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									Two Fall Shows to
Serve You Better
Mode Accessories Fall I
Show Dates & Hours                                                                                                                                          Fall 2009
Sunday, Aug 9, 9 am - 8 pm
Monday, Aug 10, 9 am - 8 pm
Tuesday, Aug 11, 9 am - 6 pm
                                       Fashion Accessories, Compelling Must-Haves
Show Location                                                        Most retailers are familiar with the “lipstick effect”. Fashion accessories have become
Doubletree by Hilton
                                                                     the “lipstick” of this era. As the commodity of the “Feel Good” business, fashion
Toronto Airport
                                                                     accessories are potently effective. Like the lipstick,they are accessible and afford-
655 Dixon Road, Toronto
                                                                     able. But fashion accessories excel in their function and flexibility; they can transform
                                                                     an otherwise flat wardrobe, extend its wearability, and enhance the fashion quotient,
Complimentary Lunch                                                  not to mention giving their wearer much pleasure. It’s no wonder that this versatile
Buyers who attend the Mode
                                                                     category is the darling of retail, and consumer demand for it keeps growing.
Accessories Show between 9 am
and 10 am each day will receive
                                                                     In this transitional time when market condition is unpredictable, there is one certainty:
a free lunch voucher. Pick up
                                                                     fashion accessories are absolute “Must Haves” for the season! They are compelling
your voucher when you check
                                                                     value propositions for the consumers. After all, it is all about style! Join us at the
in at registration. Enjoy a great
                                                                     Mode Accessories Show to find the best for your store!
satisfying day at Mode!

Gift Reward For                                                             Mode Accessories is the definitive trade show for the industry in Canada,
Shopping At Mode                                                            where you will see it all in the most comprehensive exhibition of fashion
Buyers who place orders at all                                             accessories. Be dazzled by the range, the selection and the best suppliers
four areas of the                                                                         in the industry. Mark the dates and join us.
Mode Accessories
Show will be                                                                                  Mode Accessories Show, Fall 2009
eligible to receive                                                                                    August 9-11, 2009
a gift. To qualify,                                     Giles, WWD                         Doubletree by Hilton, Toronto Airport Hotel
buyers must pres-                                                                             655 Dixon Road, Toronto, Canada
ent at least one
purchase order from each of the                                             Mode Accessories is a trade event and not open to the public. All attendees must
4 areas of the show. Each order                                            register and show proof of relevant retail business. Persons under the age of 16 are
                                                                           not admitted. Nursing infants admitted only if carried in body packs. Strollers are not
must be a minimum purchase
                                                                                          allowed on the show floor. See back page for details.
of $150. After verification at the
show office, the buyer will be
able to draw his/her gift. The gifts
include prizes from exhibitors as
well as a grand prize of a Free        A Winter Tale of Fantastic Jewellery
night at the Doubletree by Hilton
Toronto Airport Hotel. So, start                                                        Canada’s internationally renowned Merx Inc.,
shopping and you’ll be rewarded!                                                        Booth 104, Area 1, brings the best in fashion
(One gift per customer.)                                                                jewellery, from the hottest runway trends to in-
                                                                                        spired classics. Merx Inc. is devoted to Canadian
                                                                                        and international designs to fall in love with.

Mode Accessories Fall II                                                              This season A&C creates a stunning jewellery
Show Dates & Hours                                                                    collection inspired by fairytales, nature and
Saturday, Oct 3, 9 am - 6 pm                                                          fantasy. Journey
Sunday, Oct 4, 9 am - 6 pm                                                            through an enchant-
Monday, Oct 5, 9 am - 6 pm                                                            ed winter forest and
                                       let your imagination be charmed by Cinderella with her beautiful
Show Location                          white stallion, Little Red Riding Hood in the dark forest…
Toronto International Centre
Hall 6
6900 Airport Road, Mississauga         New at the Mode Show!
                                       Concubine, Booth 3104, Area 3 (Peel Room) is proud to intro-
                                       duce over 40 unique styles of handbags ranging from the whimsi-
                                       cal velvet evening clutch to the practical every day leather sling
                        Statement      bag, all with beautiful design details and color combinations. For
                        necklace       this season, our main colors are purple, red and brown using a va-
                        by designer    riety of material: leather, tweed, synthetic fur and recycled fabrics.
                        Wasylyshen     Concubine handbags are all handmade in a fair trade environment
                        of Katz        by Vietnamese artisans. Every bag is unique and carefully crafted
                        Meow,          to meet North-American standards. In addition, Concubine is a
                        Booth          proud sponsor of three orphanages in Vietnam. We provide these
                        1002, Area     children throughout the year with medications, food and schooling
                        1 (Toronto     supplies. Concubine accessories are sold across North America
                        Room).         and Europe and are often published in fashion magazines. Wholesale price ranges from $13 to $80; there is sure
                                       to be a bag for every fashionista.
Fall 09 Trends – Over the top accessories are taking charge of the                It’s All About Timing
fashion scene and no longer just in supporting roles. Here are some first
impressions:                                                                      Marciano Watches Inc., Booth 4010, Area 4 (Ter-
Cocooning in scarves and wraps                                                    race Room), was first introduced to the North American
Leggings and tights taking the lead in defining a look                            marketplace in 1994. The vision was simple: supply
Statement jewellery                                                               European-inspired timepieces novel in design at com-
Colour schemes:                                                                   petitive prices.
 - Burnished gold and antiqued platinum;
 - Jewel tones, emerald, malachite, amethyst, garnet;                             With over a decade of experience, Marciano Watches
 - Warm olive, rose, burnt sienna, yellow;                                        Inc. has established a solid reputation as a viable player
 - Vivid brights;                                                                 in the gift and accessory industry, supplying major and
 - Mad about plaids                                                               independent retailers. The key to success was the com-
Animal prints                                                                     pany’s ability to keep abreast of trends and innovations,
Ethnic and cultural nuances                                                       responding quickly with new designs to meet shifting
Fur items (cuffs, collars, arm warmers)                                           customer demands.
Gloves in new arm-warming lengths
Thigh high boots                                                                  Their collections provide retailers with an attractive
Funky and whimsical accessories                                                   mark-up and a price point that is conducive to impulse
                                                                                  purchase at the point of sale with a wide selection of
                                                                                  eye-catching and well priced, quality timepieces. Each
                                                                                  watch is packaged in a gift box and includes a one-year warranty against
                                                                                  manufacture defects.

                                                                                  Caps and Hats are Going for Bold
                                                                                                                            Bring on the cold weather! Lillie &
                                                                                                                            Cohoe, a design studio produc-
                                                                                                                            ing women’s hats in Canada for
                                                                                                                             an international market, features
                                                                                                                             Fall trends and new hat shapes.
                                                                                                                             Shapes include the fedora,
                                                                                                                             cloches and fun caps. Colours
                                                                                                                             this Fall are dramatic and range
                                                                                                                             from jewel tones to mysterious
                                                                                                                             aubergine and forest green.
                                                                                  Fedoras are offered in tweeds, mohair, cashmere, and tartan. The close
Photos from WWD, L to R clockwise: Dolce & Gabbana, Giles, Isaac
Misrahi, Missoni, Isaac Misrahi.
                                                                                  fitting cloches this year are asymmetrical. Caps range from eye-popping
                                                                                  vibrant hues to updated plaids. Lillie & Cohoe is represented by Doreen
Leggings, anything but basic!                                                     Smith, Ideas In Style, Booth 712, Area 1.

                                                                                  Fast Forward from the Fifties
Novelty leggings are affordable luxury and a fun way to                           Bathing caps haven’t been in fashion since
layer under a dress, shirt or blazer, making it accessible                        the Fifties but now these retro style caps are
to most body shapes. Retailers find little resistance to                          making a comeback as fabulous cosmetic
the much higher price points of these trendy items.                               bags. They are padded, washable and
                                                                                  waterproof. Just throw in your make-up and
As reported in WWD . . . “It’s the trend that keeps on                            don’t worry about the leaks and spills. And
giving . . . The legging is gaining importance at retail and                      if you dare, use it as a clutch! See these
transitioning from a basic black accessory popularized                            vintage style Raspberry Jam bags also at
in the Eighties to a fashionable part of a contemporary                           Ideas In Style.
wardrobe . . . Sensing a desire from consumers for
versatility and comfort, contemporary and high-end
designers are branching out with novelty styles and
luxurious materials, such as cashmere and Italian                Chanel, WWD      Eco Alchemy
leather. The new legging is a far cry from the cotton or spandex staple of
yesteryear, and consumers are willing to pay the price.”                          Alchemy Fashions now offers only 100%
                                                                                  sustainable ECO-FASHION! Our clothing, purses
                                                                                  and yoga bags are made from recycled silk, organic
                Supreme Silver,                                                   cotton, bamboo & lyocell “eco-rayon”. Alchemy
                Booth 1000, Area 1,                                               Fashions are the original designs of Vancouverite
                has created Charms                                                Trisha Hinders. She works with small family
                For LifeTM, a line of                                             businesses and individual craftspeople in India to
                charms that are all                                               produce good-energy clothing – everything is fairly
                925 sterling silver                                               and ethically traded. Try the new organic cotton
                and rhodium plated                                                Sitara Yogawear or the Sitara Lyocell line, both
                so they don’t tarnish.                                            made using low impact dyes & non-toxic soften-
                The line comes with                                               ers. Show Special: one free pair of yoga pants with
                display, brochures,                                               every order over $300! Booth 606, Area 1.
                boxes, bags and other
promotional material. Sales are
guaranteed or your money back!                     Necklace by Alberta designer
Limited dealerships so act quickly                 Neshka Krusche, Booth 807,                        Kenneeth Bell, Booth 120,
and visit their booth to get more                  Area 1, Montreal Room.                            Area 1, is offering 10% discount
details.                                                                                             on all purchases over $500.
Key Collections at Elemental Sales                                             Baltic Bijoux Introduces Ostrowski-Design
At Elemental Sales, Booth 2306, Area 2, you’ll find three of the most          At 33, award-winning Jacek Ostrowski, is making headlines with his un-
in-demand categories of accessory: jewellery, scarf and handbag.               usual designs incorporating amber, acrylic and now Swarovski crystals.

Myka Designs - Key Looks from New York, Paris and London; bigger               Jacek’s jewellery breaks traditional stereotypes
fashion forward earrings, ‘round’ the collar chokers designs, cocktail rings   of amber. Through his geometric inspirations,
and rich opulent colours that truly define autumn and winter wardrobes.        he creates modern, simple and avant-garde
AW2009 jewellery collection offers three concept themes:                       forms. His innovative and creative philosophy
Medieval Influences - intricate metal cast-                                    and interpretations of the age-old resin has
ings, detail oriented, opulent rich colours,                                   found a welcome response all over Europe
using crystals, glass cabochons, pearls. etc.                                  gaining him a reputation of “the most innovative
Modern Formations – architecturally inspired                                   designer who’s worked with amber to date”.
metal shapes set with semi-precious stones
using Venetian chain detailing and inlaid                                      Baltic Bijoux represents Ostrowski-Design
epoxy colouring.                                                               exclusively in Canada and the many options in
Fancy Cut Creations – Myka’s signature                                         price point and style appeal to everyone from jewellery, home décor, bridal,
new designs using amazing Swarovski fancy                                      and fashion boutiques, to galleries and museums all across the country.
cut stones,                                                                                                          The acrylic array of colour choices
(Myka will be debuting their Spring & Summer                                                                         when combined with amber, create a
2010 collection at the Mode Show, forward booking for December and January                                           truly unique design and Jacek is the
deliveries.)                                                                                                         only one who’s ever thought of com-
                                                                                                                     bining a real gem with acrylic. The
Tilo Scarves designer Sandy Lum’s favourite from the AW2009 collection,                                              rings are tastefully adjustable and all
                              as shown in the photo, is a burnished gold                                             pieces are set in sterling silver. For
                              and indigo scarf, made of silk and metallic                                            this season, look for his new “Black
                              lurex that have been hand loomed. There                                                Diamond” Swarovski creations.
                              is a design movement away from mass
                              production towards special items that are        We look forward to serving you in our new location this fall. Baltic Bijoux
                              discreetly luxurious and detailed. AW09          is now located in Booth 521, Area 1 (Plaza Ballroom).
                              immediate deliveries and forward booking,
                              Spring 2010.

ABRO Leather Handbags offers a premium leather collection, direct from
                                                                               A Winning Combination
Europe. Drop by the booth to pick up some Cash & Carry stock and to
                                                                               Authentic African Jewelry, Booth 1706, Area
preview the latest for Spring/Summer 2010.
                                                                               2, proudly presents Lalo Canada. These two
                                                                               bold and totally unique jewellery lines have been
Venduto Represents . . .                                                       taking Canada and the world by storm. Authen-
                                                                               tic African Jewelry is a well established line of
Based in Kelowna, BC, Venduto, Booth H3, Area 1, represents original           brass, copper and silver jewelry of distinctive
and eclectic collections. Here is what you’ll find at the show:                tribal influences. In 2009, it expanded its design
                                                                                                               aesthetics by
White Lotus Designs - Offering one of a                                                                        bringing the wildly
kind creations by Edina Racz, these free-                                                                      successful Lalo
formed pieces are a combination of classic                                                                     Treasures line of
sterling and semi precious stones, made                                                                        jewellery and accessories to Canada.
by hand in Canada. No two pieces are
exactly the same! Amazing prices have                                                                       Lalo Treasures is a handcrafted world of
made this line a retailer favorite!                                                                         style, quirkiness, whimsy and outright WOW!!!
                                                                                                            The incredible designs are showcased with
                       Taska & Edi Handbags - Organic cotton, Fair Trade                                    fantastic bracelets, fabulous earrings, daz-
                       handbags, designed in Toronto, Ontario. Streamlined                                  zling neckwear, funky rings, gorgeous hair
                       color pallets, high quality and                                                      clips and so much more. Now coupled with
                       very functional, these handbags                                                      Authentic African Jewellery, buyers can find
                       merchandise beautifully and are                                                      two of the most interesting jewellery lines in
                       a hit with consumers. And prices                                                     one exhibit.
                       make this line very easy to buy!

                      Mar&Tini Jewellery - Well priced
                      import jewellery, shopped from                           Gift With Order
many countries to bring together an eclectic and fun                           Moda’Da believes in purple, and
collection, personalized by Mar ... and Tini!                                  black and white for this Fall. Visit
                                                                               their new location in Booth 2015,
                                                                                                       Area 2.
                                                                                                       They offer
                Own Your Own Piece of the Northern Lights!                                             free shipping
                                                                                                       & a thank
                The newest addition to the ‘Ice925 Collection’ from Lotus,                             you gift
                Booth 4007, Area 4 (Terrace Room), this sterling In-                                   for orders
                nukshuk pendant features a genuine Canadian diamond.                                   placed at the
                Sourced from the Diavic mine in the Northwest Territories                              show over
                each piece comes ready boxed and includes a certificate of                             $800.              Dolce & Gabana accessories
                authenticity. Available with matching earrings.
                                                                                                                          from Carmen & Co, Booth
                                                                                                                          2807, Area 3
 Mode Accessories Fall I, August 9-11, 2009, Doubletree by Hilton Toronto Airport
 Special Hotel Rates                                                                         On-Line Registration
 Please make reservations directly by calling the hotel of your choice and
                                                                                             The Mode Accessories Show is for the trade only and therefore
 quote the published Mode Accessories Show rate below. Please note
                                                                                             registration with business identification is mandatory. Persons
 that the rates and availability of rooms are only guaranteed until the dead-
                                                                                             without valid business identification, or under the age of 16, will not
 lines. Make your arrangement early as hotels sell out quickly during the
                                                                                             be admitted. Nursing infants admitted only if carried in an infant
 busy show period.
                                                                                             backpack carrier. Strollers are not permitted inside the show.
 Doubletree By Hilton, Toronto Airport Hotel (Official Host Hotel)
 655 Dixon Road, Toronto. Tel: 1-800-668-3656 or 1-800-222-8733
                                                                                             On-line registration for the Fall I August Show is available at
 $139 single/double Deadline: July 9, 2009
                                                                                    Please select “Fall Show”, then “Buyer
 Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport Hotel
                                                                                             Registration” to access the link to the registration page. After August
 33 Carlson Court, Toronto. Tel: 416-675-1234
                                                                                             6, you may register in person at the show with 2 pieces of business
 $109 single/double Deadline: July 7, 2009

 Free Shuttle from the CGTA Gift Show                                                        Please note that you must register each time to attend. Badges will
 The Mode Accessories Show provides a free shuttle, picking up buyers                        not be mailed automatically without registration.
 from the main west entrance of the Toronto Congress Centre of the CGTA
 Gift Show. The shuttle will run continuously Sunday and Monday, Aug                         Returning registrants from 2008 shows: If you have attended these
 9-10, from 9 am to 8:15 pm; and Tuesday, Aug 11, from 9 am to 6:15 pm.                      shows, please register on-line and your badges will be mailed to you
 Buyers who stay at the Crowne Plaza will be picked up each morning at                       before the show, if your data has not changed. Registration received
 8:45 am and 9:45 am.                                                                        less than 2 weeks prior to the show will be held for pick-up.

                                                                                             If your data has changed or if it does not match our records, please
                                                                                             follow “New Registrations” instruction below.

                                                                                             New Registrations: Upon completion of your on-line registration, you
                                                                                             will receive a confirmation with a barcode which you must print and
                                                                                             bring to the show, along with a minimum of 2 pieces of business
                                                                                             identification. Once the nature of your business is verified at the show,
                                                                                             you will receive your badge. To qualify as a “Retail” buyer, a copy
                                                                                             of your vendor’s permit, retail business licence, or provincial sales
                                                                                             tax number, must be presented at the show, along with an additional
                                                                                             matching piece of business identification, ex. personalized business
                                                                                             card, business registration, letterhead, company cheque, retail
                                                    Toronto                                  advertisement, etc. Employees without business cards must show
                                                                                             proof of employment, ex. staff ID card, cancelled paycheque, payroll
                                                              Doubletree by
                                                                                             deduction form, etc.
                                                              Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel

                                                                                             Verified retail buyers are admitted free of charge. All non-retail
                                                                                             businesses must register in person with business identification, and
                                                                                             pay a fee of $75 per person.
                                                                 ACCESSORIES                 Tip: Save your Fall I Show Badge for instant admission to the Fall II
                                                                   SHOW                      Show in October.

Handbags and leathergoods excel at
Mode Accessories                                                                             Announcing Mode Accessories, Fall II
L to R clockwise: High Fashion Handbags,
                                                                                             October 3-5, 2009
Booth 114, Area 1; ESPE, Booth 2400, Area 2;
Belgo Lux at Gretchen Palmer Sales, Booth 410,
                                                                                             Toronto International Centre, Hall 6.
Area 1; Pinkstix at Macy Fair, Booth 206, Area 1.
                                                                                             This Fall II edition is the perfect opportunity to address today’s
                                                                                             retail demand for just-in-time, on-trend products with quick
                                                                                             delivery and shorter, more frequent cycles. Cash and carry is a
                                                                                             convenient option for the immediate delivery market; a solution
                                                                                             for retailers who need to gear up for the holiday season.

                                                                                             New sources are important to retailers. Buyers support the Fall
                                                                                             II edition for its high proportion of new exhibitors (65%) since
                                                                                             sourcing for new products is one of the keys to retail success.

                                                                                             Save your admittance badge from the Fall I August Show for
                                                                                             instant entry to the Fall II October show.

                                                                                             Watch for a special newsletter in September. Visit our website
                                                                                    for more information or call 416-

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