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					Notre Dame
Biology Club
General Meeting
September 24, 2009
University of Notre Dame

  To enrich the undergraduate biology
   student experience
  “. . . to advance human and
   environmental health at the national and
   international level through excellence in
   education and research.”
  “. . . to create a sense of human solidarity
   and concern for the common good that
   will bear fruit as learning becomes
   service to justice.”
                                          Dr. Whaley

                               Co-President       Co-President
                               Brett Shannon      Annette Ruth

          Secretary                                         Vice President         Treasurer
         Katie Pieper                                       Elise Janowak         Claire Naus

Webmaster          Webmaster
                                  Academic             Service           Social           Fundraising
 Claudia            Nathan
                                    Chair               Chair            Chair              Chair
 Miranda           Albertson

Academic Events
           Fall                   Spring
  Electron Microscope Art    Dissection Night
   (9-11-09)                  Aquarium/Zoo/Museum
  Fall Undergraduate          Trip
   Research Symposium         Geek Week
   (11-05-09)                 Graduation
  UGRIIN (Nov.)              High School Research
  Faculty Research            Mentoring
  Study Session with TAs
Service Events
            Fall                     Spring
    Humane Society             Science Fair Judging
    Center for the Homeless  Science Education
    Tutoring                    Outreach
    Research Mentorship        Expanding Your
    Lab for Families            Horizons
    Mustaches for Kids
    Best Buddies
    Mini-Med School (9-26-09)
Social Events
         Fall              Spring
  Screening Nights    Dance
  Student-Faculty     Fellowship with
   Dinner               BGSO
  Study Break         Student-Faculty
  Senior/Faculty       Pizza Party
   Happy Hour
Fundraising Events
        Fall               Spring
  Concession Stand    Biolojog
  Domer Doggy Walk
  Apparel Sales

  The Timmy Foundation
  Global Health Club
  Students for
   Environmental Action
  American Chemical
  Forum on Biomedical
  ND-8
  Scientia
  Social Justice in
   American Medicine
Pressing Issue

  Would you rather have departmental
   exams (bio, chem, physics) scheduled at
   7:45 AM or 7:45 PM?
  We may consider proposing that the Bio
   Dept. reconsider exam scheduling,
   depending on student input

  Claire is collecting $5
   membership dues
  Sign up for committees
   to help plan events
  We will notify you of all
   events by e-mail
  Have questions about
   the club or ideas to
   improve the biology
   student experience? E-
   mail us!