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									                                           Fashion Accessories
Creating garments often times requires the use of several different accessory feet and/or attach-
ments to complete your creation. Don’t forget that there are also many accessories that will make
the construction process even easier, such as using one of the many different hemmer feet to finish
a hem on a garment. Be sure to have all of the best accessories available at your fingertips to create
a professional looking masterpiece!

                               Blindstitch Foot #5 – Excellent for blind hems, but has other uses such as
                               tacking down long, straight facings (as in the front of an unlined jacket or
                               coat), attaching patch pockets “invisibly”, and hand-look appliqué.

                               Tailor Tack Foot #7 - Designed to make tailor tacks to transfer pattern mark-
                               ings, it is also used for decorative work such as fringing and fagoting (joining
                               two fabric edges, this technique adds a decorative touch to yokes, pockets,
                               skirt hems, etc.).

                               Edgestitch Foot #10/10C – Edgestitching, topstitching, and understitching
                               are so easy with this foot! Narrow hems, even on formalwear, are easy to
                               stitch, as are French seams on sheer and lightweight fabrics.

                               Straight Stitch Foot #13 – Excellent for seaming, the small needle opening
                               focuses the point of the needle; use with the straight stitch throat plate and
                               a Sharp needle for a perfect straight stitch. Jeans Foot #8 works well for
                               heavy bridal silks and satins.

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                     Fashion Accessories

         Zipper Foot #4

         Zipper Foot with Guide #14

         Invisible Zipper Foot #35

         No matter what type of zipper – centered, lapped, invisible, or trouser;
         BERNINA® has a presser foot that makes it easier to insert with
         professional results.

         Button Sew-On Foot #18 – The adjustable “pin” of Foot #18 lets you
         determine the thread shank length when attaching buttons – especially
         useful when stitching heavy coats and jackets so buttons won’t be too snug.
         Remove the “pin” to attach buttons firmly with no thread shank at all – great
         for adding decorative buttons as embellishments and for tacking layers
         fabric together.

         Piping Foot #38 – This “straight-stitch-only” foot is used to make mini-piping
         and for uneven sewing surfaces such as when sewing on heavy trims or
         stitching on a jacket next to an edge with bulky seam allowances.

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                     Fashion Accessories

         BERNINA® Stitch Regulator #42 (BSR) - Free-motion embellishment is
         easier than ever with the BSR, enabling even the novice sewer to simply
         and concisely add free-form decorative elements to fabrics and surfaces.
         Also for quilting and/or stitching layers of material together.

         Walking Foot #50 – No need to avoid slippery or hard-to-handle fabrics,
         as this foot holds the fabric layers together as they move under the needle.
         Great for matching stripes or plaids with no slippage.

         Hemmer Feet #61 - #69 – Available in several versions, these hemmer feet
         double-turn the fabric and feed it under the needle for stitching in one opera-
         tion. The feet offer different sizes for the finished hems and can be used
         with a straight stitch (#62 and #64) or a zigzag/decorative stitch (#61, #63,
         and #66).

         Feet #68 and #69 are roll and shell hemmers that produce scalloped hems,
         especially effective on lingerie or when using lightweight, fine fabrics.

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                     Fashion Accessories

         Lap Seam Feet #70 and #71 – These presser feet easily produce lapped
         (also called flat-felled) seams. Often seen in ready-to-wear sportswear, the
         most familiar uses of flat-felled seams are in blue jeans and men’s tailored
         shirts. This type of seam is also a good choice for reversible garments, as
         both sides of the seam are completely finished.

         Bias Binder Attachment #84 with Binder Foot #94 – Bind edges in just
         one step! Speed your construction time by eliminating facings and binding
         neck edges, armholes and hems, especially on lightweight garments; also
         excellent for Hong Kong seam finishes.

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