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									POSTAL 2: Share The Pain (highly compressed pc game)

Postal 2 strings together a bunch of violent novelties without ever constructing a
compelling game for them to support.Taking a cue from the Grand Theft Auto series,
Postal 2 plays out in a large clockwork city that you're free to explore while pursuing a
string of missions. The missions are segmented across a period of five days. You must
complete certain goals each day in order to advance to the next time period. These goals
take the form of commonplace errands such as going to the bank, buying milk, getting
your gonorrhea treated, or delivering a gift to your uncle. Following the recent trend of
paid public humiliation as a sort of retirement fund for celebrities, one of your errands is
to acquire an autograph from former child star Gary Coleman, who is played by the
actual Gary Coleman.

Download: 280 MB


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Dark Vampires: The Shadow Of Dust

10 exciting levels Stunning 3D graphics Convincing Vampire models Underground Beats
Free choice of weapon Breathing soundtrack
The mysterious vampire hunter Jack Peters carries a dark secret. No one pursues enemies
as relentlessly as him. He hunts and destroy them without mercy at evry opportunity.
Now the “Dark Council” of the ZWISCHENWELT calls upon its squardrons of evil to
eliminate him. Jack is on the run. The Angles of Death, as the squadrons are called, are
immortal beings of Darkness. Like shadow, they constanly emerge from the realms of the
dead and can’t be stopped until they have quenched their thirst for the blood of the prey.

System Requirment
Processor: Pentium 500MHZ , RAM:64 MB, System: WIN 98/ME/XP, CD-ROM: X4 ,
Graphic: 3D accelerator



Password: www.dl4all.com

Hip Games' Special Forces: Nemesis Strike, or CT Special Forces: Nemesis Strike,
depending on whether you believe the box art or the game's main title screen, is a console
and PC reenvisioning of the publisher's semi-obscure CT Special Forces franchise, which
has existed solely on the GBA up to this point. However, whereas the GBA CT games
were thoroughly competent knockoffs of the Metal Slug franchise, there's nothing
particularly competent about Nemesis Strike. Essentially trying to ape everything from
Splinter Cell to kill.switch, Nemesis Strike throws far too many disparate parts into one
cluttered mess, and it doesn't bother to polish any of them beyond what was required to
get the game gold and onto store shelves. It's a trite and aggressively boring version of
what a million other third-person action games have done. And even for its budget price,
it's a pretty lousy value.

Meet Raptor, an action hero so lame he makes Michael Dudikoff seem impressive by

In Special Forces: Nemesis Strike, you fight terrorists. That's it. That's all the plot you
need to know, because that's as much of it as makes sense. You play two different
characters throughout the adventure: Raptor, a scenery-chewing commando type that falls
somewhere between Jesse "The Body" Ventura from Predator and Thunder in Paradise-
era Hulk Hogan (in terms of action-hero bravado and credibility), and Stealth Owl, a
predictable copycat of just about every other stealth action hero of the last decade. As
these two knuckleheads, you penetrate various locales that have been overrun by
terrorists (gasp!) and shoot them all in the face--over and over again--occasionally
stopping to fight a ludicrously easy boss, rescue a painfully dumb artificially intelligent
hostage, or drive a poorly designed vehicle.
When you play as Raptor, it's all run-and-gun, so you blast away at nasty terrorists with
little regard for anything else. Occasionally, you'll have to duck and cover. And when you
do, in a kill.switch-influenced mechanic, you can peer around the corner to fire, or you
can just poke your weapon out and blind-fire, with a slight accuracy decrease. Of course,
that accuracy decrease would only matter if the weapons were even accurate to begin
with. Unless you're standing dead still and manually aiming the reticle as precisely as you
can, chances are you're going to miss a lot of shots. The machine guns fire wildly,
throwing bullets practically everywhere except where the nearest enemy is, and the
shotgun even seems to bypass enemies at close range from time to time. As Raptor, you'll
also find yourself driving occasional vehicles, like snow sleds, hovercraft, and what have
you. However, no matter what kind of vehicle you're driving, they all handle exactly the
same, which is to say, badly. Turns are impossibly jerky, every vehicle has a preternatural
tendency to slide out, and the few that feature mounted weapons just seem
underwhelming in terms of impact.

Granted, Raptor's levels are practically money in the bank compared to Owl's ill-
conceived stealth levels. Mechanically, Owl works much the same as Raptor, only with a
different variety of weapons that don't hit their targets and a couple of different grenade
types that are cool ideas but are poorly executed. Basically, when you toss them, they'll
either magnetically pull or repel any metal objects in the room. Again, this is a cool
concept, but it's terribly underused throughout the game. All you ever really do is use
them to move metal boxes and occasionally pull the weapons from your enemies' hands.
Apart from all that, since Owl is a stealthy fellow, you can turn on a Predator-inspired
invisibility suit that actually doesn't really work very well. Even though you're supposed
to be invisible, enemies will immediately become alerted to your presence if you get
within 20 feet of them.

On the plus side, your enemies are idiots, and they're terrible at actually shooting you.
You can stand just outside of their detection ranges, picking them off with headshots one
by one, and they'll just stand there looking bewildered. That's not to say the game is by
any means a walk in the park, but instead of improving the AI of the ground troops, the
developer made the game harder by sticking a bunch of snipers and guys with rocket
launchers on rooftops. While it's understandable that rocket launchers would kill you
pretty quickly (and you can actually dodge the rockets reasonably easily), the snipers are
ridiculously overpowered and overly accurate, picking you off from incredible distances
with only a couple of shots needed to kill you. Hell, even Vassili Zaitsev would be
jealous of their skills.

The one unique aspect of Owl's gameplay sequences involve something of a free-fall
combat mechanic. Essentially, before every single one of his missions, Owl has to drop
from a stealth bomber, free-falling for a few thousand feet and then parachuting the rest
of the way. We love this idea, but it's so terribly underdeveloped. Essentially, you're
saddled with an arbitrary time limit during every drop, and all you do while you're
dropping is occasionally spin around to shoot other parachuting bad guys and periodic
missiles, all while holding down the speed-drop button to gain a little extra movement
boost. It's never exactly explained why only Owl has to do this--especially when Raptor
has no problem just kicking the door down of whatever area he has to clear out--and the
fact that it's so devoid of any enjoyable aspects makes us think this concept was some
kind of last-minute addition to the game that didn't really have much thinking behind it.

Both the Xbox and PC versions of the game also have their own unique quirks that make
them equally problematic for different reasons. The Xbox version generally controls
worse than the PC one, mainly because the right thumbstick control of the aiming reticle
is painfully slow, making it way too hard to line up a proper shot. And before you even
ask, no, you can't change the speed of the reticle movement. It also doesn't help that the
auto-lock targeting, which can be toggled, just doesn't seem to work at all. While that
might have made the PC version the clear-cut winner in any other situation, the PC
version of Nemesis Strike is dragged down for different reasons, not the least of which is
the game's relative instability. The game will always crash when you quit out of it,
meaning you'll have to deal with the "this program is not responding" message every time
you want to leave the game. Nemesis Strike will also occasionally crash in-game for no
particularly understandable reason. And this is made more frustrating by the game's lousy
save system, which only saves at the very end of a level. None of the restart checkpoints
carry over if you quit out of the game.

Meet Stealth Owl. He really, really wishes he was Sam Fisher. But he's not. Not by a long

Neither the Xbox nor the PC version of Nemesis Strike looks good at all. While both
versions generally run at a solid 60 frames per second, it would be hard for them not to
with how low-res and ugly everything in the game is. The character models are blocky,
animate stiffly, and take up way too much of the screen for their own good. All the
environments feature the same bland, colorless look, and apart from exploding oil drums,
nothing's especially interactive. Camera movement is a huge pain, as you only get limited
movement, and what you can actually do is barely useful at all. The game's audio is
equally uninspired, with lots of gunshots that sound recycled from other games, overly
subdued militarily-themed electronic beats that are more irritating than anything else, and
some really ham-fisted voice acting. Most of the side characters are just stiff and
uninteresting in their deliveries, while the main characters are way over-the-top. Raptor's
the worst, overly enunciating every word he's given while trying to eke out as much
toughness as he can. Ultimately, he just kind of comes across as creepy as he yells
amazing things like "Full Throttle!" without even a hint of irony.

Nemesis Strike features a reasonably lengthy single-player adventure, but it offers no
multiplayer of any kind to bring you back to the game once you're done with it. And, for
that matter, length is about the only thing the single-player mode has going for it to begin
with, since it certainly isn't much fun. If the developers at Asobo Studio had found a way
to massage the wildly different elements that make up this game into something more
cohesive, then Nemesis Strike might have been something worthwhile. As it is, it's just a
clunky, uneven, ugly mess of an action adventure game that's devoid of any real
redeeming qualities. Regardless of its cheap price tag, it isn't worth your time.
Minimum system requirements :
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Processor: Pentium 3 @ 1 GHz
Memory: 256 MB
Video Memory: 32 MB

Download: 190 MB




Password: www.dl4all.com

Demolition Champions (higly compressed)

If you've got gasoline in your veins, get in the pits for a full contact SMASH-UP
GRUDGE MATCH! Side-swipe competitors and smash head-on into everyone and
everything that gets in your way! Push your car through amazing crashes with crunched
hoods, lost bumpers and overheating engines. Rev up your engines with single-player
arcade or extended career modes. Prove you're demolition champion against 8 players in
multiplayer races via LAN or internet. It's metal-crunching combat with amazing special
effects including skid marks, dust, sparks & flares.
People plz give 5 stars if you like this game.





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Ninja Reflex (highly compressed pc game)
Ninja Reflex uses a series of martial arts challenges to test gamers' reflexes and measure
their reaction times with millisecond precision. As players develop their ninja skills, they
will strive to earn a black belt from their own personal Sensei. Players can also compete
for ninja supremacy against their friends in fierce multiplayer battles with up to four

Ninja Reflex: Steamworks Edition makes use of Steamworks, Valve's recently released
suite of development and publishing tools. Among other exclusive features, the
Steamworks edition of Ninja Reflex offers a wide array of achievements. As players
attain new belt ranks and their skills increase, they can earn over 50 achievements, the
most of any game on Steam to date. Ninja Reflex: Steamworks Edition also features a
special "basket" of Easter Eggs from the universe of Half-Life and Portal.





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Nascar Thunder (highly compressed pc game)
NASCAR Thunder is a competent game that looks like it's only going to get better as
time goes on.
In its latest horsepower-packed ode to stock cars, NASCAR Thunder 2004, Electronic
Arts journeys to a PC world blissfully free of a solid competitor. Papyrus'
groundbreaking NASCAR Racing series quietly departed earlier this year--an unfortunate
and much-mourned victim of spiraling licensing costs--and games like Hasbro's
NASCAR Heat are now just a distant memory. To EA's credit, it hasn't stood pat.
Enlisting, for a second year, the services of Image Space, the same team responsible for
EA's critically acclaimed F1 Formula 1 simulation, it has upgraded and clearly improved
upon last year's questionable NASCAR Thunder 2003. Yet it hasn't quite raised the bar
high enough to make any serious sim driver forget about the NASCAR Racing series. As
it sits, NASCAR Thunder is a competent game that looks like it's only going to get better
as time goes on.

Download: 170 MB




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Return to Castle Wolfenstein (highly compressed pc game)

Good single player and superb multiplayer welcome us back to the castle that
started it all.
Wolfenstein is well worth it for the multiplayer game alone, so the fact that you get a
solid single-player game in the box can only be considered a bonus.

RTCWs plot is a mishmash of cheesy cut-scenes and half-baked mission objectives
involving the Nazis? attempts to create zombie supersoldiers during World War II.
Because of the weak story and the fairly predictable enemy A.I., the game doesn?t forge
the enthralling feel of games like Halo or Half-Life.
The exciting gameplay mixes gonzo combat with occasional stealthy moments and lots of
?unlock the door? puzzles. On a typical mission, you?ll start out chasing some whup-the-
Nazis objective like trashing V2 rockets, and along the way, you?ll gradually encounter
spooky occult weirdness. A big part of RTCW?s allure is the creepy, gothic
atmosphere?the presentation of the zombies and other creatures is well executed and can
be genuinely unnerving at times.

On the multiplayer front, RTCW delivers a deep, intriguing twist on the wildly popular
Counter-Strike. The action here is more cerebral, emphasizing teamwork and
accomplishing specific objectives over twitchy combat?it?s great fun. The effective
controls will feel standard to any
remotely experienced gamer

Download: 281 MB

Password: www.dl4all.com
King of the Road (highly compressed game+sound file+130mb only)

Hurtle along winding roads at breakneck speed in the driving seat of a huge 32- ton truck.
Zoom past speed cameras and blow through red lights, then dodge police cars that
attempt to ram your truck off the road, while police helicopters shoot at you. Speed and
skill are critical as you attempt to deliver your cargo, which may include guns or drugs, in
the shortest possible time, eventually crowning you King of the Road! Stunning graphics,
realistic vehicle physics and superb game play combine to create a fast, frantic and
incredible playing experience. This is not a game for the faint hearted.





http://www.easy-share.com/1904102163/King of the road_www.dl4all.com.part1.rar
http://www.easy-share.com/1904102202/King of the road_www.dl4all.com.part2.rar



Password: www.dl4all.com

Overspeed: High Performance Street Racing

Overspeed: High Performance Street Racing, a racing game for the PC launches from
City Interactive’s Premiere Silver range of brand new games priced at just £4.99. Drivers
of the fastest and most showy cars take to the streets of L.A, the birthplace of illegal
street racing to become legends of the night. The competition is cut-throat but race well
and climb the ladder of the underground street racing hierarchy to become L.A.’s new
racing hero! As players progress through the game, they must modify their rides, take up
challenges and win, win, win!

Overspeed puts players in the seat of one of 10 stock import cars challenging them to
seek out random street races where you can win parts and cars. Faithfully recreated
famous locations of illegal races in Los Angeles come to life for players with diversified
roadways, corners, and intersections that made the dynamic street races a possibility.
Players must slowly mold their vehicle into a finely tuned racing machine, capable of
taking on the streets, but it won’t be easy! There are many other racers out there with
these same aspirations, willing to do whatever it takes to get the checkered flag first!

Disassemble, repair, and upgrade vehicles part by part - from bumpers to sway bars -
nearly every possible part that is found on an actual vehicle will not only be present in
Overspeed, but removable, damageable, and upgradeable. Basic rules of tuning allows
players to improve the efficiency of the engine in top gear in order to achieve more
speed, change the exhaust system in order to have better acceleration, install a spoiler, a
diffuser and door sills to improve aerodynamics and install a nitrous oxide system to
boost the power of their ride.

Game features:

• 10 highly detailed vehicle models

• Locational damage and realistic damage modelling on every part of the vehicle

• Visual and mechanical tuning – match the performance of your ride with the right look
to reflect your own personal style and create the fastest car in town

• Interchangeable parts from bumpers to exhaust pipes to engines, allowing for numerous
of customising options

• Supports standard PC driving wheels and peripherals

• Expanded single player career as well as a multiplayer mode for up to 8 players

• Online live head-to-head play, with score/time based competitive play, ranking and
matchmaking system

• Ghosting or collision enabled play

Overspeed: High Performance Street Racing is just one of six brand new PC games
launched this month by City Interactive, one of Poland’s largest games developers and
international multi-format publishers.



http://www.easy-share.com/1904209195/Overspeed by
http://www.easy-share.com/1904209220/Overspeed by
http://www.easy-share.com/1904209241/Overspeed by

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Secret Weapons Over Normandy

Lawrence Holland is the highly praised creator of the Star Wars flying games X-Wing
and Tie Fighter, in addition to the World War II-based Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe
(SWOL). Holland again uses his creative genius to devise another great-playing flight
title to add to both his and LucasArts’ game hangar with the release of Secret Weapons
over Normandy (SWON), the follow-up to SWOL.
The campaign mode of SWON has you, pilot James Chase, joining the ranks of a secret
military flying squadron fighting the evil
empire of Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich Nazi war machine and the Japanese in the
Pacific during World War II. You can pilot over 20 authentic WWII flying crafts from
both the Allied and Axis powers that helped shape the history of the 20th Century.
SWON also takes you to real sky and sea theaters of battle that were actually fought.

You really do get drawn into the well-crafted story of the campaign mode, too. As the
newest recruit to the secret Allied squadron, you are joined by members of each of the
Allied nation’s air forces in your battles: American, British, and Russian. SWON doesn’t
resort to the old unrealistic “everybody speaks English” tactic that many World War II-
based movies and games fall back on. Instead, when the Japanese pilots are talking in
both the level introductory cut-scenes and the actual missions, you hear Japanese (with
subtitles) and the same goes for the German pilots and your Russian allies also.
Impatient waiting to encounter enemies for more than desired timeframes does happen
throughout the game, but once you actually get into the firestorm of enemy encounters,
you’ll get overwhelmed in a good way by the amount of action packed into each mission.

Controlling your plane is one of SWON’s uneven offerings, as is sometimes easy to get
disoriented as to where you are in direct comparison to the ground and other planes
buzzing around you in battle. It’s not difficult to get thrown into a stall and start
plummeting back towards terra firma. Just as easy is to lose track of enemy planes that
annoyingly shred your plane with bullets unseen from multiple directions.

And accidental mid-air collisions on your part somehow don’t result in an immediate
destruction of both you and the collided-with plane. But SWON does have an extremely
helpful targeting system that lets you lock on to targets and the situational awareness map
indicates if a plane is a friend or foe. Overall, controlling your plane does take some
acclimation, but once the basics are learned, high-flying fighting is at your fingertips.

SWON looks very good too, with a strong attention-to-detail not only to the WWII planes
and other vehicles that have been amazingly re-created, but also to the European and
Pacific settings. As good as SWON looks, it sounds even better. Voice-acting, including
the many different languages of the pilots, is stellar, and befitting a LucasArts game, the
musical score is right out of the John Williams school, perfectly fitting and spectacularly
climatic at just the right time.

LucasArts and Lawrence Holland have done it again with yet another good flight
simulator that will appeal to gamers that prefer more simulation and less arcade-style
action as is available in Crimson Skies. Unfortunately, there’s no online support, but
SWON is packed with enough diverse gameplay with a heavy challenge level that you
won’t lament the online absence too long.

Each new mission is introduced first by an authentic-looking black and white movie
peppered with both real and realistically-rendered photos. SWON brings the simulation
of WWII fighter piloting to a high level of authenticity with the inclusion of all these
presentation elements right from the pages of history books.

Adding to the believability and true simulation aspect of SWON is the large roster of
WWII planes you’ll get to fly over the unfriendly skies of Europe and the Pacific. From
your standard fare like the American P-51 Mustang, the British Spitfire, and the German
Messerschmitt to the exotic experimental crafts such as the “Black Bullet” and
“Ascender”, there are over 20 planes to be flown and fought in the 30 primary,
secondary, and bonus missions of SWON.

With the great WWII planes you can fly, it’s disappointing that you can’t play SWON
over Xbox Live, because as evidenced by another Xbox flying title, Crimson Skies: High
Road to Revenge, there’s a lot of fun to be had battling through the online skyways. But
there is downloadable content via Xbox Live in the form of new missions and planes, so
LucasArts deserves some honorable mention for that online goodie incentive.

There are also other WWII vehicles and boats throughout SWON, including the
infamously destructive Panzer tanks, aircraft carriers, destroyers, and basically any WWII
craft that was used in the operations of the forces battling it out. (This being a LucasArts
and Lawrence Holland game, you can even unlock an X-Wing and Tie-Fighter to use
once you’ve completed the game.)

Weapons of WWII are also in plentiful supply in SWON, and you do need to take the
type of mission you will be engaged in into consideration when selecting your weaponry.
Rockets may be the best weapon to strap underneath your plane in some instances where
torpedoes are more efficient against seagoing vessels. You can also earn upgrades for
your plane-of-choice with a better engine, stronger armor, and of course, better weapon-
holding capacity after successfully completing a mission.

Some crucial missions in SWON represent battles that shifted the war towards the Allies
favor are for the most part long and action-packed, although there are some stretches in
certain missions that require flying to a destination that will literally take close to five
minutes to reach.

You can practically set your plane to autopilot, because in at least one instance in an early
mission, you won’t even encounter enemies on your way to the required target, and I
could literally take a quick bathroom break before getting to the target and the next wave
of gameplay. But the huge variety of gameplay that you will undertake, including air-to-
air, air-to-ground, air-to-sea, and the few ground-to-air missions that have you manning
antiaircraft guns, keep SWON constantly fresh and challenging.

Download: 178 MB


http://www.easy-share.com/1904209486/Secret weapon over
http://www.easy-share.com/1904209519/Secret weapon over
http://www.easy-share.com/1904209552/Secret weapon over

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FA-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom

F/A-18: Operation Iraqi Freedom puts you in the cockpit of an F/A-18 Hornet strike
fighter as you fight in Operation Iraqi Freedom!

- Enlist in the Iraq war and fly the F/A-18 Hornet, the premier Navy/Marine workhorse
fighting machine
- Beautiful, realistic satellite image-based terrain of over 160,000 square miles of Iraq,
Kuwait, Iran, and the Persian Gulf
- Realistic simulation of the F/A-18 Hornet aircraft flight dynamics and instrumentation
- Sophisticated enemy pilot and SAM site operator AI
- Multiplayer via the internet or LAN



Password: www.dl4all.com


The,2007 entry in EA's cricket match series, featuring fully licensed squads,
groundbreaking Century Stick control system and a more natural camera perspective.
Cricket 07 also features a new Quickplay cricket setting that lets players crank up the
game speed, ease back the difficulty setting and join the excitement of Limited Overs or
fully-licensed Twenty20 extravaganzas by playing a fast-blast match of hard-hitting sixes
-- or slow the pace down, slide the difficulty up and steel yourself for a five day Test. For
a sustained challenge, gamers can choose from a complete schedule of Australian State
and English County tournaments or lead the charge in this year's eagerly anticipated
Ashes campaign in the 3-mobile Series Down Under.




PASSWORD: www.dl4all.com
Nosferatu:- The Wrath Of Malachi (highly compressed pc game)

Nosferatu crosses the creepy atmosphere of the successful survival horror genre, with
“traditional” first person shooter action. Nosferatu, the game, is shocking fear, violent
action and entertaining FPS gameplay. The player is challenged to free his family and
friends from captivity in a vampire count’s castle. Violence is the only way to save
yourself, your family and mankind… Your family members are barricaded at different
places in a large castle and fall prey to violent vampires.

Download: 185 MB





Password: www.dl4all.com

Sanghai Street Racer (Highly Compressed 96 MB ONLY)

Fast cars, dangerous tracks and reckless driving guarantee a lot of incredible crashes and
high-speed action. Scream through the streets of Shanghai at all hours of the day or night
in a true arcade style game (really easy to learn) and blow the doors off your adversaries!

Choose from 5 Hot Rods (up to 355 Km/h) on 10 circuits (You'll see Shanghai day and
night). 2 modes of play are offered: Single and, of course, Multi-Player for network
racing. In Single Player mode you can test yourself against 'Time Attack' (the object is to
beat your best time) in a single race, or a Championship series. In short, hours and hours
of gaming!

Shanghai Street Racer is an arcade-style racing game from Team6 Studios. You can
choose from several high-performance cars and race through the city on one of the
dangerous tracks. The game features three single-player game modes as well as online
multiplayer mode. This demo lets you choose from two cars, one track and one gameplay

Windows 98/98SE/2000/Me/XPProcessor:



http://www.easy-share.com/1904581167/Shanghai Street
http://www.easy-share.com/1904581199/Shanghai Street

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