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									                                                                                                   November-December 2005 Vol.XIV No.VI

                                                          the register
                                                                           a newsletter

                                                                                       for the family and friends of YT

             Dishwashers: Yours Truly’s unsung heroes
                                                                                                        tie: “Notso® plates and Killit Skillets!” In
                                                                                                        addition to sending hard-to-clean items
                                                                                                        through the dishwashing machine, she
                                                                                                        also hand washes them.
                                                                                                             Though hundreds of dishes and
                                                                                                        glassware are washed daily at each
                                                                                                        location, don’t think washing dishes is a
                                                                                                        piece of cake. Yours Truly provides new
                                                                                                        employees with six pages of instruction
                                                                                                        describing the duties of a dishwasher,
                                                                                                        from learning when and how to use
                                                                                                        various chemical solutions to procedures
                                                                                                        for washing all silverware twice. “The
                                                                                                        layout of the dishwashing area in all of
                                                                                                        our restaurants is designed for efficiency.
                                                                                                        Nearly 90 percent of all dirty dishes come
                                                                                                        directly to the dishwasher,” says Hum-
Five-year Yours Truly veteran Kevin Stillwell has refined the art of washing dishes at YT Hudson.        phrey, adding, “It takes teamwork and
                                                                                                        timing to keep things running smoothly.”
Help Wanted: Reliable individual who                  Manager Dick Humphrey. “With a good
can work independently and takes great                dishwasher, the shift goes more smoothly
pride in his or her work. Ability to per-             for everyone.”                                      Dishwasher heroes
form multiple tasks under pressure. En-                    While the position certainly can be            by location
thusiastic and professional in demeanor.              a stepping stone to other jobs within the           Beachwood – Harris McMichael,
                                                      company, many dishwashers choose to
                                                                                                          Robert Lamar, Danny Merritt
The description above could be an                     stay in the position because they enjoy
                                                                                                          Chagrin Falls – Nick Vittek,
advertisement for a management posi-                  the work. Those who love the job settle
tion in nearly any industry. At Yours Truly,          into a rhythm.                                      DeMarco Sanders
it describes the qualities the company                     Yours Truly Medina dishwasher Diana            Hudson – Kevin Stillwell, Rick Nibert,
looks for when hiring a dishwasher.                   Winca has been a dishwasher for nearly              Tim Bojenowski, Josh Mungel,
    Ask Yours Truly servers, cooks or                 three years and enjoys the repetitive               Sean O’Donnel
managers what position could make or                  work. “It’s not a glamorous job, but I like
                                                                                                          Medina – Diane Winca
break a restaurant, and it’s likely they’ll           being my own boss back here,” she says
agree on the value of good dishwashers.               from behind the kitchen doors.                      Mentor – Bret Alleman, Bryan Brewer,
“Every manager and cook at Yours Truly                     Harris McMichael, a dishwasher at              Sue Potting
undergoes several shifts as a dishwasher.             Yours Truly Beachwood, likes his job be-            Mayfield Village – John Seitz, Troy
It’s critical that everyone understands               cause “it makes the time go by quickly.”            Williams, Vincent Sykes, Dana Walker
how important that position is to the                      What’s a dishwasher’s least favor-
                                                                                                          Shaker Square – Isaiah Thomas
restaurant’s success,” says Regional                  ite item to clean? Winca says it’s a
Mark Your Calendars!                                                                           Holiday

                                                                                      Greet Santa
November                                  December                                    Ho, ho, ho!      Come share your holiday wish
                                                                                      list with Santa Claus when he visits Yours Truly
November 4 – Follow the yellow            December 2 – Come to Chagrin                in December.
brick road to Beachwood Middle            Falls for caroling at Triangle Park
                                                                                          Join him for dinner at the following locations
School Auditorium for a performance       at 7 p.m.
                                                                                      from 5:30 to 8 p.m.:
of The Wizard of Oz. For tickets, call
216-292-1970.                             December 4 – Visit YT Mayfield
                                          Village for a hot dinner before going       Monday, December 5        Mentor
November 5 – Stop by YT Hudson            to the Mayfield Village Gazebo for           Tuesday, December 6       Mayfield Village
for lunch after visiting Hudson Library   the community’s annual Holiday Tree         Monday, December 12       Hudson
for their twice-monthly book sale held    Lighting Ceremony. Or,
                                                                                      Tuesday, December 13      Chagrin Falls
from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.                  if you’re in Medina, stop
                                          at YT before attending                      Monday, December 19       Medina
November 11 –                             the Medina Chorus Win-
Honor America’s                           ter Concert at Highland                     On Saturday, December 10, he’ll visit Shaker
veterans today.                           High School. For more                       Square for breakfast from 9 a.m. to noon.
                                          information, go to www.                       Unfortunately, Yours Truly Beachwood is
November 19 – It’s              
                                                                                      too small to accommodate Santa’s sleigh.
the return of the holiday lighting
ceremony at Shaker Square! Shaker         December 21 – Celebrate National            Please visit him at any of the other six
Square’s “event of the year” takes        Hamburger Day by ordering your              Yours Truly locations.
place at 6 p.m. Entertainment in-         favorite YT burger.
cludes a performance by the Singing                                                   Toys for Tots
Angels, a pyrotechnic lighting show       December 24 – Christmas Eve.
and, of course, a visit from Santa and    All YTs close at 4 p.m.
                                                                                      For the third consecutive year, Yours Truly will
his elves. See it all from YT
Shaker Square!                            December 25 – Merry Christmas!              work with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys
                                          All YT locations are closed so that our     for Tots program to makethe holiday season
November 21 – It’s National               employees may share the day with            brighter for every boy and girl. Please
Pumpkin Pie Day! Celebrate with a         their families and friends.                 bring your new toy donations or monetary
slice of pie at Yours Truly or take                                                   contributions to any Yours Truly location
home a whole pie for only $7!             December 26 –
                                          Happy Hanukkah! The                         from November 25 through December 18.
November 24 –                             celebration of Kwanzaa                         Coordinated by YT Chagrin Falls General
Happy Thanksgiving! Yours Truly           also begins today.                          Manager Dee Tobias, the campaign annually
Mentor serves its annual Pancake                                                      brings in thousands of dollars worth of toys for
Breakfast from 7:30                       December 30- Celebrate LeBron               needy local children. “Our guests have always
to 11:30 a.m. to                          James’s 21st birthday with a tall beer
                                                                                      been very generous, and, this year, we look
raise funds for the                       at YT!
                                                                                      forward to once again delivering a message
Mentor Schools
Foundation. All                           December 31 – It’s New Year’s Eve.          of hope to families who are struggling,”
other YT locations                        All YT locations close at 8 p.m.            says Tobias.
are closed.
                                          January 1, 2007 – Happy New Year!
November 25 – Grab a cup of               Have your first breakfast of the new
creamy hot chocolate at Yours Truly       year at YT. All locations open at 9 a.m.
and head to Triangle Park for the
Lighting of the Greens, sponsored by
the Chagrin Valley Jaycees.
                                               For a complete listing of all events
                                                 and specials, visit
                                                   and click on the calendar.
Thankful for a
                                                                                 Truly Yours
special guest
                                                Partner’s Perspective — Gratefulness
A special friendship forms between servers      As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, as well as our
and guests who dine frequently at Yours
                                                upcoming twenty fifth anniversary, we recognize that we have
Truly. Often, before words are even
                                                much to be thankful for at Yours Truly.
exchanged, a server knows what the guest
plans to order. Servers recognize when            We’re grateful for the commitment shown by our employees. In
someone is having a good or bad day and         an industry where many restaurants suffer from high turnover, we’re
the reverse is true, as well.
                                                happy to see familiar faces in all of our restaurants.
    Recently, a special YT guest, who is
                                                  We also appreciate the commitment that comes from our
a frequent diner at Mayfield Village,
                                                guests. There are many restaurants out there to choose from, and
astounded server Jenny Salvaggio with his
kindness. “My six year old son, Jack, has       we appreciate that they dine at Yours Truly again and again.
ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). Our guest       We appreciate our guests’ curiosity. People want to find out why
saw an expert on television talking about
                                                we make changes or add new things, and when they find out, they
the disorder, and he made me a tape of
                                                appreciate us that much more.
the program,” explains Salvaggio. “Adding
to his kindess, he purchased the book that
                                                  We appreciate managers who are able to take stressful situa-

the expert wrote about autism and brought       tions, like a surprise tour bus or an accidental fire alarm, in stride.
it to the restaurant for me!”                     We’re grateful for the way our vendors strive to find the best
    Salvaggio says, “Our guests are so gener-
                                                products to offer our guests.
ous! This gift really touched my heart.”
                                                  We give thanks for our beautiful surroundings, from cozy

                                                Beachwood to state-of-the-art Medina. Each restaurant has

                                                its own unique personality.

                                                  We’re thankful we’re able to make our living surrounded by

                                                co-workers and guests that make coming to work every day

                                                a happy experience!

                                                Have a joyful holiday season!

                                                The Shibley family,
                                                Art, Larry, Jeffrey & Darlene
YT Mayfield Village server Jenny Salvaggio

                   What’s Cooking at Yours Truly?

New program promotes healthy work
                                                                                          5              THINGS...

                                                                                  Meet Jeremy Holmes
  Alcoholism and drug abuse in any workplace greatly affect productivity and      Server, Yours Truly Beachwood
safety. To show its commitment to becoming a federally certified Drug Free

Workplace, Yours Truly managers and employees underwent an intensive training

program in August and recently implemented the five elements of a Drug Free

Workplace, focusing on:

       • Developing a written substance abuse policy
       • Employee education

       • Supervisor training

       • Drug testing

       • Offering an employee assistance plan.

  “We believe this investment in our employees is a win-win for Yours Truly and   ◆ He’s a certified scuba diver who dives
our guests. For years, we’ve been recognized for encouraging employee               whenever he gets a chance.

development, self-improvement and personal council in both work-related

and personal areas,” says Yours Truly COO Dixie Singer.                           ◆ Graduated from Eckerd College in
                                                                                    St. Petersburg, Florida, with a major in
                                                                                    psychology and minors in marine
                                                                                    science and theatre.
Pancake Breakfast
to benefit Mentor                                                                  ◆ He sang “We Beseech Thee” in

Schools Foundation                                                                  the role of Jeffrey in a college
                                                                                    production of Godspell.
On Thanksgiving morning, pop the turkey in
the oven and come to Yours Truly Mentor for                                       ◆ Loves to travel and says Micronesia is

a hot breakfast to benefit the Mentor Schools                                        his all-time favorite destination.

                                                                                  ◆ After playing hockey most of his life,
  For the fifth consecutive year, Yours Truly Mentor hosts its annual
                                                                                    he now coaches a youth hockey
Pancake Breakfast on Thanksgiving morning. Join friends, family and member of
                                                                                    team in Cleveland Heights.
the community for a delicious breakfast of hot pancakes, sausage, juice and
coffee from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. on November 24.
  Since 2001, the event has raised over $12,000 for the Mentor Schools

Foundation, an independent organizationthat provides grants to teachers in               Look for our special 25th
                                                                                       anniversary issue in January!
the Mentor Schools to help fund innovative and creative programs.
                                                                         Fun with YT Kids

           What job would you like to have at YT & why?
                          Here’s what some YT kids had to say:

 “A server because                                                                             “A chef because
my sister is one and                                                                            I’d make a lot
  she makes lots                                                                                  of meatball
    of money.”                                                                                  sandwiches.”
                                                                “A marine                           Derek, 7
     James, 3                                                   biologist.”
                           “Work in the office                    Lilly, 5
                             with Frank.”
                             Raymond, 3

                                                                                             “A cooker because
                                                “I’d like to be a                             cooking’s fun!”
                                               cook because I like                               Sidney, 7
                                                 to cook eggs.”
                                                  Sophia, 5
   “A dishwasher because                                                 “Wash dishes
   it sounds like fun. My                                             because I enjoy soap
    mom makes me wash                                                     and water.”
   dishes instead of going                                              Margarette, 4
        to my room.”
           Jack, 4

                           “A cook because
                       I liketo cook chicken
                        wings and pizza a
                              t home.”
                              Steven, 6

   Don’t forget to visit these Yours Truly locations on Monday evenings from 5:30 to 8 p.m.
                   for special Kids Night activities: Hudson, Mentor, Medina                                     5
                                                                                             Beachwood (BW)
    What’s New at Yours Truly?                                                               25300 Chagrin Blvd.
                                                                                             Beachwood, OH 44122
                                                                                             (216) 464-4848
                                                                                             GM – Robert Obermiller
                                                                                             MGR – David Rodenhausen
                                                                                             MGR – Mary O’Brien

                                                                                             Chagrin Falls (CF)
                                                                                             30 North Main St.
Kentucky Pie returns!                                                                        Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
                                                                                             (440) 247-3232
This month, Kentucky Pie returns to the menu! “We’ve                                         GM – Dee Tobias
listened to our many guests who requested that we bring                                      MGR – Roberta Sambenedetto
                                                                                             MGR – Louy Sayhood
back Kentucky Pie,” says COO Dixie Singer.
 Kentucky Pie, a delicious combination of chocolate, nuts and coconut, has plenty of loyal   Hudson (HD)
                                                                                             36 South Main St. (RT 91)
followers. “Women crave it,” says YT Medina server Jen Dean. Plus, Dean adds, it’s a great   Hudson, OH 44236
item to share, especially when the pie is served warm and topped with ice cream. “Just       (330) 656-2900
                                                                                             GM – Jerry Wisniewski
ask for extra forks!” says Dean.                                                             MGR – Robin Davis
                                                                                             MGR – Rick Day

Soup’s on!                                                                                   Mayfield Village (MV)
                                                                                             6675 Wilson Mills Rd.
When the temperature drops, it’s officially “soup season” around Yours Truly.                 Gates Mills, OH 44040
                                                                                             (440) 461-0000
Although soup is served year round at YT, it’s a challenge to keep up                        GM – David Schmidt
with the demand in the winter months, says YT partner                                        MGR – Doug Lieblich
Darlene Shibley Ziegenhagen. “Our Italian Wedding Soup                                       MGR – Jennifer Schwartz
                                                                                             MGR – Lauren Donatone
regularly sells out,” she says.
   The homemade soups – which are made from scratch                                          Medina (MD)
                                                                                             3735 Medina Rd. (RT 18)
– are sold by the cup or bowl when dining at YT, or may
                                                                                             Medina, OH 44256
be purchased hot or cold in a cup, bowl or quart to                                          (330) 722-5800
serve at home.                                                                               GM – Arno Kremer
                                                                                             MGR – Frank Willett
   Employees, especially cooks, says Shibley Ziegenhagen,                                    MGR – Niki Kruczek
create the recipes, which are often family favorites passed
down from generation to generation.                                                          Mentor (MN)
                                                                                             7280 Center St. (RT 615)
   Soup selections change daily, but chicken noodle and chili are available                  Mentor, OH 44060
every day. Italian Wedding Soup and Chicken Tortilla Soup are two top-sellers,               (440) 255-3003
                                                                                             (440) 954-9393
says Shibley Ziegenhagen.
                                                                                             GM – George Healy
                                                                                             MGR – Nicole Crosby
                                                                                             MGR – Hugh Cassidy
    Shibley Management (SM)                       Yours Truly
    30 North Main Street                                                                     Shaker Square (SS)
                                                  Restaurant Hours:
    Chagrin Falls, OH 44022                                                                  13228 Shaker Square
    (440) 247-8338                                Monday - Saturday                          Cleveland, OH 44120                                   6:30 am - 11 pm                            (216) 751-8646
                                                                                             GM – Mike Simon
    The Register is a bimonthly                                                              MGR – Doug Hammack
    publication produced by Yours                 7:30 am - 9 pm                             MGR – Krystal Smith
    Truly Restaurants. It is written                                                         MGR – Michael Dehner
    by Michele Kisthardt and
    designed by Lucy Todaro.                                                                 Regional Manager
                                                 Make People Happy, Have Some Fun            Dick Humphrey
                                                                                             (216) 401-2275
    The Register is printed courtesy of          and Be Number 1!
    Evans Printing, Solon, Ohio                                                              Wine and Beer available...
    (440) 248-7474                               Your Hosts: The Shibley
                                                                                             Smoke-free locations....
                                                 Family Art, Lawrence,
    The newsletter is also available online at                                               All stores are wireless hotspots.                                 Jeffrey & Darlene                           GM – General Manager
                                                                                             MGR - Manager

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