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					Energy Audit
A vital step to conserve Energy is to conduct an Energy Audit of your plant. Energy Audit has many critical benefits.
It can help you:
1 Comply with Government regulations:
The Energy Conservation Act 2001 (India) has identified 9 industry sectors and commercial buildings as designated
consumers. A comprehensive Energy Audit will help these industries comply with major provisions of the act like:
      Maintaining energy consumption within standard norms
      Maintaining and reporting accurate energy usage patterns
      Training of an Energy Manager responsible for energy efficiency of the plant
2 Identify areas of improvement which can result in:
   a) Reduce energy Cost.
   b) Recover your investment quickly.
   c) Achieve better maintenance and lower downtime.
   d) Get better quality and enhanced production rate.
   e) Reduce emission levels and help the environment.

Energy Audit – The Need
   Variations in Energy Costs
   Reliability of energy mix
   Decide on appropriate energy required
   Identify energy conservation equipment and
   Retrofits for energy conservation equipment

Energy Audit leads to:
   Energy balance
   Heat and mass balance
   Establishing Specific Energy Consumption
   Identifying opportunities for energy efficiency

Energy Audits covers:
   All operations, processes, products and plants in the organisation under study
   All forms of Energy - mechanical, electrical and thermal
   Operational efficiency of diesel generator sets, turbo generator sets and utilization of power from the
   electricity supply authority
   Evaluation of different components of the electrical network like transformers, motors, capacitors and the
   distribution network.
   Study of utility equipment like air compressors, fans, pumps, blowers, air-conditioning and refrigeration,
   evaporative cooling, cooling towers, lighting, boilers, furnaces, thermic fluid heaters, etc.
   Study of combined heat and power
We also offer specialized services in thermal imaging, insulation survey and consultancy services for setting up co-
generation plants.

ISO 14001:2004 Certified
ISO 9001:2000 Certified
Why Energy Audit by Conzerv makes sense?
    Conzerv has been approved for temporary accreditation as an energy audit by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency
    (BEE), Ministry of Power, Government of India, under the Energy Conservation Act, 2001. (Permanent
    accrediation procedure of the Government is underway).
    Twelve of our consultants are certified energy Auditors by the Bureau of Energy efficiency (BEE) under the
    Energy Conservation Act, 2001.
    We have 15 qualified and experienced energy auditors working in different regions having 2-17 years
    experience, one of the largest team of certified energy auditors.
    Accredited by different Government Agencies like:-
       Energy Management Centre, Kerala as an approved energy auditor
       Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission
       Maharashtra Energy Development Agency
       Non conventional energy development corporation of AP (NEDCAP)
       Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA)
    We are on the panel of State Bank of India for its prestigious energy efficiency program “Project Uptech”.
    We are one of the panel consultants of National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC). We have installed Energy
    Management Systems and conducted Energy Audits at 9 different locations
    We have over 270 satisfied customers in countries all over the world
    We had carried out detailed energy audits in 13 thermal / gas, power plants, 22 buildings, 20 engineering
    industries, 9 chemical plants, 9 pharmaceuticals, 8 automobile / component plants in addition to other
    industrial segments totaling 200

Segmentwise Energy Saving Potential                              Client                                 Segment
                                                                 Hind Lever Chemicals Ltd, India        Chemical
 Segment               Annual Savings            No. of audits
                       Potential*                Conducted by    National Thermal Power
                                                 Conzerv         Corporation, Dadri, India              Power Plant
 Automobile            20-26%                          13        Escorts, India                         Automobile
                                                                 Dayanand Medical College, India        Hospital
 Buildings             15 – 35%                        23
                                                                 Goodlas Nerolac Paints Ltd, India      Paints
 Power Plants          8 – 10%   (in Auxiliary
                       consumption)                    14        Kwality Ice Cream, India               FMCG
 Cements               10 – 22%                        3         Mother Dairy, India                    Dairy
                                                                 Prestige Acropolis, India              Township
 Chemicals             15-25%                          10
                                                                 Vinay Cements, India                   Cement
 Engineering           15-20%                          23
                                                                 Gujrat Ambuja Cements Ltd, India       Cement
 FMCG                  10 -15%                         7
                                                                 Hind Lever Chemicals Ltd, India        Chemicals
 Pharmaceuticals       10 – 22%                        9
                                                                 CCM Chemicals, Malaysia                Chlor-Alkali
 Rubber/Tyre           18 – 30%                        4
                                                                 Seri Pacific Hotel, Kualalumpur        Hospitaity
 Pulp & Paper          16 – 25%                        3
                                                                 PT. South Pacific Viscose, Indonesia   Man made Fiber
 Textiles              5 -10%                          9         Star Papers Mills Ltd, India           Paper
 Railways              10 – 26%                        5         Indian Oil Corporation, India          Petroleum
 Iron & Steel          20 – 26%                        2         Glaxo Smithkline, India                Pharmaceuticals
*Based on audits conducted by Conzerv                            West Bengal Power Development
                                                                 Cor. Ltd, India                        Power Plant
Energy Audit - Major Clients                                     South East Central Railway, India      Railways
                                                                 Hero Cycles - CRD, India               Steel Cold Rolling
 Client                                          Segment
                                                                 PT India Jaya Textiles Industry,
 P T Trias Sentosa TBK, Indonesia                BOPP Films      Indonesia                              Textiles
 Glaxo Smithkline, Kuala Lumpur                  Pharma          EPCOS India Pvt Ltd, India             Ferrites
 Panasonic, Malaysia                             Electronics     MRF Tyres, India                       Tyres
 First Aluminium Nigeria PLC, Africa             Aluminium       Aqua Pacific, USA                      Aquarium