                                                Military Tool Kit
                                                                                                                Part # FG-640-645                                                                        Order by Phone      727-526-5451
                                                                                                                 Fax 727-527-6893
                                                                       FIREARM ACCESSORIES

                     Equipping You to Master your World

                                                            Heavy-Duty Picatinny Rail Bipod                   180-MZ-251
 Lightweight Picatinny Rail Bipod                           with Raptor Model                                 Heavy-Duty Picatinny Rail Bipod
 with Raptor Feet                                           Elevates centerline of bore from 9 inches fully   with Rubber Feet Model
 Standard prone position bipod with ridge metal             retracted to 12 inches fully extended.            Elevates centerline of bore from 7 inches fully
 feet that work better in sand or on wet ground.            Designed for full-time use on the RAS             retracted to 9 inches fully extended. Same as
 Ideal for tactical rifles used in non-urban                forend equipped M249 SAW. All steel               the 180-MZ-091 bipod except with non-skid,
 environments. Has builtin pan and tilt                     construction. Non quick-detachable                no-marring rubber feet. Spring-powered legs.
 movements to enable tracking of targets moving             mechanism. Attaches to MIL-STD-1913 rail          Large knurled tensioning knob to control tilt
 simultaneously in two planes. Has built-in axial           with two 10-32 machine screws.                    and pan movements.
 rotation for quick corrections or uneven ground.           Spring-loaded legs.                               Weight: 1.46 lbs. (0.66 kgs)
 1-touch operation to extend legs, adjusts from             Large knurled tensioning knob to control
 9 inch to 12 inches in six encrements.                     tilt and pan movements.
 Includes one Universal Mounting Adapter.                   Weight: 1.96 lbs. (0.89 kgs)
 Weight: 1.5 lbs

                                     Versa-Pod® Model 50 Bipod                                                    Versa-Pod® Model 51 Bipod
                                     The specialist's bipod - one of shortest bipods                              A never-before offered short prone bipod
                                     on the market. Developed at the request of                                   from Versa-Pod®. For shooters who prefer
                                     professional snipers who need to be as close                                 to be a little lower to the ground when
                                     to the ground as possible. Extremely quick to                                shooting from the prone position.
                                     use and easy to carry, yet utilizing the same                                Also the ideal length when shooting from
                                     rugged construction as all Versa-Pod bipods.                                 a bench or the hood of a vehicle.
                                     Same friction lock controls and spring-powered                               Elevates centerline of bore from 7 inches
                                     legs as 150-052. Adjusts from 5 inches to 7 inches                           fully retracted to 9 inches fully extended.
                                     in three increments. Non-marring rubber feet.                                Weight: 1.18 lbs(0.54 Kg)/1.58 lbs (0.72 Kg)
   150-050                           Includes one Universal Mounting Adapter                                       with Universal Mounting Adapter.
                                     Weight: 1.10 lbs

  Versa-Pod® Model 52 Bipod                                                                                                    MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny)
                                                                                          Versa-Pod®Model 20 Bipod
  The classic prone-length Versa-Pod®, now with added                                                                          Rail Adapter
  friction lock control for the tilt/pan and cant rotation.
  Now you can use the built-in movements to follow
  targets in motion or tighten down for sighting in at
  the range all with the same bipod. Also featuring
  spring-powered legs for quicker, easier
  adjustments. Adjusts from 9 inches to 12 inches
  in six increments. Non-marring rubber feet.
  Includes one Universal
  Mounting Adapter (150-100). Elevates centerline
  of bore from 9 inches fully retracted to 12 inches
                                                                               150-052                             150-020                         150-603
  fully extended. Weight: 1.28 lbs(0.54 Kg)/1.68 lbs
  (0.76 Kg) with Universal Mounting Adapter.                                                                                         Order by Phone          727-526-5451
                                                                                                                                       Fax 727-527-6893
                                                                             FIREARM ACCESSORIES

                            Equipping You to Master your World

         Orange with Less Lethal lettering

Important Note: The Vltor Modstock System will fit only Colt/military dimensioned, collapsible stock receiver extensions.
Other makers' collapsible stock receiver extensions will fit improperly and should be considered unsafe to use. These inferior receiver extensions are not recommended for use
with the Modstock system under any circumstances.

CASV-EL Free Floating handguard                               All CASV-EL Kits contain the following Items:
                                                              Qty.1    6-inch Accessory Rail                                                       CASV-EL
This “piggy-back” mounted handguard system has a              Qty.2    4-inch Accessory Rail
removable lower handguard which allows the mounting           Qty.2    2-inch Accessory Rail
of a M203 grenade launcher. At this time, we offer only       Qty.11 10-32 x ½ Flathead Hex Drive Screw
the Extended Length model, which was specifically             Qty.2    Hex Wrenches for Mounting Clamp
developed to fit the M4 carbine or the CQB (10.3-inch barrel) and Accessory Rail Installation.
configured flat top upper receiver assembly.                                                                                                  Order by Phone               727-526-5451
                                                                                                                                                     Fax 727-527-6893

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